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Thu 29th Jul 2010

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Ivan_Winchester commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

Well those were exactly my toughts, i love a cold ass-kicking silent bounty hunter but i love even more a cold ass-kicking silent bounty hunter that is also a human being. i also think that the control scheme was it biggest flaw. excelent article!!!!



Ivan_Winchester commented on Cartoon Network Mayhem in Upcoming 3DS "Battle...:

Dexters Lab is the best show(but the old episodes).... i love to see him and deedee but thats not enough for the buy.... maybe if they add Monkey ill think about it....BUT !!!!, if they manage to get the justice friends i will be totally SOLD¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ they are the best of the best



Ivan_Winchester commented on Review: Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS):

You know, Toriyama reached God like status creating kakarot, vegita and pals, but im getting tired of seeing the same friggin hair style, clothes and everything in each of his things. the guy ran out of ideas after DBZ???



Ivan_Winchester commented on Review: Kirby's Epic Yarn (Wii):

wow i didnt see the 10 coming. now that i think about it, in only one year we are getting main entries of super mario, metroid, kirby, Zelda and i dare to include now golden sun . since when we didnt see this¿? (we miss u star fox-Fzero)



Ivan_Winchester commented on 2011 Release for 3DS is a Move to Avoid Stock ...:

totally smart choice.
ds/wii still have the powa to have pre-apocaliptic sales one last year, the 2011 xmas season... well, i think the world is not going to implode due total deception of not having a 3ds at your xmas tree, cause ninty is going to be prepared.



Ivan_Winchester commented on Review: Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem (Ga...:

aaa eternal darkness how long i have been waiting for a sequel... i still have hope, this game could be the perfect choice to lauch with wii vitality sensor. also i missed pios augustus in brawl.
i relly want to replay the game, i finish it with the 3 gods but i dont recall of a true final, just the cutscene of the god you chose at the beggining



Ivan_Winchester commented on European Club Nintendo Members Invited to Wii ...:

if this person/team/thing/or whatever it is were mexican, i would feel very ashamed of my country exporting this person/team/thing/or whatever it is to the world. Very bad choice of dorks Big N.
and just for curiosity... this guys WTF they do¿? i dont think they became famous imitating vanilla ice...
btw... Supernatural season 6 premier today¡¡¡



Ivan_Winchester commented on Features: We Want Your NES Stories!:

i have 2 little stories:
1.i got my nes when i had like 5-6 years old, so i had to ask for permission to play it from my parents. sometime i knew they wouldnt give the chance for a mischief or because i had played too long, so what i did was to take the control and appear as i was playing infront of the turned off tv. that made my parents go : aww and give permision. that was a hell of a trick... for my age haha
2. there was a tv show in mexico alot of years ago, i dont even remember the name, but t was a contest show about the NES. the boys played duck hunt, olympics game with the mat etc. in the end the winner goes to the final test that was an awesome real size mario underground level, you went throug pipes, and you were attacked by pirahna plants, kopas, goombas etc. the goal was to take coins in certain time. i was so into that show that i turned mi house lots of times in a esque mario level. i turner tables chairs, furniture you name it and i imagine i was in the tv show. hahah the good ol times.