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Mon 6th Apr 2009

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Ravage commented on Mario Kart 3DS Drives, Glides and Dives this Year:

If they did the Diddy Kong Racing thing, but made the boats/planes/karts more integrated (ie. transform into a submarine if you take a certain path perhaps) rather than choosing at the beginning of the course and kept the different path freedoms of the different vehicles then it would be totally awesome. They should also make the single player as involved as Diddy Kong Racing's.



Ravage commented on Interviews: High Voltage Software - Conduit 2:

Besides that 5/10 is just average, I personally think that you can easily get a lot of enjoyment out of certain aspects of the game. I think that the split screen could be a ton of fun with a few friends, but it might be a little difficult with how tiny the screens probably would be.



Ravage commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

Cartridge games have a distinct advantage of being quick, plus, a cartridge can potentially hold more than any Blu-Ray disc along with the ability to change the amount of storage on a cartridge.

Backwards compatibility is complicated. If Nintendo developed an API for their consoles and used similar architecture (which probably won't happen since I do believe their components are a little too specialized).



Ravage commented on Talking Point: What You Want in a New Nintendo...:

  • Minimum of a quad core cpu
  • Minimum equivalent of a GTX 580
  • If it is to have an included hard drive, there is no reason to not have 1 TB, let alone 500 GB
  • A console that has more than 5 games that actually output in 1080p (I should explain. The Xbox can't output in 1080p for most games that actually have good graphics)
  • Needs moar RAM!
  • The ability to set your Wii 2 up as a dedicated server
  • Ability to upgrade components
  • Ability to run advanced physics based simulations
  • Moar Mario!
  • ooh! How about a large capacity SSD, and the ability to install all your games onto the hard drive or SSD in order to get around slow disc load times


Ravage commented on Reggie Defends High Download Price Point:

I pretty much agree with him... There are some good games on the service, but so many of them you can easily find some sort of flash version. Then again, some of the games on DSiWare I would not pay $2 let alone $5...



Ravage commented on New Pokemon DS Game Comes With... A Keyboard?:

I remember being taught the proper way to type, but I couldn`t do it. It is pretty easy to learn if you`re doing it every day. Haha, I remember one of those programs that would count the number of words per minute or something and I would just type jibberish and it only counted a few errors, it was pretty funny. I also remember playing a lot of this fishing game, but that`s because it was basically the only game available on those computers...

Anyway, I never really learned how to type from those types of programs, but by having to actually do it.



Ravage commented on Plain Sight to Show its Self-Destructive Side ...:

I also have this, but from the above comments, my laptop probably also will not run it.
I`ve heard it is quite fun, but a little repetitive and may suffer from a low player-base on occasion.

Despite that, this game will probably suck without the online...



Ravage commented on Nintendo Download: 17th January 2010 (North Am...:

I saw CB playing Doc Clock today, or maybe yesterday! He played it for 2.6 hours, so I can`t imagine it being that bad, and the forums have plenty of users that agree. Let us just hope they can pull off a competent port.