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Tue 8th Apr 2014

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Pinemeowth commented on North America's Next Splatoon Splatfest is a B...:

NOOOOOOOO, two of my favourite .... Subjects? Hobbies? I don't know, but all I know Is that Europe WON'T get this and that I want this splatfest sooooooo bad. Please Europe can't we have the same splatfest as NA, just once?



Pinemeowth commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Wow. It's sad to see such a nice person, president and game enthusiast pass away like this. You will be greatly missed, you amazing president you.

Rest in piece and thanks for all you've given us.



Pinemeowth commented on Gallery: Splatoon Development Updates Bring Fa...:

It's great there making an effort to appeal to more modern audience, What with all the slang words and this whole blog being on Tumblr
Honestly, I think it's a great step forward. Nintendo have not been impressive so far with all there modern appeal attempts. Example; There bloody YouTube Program



Pinemeowth commented on Feature: Here Are Our Fondest Kirby Memories:

My first kirby game was Kirby's epic yarn. I remember seeing adverts on the TV for it, and being wowed by the visuals, plus I'd never got to play a kirby game before. That got me very excited, Leading to me asking for it for my birthday.

I remember coming off the bus from school on my birthday running home to play Kirby's epic yarn which I had opened before I went to school that day, As my mother gave it too me early hehe. Anyway, I got home out of breath ecstatic about playing and remember saying hello to my mum and talking to her almost bursting to play kirby, which in turn she turned on for me as she knew I was peeing to play it. I went to play 1-player, but then my brother came downstairs and said happy birthday and said he'd love to play too!?

I have such fond memories of playing with him, my sister, and my two brother playing the Dinosaur level without using the swimming dinosaurs. (Which is almost exactly how the Game grumps did it my sister informs me.) anyway, I have such fond memories of it and always will. Last year, I remember pre-ordering Kirby TD to come on release day, which it did, and I basically completed it in one day with in a couple o' hours. Darn I love kirby.

I'm also currently playing through Kirby nightmare in dream land, which so far has been great! I love me some kirby.

TLDR; I got Kirby; EY for my Birthday, Which me and family played multiplayer with constantly, And I've got amazing memories of it. Also I got KTD Day 1 And I'm playing Kirby NIDL right nod and it's been great so far!



Pinemeowth commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

I think it's about time they started to give games for free. The Playstation 4's free games every month or so are very good example, Plus the titles they choose are awesome. Binding of Isaac Rebirth for FREEE??? And look! Pokemon..Shuffle..For free..Yeah. Quality, And more retro freebies, Please. Also subscriptions and free themes and all that cool stuff...Yeah, I'll leave the ideas to you guys.



Pinemeowth commented on Video: Nintendo Shows Off amiibo Tap: Nintendo...:

I totally forgot all about amino tap. Hm, while it's cool and all I honestly think they should of least dropped one full game in there. THEN I would get more amiibo maybe.

EDIT; I know it would probably be a bit more complicated to give everyone a free Mario game. I understand why they're going doing the "Special Demo" Route, and I don't mind, but I would rather something like the full game or a whole big selection of randomised Mario themes? Hm.