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Fri 6th Apr 2012

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cc-plus commented on Get In Touch With Your Feminine Side With The ...:

I'd buy this if it came to Australia then I can make an awesome red rainbow if I stacked it under my hot pink DSi and red 3DS. hahaha

@BenAV: Noooo anything but the black part! I hate it on the current colours. This is the next closest thing to the Japanese white.



cc-plus commented on Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS):

@Marow: I don't think anything can be as damaging as EBA's spinning move but I would use a screen protector if you're worried. The harder levels require a lot of swiping and mad tapping on your screen.



cc-plus commented on Review: Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy (3DS):

This game is what I've secretly been wishing for as a rhythm fan since forever. Definitely agree with the score. There have been a few questions from various people in the 3DS thread about whether this game is for them, I'm just going to sum up my opinions here.

Non-FF fans: If you enjoy game music and rhythm games like Taiko or EBA this will be right up your alley. I don't think it's a deal breaker if you don't know what a chocobo or Onion Knight is. This isn't a game that requires knowledge of backstory. What's more important is the music you'll be tapping to is some of the best RPG OSTs have to offer. Some of my favourite tracks are from FFs I've never played before. There's lots of variety and lots to discover. Party customization adds an interesting spin to the rhythm formula as well.

FF fans: This game is wonderful because it reminds you of the best parts of the series while also letting you enjoy it without its shortcomings. For example, I couldn't stand FF8's junction system but aiming for a SSS rank in 'The Man With A Machine Gun' BMS made me forget that and I just had a great time. Even if you love or don't love where the series is going I think good music has remained a constant in all of the games and you'll enjoy the amount of fanservice here. It's just the right difficulty for rhythm game beginners and those looking for a challenge can aim for trophies, SSS ranks and perfect chains.



cc-plus commented on E3 2012: Every 3DS Game Announced So Far:

Getting Theatrythm and Paper Mario for sure. There are about 4 other games there that are on my maybe list. Fire Emblem would really round out my 3DS collection though. I know I can get it from Europe in the future but just one little teaser during the 3DS show would make my day.



cc-plus commented on Talking Point: Reviewing Nintendo's E3 Press C...:

The only really memorable thing for me was the Pikmin 3 reveal which put a smile on my face (seriously that gif XD) then the excitement petered off... It wasn't E3 2008 levels of terrible not by a long shot but it was underwhelming.

I think my lukewarm reception is partly due to the way they organised the conference. They could have used some more of that time to announce/show some teasers of games that would be available in the future AFTER launch. The launch lineup looks alright but is there going to be a drought afterwards like what happened with 3DS? I still need to wait longer before I can be convinced about Wii U.

On a happier note, that 5 minute 3DS teaser in the middle of the conference sure gets me excited for tomorrow ironically!



cc-plus commented on Redesigned Wii U Tablet Controller Is Revealed:

I see the mysterious Nintendo ninjas are efficient as always but unfortunately they let this one slip. I'm happy the circle pads have changed to analog sticks. I never realised how inaccurate they could be until I started playing Tales of Abyss on 3DS. Sometimes I'd press left/right on the circle pad and it would register as down. The new placement of the +/- buttons is better as well, they're more accessible.



cc-plus commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Finally 'Get' Dig...:

I'll bite when Nintendo adds user accounts which let you redownload games in case your system dies or gets stolen. I can imagine myself buying digital for something like Rhythm Heaven or Animal Crossing. Games like that were made for playing in short bursts always available on the 3DS menu and I feel the physical format actually hindered them. I don't think there are as many benefits buying digital for non-portable consoles though.

Those are the only Nintendo games I'm likely to buy digitally. Most of their titles can be resold close to the price you bought them for and Nintendo packaging/manuals are always nice and full colour. If carts could be bundled with a one-use only code for a digital copy at a reasonable price I'd be all over it. Probably wishful thinking unless some retailers out there are brave enough...

@BenAV: I'm glad we're not letting the slow Australian eshop go unnoticed. Hopefully Nintendo going digital means it'll be less risky and easier to distribute European games that never made it over here in retail like Tales of the Abyss. (I imported it myself but many people I know aren't bothered or don't have the means to import.)



cc-plus commented on Guide: Nintendo 3DS System Update v. 4.0.0-7:

Really stoked about the MSF update. I'm looking forward to playing it again! The folders aren't perfect but it's nice to have a blue folder with a big X on it for stuff I rarely use like the health and safety notice.



cc-plus commented on Nintendo Download: 5th April 2012 (North America):

Umm I would happily trade the Australian vc games for Colors! 3D. shot It was one of the system sellers for me I am serious. I'd do anything for a good portable painting app with what looks to be a paint tool sai-esque colour wheel.



cc-plus commented on Review: Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure ...:

The rhythm demo was a little on the easy side but I'm glad they let you hide the EBA circles which made things a bit trickier. Hard mode sounds great as well. Looking forward to getting this some day. It was a very charming and stylish game.