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Kirby's Epic Yarn Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

A game that truly lives up to its name

Kirby has enjoyed success on Nintendo's various portable systems in recent years, but he hasn't shown up in a game of his own on a home console since his Nintendo 64 adventure Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards back in 2000. Nintendo obviously took notice of this when it put Good Feel Games on the task of creating a brand new Kirby title for Wii, but rather than create another standard Kirby adventure, the developers chose to take things in a much different direction, both from a visual and gameplay standpoint, and the result is one of the most unique video games you're likely to experience.

In the traditional Kirby spirit, the game is set up on a world map where Kirby must open up doorways in order to access the many levels he must traverse throughout his adventure. While only the first level doorway is open when Kirby first reaches a new area, he'll be able to open up additional doors by earning special patches as he completes levels. After completing a certain number of regular levels, the door to the boss will be opened and must be completed in order to move on to the next area.

While the world map and doorway system familiar to most long-time Kirby fans remains intact and well implemented, the gameplay is drastically different. Instead of inhaling enemies and taking over their special powers, Kirby is armed with a piece of yarn that can be used as a whip. You control the game by holding the Wii Remote on its side and a quick press of the "1" button will extend the yarn whip and unravel any enemies or yarn blocks where they stand. You can even hold down the "1" button in order to grab an enemy, wrap them up in yarn and carry them above your head, allowing you to use them as a projectile for taking out certain objects and enemies. Kirby also has a couple of other built-in abilities that range from turning into a car for a dash move to transforming into a parachute in order to float short distances.

Your ultimate goal will be to reach the bell at the end of each level, and along the way you'll have the opportunity to locate and pick up two hidden treasures and a music CD containing the musical track that plays during that particular level. You'll also be able to pick up a wealth of beads strung around each level that can be used to earn special medals upon completion of the level; the more beads you end up with, the better medal you'll earn. And since you don't really die when you take damage, the game instead penalises you by stripping you of the beads and stars you've collected up to that point, but you'll always be able to check the Bead Gauge at the top of the screen to see how many you've collected and what medal you're currently at. This medal system is also a nice incentive to go back and replay levels in order to earn better medals and pick up treasures you missed the first time through.

To add even more enjoyment to the experience, the game also offers you a host of special vehicle transformations that are carefully placed throughout the game's many levels. These range from a UFO that can grab enemies and objects using its magnetic field to a cute little fire truck that can spray a stream of water to put out fires. You'll soon find that these transformations are not only extremely fun, each with its unique skills, but overall nice additions to the standard gameplay mechanics.

There are a host of additional elements that further round out the package. If you've got another player on hand you can take on any of the game's levels in a two-player cooperative mode that allows a second player to take control of Prince Fluff. While this is a good way to get another player involved, it does tend to make an already easy game even easier.

Another interesting twist involves the game's Quilty Court. Here you're given your own room that you can decorate and furnish with items you've picked up in levels or bought, not to mention a host of other rooms that you can fix up in order to attract tenants. These tenants will offer you special challenges in levels you've already completed, including gathering up a specified number of beads or locating hidden characters within a set time limit. The tend to feel more like mini-games than actual levels, but they can be very challenging for those who take the time to complete them. The game will even allow you to take snapshots of certain areas of the game that can be saved to your photo album and shared with friends.

Even with the completely new gameplay, the developers have still managed to create a wonderfully responsive set of controls that are not only very well executed but offer up a huge degree of variety. The vehicle transformations only add to this variety and tend to fit in perfectly with the type of level they're included in, rather than feeling like tacked-on additions. The inability to die in the game does take some of the challenge away, but the incentive to earn medals and beads will definitely make you more careful about taking damage.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful game on any console than Kirby's Epic Yarn. The cloth visual styling is an absolutely stunning sight to behold and the bright and vivid colours used really make the game's scenery jump off the screen. The stringy designs not only give the characters and enemies a very interesting look, but the extremely fluid animation means they move brilliantly too. The developers obviously spared no time and expense when it came to giving the entire game a rich look and it ends up being one of the most original visual presentations you're ever likely to see in a video game.

As if the stunning visual performance wasn't enough, the musical score of the game is equally amazing. The overly cute theme of the game carries over into the soundtrack and the sugary sweet musical tracks only seem to get better as you progress into the game. It's also uncanny how well each track fits in with the look and feel of the level they're found in. There are even a few Christmas-themed tracks to give the game a little holiday spirit. The narrator tends to overdo it a bit as he lays out the game's storyline, but it does tend to fit in with the game's light-hearted theme, so it's difficult to complain too much.


Kirby's Epic Yarn is absolutely filled to the brim with whimsical charm and light-hearted humour, but it's the unique gameplay elements that make it truly shine. Obviously some long-time Kirby fans might end up being rubbed the wrong way due to the game's completely new mechanics, but it will only take them a few minutes of play to realise just how well it all works and how much playability it brings to the table. The toned-down difficulty might also concern some gamers who tend to prefer their platformers to be a bit more intense and challenging, but it's difficult to fault the game's more relaxed and deliberate style of play, especially considering the sheer amount of fun you'll be having while playing it. Kirby's Epic Yarn is everything that's great about video gaming all rolled into one cute and cuddly adventure that absolutely every gamer should experience at least once.

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ReddLionz said:

Wow! 10/10. Amazing. Guess I'll be getting this game sooner than I thought. Great review, though.



GeminiSaint said:

"...rather than create another standard Kirby adventure, the developers chose to take things in a much different direction..."
Except the project didn't begin life as a Kirby game. Epic Yarn was originally going to be an original IP. Kirby was added later.
Still an awesome looking game that's at the top of my "do want" list.



Moco_Loco said:

While the scores have been different, every review I've read so far has said pretty much what Corbie said. (Corbie writes better, though.) Excellent review, as always.



TheBaconator said:

This is one of the best reviewed Wii games we've had in a long time that isn't Super Mario Galaxy 2. Lets hope we see more of these in November.



Shiryu said:

Can't wait for this to be released over here. Wasn't expecting a 10/10, so now I'm even more curious to see how Donkey Kong Country Returns fares against this one. (I'll just get them both and everybody wins.)




YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! I'm going to pick this up today /in love
Corbie that review was fantastic!!! You are such a great writer Also I like how you're using some proper spellings colour > color



CanisWolfred said:

As good as I'd hoped. Well, almost. I did hope that Ninty might finally make Kirby at least somewhat of a challenge, instead of a game I could beat in a rental. Of course I'd still buy it...no, no, I'm just gonna rent it and beat it in two days. But it'll be a fun 2 days.



pixelman said:

Any American who spells "colors" as "colours" cannot be trusted.

mmm, might have to rent this one. good review Corbie. :3



Fuzzy said:

Want this now. This sounds like a game both me and my gf will enjoy. Wish wiis were region free 



SuperMarioFan96 said:

YAAAAY! I just pciked this game up but decided to quickly check NL to see if the review is up, and I couldn't be happier now! I'm going to go play it now.



RyuZebian said:

I'll pass... WHAT?! I'm not excactly a platformer gamer! Besides, I don't have enough time to spend it with other titles than the essential games. I wish I did though. After school, I am so gonna take an easy job and spend lots of time gaming! By then, this game will probably be cheap enough to be a no-brainer!



Rensch said:

This game looks amazing. I've been very curious since it was announced at E3.



The_Fox said:

Call me a skeptic, but I'm not sure this is 10 material. Just have to wait and see when I try it for myself.



theblackdragon said:

I'm with Mickeymac and OB -- if it's that short and easy, i may as well rent it. if i like it enough, i'll pick it up on my own afterward. :3



sonic_brawler95 said:

I saw that 10 coming a mile away, but it looks great. May not get it for a while though, maybe Christmas?



TingLz said:

I'm surprised that the front page isn't dedicated to Kirby if it's this good



grumblebuzzz said:

I'm playing the first levels now, and I wholeheartedly agree with this review. This IS 10 material all the way. Just as gorgeous to look at, fun to play, and intimately crafted as Super Mario Galaxy 2.



Slapshot said:

Yep, rental for me as well. I cant spend $50 on a game that is easily breezed though in a few sittings.

Great Review Corbie!



suburban_sensei said:

This 10/10 rating is not overrated one bit. Came home with my copy around 10:30 am...been playing it for over 2 hours, and I still feel like I want to go back and collect things in the first couple worlds. Everything from the art work to the music is so charming...I am not kidding when I say it's my favorite game on the Wii this year.



hulklol123456789 said:

I think the most value on the game is not in its length, it is on the replay value, because EVERYONE will want to go back to those amazing worlds 3 or moe times, to not only collect the beads, to just sit, relax, and enjoy such a beautifull game!



PSICOffee said:

Lol one of the passwords I've used for years is stated in this review. I've been so busy with school and stuff I didn't even realize this game was out today! I've gotta pick this and sonic 4 up asap! Now I just need DKCR and I'm set for the rest of the year!

Also it will be different for a kirby game, finally, because all the other games were starting to get repetitive by how similar they were. I also think not being able to fly through the stage at the top of the screen anymore is a HUGE plus!



Ravage said:

Colour is the proper spelling whether you are in the States or not

Also, I don`t know if I like the really low difficulty, seems like it would get pretty boring to me. I might rent it some day.



zezhyrule said:

Whaa... I thought you said this was a worthless piece of crap, so I cancelled my preorder...!

great review tho...



theblackdragon said:

just so you know, guys, there's a good chance Corbie's use of British spelling wasn't his idea. things get changed depending on who did the proofing, after all :3
and it's 'color', dangit!
/me shakes cane, yells at kids to get off lawn, etc.



Ivan_Winchester said:

wow i didnt see the 10 coming. now that i think about it, in only one year we are getting main entries of super mario, metroid, kirby, Zelda and i dare to include now golden sun . since when we didnt see this¿? (we miss u star fox-Fzero)



LuWiiGi said:

Darn you Americans, spelling all of your words differently! (just so you know, the American English is derived from British English, not the other way around.) On a less nerdy note, I'd love to get this game, but there are just so many other amazing Wii games I need to get first. SMG2, NSMBWii, Smash Bros Brawl, MKWii, Metroid Other M, Goldeneye, etc.



nothankyou said:

Argh! I have no more money after Other M, and now this and DKCR are coming out soon! ARRRRGHH!



ToneDeath said:

Whoa! Whoa!! WHOA!!! 10 outta 10?
When it comes to the UK I'll read the GameCentral review too, and if they give it at least a 7 I'll HAVE to buy it. I thought it looked good, but never expected it to be THIS good!



CanisWolfred said:

You guys get a Red DSiXL and Wii while we get a Website. You guys don't get to complain about anything anymore.



JamieO said:

I put my hands up to admit that I am superficial and I have been sold on this by its gorgeous screens since E3, Corbie's acknowledgement that it is one of the best looking games on Wii is a selling point. It's great that its tunes match the quality of the graphics, too.

However, it didn't receive a 10/10 just for its visuals, so I look forward to checking out the gameplay and its cutesy Kirby transformations most of all. Just like with Sonic 4, I don't mind that this is a bit easy. I've finished Sonic's latest, but I keep returning to it, just as I imagine I will return to Epic Yarn, although Kirby's latest should be much longer than the Sonic download (obviously!).

You have knitted together a great review here, Corbie!



NintyMan said:

Great, I didn't expect a 10! Too bad that like the majority of the Wii games I want this year, it'll have to wait until Christmas. I knew that day would be wonderful, but now it's sure to be a truly wonderful day!



komicturtle said:

I wouldn't care if it got a 7, I would have still bought it. Too bad I'm in college and my Wii is at home. Mom said she was going to get it for me (she pre-ordered Kirby and Epic Mickey without me really asking or telling her to). Being a huge Kirby fan, I'll buy ANYTHING Kirby. Hell, I found Kirby's AirRide VERY enjoyable, even.

I'm really going to have to get used to the fact that this isn't exactly the traditional Kirby game I'm used to, but it's just as good and similar anyways. This is like Kirby's version of Paper Mario... Hm, I wonder if they will make this Epic Yarn into a series, possibly even an RPG. I'm thinking far ahead and clearly OUT there, but I think it would work.

Don't knock it till you try it, eh?



odd69 said:

Im a big fan of kirby , this is a must have for me and with a perfect score, it must be even better than i imagined. As a long time fan i didnt care about the change up to the formula.Just as long as i got a kirby game for the wii and not the ds or a handheld.



Simon_Deku said:

I can't say anything bad about this game! In fact, I cant say anything bad about any kirby games! Exept avalanche. This might even be the best game I've ever played! In fact, I'm going to change my avatar to a yarn waddle-dee!



WolfRamHeart said:

Great review Corbie! The game sounds awesome but considering that it is a bit on the short side I will just wait until I can find it for at least $10 cheaper than retail. I will own it one day though.



Punny said:

Why am I not surprised to see Corbie give this game a 10?

I agree with this review. Kirby's Epic Yarn is a fantastic game. It's charming, colorful, and adorable. Please pick it up.

Oh, and anyone that hates the game's art style probably hates fun and puppies, too.



MarkMcColtney said:

@Mickeymac Oh please, whoever needs another colour of their console? Would you sell yours and get a brand new same Wii but in red plastic? They should have made the casing customisable. ;3 (Not to mention Poland isn't going to see the versions you mention anyway...)



CanisWolfred said:


Call me weird, but I don't like experiencing a game twice unless the experience is actually different the second time around. So long as it's still fresh in my memory, it's not worth bothering with again, even if it was good the first time around. It's the same with books and movies, too. I refuse to experience them again until I can't remember any of it. That's why I rarely buy games new at full price unless they're long or have good replay value (i.e. chamges the experience so it's worth a second playthrough). I prefer to get some bang for my buck.



thanos316 said:

10 out of 10. nice detailed review by the way. i've been waiting for this game ever since i saw it unveiled a couple months ago. its a breath of fresh air. they really need to be more games like this made. nintendo is on the right track this fall winter season. next up epic mickey. keep up the good work nintendo..



bboy2970 said:

@markfrompoland: I would. Not to replace my system but because I collect video games. It would make a wonderful shelf piece. Same reason I got a black Wii. Then again, I'm probably in the minority here as I can't imagine too many people going out to buy a new system just to never open it and sit it on a shelf...



cardboardboxer said:

O: O: O: O: O: O: O: O: O: O:
I need to get this once I finish with my superbly enjoying burst of Team Fortress 2 gaming.



Starworshipper said:

This, after SMG2 is the game I've anticipated the most this year. Too bad I'll have to wait even longer. Been watching the E3 trailer over and over again. Posted it to my facebook profile to great reception even by non-gamers. The only drawback I can think of as of now, is the difficulty level. Easy games tend to be a bit unengaging.



Skotski said:


We're just about as derived from British as all other countries have derived their languages from one another.
We may spell things oddly, but linguistic specialists claim our slang is "an evolution of language" as all languages have been formed from the use of slang terms and dialects. If you consider our form of slang rough, you should see the Irish dialect, it's almost nothing but slang!



IronMan28 said:

Dang, I should have expected this would happen. I buy Metroid: Other M and it doesn't quite live up to expectations, don't buy epic yarn and it gets stellar reviews across the board...



WesterHive said:

Can't wait for this game, but wasn't Kirby an add-in to the game which was built with Prince Fluff as the main character? Feels a bit too much like Star Fox Adventures to me.



rjejr said:

Couldn't read the review as I'm buying this tomorrow but it's my 5 year old son's Christmas present and the wait is already troubling. Glad to read it's on the easy side as I'm also picking up NSMB and I coudln't play that for more than a minute without dieing (never made it past the first castle in Super Mario World despite numerous attempts.) So the easier the btter, maybe I can chill as the wing man this time. Only 10 more weeks, sigh



Kid_A said:

"You'd be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful game on any Wii than Kirby's Epic Yarn."
Surely you meant to say consoles, right?
Other than that, though, this is easily the most well-written and thorough review of this game I've read. Awesome job, Corbie! Can't wait to pick this one up. Looks like another great game in an already freakishly good Wii lineup this year.



Machu said:

Can't read it at the moment, but sometime between now and next year, I will. D:



VGC said:

I have a good idea for a boss in this game. A giant pig with a body filled with yarn. It will have little pigs that trail behind it as it runs. It charges at you, but you must jump over it, and float over the tiny pigs that follow it. You can unravel the tiny pigs, throw them at the big pig a certain amount of times, then unravel the pig's tail. The tail will unravel some of the yarn on the pig's inside.
Once the yarn is gone from the pig's inside (after a few hits), one hit defeats it (throw the little pigs) and you winnn.

Hows this sound, anyone?

Hmm, I think this is the third 10/10 I've seen Corbie give. I'm a little skeptical about his reviews, now.



CanisWolfred said:

I'd defend Corbie, but now that I think of it, 10's might be a better running gag than the old "7's" joke.



Corbs said:

@ Kid_A - Actually I did say "any console" but it was changed to Wii for some reason. How odd. I'll change it back.

And if you're skeptical about my review, all you gotta do is go check out other reviews (as I always encourage everyone to do anyway) -- it's that simple.



xAlias said:

Can't wait to get it!
After Shantae, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and the new version of Cave Story



theblackdragon said:

@VGC: that's three you've seen out of how many things has he reviewed total? lol, i'd rather see someone have the balls to give out a 10 where merited than never be confident enough to confirm something as part of the official cream of his collection. :3



XD375 said:

Yeah, Kirby was actually added to this game late in development because the game didn't feel fresh enough (aka Nintendo needs to learn to stop depending on old staples).

It was originally known as Prince Fluff and it starred - you guessed it - Prince Fluff! Kirby was added to the game late last year. That's why this game is so different from traditional Kirby gameplay.



mjc0961 said:


Seriously. Does it really matter how you spell color. With a u or not we know what word is being used. Jesus christ.



TingLz said:

@VGC: Yeah I suppose Corbie is just handing out 10s especially since he only reviews good games and has reviewed many other games



zeeroid said:

This will be in my mail box in approximately 11 hours.
(btw, to the spelling nazis above, don't forget 'realize' was also spelled as 'realise'.)

fans the flames



James said:

Guys, we've been using British English spellings - "realise", "customise", "humour", "colour" etc. - for ages. As in, around two years.



pikku said:

Gaaah too many good games, not enough fundage! D:
3DS, MK3DS, SSFIV3D, DKCR, KEY< and more!



Other_Dave said:

Good read Corbie. I'll pick this up when it's released (whenever that is).

Does anyone else keep reading the game title as 'Kirby's Epic Yam'?




This is pretty much getting rave revws across the board. Metacritic 90% I believe.

Great revw, thanks. Well written as usual. Pre-order re-affirmed



Bass_X0 said:

I doubt I would have been tempted by a game called Prince Fluff even if it did score 10/10. The same game with Kirby instead piques my interest more.



Chris720 said:

/me cries

How dare you make me wait until next year for this truly epic game Nintendo!! D':



Arthur said:

@Other Dave Yea, I read it as 'Yam' all the time confused why it was called that, but then i realised it was 'Yarn'



lex0plex said:

I don't think you reviewed it high enough, but I'll forgive you this time.

I want an epic YAM



WaveBoy said:

Definitly going to be next Wii game purchase! The brilliant and highly unque art direction makes the inner kid inside me giggle and scream like a school girl.lol

And god, I just love the whole 2D Revival on the Wii.
Nintendo themselves so far have given us Wario Land Shake it!, NSMBWii and now Kirby's Epic Yarn and the upcomming DK Returns. And you can't forget A Boy & His Blob, Klonoa and Muramasa along with a few Wii Ware releases like Mega Man 9/10, Lost Winds, Castlevania and Contra ReBirth along with Cave Story ect ect

If anybody thinks they're too manly or 'mature' to play this, than you're really just an insicure weakling muhaha I'm sure this will make anybody who grew up with the Nes and SNES insanely excited, not to mention when they get their hands on it they're going turn 5 years old all over again, I know I am!



Iggy said:

Yea ill just wait for DKC, i knew this was going to be good but not a 10.



EdEN said:

Hope the game gets spectacular sales. Love me some platforming and I'll get it by the end of the year.



JoeDiddley said:

My girlfriend is a chick with sticks & doesn't usually like games - so I hope she will be impressed with this one. Wish that this was out in Europe for Christmas instead of DCKR.



The_Fox said:

@post124 Joe Diddley
Wait, your girlfriend is a chick with a stick? Is that an euphemism for a tranny? Not that I'm judging, mind you......



grumblebuzzz said:

To all the critics who say the game is too easy, it really isn't at all if you're a completionist; while Kirby cannot die, getting all those hidden treasures and level-completion gold medals is pretty tough.



VGC said:

But wasn't super meat boy the game Corbie said was the best he'd ever played? Maybe I'm confused, and it's likely. Just saying. I don't enjoy any game to give it a 10 out of 10, not even my favorites.

Oh well, it's just me. Ahhhhhhhhhtchoooo!



SuperMarioFan96 said:

@VGC He never said this was his favorite game ever played, he just said it's really, really good. You've never played a game you'd give a 10 to? You do realize/realise ( ) that doesn't use decimals when scoring out of 10, right? Also, if you've seen their scoring policy, you'd know that a 10 does not mean it's the greatest game ever, or a perfect game, or whatever, it just means it's REALLY REALLY good, a cut above the rest.



zionich said:

It seems to me that other reviewers are docking this game because its easy. If ya ask me, which I dunno why ya would, Nintendo did something "epic" in making the game the way they did.

Ive seen alot of comments on other sites with people expressing that there girlfriend/wife wants this and might not necessarily be into games. This is my case as well. So now we get a great game, with great artwork, that our significant others could enjoy. To top it off, its easy enough for them to play and they dont have to worry about dying.

So ya, maybe it could be more difficult, but Nintendo did a great thing in my opinion. And to bring couples together in a game when they normally woudlnt be playing somthing togeother, to me, this far out weights the need to be punished in a game.

If ya need a game to make ya its whipping boy, may I recommend Demons Souls for the PS3.

Even better, ya never know what the next "gate way" game will be =)



CanisWolfred said:


"I dunno why you would [dock a game for being easy]"

Because some people wouldn't pay full price for an easy game that can be beat in a few days, while others still would prefer a more challenging game, or a game that can give them the option to make it more challenging, which this game just doesn't seem to do.

In other words, on most sites, 10/10 means that it's a game that everyone will love, but if you're looking for a challenging, kinetic experience, Epic Yarn doesn't seem to be the game for you. I'm one of those that prefer a challenge, and game that has legs, and to be quite honest, I don't like Kirby games or really platformers in general. So I'll just rent it and enjoy it for how little it'll likely last, but I doubt I'll find it to be a 10/10 game that's definitely worth my money, and I don't think I'll be alone in that camp.



Corbs said:

Then you need Super Meat Boy. That game will tear you a new a**hole and then stick your head up in it.



CanisWolfred said:

I said Challenging, Not sadistic. Just games that make me pay attention and think more. Like N+ or Dark Spire.



zionich said:

@ Mickeymac

But I wasnt bringing into question personal preference, but quality reviewing.



CanisWolfred said:

Quality reviewing is personal preference. If they think it isn't the perfect game because it lacks challenge, then that's their prerogative. 9/10 still means it's a great game, just not perfect. For Corbie, a perfect or near-perfect game just has to be really, really fun and creative, so he gave it a 10. It doesn't mean he's any more or less right than anyone else, it just means he didn't find the difficulty to be a fault.



StarDust4Ever said:

I feel it deserves a 9. Seriously, it's the best new concept since the paper mechanic in Paper Mario, and similar in spirit. It took an hour or so of play for me to really get into it. I put it down after an hour. The first couple of levels are mind-numbingly easy, but then as you continue, it starts to reek of awesome, then you're hooked. I played for five hours strait on my second play-session. I still feel that the complete absense of deaths is a fault (unlike the classic Wariolands in which Wario didn't "die", Wario could still be ejected from boss fights or be sent backwards in levels by failing to properly navigate platforming elements - deliberately taking "damage" from specific enemies was also required to induce hilareous status effect powerups that were needed to reach certain goals/areas). Back to Kirby, the voiceovers during the colorful storytelling reads a bit like a children's story. While I don't mind the colorful visuals, the shallow storytelling narrative is kind of an insult to adult gamers (this is coming from the same guy who's fondest moments in Mario Galaxy 1 was Rosalina's story).

As amazingly addictive and flawlessly executed this game is, I consider those two aspects to be flaws, as minor as they may be. Is is my general opinion that you don't award a 10 rating to a flawed game. That said, you owe it to yourself to at least give this game a try. Everything else is absolutely brilliant in every way; that's why I feel it deserves an "Epic" 9.5!



J-Forest-Esq said:

I wish this was coming out before Christmas in the UK. That's all.
Never actually played a proper Kirby game and this one looks like a good place to start.



NintyMan said:

Before, I thought I would get this for Christmas, but yesterday I got it as a reward for getting good grades on my school report card. I played it today, and all I can say is wow. The graphics are pure eye candy! The soundtrack is wonderful too, and I beat the game in one day. Kirby's transformations are fun and the levels have plenty of variety. It also now has my favorite version of King Dedede's theme. And even though he might be weird to some, I like the silly narrator in the cutscenes.



Draygone said:

Are you serious? How can you give a Kirby game a perfect score when you can't die?



plankton88 said:

Another terrible review. 10/10 is supposed to be perfect, epic, classic. I love Kirby but this game is far from any of those descriptions.



NintendoFanatic98 said:

I totally agree, except that the narrator does not overdo it. It's supposed to be storybook-style, and that is how people read children's storybooks. Also, I hate how easy the bosses are. Because you can't die the bosses are as easy as cutting through butter with a steak knife.



James said:

Why would a game automatically be better just because it's harder? I've never understood that.



rhythmheavenfan said:

I agree with the 10/10 score. It may be light-hearted and easy, but it's so creative and fun that it's impossible not to love it! The bead collection adds a nice challenge to the game to make it more difficult, too. One of the best platformers I've played in a long time!



ignLovesAirJordans said:

This game is pretty hard if you are trying to achieve a gold medal on every level, it is difficult to get through the later levels without getting hit once and losing all your beads, so the challenge is there, just done differently. If you breeze through it without even trying to get gold medals and get hit a lot, you are pretty much missing the point.



Big_A2 said:

@142.JamesNewton: Challenging games last longer, and some would say are thus worth your money more.



James said:

Depends, I'd rather play an easy game that's fun than a hard game that's not fun. Kirby's Epic Yarn > Demon's Souls for me!



OmegaMetroid123 said:

this game should not be 10/10. it's to much of a child's game. it's to easy, you can't die, and it totally takes away the feeling about kirby, you can't suck up, you can't fly, the story is way to corny, and it's just to dumb, bosses are to easy, the yarn just isn't what kirby is supposed to be, i expected a better game from nintendo. 7/10



Poketendo said:

Looks great, but I'm not sure to buy it. I'm also thinking about buying Kirby Returns to Dream Land. However, it still looks great, like all the Kirby games!



TTGlider said:

I'm late to the party, but hey...

I personally wouldn't detract from the game because of the difficulty. It took me a good while to get gold scores on every last level. The 'do not die' is only an issue if you aren't interested in "S-ranking" all the levels, which - as a gamer that would seem to care about difficulty - you probably are interested in. Losing gems in this game rather than dying actually makes MORE sense to me than running out of lives in the Mario Galaxy games.

Where I would ding the game is the insipid story. And I'm tempted to say the item buying is a dull aspect.

But really, it's the levels, which while they have their moments (all related to the "yarn" analog and finding semi-hidden chutes and passages), they are a bit blah. Kind of like their previous game, Warioland Shake. Ignore the awesome yarn graphics (similarly, try and imagine Warioland Shake's levels without the hand-drawn quality), and just see the shape, flow, and enemy patterns of the levels. They are mostly blocky and straight forward. Compare to Kirby Return to Dreamland, which has much stronger level design, IMHO.

I'd still give the game an 8. And oddly, I have probably not felt as "happy" from games I would give a 9 or more, but the point is, for as much personality and joy Epic Yarn has, it's a little short on the bread and butter game design.



eaglesfly76 said:

This was a great game, but the only issue I had with it is that I thought there were way too many sidequests. It seemed to take forever to get through them, there we like 100 of them! And you must do each and every one of them if you want 100% completion. Overall solid and fun game though.



KingDunsparce said:

Eh, I tried this game and it got so boring that I quit. However, my younger brother seemed to enjoy playing this with his friend



DarkCoolEdge said:

I'm really enjoying the game. It's not Donkey Kong Country Returns but it is a good game, and I got it for 20€

I think that not being able to die is not bad, it makes sense with the design. I'll give it a 8/9



cyberman67 said:

I got it for 20 € today. It is an easy to understand game for a younger audience - and for the young at heart! The graphic style is unique, the controls are really easy to understand and very responsive. And the gameplay is a blast. Fresh ideas, cute "monsters" and foes and a game world which is to be played with and invites one to explore it. I totally agree with Corbie, its a 10 for sure.



TreesenHauser said:

I miss playing this game. I think I'll have to get a used copy. An old friend and I actually went through the entire game and cleared it out, 100%. Sometime after that I decided to trade it in because I'm an idiot. >_<



Pinemeowth said:

My favourite game of all time. Yes I know Kirby's epic yarn is a fairly easy game, but that really doesn't take away the enjoyment from me, Honestly I really can't play the game without having the hugest smile on my face. I love it!



Pinemeowth said:

Personally I think that your really missing out if you haven't played this game or any of the kirby games. It may look like the kirby series is made for kids, but trust me it ain't.

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