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Sun 12th Sep 2010

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Starworshipper commented on Disney Epic Mickey Music "Will Make You Cry" s...:

I'm afraid of this game now, because of all the hype. I mean, is it really going to live up to it? With this hype, it has to be outstanding, or else it's gonna be a disappointment. Wich is really not what Disney, Nintendo, and myself need.
Looking forward to seeing the first reviews emerge.



Starworshipper commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

This, after SMG2 is the game I've anticipated the most this year. Too bad I'll have to wait even longer. Been watching the E3 trailer over and over again. Posted it to my facebook profile to great reception even by non-gamers. The only drawback I can think of as of now, is the difficulty level. Easy games tend to be a bit unengaging.



Starworshipper commented on Review: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (Vi...:

How did I manage to miss this? Been wanting to play SMB2jap forever! Definately downloading this. And will definately be frustrated about it, at least that's what I think after reading comments here. Really, that hard?

But, I'm glad they made SMB2 US quite a different game. That meant new characters and items included in SMB universe that would go on to be cherished members.