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Wed 14th Mar 2012

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nfzeta007 commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Heads to Capcom For Rel...:

@Hy8ogen Don't see this as much of a risk seeing Nintendo more than has the money to do it and its purchase would earn them so much in a few years when the games come out.

Would call this an investment but not an outright risk. (and yes i know all investment are considered risk)



nfzeta007 commented on Nintendo's Slump "Could Be Detrimental" To The...:

@GN004Nadleeh Let me clue you in on something you would never know because of how much negative news goes around about Nintendo, Nintendo is actually doing much better than both Sony and Microsoft right now when it comes to gaming, Sony on the other hand is in deep trouble overall as Nintendo who only does gaming is worth more than its entirety and while Microsoft doesn't surpass Nintendo either it has huge masses of funds so nothing bad there.

AKA right now Sony is struggling more than the other 2 by far, especially since they were already down financially and now they are selling the PS4 at a loss.



nfzeta007 commented on Eiji Aonuma States Desire to Avoid the Limitat...:

@JebbyDeringer I don't think Nintendo milks zelda as much as u think, they milk Mario but i think they try to change their games enough so its not really fair to compare them to other devs. who just pump out stuff with enhancements that could basically be put there with DLC and a slightly diff. story and call it a new game (which even mario has been trying to change recently)

Their effort to change has been more evident recently than anything with their 3 big titles, in Other M they mixed the 2D and 3D, in Mario they started galaxy opening up more types of gameplay to players, in Zelda they tried to mix in the slightly Metroid style of revisiting in dungeons and not only open world, as well as enhancements to items (Skyward Sword), and though its not really 'new' to Zelda they are trying for more free open world (saying this because they haven't really done that in the 3D Zelda as yet)



nfzeta007 commented on Eiji Aonuma States Desire to Avoid the Limitat...:

I'm beginning to think only Nintendo thinks like this, in most cases devs don't change a working formula, and unlike other games Zelda has been enduring for much longer changing slightly each time along the way yet they still want to makes things new and fresh, WHY?! WHY?! don't other developers get this feeling.



nfzeta007 commented on Capcom Europe To Axe More Than Half Its Workfo...:

So much this, i bet most of the money these devs, pump into game are for realistic graphics and cinematics and those sort of things, while areas like gameplay and advanced AI are more talent based and much less costly yet they don't focus on them at all, so when u bring out just pretty forgettable games, u may get an initial burst of sales but when people realize what its about and its not also awesome in the other departments sales don't last and therefore the grand sums of money u put in don't come back out.



nfzeta007 commented on EA Outlines Its Reasons for Lack of Wii U Support:

@Tasuki the thing is they avoided the Wii U from the beginning because no console takes off on 1st party titles alone (well Nintendo is partially an exception but still) so the whole point is to bring out the support early on and see how sales go based on good early support to then determine whether u continue that support, however EA along with other developers have totally dodged the Wii U in terms of support which definitely resulted less sales



nfzeta007 commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

@Gamer16 I really think they should focus on their handheld more, i think they had one good game recently that truly used all the assets the vita has and it seemed pretty cool, but now they have gone back to lining it up alongside the PS3, both with all the ports its getting and with this connectivity.



nfzeta007 commented on Bethesda Yet to Decide on Support for Wii U:

I think the person speaking here is stretching the truth as due to programming problems the PS3 is already not getting some of the newer Skyrim stuff, so as far as i'm concerned they could take that team and start a Wii U port as the Wii U has a similar setup to the Xbox360 which they have proven they know how to work with better, plus their sort of games suit the Wii U.

Also its sort of two faced to say current gen isn't holding them back and then say they aren't sure whether the Wii U will bring what they want in order to support their franchises, with how much they scaled Skyrim for the consoles graphically when compared to PC i doubt the Wii U will have any problems when the other next gen consoles arrive, especially the nextbox if it indeed comes out next year.



nfzeta007 commented on Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U:

I also think this is bending the truth here, its just that Capcom is not really expecting the next-gen to begin without all three (or four) consoles, and its true as true next-gen games won't really come to the Wii U without at least one more console releasing.



nfzeta007 commented on Talking Point: Miiverse and Social Networking:

@LavaTwilight This is actually how a few forums and such do their posts, just like how with twitter and facebook the last post is on top, it usually happens with the more ongoing message systems, where always seeing the last updated can be more convenient, of course it could also be a choice.



nfzeta007 commented on Iwata: Nintendo Won't Deceive With DLC:

@Mr-DNA This is a dangerous slope in terms of thinking, excluding stuff that other people may want for the purpose of perceived equality, as long as the DLC is not needed and is fairly priced and doesn't seem like something they could have just given for free or given at launch then its okay to try to expand or lengthen a game with further content, and have the customers choose whether or not they want to pay for it, once you can produce a game that people can play to the end and think they got their money's worth then adding to that game within reason isn't a bad thing and in fact can be encouraged.



nfzeta007 commented on Developers Enthusiastic About Wii U's Download...:

All Nintendo really needs is an average digital download system with NFC capability using pre-paid cards or even have credit card compatibility and the developers would come running , easy spending makes for more spending.



nfzeta007 commented on Crytek: Crysis 3 on Wii U 'Is a Possibility':

So many developers taking the wait and see position, the problem here is that sometimes when all the good developers 'wait and see' they are left only observing what the possible fails are and then will back off when they see the difference between the sales of Nintendo games on the console and 3rd party games, i honestly think that 3rd parties shouldn't really feel anyway if they don't keep up with the big bad 1st party Nintendo titles, as far as i'm concerned they are in a league of their own but still give the console a try and with your best foot first.

This advice also goes out to Ubisoft who although are supporting the Wii U haven't pledged what is basically their biggest game recently: Watch Dogs.



nfzeta007 commented on Ubisoft Expects Five Million Wii U Consoles in...:

Even though this may be true it really seems like an apology advertisement after them claiming basically every game they make for the Wii U is up for grabs.

ANNNDDDD as darkgamer mentions they haven't announced Watch Dogs for Wii U



nfzeta007 commented on Peter Molyneux 'Not Really Decided' on Wii U G...:

I get what he's trying to say but as above comments have said if a game's experience is dulled by having two screens then that's most likely a fault in the games design, like in a game like COD where the mini-map is used a lot mid-game you shouldn't put that on the controller, however things like switching classes could be placed on the controller screen and it would just make it smoother.



nfzeta007 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Finally Arrives Online with...:

@g1i1ch Its partially true, certain people are attracted to certain things and it shows in most things, it might not be that its so for everyone but it might just be the company or console has a bigger pull on certain people.

I know people might not like me saying this but look at COD and the sort of people you run into often, the same goes for LoL, both are fairly good games but something about them just seems to attract the 'wrong' crowd.



nfzeta007 commented on E3 2012: E3 Starts Early With Nintendo Direct:

@guy_om I really wasn't thinking about it but your second point is so true, after all it has been said that some companies may be showing it off earlier than Nintendo at E3, so maybe this is just to open the flood gates for them by having a small discussion on the hardware first.

No no no, this is like the New Trinity in Guild Wars 2



nfzeta007 commented on Metro: Last Light No Longer Confirmed for Wii U:

Nintendo should really include an option to turn off the screen on the controller for these guys, that way they could just make an upgraded graphics port if they don't want to tackle with the controller, would simply mean more games, although some devs might get lazy and start doing that just because.
Well it would also help the Wii U take on the higher graphics and power hungry games if it really needed too.



nfzeta007 commented on Gearbox: "Wii U is a Powerful, Powerful Machine":

@PeterW77 i'm waiting for that time to come, nothing wrong with good graphics and power but these are basically only used to make games look pretty and run smoothly no one messes around with in-game mechanics and stuff like that much anymore, even the changes to the physics are more for visual purposes.

In fact the games in the 2D era had the most interesting game mechanics to them IMO, especially in RPGs, in some the story was better too.



nfzeta007 commented on Aliens: Colonial Marines on Wii U is 'Best-Loo...:

@Agent75 Why so many people think both the PS4 and nextbox will have that much more power, its basically confirmed with Sony that their next console won't and whatever Microsoft does with theirs will be gimped if the rumors of higher connectivity with the kinect are true i don't think there will be enough difference to make the Wii U unnecessary or gimped in any way.



nfzeta007 commented on Redesigned Wii U Tablet Controller Is Revealed:

Now i would prefer if this was just the older version, the circle pads seemed like a good choice for a tablet-shaped controller as it would be just like playing a 3DS, but most likely with upgraded pads.
Also this version looks both more uncomfortable and more unnecessary space is used therefore also making the touch screen less assessable, if you guys want to see more of what i mean read this:

Honestly although everyone seems to be used to analogs i don't have a very good experience with them, having played with them much on an 360 but on PS3 they are fairly uncomfortable even after and extended amount of time getting used to them and it is worst when playing shooters.



nfzeta007 commented on Nintendo Patent Reveals Wii U and Remote Inter...:

Too much people are trying and failing to see the possibilities of this and therefore marking it as an effort to keep Wiimotes alive, it might not be for every game but we all know that, well it also isn't really needed as Zelda will probably still use the Wii mote and honestly if they could find a proper control scheme that works (especially for turning) i would play all shooting games with the Wii remote also.

However you can't deny that's a nice function of the tech, its similar to the sort of thing that was implied to be what Stark was using in Iron Man



nfzeta007 commented on MDK2 Dev Will Never Develop for Nintendo Again:

I can understand why they are angry with those conditions but totally writing off Nintendo isn't good especially when Nintendo seems to be holding out a hand to 3rd party developers this time around.
I can also see why Nintendo went for those conditions they may have not got the numbers and length of time right but its an incentive to not release crap and expect to profit much, well it didn't help the Wii much but hopefully with the proper online network and shop that is supposed to be coming for the Wii U things will start looking up in that department after all Ubisoft seems to be supporting it already (the online shop i mean)



nfzeta007 commented on Darksiders II on Wii U to be Available on 'Day...:

I say this will be a good replacement for the Zelda-ish type of adventure/RPG kinda game, especially as its a day one thing and also more mature but still pretty much of a everyone's thing.
Well in the end its just another reason to get it early and not sit back and see how things go, after all while your sitting back your gonna miss out if Nintendo keeps its promise and has an awesome launch.



nfzeta007 commented on Ubisoft Ready for Digital Content Blitz on Wii U:

@Kage_88 It seems only Nintendo has the talent for constantly fueling a series without people outright getting bored of it, i know their games are not the same and as a big Nintendo fan who has played a lot of them that goes for something, but when most people see the same character the immediately associate them A LOT and therefore sometimes write them off as outright copies.
For some reason after playing a bunch of Zelda, Mario or Metroid games i still have no qualms about playing another, i wonder what they do to achieve that, its like a little Nintendo magic they sprinkle on each game of a series, make it just interesting enough to the first glance that you play it and the game quality takes it from there i guess.



nfzeta007 commented on Ubisoft Wants to Be Top Dog on Wii U:

I think the problem here is that all the 3rd party developers have given up on producing quality of the same or similar level to the Nintendo first party titles, so instead they push for quantity, well at least this was partially the case for the Wii (other than the fact they just couldn't be bothered to produce good non-HD games anymore)

Well not saying Ubisoft will be like this with the Wii U as they have already promised good titles for it, just hope the rest do the same and Ubisoft keeps it up and doesn't resort to shovelware when the initial push calms down.



nfzeta007 commented on Funcom: Wii U Could Do MMOs Without Compromise:

Guild Wars 2 anyone?
After all they are working on the possibility of a console version and if they do it right it cold definitely work on the Wii U (although i will still get the PC version as my Wii U will be for Nintendo games and the revival of cross-plats on a Nintendo console.



nfzeta007 commented on Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and ...:

@Faron Definitely this, that's the reason i will find it hard to not give Nintendo a chance in any Generation, as no matter what nonsense the 3rd party developers do (Wii is a GREAT example with all the shovel ware and bad ports) i still can't let go of the 1st party titles, i agree that people may be downplaying the PS3 (never EVER touched a Microsoft console) as it has Devil May Cry (although its more riding on the story than anything), Uncharted (never played it but talk says enough), GTR IV (loved it), COD (killing time, not really anything interesting here), BF3 (new to the series so this is a good change of pace from COD), Ratchet and Clank (pretty good, it definitely is fun), Skyrim etc

However even with those good games named which are among the best the PS3 had/has, i still think none of them reach the level of quality a Nintendo first party gives you, they just lack that feeling of a complete and/or unique game that Nintendo brings (even though the story keeps the same characters it actually varies with each installment of a series, especially for Metroid)
After all people i doubt any game that is an exclusive for PS3 or Xbox could have moved as many units in a bad situation like the Wii was in like Skyward Sword did (500k units in a couple weeks JUST for that game, after all the incoming J-RPGS were not on the menu as yet)
Therefore its usually a Nintendo console and a Sony console for me, (never paying for an online like xbox live especially since it charges and then still makes money off of adds and now with the manditory online for the next-gen this basically means you add on the price of xbox live onto every xbox you buy)



nfzeta007 commented on Kid Icarus Ignites 3DS Sales Spike in Japan:

@Alienfish Actually i think things will get worse when that happens as unlike the 3DS the vita lives off of mostly ports and doesn't really have its own list of great handheld games (like how Nintendo has golden sun, pokemon, fire emblem etc)
If anything what the vita needs now is to distance itself from the home console and get some good games rolling, after all the system itself is good but it just isn't being given the 'love' it needs from developers, sorta like the Wii just for different reasons.
A problem that may happen is that if the rumors of no backward compatibility for the PS4 are true the competition with the PS3 won't disappear just like the PSP is competing and beatings its descendant it would become a problem for both the PS4 and the vita, having to compete with not only other companies products but also their own established ones.



nfzeta007 commented on Nintendo Leaves BAFTA Empty-Handed:

Now i have no problem with Peggle, i like it and therefore still have it on my comp for the occasion where i'm bored and want something to play, but seriously? they put an HD peggle (probably didn't change much in HD) over Mario Land, come on the fact that it is as old as it is should already give Mario the upper hand



nfzeta007 commented on Miyamoto Having a Ball Working on Pikmin 3:

It just seems like Nintendo is seriously holding back while crossing all their 't's and dotting all their 'i's to give us a big surprise at E3 i mean there are supposed to be 70 games already in development for the Wii U 70, i don't usually keep track but i believe that's a high number



nfzeta007 commented on Nintendo Reportedly Has 812.8 Billion Yen in t...:

It really did amaze me when people thought Nintendo was going under just because of Wii GAMES sales (as the wii itself sold very nicely), even when the 3DS starting picking up people were still saying the same thing, bah i will just put that down as one of the mysteries of this world.
Also is it just me getting the facts wrong or did they strink that loss MASSIVELY with the 3DS comback, i could have sworn the losses were supposed to be high triple digit millions.



nfzeta007 commented on EA Pledges "Key Franchises" to Wii U:

It seems to me that a lot of 3rd party developers are doing is taking on a wait for someone else policy, where they don't want to try it out for themselves but will wait for the ideas from Nintendo and other, braver developers to show them the way before trying.
At least Nintendo has a few developers with already announced games to give us hope.