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Sat 7th Nov 2009

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WesterHive commented on World of Nintendo 8-Bit Plushes Available from...:

Hopefully these are sold in TRU & Target as well like the other WoN stuff. Those online retailers spike the prices like crazy. As for quality, the most the WoN stuff retails for in the stores is 12.99, with the smaller figs at 6.99 & 3.99, so for the cost the quality is actually pretty sick - love the 4" Samus and can't wait to get the 6" Metroid & 4" Fox McCloud



WesterHive commented on Former Sony Developer Feels The Wii U "Won't S...:

I also think this is a weird time for stats. I would have been first in line to get SM3DW but I'm not buying anything at the moment because I've asked for it (and a few other games) for Xmas. Now, AFTER Xmas I'll likely be buying some of the stuff that I didn't get, and that may include a few Wii U games. Let's wait until Jan to see where this stands.



WesterHive commented on Former Pikmin Director Currently Working On "O...:

I might be missing something but I don't read this as "new IP" I read it as him just working on a new game for Nintendo. I dunno the "original" moniker just seems vague. My two cents, I hope/think it's some sort of Advance Wars for Wii U, or maybe the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem project.



WesterHive commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

Can't wait for this game, but wasn't Kirby an add-in to the game which was built with Prince Fluff as the main character? Feels a bit too much like Star Fox Adventures to me.



WesterHive commented on Popeye:

Holy eff I used to sweat this game. I think I played it on... Commodore 64?



WesterHive commented on DSi XL to Hit Europe on March 5th:

I'm in on this. I still have the DS brick and have been looking to upgrade. I don't take the DS out of the house with me much and when I do it goes in a messenger bag. This seems durable and bright. I know this is geared towards some older demos that can see this better, but I'm digging the big screens that I can take around my apartment.