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Sun 20th Nov 2011

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collect530 commented on You'll Be Able To Play Your WiiWare and Virtua...:

So if I want to retain my Wii (for the kids!) and get a WiiU (for me!) I'll need to decide which console I want my WiiWare and VC games on (we have a mix for me and the kids!)!
Don't some VC games support the old gamecube controller? Which of course I won't be able to use on the WiiU.



collect530 commented on E3 2012: Prepare to Enter the Miiverse:

This looks awesome, was originally sceptical without no published support for more mainstream social media, but embedding social media in games rather than just posting high scores is so much more cooler and useful to the gamer!



collect530 commented on Soccer Up!:

Looks like fun, just like the footy games of old, running the whole pitch with the ball and curling into the top corner from outside the box!!!



collect530 commented on Review: 3D Pixel Racing (WiiWare):

Worth sticking with this one, really disappointed at first - which got me thinking...wish you could trade WiiWare games in an open online market if you don't like them or no longer want them...future idea for Nintendo?!!. Anyway back to the game handling first appears poor and hard to keep up with the other CPU racers (and I agree music fairly generic!), but given time and skill you can learn the game and how to take the corners. This of course comes with a greater sense of achievement than a racer game you just pick up and play...



collect530 commented on Feature: Remembering the GameCube:

Funny, despite the apparent lack of success, for me it was the GameCube that got me over to the Nintendo way!!! It was that different way of playing and being a bit more fun. I cannot help but feel the GameCube Controllers were still the best and still love to get them out for a bit of retro on the Wii - will miss this on the WiiU when it arrives. I also thought of the old GameCube-Gameboy connectivity when the WiiU was announced!
I loved that little Cube!