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Sun 31st Jan 2010

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Monix2598 commented on Talking Point: Your Sonic the Hedgehog Memories:

My first Sonic memory was when I got a Gamecube for Christmas of 2003 and Super Mario Sunshine with it, (Played it all the time) then a couple of months later my mom rented Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I liked it so much I got her to buy it for me. I loved that game so much and I still play it today. Years later I was at my friends house when I first played Sonic Heroes on his Xbox. I ended up saving up and bought it for my Gamecube. I started playing through the old Sonic games too. Even though I didn't really care for some other titles like Sonic Riders or Sonic 06 I still think Sonic is an awesome series. Happy 20th Sonic.



Monix2598 commented on Expect More Sonic Games Like Sonic Colours:

Well, this is good news. if the rest of the sonic games will be like this then i'll be a happy camper. so this means the rest of the portable sonic games will be like like sonic rush, right?



Monix2598 commented on E3 2010: Live Text - Nintendo's Media Presenta...:

All i want out of all this is a wireless nunchuck for wii so when i get a wii i can be all wireless, More Footage for Sonic Colors, Pikmin 3, and the announcement of virtual console on 3DS. (I don't see why people want to transfer dsiware to 3DS. wouldn't that just make the dsi useless?)



Monix2598 commented on Review: Car Jack Streets (DSiWare):

Great game. I like how tag games incooperated real time play into a sandbox style game. very original. on top of that it was a downloadable title. i think tag games should make a sequal that has a story mode that makes you keep playing to find out what's gonna happen next, like rockstar does with gta. i would really be less skeptical in downloading it like i was with CJS. @Tag Games honestly, this should be a download only seriies until Tag Games gets more attention and becomes a moderately popular third party. a third party everyone knows and remembers.



Monix2598 commented on Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD:

great but i'd prefer another F-Zero than i prefer another starfox. ninty isn't going to release their console probally until after the xbox 720 and playstation 4 is released. don't get your hopes up just yet guys.



Monix2598 commented on Ferrari GT Evolution:

Those Screenshots are amazing!
I hope it has wifi and a longer career mode but still keeps the photo billboard thing that asphalt had.