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Thu 12th Jun 2008

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Kreegs07 commented on Review: Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (3DS e...:

Have this on the Sonic Mega Collection on the GC and somewhere on the original Genesis cart. Computer was super hard in the Genesis version and I still remember being super frustrated. Fun and addicting though. I recommend picking this up as it is the ideal game to have on the go.

**Also, I love how the original box art back in the day has to have the triangle in the corner to specify: Puzzle Game. This way, the Sonic-action game crowd would be warned.



Kreegs07 commented on Feature: Nintendo Land's Potential:

I think the gold in this game is simply getting certain franchises exposure to casual gamers. Perhaps when Nintendo does release a full Zelda, Metroid, F Zero, etc.. The casuals will start picking these up too based on experiences they had in Nintendo Land!