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Thu 9th Jul 2009

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DAaaMan64 commented on Wave Race Trademark Resurfaces:

WaveRace 64 is really great, but I think Blue Storm really is watch captured a personality for the series. It was also very western audience friendly. With an excellent soundtrack, it was an awesome compliment alongside 1080 Avalanche.



DAaaMan64 commented on Programmer Shares Experiences of Developing on...:

I have only ever worked on the Wii and Nintendo DS.

1. My experience with DS is 2D only. That being said, it is a very unique system. There are two 2D engines on the system. You can assign one to the top screen and one to the bottom screen, one engine is less capable than the other. You can almost think of the weaker engine as more of a blind renderer of images rather utilizing it for real computation. Anyway, there is only one 3D engine. So how do they do double screen 3D? The most common method is actually just render the 3D engine twice (offering 30 FPS) and give the second rendered image to one of the 2D engines. I talked with some Wii-U devs back in E3 2011, the DS and Wii-U utilize the same technique to render 3D on both screens, just how similar is Wii-U and DS?

The 2D engine is actually pretty simple, unlike a PC development where you have pretty decent control over the GPU, the DS doesn't listen to jack of anything you do to stop it. It will just always render at every tick and all it does is evaluate the flags and data you set.



DAaaMan64 commented on Jam City Rollergirls Screens and Video Skate In:

I played this at PAX w/ the Producer. It was a pretty fun game. There are a couple of unique mechanics in there. The ability to get pushed through the crowd is awesome. Looks like this is a newer build then what I played. The newer tracks look hilarious. I'm pretty interested.



DAaaMan64 commented on Review: NBA Jam (Wii):

Yeah the whole other consoles thing is just bull crap. We own a 55" inch HD tv. You can imagine which version we're buying.



DAaaMan64 commented on First Jam City Rollergirls Art Smashes Through:

Hey I played this game at PAX. Its still early but its a promising more strategic Mario Kart. The nice thing is you can hit each other on the with your blades and they have this awesome crowd mechanic where people on your team actually pass you forward. Its really cool.

It its a great little racer, even though its early, its already fun. The power ups are awesome. haha



DAaaMan64 commented on Nintendo Lays Out PAX Showing:

Oh man, I'll be at PAX. In fact, one my game will be at PAX. It's called Put Me Out,

Also, the video game development school DigiPen will be there and I'll be hanging around their booth a lot. if you have any interest in video game development, DigiPen is one the top schools in the world, so come have a look at the games and the school.



DAaaMan64 commented on Review: Star Fox Command (DS):

" I guess maybe I'm in the minority for enjoying games where the focus is hunting down air and ground enemies and blowing stuff up"

LOL no? Thats like, every game ever.

Here, mickeyman (Comment #40) already nailed the problem, "Once the game gets harder, its flaws become more evident, especially the strategy portion, where you'll be bombarded with hidden enemies and cheap deaths."

See, they took all those stupid features I complained about, (time limits, fog o' war, and circles) and when it was time to make the game harder, just made all the crap MORE annoying! Bad design!



DAaaMan64 commented on Review: Star Fox Command (DS):

@Ren, "Really weird complaints?"

The entire game is time limits, flying in circles, and fog o' war. Are those really that weird?

(Not to mention those frustrating instant lose missile levels)



DAaaMan64 commented on Review: Star Fox Command (DS):

I agree that the whole swap between 2D and 3D maps thing is similar. But thats all they have. haha. I would never encourage someone to think they are similar feeling games.



DAaaMan64 commented on Review: Star Fox Command (DS):

This game plays nothing like Star Fox 2. There was no going back to roots at all.

StarFox 2 is a great game, play it through if you can. Its very arcade-ish, and the free-roaming areas are all unique little areas with paths to follow and a base to invade. There is none of this constant u-turns, fire a few times, u-turn again crap that Command has.

Also, there is only one of those 2D overworlds in SF2, and its on those planets where you will play each little level. Did I also mention in SF2 the Arwing transforms into a walker?

Yeah. Its awesome. But Command is nothing like SF2.



DAaaMan64 commented on Review: Star Fox Command (DS):

This is the worst StarFox game in the series, absolute worst. Its SOO badly designed. Do not judge the Star Fox series by this pile of crap.

I'm amazed anyone would call this a "return to glory" for StarFox. Adventures though odd is still MUCH better than this, and Assault has some damn fun moments.

This is just an overall terrible game, read my review for an opposing opinion.

@ballkirby1 I enjoyed Assault. Sure its not amazing, but its still good.

If you ever get a chance to play StarFox 2, its real fun.