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Thu 17th Jun 2010

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VGC commented on Here's the Midna and Wolf Link Statue Photos Y...:

I wouldn't buy a statue just for decoration, unless it went with my room's theme. I wouldn't spend 350 bucks on one either.

What people waste their money on these days is not my business, neither is what they consider wasting money.



VGC commented on If Donkey Kong Country Returns is Too Hard, Us...:

I don't like motion control very much either, but oh well, it's nintendo. That's why I sold my wii to save for a 3DS, which is all game, and no clunky and stupid motion control. (It's like that for me, all the time, and I'm not one of those idiots who moves the remote up to the sensor as if it's going to help.)



VGC commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

But wasn't super meat boy the game Corbie said was the best he'd ever played? Maybe I'm confused, and it's likely. Just saying. I don't enjoy any game to give it a 10 out of 10, not even my favorites.

Oh well, it's just me. Ahhhhhhhhhtchoooo!



VGC commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

I have a good idea for a boss in this game. A giant pig with a body filled with yarn. It will have little pigs that trail behind it as it runs. It charges at you, but you must jump over it, and float over the tiny pigs that follow it. You can unravel the tiny pigs, throw them at the big pig a certain amount of times, then unravel the pig's tail. The tail will unravel some of the yarn on the pig's inside.
Once the yarn is gone from the pig's inside (after a few hits), one hit defeats it (throw the little pigs) and you winnn.

Hows this sound, anyone?

Hmm, I think this is the third 10/10 I've seen Corbie give. I'm a little skeptical about his reviews, now.



VGC commented on Japanese 3DS Surveys Reveal Awareness Low, Pri...:

It IS pretty pricey. I don't understand how everyone can just say people don't know the machine's capabilities. My mom won't even buy printer paper, and we have 10 bucks per week to spend on our own food (my sister and I.). How sad.



VGC commented on New Sonic Colours Wii Trailer Shows Off Multip...:

What the h*** is a colour, and what's pegi 3? anyways, hah, the graphics look good, but why can't sega make up its mind with 2D or 3D? Aren't you tired of the rail-like system that sonic has to run on, half the time? I think sonic needs a couple of changes, but oh well.



VGC commented on This Christmas is Critical for Wii, Admits Iwata:

Seriously, 5 years? Now that I think about it, Nintendo needs to release another console by 2012. Oh well, I'll be using the 3DS anyways.
I got bored or waiting for more new Wii games. The console's been slowing down for a bit, and nothing exciting came around. Naturally, I just stopped playing it ( and found out that I played my smash bros game until it BROKE) and I can't make myself buy any of those new games. Oh well. I wish Nintendo would switch from being the first into motion control to the first one OUT of it, (all the newest consoles are currently MOVE oriented and such) and the first one to make a NEW non-motion controlled console.

Pah, they won't though. Too much motion controls for me.
Touching isn't always good, Nintendo.



VGC commented on Review: Petz Catz Family (DSiWare):

Those cats in the pic are ugly, and I agree with @4
I hope this isn't seen as rude, but there's a typo in paragraph 3, sentence 1. It says "the game has been designed for kid"

I don't know id you try to edit typos out or not but yeahh..

Anyways, who buys these games anyways? They look cheap and low budget.



VGC commented on Review: FIFA 11 (Wii):

Graphics on this look like h***.
I don't even play these types of games, and judging on the graphics (and screenshots), I wouldn't play a low budget looking one by this.

@1 Agreed



VGC commented on Nintendo Claims 1 in 3 UK Homes Owns a Wii:


I've not used my wii in a long time, and thought about selling it. I was pretty much SURE of selling it.

Nintendo can't just take a break for a while and not release GOOD games.

I was bored of galaxy 2 after I beat it. Usually mario games are great, but I got bored of it pretty fast after beating it around 7 hours or so.

Bah, I think I'll stick with trying to get a 3DS.



VGC commented on Kirby (tentative):

I sort of hoped for a game similar to Amazing mirror to come out, but with WFC.

Bahahaha oh well.



VGC commented on 1 in 10 People Can't See 3D Properly:

****! I don't know if 3D in theaters is supposed to POP OUT AT YOU or not but I can never tell if I'm seeing it right. well, great.

I hope I can see it lol.



VGC commented on Nintendo Considering Online Play and DLC for F...:

Purple Link ftw and I am a guy.

What If...

One player was link and multiple other players played as enemies along the dungeons/etc and tried for killing link. when the enemies are killed they respawn somewhere and can choose who they are if they have enough points or something idk