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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate Review

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Posted by Damien McFerran

A change is as good as a rest

As much as it will pain Castlevania fans to admit, the series was in a pretty bad state prior to the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in 2010. Although a string of “Metroidvania” entries — produced under the guidance of the enigmatic Koji “IGA” Igarashi — had hit the mark from a critical standpoint, less worthy instalments dragged the brand downwards (Castlevania Judgment, anyone?) and its commercial performance remained decidedly lackluster.

In order to keep pace with the latest action adventure experiences, fresh blood was required — and Madrid-based MercurySteam provided just that. Lords of Shadow may have annoyed purists raised on the likes of Dracula X: Rondo of Blood and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but it achieved its goal — at the time of writing it’s the best-selling entry in the entire lineage, according to Konami. It has also spawned two sequels, one of which is currently in production and the other the subject of this review.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate takes place after the cataclysmic events of the original Lords of Shadow, and if you’ve not played that particular game yet and wish to avoid spoilers, we advise you stop reading now. Lords of Shadow protagonist Gabriel Belmont has become Dracula, and his son Trevor — whose existence he is unaware of at the time of his transformation — has been taken under the protection of the Brotherhood of Light as a baby. In time, Trevor has a son of his own — Simon — who is also separated from his parents at an early age and forced to fend for himself. The game puts you in the shoes of several different characters, but the main quest begins in earnest as Simon Belmont enters Dracula’s castle to claim vengeance on the one who apparently killed his father many years ago.

It’s impossible to elaborate too much on this epic, multi-generational storyline without ruining the game; suffice to say it is one of Mirror of Fate’s strongest features. The developer has done an excellent job of re-purposing famous names from the Castlevania series and creating its own self-contained vision of the franchise. The same purists who baulked at Lords of Shadow’s re-booting of the Castlevania origin story will no doubt be equally aggrieved at the liberties MercurySteam has taken here, but when detached from the rest of the bloodline, Mirror of Fate ironically has one of the best plots yet seen in a Castlevania title. It helps to have played the original Lords of Shadow, but it’s by no means a prerequisite.

Despite the desire to tear up the Castlevania rule book and start all over again, the developer has maintained plenty of solid bonds with previous games, and these are sure to go some way to winning over life-long fans. Names such as Schneider, Gandolfi and Belnades — taken from Castlevania 64, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence and Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse respectively — are bandied about at several points, and monsters such as skeletons, mermen and flea-men all make an appearance, tangibly linking Mirror of Fate to past instalments.

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for assuming that Mirror of Fate also adheres to the tried-and-tested Metroidvania blueprint; the top display shows the 2.5D gameplay while the bottom is reserved for a map, as well as inventory management — just as it was in the DS titles Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin and Order of Ecclesia. However, as was asserted by the game’s producer prior to release, Mirror of Fate isn’t exactly the same as these esteemed entries. The most obvious change — and the one that even caused us moments of doubt when we previewed the game last year — is the combat. Previous Castlevania titles were all about one-hit kills and dashing through environments quickly, but in Mirror of Fate there’s a greater focus on combination attacks and special moves.

The combat engine is lifted almost wholesale from the original Lords of Shadow, and while it does slow down the platforming action a little, it actually adds considerable depth to proceedings. Most enemies take several hits to slay and many will block your blows before countering with an unstoppable offensive. Simply hammering the attack buttons won’t do you any good here; you need to learn the various combo attacks, mix in mid-air juggles and unlock guard-shattering special moves in order to succeed.

Grapple moves come into play when your opponent is stunned, allowing you to end their pitiful life with a spectacular finishing move which causes the camera to zoom in for the best view. Experience points are awarded for victory in battle, and as your level increases so too do the number of attacks available to your character. Fighting common foes is engaging enough, but it’s the boss battles which really open up Mirror of Fate. Each contest demands a varied range of tactics and it usually takes a few goes before you lock down the winning pattern. Thankfully, generous checkpointing means that failure is never a major irritation.

With combat taking centre stage, the emphasis on exploration is lessened significantly from previous entries in the franchise. While it’s possible to backtrack through the castle and visit areas more than once, you’re effectively funnelled down the correct path by red arrows on the map screen which show where you should be going. This removes the need to painstakingly cover every inch of Dracula’s crumbling citadel in case you miss a secret exit or pathway, but it also speeds things up and prevents players from getting frustrated when they can’t find how to proceed — a common issue with the traditional Metroidvania titles.

The limited variety of collectable items is another factor which curtails the need — and desire — to explore. Aside from picking up ammo for your secondary armament, reading scrolls left by fallen warriors and finding chests which expand your vitality, magical power and ammo stock, there’s no real reason to investigate every nook and cranny. Enemies don’t drop special items either, which means you don’t have the “gotta catch ‘em all” collectability element which made RPG-inspired Castlevania titles like Symphony of the Night and Portrait of Ruin so addictive. While this might come as a crushing disappointment to seasoned fans, it’s actually quite a positive change in some ways; the action is more focused and straightforward, and the already impressive amount of play time available means you’re not going to be stuck for entertainment, despite the toning down of RPG elements. Having said that, we did at several points find ourselves wishing there were more things to collect and secrets to uncover.

Visually, Mirror of Fate contains moments of sheer, unadulterated beauty. The 3D effect is astounding, and works especially well with the fixed 2D viewpoint. When navigating the highest points of the castle, you can see distant towers in perfect perspective, while closer objects remain slightly out of focus. 3D is used to good effect to add tension, such as monsters quickly dashing past the player’s gaze in the foreground, unseen by the character you’re controlling. There are points where the graphical fidelity drops slightly and the frame rate isn’t as smooth as we’d like, but these are minor grievances when you consider the standard of the overall package. It’s worth noting the quality of the cutscenes, which are rendered in real-time but use a cel-shaded style which we personally think is superior to that of the main in-game visuals. Even so, Mirror of Fate is a fine-looking 3DS title, and no mistake.

Special mention must also go to the music, which is nothing short of sublime. Óscar Araujo’s score manages to be brooding, triumphant, emotional and chilling in equal measure, despite not revisiting any of the traditional fan-favourite Castlevania tracks. Araujo is clearly a composer of incredible talent, and while his work on the Lords of Shadow series may be vastly different to what fans are used to, his contribution here is just as significant as the work of Michiru Yamane and Masanori Adachi.


Although the 2D perspective and Metroidvania-style features call to mind past classics, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate shouldn’t be directly compared to previous games in Konami’s long-running vampire-hunting series, because it tries to do things a little differently. While elements of exploration and item collection remain, they are drastically scaled back when compared to the likes of Symphony of the Night and Dawn of Sorrow — which could be a positive or a negative, depending on your personal taste. Instead, MercurySteam’s vision of Castlevania is built around a deep combat engine which tries to make each and every enemy encounter a rewarding and challenging experience. Factor in some impressive visuals, gorgeous music and taxing boss battles — not to mention a fantastic story and more replay value than you might at first imagine — and you’ve got a game which can stand proud in the Castlevania bloodline. Sometimes, a little change is a good thing.

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User Comments (176)



BenAV said:

Good to see it turned out pretty well.
Still not sure if I'll pick it up because I have a lot of games to buy in the near future.
Maybe sometime if I find it for the right price.



timp29 said:

Very interested in this one!!! And the review backs it up
EDIT: The tone of the review sounds like you were considering scoring it a 9.



Koapa said:

Demo looked good and this review too.
My only problem is price - 35 € for a game I´m not 100% keen on...
Will wait, but surely buy one day.



FullbringIchigo said:

really want this game but Naruto Storm 3 is out at the end of the week so i can't afford it yet, but i will get it some time



JSuede said:

It's interesting to see how far apart the review scores are....IGN panned the bejeesus out of it....while most of the other scores are pretty good.

Now I just need a 3DS. Merp. XL or regular.....???



belmont said:

Castlevania fans want classic games like 8-16 games or adventure games like Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow not action God of War clones. Lords of Shadow is a great game but it doesn't feel lke Castlevania. I may get the 3DS game but I am skeptical because an updated port may be announced for PS3 or Vita like what happened with Revelations.



Jamouse said:

They brought it to the 3DS because they were quite impressed with its features so I don't think it is too likely to be ported.



Wesley8ty6 said:

No brainer for me. I Love castlevania games and i love combat driven games like god of war. Getting this!



MeWario said:

Man I've heard some crazy mixed reviews on this. IGN gave it a 4... I enjoyed the demo a fair bit but could see the game getting a bit repetitive...



luminalace said:

I am going to support the title even though I am sad that it's not a continuation of the GBA and DS titles. It's different but I'm glad I will get to play another Castlevania game.



KeeperBvK said:

And this perfectly sums up all the problems of certain websites: When you only cover one company's platforms and rely on good relationships with the industry, you get reviews like this, overly praising a terrible, ill-fated game like Mirror of Fate. Stay away from this abomination at all costs.



MagicEmperor said:

I'm reading a lot of polarizing things about this game. Hmm. I'll still ponder this one over.



ThomasBW84 said:

@KeeperBvK As the link from @JSwude shows, this is polarising with its reviews. There are a lot of 7-8/10 scores, and a smaller number that have gone under 5/10. It reminds me a little of the reaction to ZombiU, in that some really liked the style and design choices and, likewise, some were clearly turned off in a big way (I was personally in the former camp).

You've made an implication about "certain websites", and while I'm sure it can be fun making these kind of accusations, it's also incorrect. Damien gave an opinion of the game that a number of critics seem to broadly match, and others don't. I know life would be easier if all websites gave the same scores, but it'd also be boring.

The trouble with scores is that we (and every other reviewing site) are damned either way. Go high and you're "bought", go low and you're "not getting it", go middle and you're bottling it. The text itself actually says more about an opinion of the game, and how it was approached.

The point's been made loads of times that reviews are down to the reviewer and their opinion alone, with no relation to any "policy" (often with results on here of a critical review for an advertised game). Editorial and advertising, for example, are entirely separate aspects, and we know that's the case. We can't stop anyone implying otherwise, but we can say with confidence that they're wrong.



SqueakyTheBone said:

Change can be good thing, providing said changes are, y'know, good. I'll agree that the series perhaps needed a bit of a boot up the arse after the increasingly bland metroidvania games, but good lord, this isn't the solution! Not only have MercurySteam failed to capture the essence of what made me love the series in the first place, its not even a good game on its own merit.

That being said, this is (admittedly) going off of what I played of the demo and various gameplay videos, but unless somehow the game drastically improves in quality later in, i'm really struggling to look at this one in a positive light.

I know this is all a bit ranty, but man, this Lords of Shadow sub series has been nothing but a big ol' disappointment for me so far, no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise. I can only hope the series gets itself out of this rut soon-ish, but hey ho.



hngdmn said:

err...8?They fixed the combat and the framerate of the demo then?As much as I liked the scenery and the music(though not nearly as much as the previous Castlevanias),the combat was just too slow and repetitive in the demo.It felt more like dumbed down 3d hack and slash than the action platformer it was supposed to be.



AceTrainerBean said:

I'm still gonna get it and decide for myself because those are some mixed assed reviews but when you think about the majority are good



ThomasBW84 said:

It can be confusing when scores cover the full range! I quite liked the combat and style of it in the demo, and also have a few disappointing games to trade in, so I reckon I'll take a punt on this. I think ultimately a lot of opinions focus on the tempo and combat style, so playing the demo is a must for everyone. As Damien suggests, though, I'm not going to go in expecting the same kind of game as Symphony of the Night or the various handheld titles.



hngdmn said:

Also,you still move the characters only with the circle pad?I mean,the only reason gamepads and portable consoles still have D-Pads is because they're better for 2d and fighting games.Why the hell we couldn't move Trevor with the D-Pad in the demo?



gojiguy said:

Tried the demo. Thought it was awful and clunky. Only redeeming factor was the visuals (but the framerate bogged it down so much).



WaveBoy said:

No thanks! I'd rather play Castlevania: The Adventure which so far has been a lot more fun than the MOF demo. Outstanding 3D effect + pretty graphics and awesome cut scenes can't save this clunky, unintuitive and sluggish hack 'n slash. Maybe if they actually tightened up the controls & made them responsive and tweaked the frame rate i'd give it a look. But as is, I'd rather savour every last Vamp' drop with Castlevania The Adventure since it's thee' last ClassicVania I have left to complete!

Here's hoping Wayforward develops the next Traditional styled Castlevania, then we'll be in good hands.



taffy said:

A few people here are mentioning the IGN review but you have to remember there will always be difference in opinions. If you want to make the best decision look around the web* and make your own opinion and also download the demo.... it's free so you've got no risk there. I'm planning on getting the game simply due to my experience with the demo.

*There are a few other sites which have given this game a solid score



Nintendawg said:

It was the demo that convinced me to pre-order the game
Comparing this game to the previous ones on the DS is a mistake. It begs to differ and that is evident from the get go. I know I wouldn't want more of the same.

@hngdmn Make no mistake, this isn't Street Fighter. I understand your concern as to how the circle pad might hinder proper controls (as, admittedly, is the case with Street Fighter IV 3D), but there are no shoryukens or hadokens or flash kicks to be performed here, combos and their mix-ups are very simply executed (and, more importantly, cancelled). It plays like an over-simplified version of Blazblue (and I stress the "over-simplified") and that's a good thing as it adds depth without being over-complicated.
Mercury Steam have managed to combine the best of both worlds, in my opinion.



DePapier said:

Demo was excellent, plus since IGN tried to plummet the game — and Nintendo France is offering Castlevania NES with it --, I'm downloading it day one. After all, with all those Mario games, I've been missing dark games like that for a while.

« The limited variety of of collectable items » There is a « of » standing as a typo here. @Damo



DePapier said:


« The trouble with scores is that we (and every other reviewing site) are damned either way. Go high and you're "bought", go low and you're "not getting it", go middle and you're bottling it. The text itself actually says more about an opinion of the game, and how it was approached. »

It is that kind of viewpoint that make me trust your reviews. I'm really glad I've joined this website.



DarkCoolEdge said:

IGN's review is pathetic. Colin was determined to thrash the game from the begining and tries to justify it with some ridiculous coments (and some honest ones).

I'll buy the game and form my own opinion but reviewers are worse everyday. Average games are hailed and good ones are ignored constantly.



Spoony_Tech said:

Yeah the reviews are all over the board on this one. I'm about to dl it soon here so ill find out for myself. This review here will actually take the score up a bit over on metacritic. Good write up as I also enjoyed the demo so I'm sure ill like it!



Romeo said:

imma go ahead and quote myself from the MoF thread:

"well i never played castlevania before, but i tried out the demo
first i was excited for the game, but after playing the demo... im underwhelmed

sure, demo was pretty short and the overall game will hopefully be better, but from i've seen.. pretty disappointing, just boring - unfortunately"

: /



beat said:

hey guys. what do you think about the review of ign? i think colin was being biased. he was comparing this game to the past games too much. and most of his complaints are actually positive stuff for me. plus, i really had a fun time with the demo, being a combo-addict and all. so yea. whaddya guys think?



drexegar said:

he demo really dosen't represent the game enough n my opinion. I had to play to full game to appreciate this.

The game is great its a mixture between LOS, a little castle structure of metroidvania, and some elements of classic castlevania 3 and 4, (which apparently most people who hate the game never even talk about anything older than SOTN.)

Its not classic metroidvania, but it has a few features that make the game feel metrovania like and new at the same time and an enjoyable experience for me. Even if you think the game terribly sucks, its still playable to you compared to an average garbage game.



GraveLordXD said:

@belmont I'm with you on that, I like the classic castlevania games than the god of war clones been a fan from the very first on the nes castlevania 1-4 IMO has some of the best music in gaming period!



HawkeyeWii said:

Not that an "8" is a bad score at all, but I was really expecting this game to be a flawless masterpiece and let me tell ya a Nintendo console definitely would have needed that at the moment!




@KeeperBvK you know what? I always try and stay calm when I read comments like yours, however the time has come for someone to say - your comments are moronic.

I'm sure If you reviewed the game you'd give it a different score - and that's your opinion!! That's what a review is! However it doesn't matter how many time's it is said, clearly there are people like yourself who aren't quite able to grasp this. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we can all disagree with it. But grow up, and take your hatred elsewhere please.



Mommar said:

Interesting, and even handed review. You could tell the guy at IGN wanted to hate the game in every word he typed. It wasn't useful to read because it didn't actually tell me what the game was like, just that he wanted it to be different. This one actually is very clear where the positive and negative might be for me. Thank you.



RoryLee said:

I'm gonna go with NL's review and download the game. Alot of the other sites have given my favorite games of last year some pretty harsh reviews, a few examples I can think of right now would be ZombieU and Kid Icarus:Uprising.



CanisWolfred said:

While I applaud their efforts to change the series, I just prefer my Castlevania to have simpler combat so I can focus on other aspects of the game.



ueI said:

"more replay value than you might at first imagine"
I couldn't find an explanation for this in the review. What replay value DOES the game have?



ejamer said:

I expected this game to be pretty bad, but the demo surprised me. While not something everyone will enjoy, it seemed much better than I had anticipated... and this review seems to confirm that.

Review scores may be split, but reading the actual review text helps. For example, the IGN review details let me pretty much throw out their score because the most meaningful complaint seemed to be that the game didn't meet his preconceived notions of what Castlevania should be (instead of judging the game on it's own merits). NintendoLife might be more forgiving in their scoring than I would be... but the review text did a good job of helping me figure out how much I might enjoy the game.



ThePirateCaptain said:

Great review Damien! I'm considering the game after reading what you had to say on it. How long did it take to beat the game though?



Big_L91 said:

you all must be pretty new to online reviews if you take the final score of a reviewer seriously. they really need to get rid of scores and just talk about their experience with the game.



slidecage said:

should get it tomorrow with show 13 vita from gamefly tomorrow .... doubt i will ever buy it hell i still have the last 3 games still sealed on the ds LOL



Haxonberik said:

Well, I'll play the demo and if I like it, I'll buy it some day when it's cheaper. I have too many awesome 3DS games coming soon/just released that I want and I'm too poor to break away from the essentials list.



Zemus-DJ said:

@Savino: I'm guessing 12 noon est, was the same for EOIV last week, wonder why no midnight Eshop release like some of the other games



Philip_J_Reed said:

When you only cover one company's platforms and rely on good relationships with the industry, you get reviews like this, overly praising a terrible, ill-fated game

You've been here long enough to know we don't feel obligated to praise terrible games.



sinsalaca said:

Just finished reading the Ign review and it seems like the main reason they didn't like the game is because it wasn't a Castelvania:SOTN clone. I played the demo and while it is much different from previous games it didn't seem that bad. It amazes me from lookng at the Metacritic scores that 2 reviews found it pretty much dreadful, while most found it to be good, but not great. Seems like one of those games where if you liked the demo then it is an instnat by or eventual buy and if you didn't then you will pass on it. I liked it and will probably pick it up.



Haxonberik said:

The IGN review was written by Colin Moriarty, the guy who screamed to the four winds as a fact that the Vita would wipe the 3DS upon release, a Sony fanboy to death. You shouldn't be surprised if the guy just wants to hate the game. After all, he's most likely reviewing it in absence of anything to review for the vita.



WaveBoy said:

Yeah, Colin M can't be trusted and the same goes for IGN's
resident funny man Greg Miller....But I do agree with some of his
complaints with MOF. Yet he completely failed to even mention how amazing the 3D effect was and said the graphics were typical 3DS fare, which i completely disagree with. I wouldn't of wanted another Metroidvania clone, so i somewhat applaud the new turn MOF has taken...Sort of. It's just those sluggish unresponsive controls and hack 'n slash gameplay that are throwing me off.

Going to check out Destructoids review in a bitty! If it's even available yet...



Gen0neD said:

Already bought and loaded up. Gonna peep it this weekend. Glad to see I made a good investment.



softserve said:

One thing I'm still uncertain about with this game is its replayability. Is there any word on that?

Without things to collect and seemingly areas you could skip entirely otherwise, I'm not clear on if I'd ever want to play this more than once... which worries me.



Tasuki said:

I went into the demo with an open mind. I figured it wasn't going to be like the Metriodvania feel I have grown to love but instead I feared it was going to be a God of War clone like LoS on the Xbox. What I got was a pleasant surprise. As this review states is takes elements from all of the previous Castlevania games. I played the demo twice now and on the second playthrough I felt comfortable with the game and really enjoyed it. I think you summed it up best Damo sometimes change can be a good thing.

Looking forward to picking this bad boy up after work today.



Dpullam said:

I've never even played the old Castlevania games so I don't have a problem with how it played. In fact, I liked it quite a bit and will most likely be getting it once I can.



nastobi123 said:

okay, for those who don't know, Colin is a Sony Fanboy, remember when he said, 3DS is a failure, yup. AND I thought Colin is getting out of IGN ?? why is he still reviewing, what is wrong with that dude.



BakaKnight said:

I loved the DS metroidvania titles and didn't want a change, but this game really looks "awesomely different", which is perfectly fine for me!

Can't wait to play it

(Ack! I found a store who had it today, but they realized they still couldn't sell it before I could buy a copy >.<# )



idork99 said:

Interesting. Read Colin's IGN review for comparison and my feeling is that he has a soft spot for the Castlevania series of old; not this new direction. As for NLife, they let you know that you're getting something different from the past but it's still fairly good; not excellent.

Personally, I have to be honest in saying that I was expecting Castlevania 1-3 with a 2.5D perspective when I first played the demo. As many people have said (but personally wouldn't know), this Castlevania plays almost like God of War. I'm still on the fence on this one. In the end, I did enjoy the demo. But now my question is did I enjoy it enough to put down $40 for this game?



SetupDisk said:

I loved the demo and can't wait to play the rest of the game. I have played the series since the first game. I like that the formula changes often in this series.



softserve said:

The odd thing about IGN's perspective is that anyone who has been with Castlevania since it started knows that the SOTN formula was radically different from the several games in the series that preceded (aside from maybe Simon's Quest).

So I don't know, it seems silly to be bothered by a new "actiony" direction, that's actually more of a throwback than anything. I'm sure there were fans of the way Castlevania was before that were upset by SOTN too.

I'd say the game should be judged on its own merits, not what you think it should be for personal reasons.



Dpishere said:

After trying the demo I can definitely say I will pick this up in the future since it was pretty entertaining to play.



smileisles said:

THANK YOU Mercury Steam for not just making another clone of Symphony of the Night. I love the DS titles, but it did feel like I kept playing the same game over and over again. I think it's wonderful to see a publisher letting a developer do something new with an established franchise. The industry needs new ideas to stay fresh. (How many more 1st person shooters do we honestly need?) Thank you Nintendo Life for a positive review, and for being cool with change! I'll be picking up my copy at lunch!



JSuede said:

I posted that link I did above on the IGN comments section......and of course people are jumping down my throat simply because I am promoting looking at more than one review. It's quite insane really. Calling me a "Nintendo fanboy" (when I own all the consoles) and a troll (when....really? come on.)....I guess I should know better than to talk in the IGN comments section....



WaveBoy said:

The IGN comment sections are the equivelent of a stinky high school locker room. As soon as a discussion becomes interesting, some random troll will jump in saying NIntendo, XBOX or sony sucks, THEN the rest of the comment section turns into one giant console war. And it's happened again with IGN's MOF review.



ultraraichu said:

Like the review. Some of the contents that would probably turn off veterans of the series is a turn on for me. I guess because I played 3 of the other castlevania games that fans like and I never complete, much least even beat any of them (the closest was OOE). It seems like I will enjoy this more then the others based on my gaming preference.

I have yet to read IGN but judging from all the comments above, it seems like the reviewer hates nintendo or that he hates changes in a series. I bet he must of freaked out when he played Metroid: Other M lol.



LordessMeep said:

Personally, I wasn't too impressed with the MOF demo. It certainly isn't a day one buy for me.. but I might just pick it up later on, when I have nothing to play.

By the way, the IGN comments section is pretty amusing right now. NL's review is far more comprehensive while IGN's just hates on the game. I mean, being forced to play with a Circle Pad is a negative point? Is playing with the C-Pad really that bad? -.-''
Also, the console wars have started up again.



JSuede said:

@ultraraichu The reviewer kept comparing it to SotN and the GBA games.....completely unfair comparison seeing as those are some of the best Castlevania games to date (if not THE best). He just seems too caught up on what he expected a 2.5D Castlevania game to be.

The guy also wrote a piece way back about how the Vita was going to be this insanely successful thing, that the 3DS didn't stand a chance. I know he is a huge 'vania fan, but why not get someone from the Nintendo team to do the article.....or even have a blurb opinion from one of them?



gojiguy said:

@softserve I'm one of those fans. I prefer the tough-as-nails action platformers to the metroid-style exploring games. So I was really intrigued when this game was announced.

But frankly after playing it... the game needs to pick a direction. Is it a God of War clone? A Metroidvania? A Classicvania? A beat-em-up?

I don't know. It doesn't do any individual thing very well.



WaveBoy said:

Every single IGN comment section turns into a console war.
All it takes is a "Nintendo SUCKKKSSZAA!!" and the entire discussion gets derailed every single time.



DreamOn said:

Castlevania isn't about anything more than getting a whip and killing Dracula in his castle. That's it.

Great review, Damien.



DarkCoolEdge said:

@Pixelroy So true. I don't think that having different types of Castlevania is a bad, it's actually great! Espcially when there are good Castlevania games of every sub-genre the saga has touched.

Just keep'em coming.



Zemus-DJ said:

Downloaded it @11,000+ blocks, but who's counting when youre using a 128GB card played it for an hour so far, sure it's no SotN. But it's darn good sofar.



moomoo said:

I was incredibly unimpressed with the demo. Frankly, it turned me off of the game, and IGN's review, based on my limited time with the game, seems to reflect the things I want in a game rather than this one. So I think I'll avoid this one for now.

And come on, guys, Colin Moriarty isn't a fanboy. He just gives his honest opinion on the games he plays, whether good or bad. Just look at his review for Ragnarok Odyssey, a Vita game that many Vita owners were looking forward to, and he gave his proffesional opinion on it and said it wasn't good. Then the video game community was mad, because he "didn't get it".



Bucho said:

i'm saving my money this month for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS, if i can buy a second game this month it'll be this.



Windy said:

I do prefer the Old style Graphics of games like DraculaX. But I was really impressed with the Demo especially how the Backgrounds added some great detail and drama to the game. It had excellent music and the characters animations were surprisingly nice. For myself there are just too many good games coming out this time.... Monster Hunter 3ds and Etrian Odyssey. Plus they have been filling up the Eshop with Gems. I will buy this at some point and hope when the time comes I Hope don't run into this is a Rare game issue to get it on a Cartridge. I just have to limit some of my buys and will get Monster Hunter over this one at this time. I wish I could buy them all. Hopefully later



DaemonSword said:

@moomoo Colin did say the 3DS would lose, and the Vita would take over, so yes, he is a Sony fanboy. That aside, his longing for the old, cheesy, japanime style of Castlevania, suggests he probably wishes that Joel Schumacher was still directing the Batman films, and not Christopher Nolan.



DerpSandwich said:

Everyone is accusing the IGN review of comparing the game too much to previous installments, but I don't think that's such a bad thing. You've got a series that you love for whatever reasons, and in a new entry they take out many of the things you loved, so you don't like the game. I really don't see what's so wrong with that.



Inev said:

Everyone sees the "Lords of Shadow" bit in the game's title, right? If you go into it expecting an IGA Castlevania RPG, you're going in with misplaced expectations.

This is what happened with the IGN review, and is similar to criticizing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Ranger games for not having pokeballs or an Elite Four.

This game isn't perfect, but still very good, and it seems to mix the strengths of LoS with Castlevania 1,3, and 4 gameplay. I like it, and I'm sure if an IGA Castlevania comes to the 3DS sometime down the road, I'll like that, too.



CanisWolfred said:

@moomoo While I do feel that the IGN reviewer is being unfairly criticised, as others have mentioned, the review sounds more it conflicted with his idea of what a Castlevania should be instead of taking the game for what it is. I just don't agree with those types of reviews and wouldn't exactly call that a "professional" opinion.



Gidkilla said:

The review was too harsh and read like Colin was blinded by some agenda. Whether the game is rubbish or not it was way to one sided.



Windy said:

I'm going to need to check out this review everyone is talking about. I thought the demo was pretty awesome and im a big fan of castlevania's past



gazamataz said:

I played the demo and I thought it was fantastic.I also agree that Colin fron IGN is entitled to have an opinion.What worries me is how someone can score a game that has been made with a lot of care and attention and has appeal to many like it's broken.This is a growing trend in gaming and when i think of some of the crap i've played over the years, and compare it to Castlevania it does'nt add up.This is not a really bad game! I felt the same about zombi u and i do think having Playstation people reviewing excusive Nintendo games on IGN is bias and it should'nt happen.



Kirk said:


There's a huge contrast between this review and IGN's review of this game.

Unfortunately I think I'd probably sway towards IGN's take on things to be honest.



moomoo said:

You've got to keep in mind that he made that opinion when the 3DS was still $250 (and the Vita was announced to be at the same price, and memory card prices weren't given yet), support for the 3DS wasn't very high, and the Vita launch line-up was pretty darn good (as for the rest of the year... not so much). If you had to choose which one would win based on the circumstances, it wouldn't be a hard prediction to make.

Granted, that's obviously not the case now, as Nintendo cut the price on their system months after release and released two Mario games right afterwards, so it started selling well and third parties flocked to it. But if anyone would have guessed that Nintendo would cut the price of their new system by $80 right after launch when it came out, you'd think they were crazy. It just didn't seem like a move Nintendo would make.

Now, I don't think Colin's review is the best, but he does clearly show that he did not like the game. If you don't like something, then you should let people know.
And besides, there are people out there who may be wanting a certain kind of experience. If they have a mindset like Colin, then they can use his review as a base, knowing that they'll like it as much as him. There is nothing wrong with more opinions on a game.

Also, 5.0 out of 10 on IGN means mediocre. It got a 4.7 out of 10. So he basically said it's slightly worse than mediocre. Not an abysmal, broken mess.



gazamataz said:

@moomoo i have to disagree with you.A 4.7 score in no way indicates that a game is mediocre.If 5 is the mediocre and the score is just bellow mediocre then the game is bad.I have Aliens Infestation for DS and i think It was good but a bit overrated i would give it a 7.I prefered what i've played of the castlevania demo to Aliens Infestation.You claim you liked the demo too so i don't understand what your point is.



Yulo303 said:

So, 4.7 in IGN and 8.0 in here. How come the reviews are so far apart? I'd understand a 1 or even 2 points +/- but this...Guess I'll have to check it out myself;o



ultraraichu said:

@JSuede I see what you mean.
In almost every paragraph he compares it to a past castlevania. It almost seem too biased since it like he wanted it to be like the older ones. Not a fair review for those who haven't play all those games.

It's interesting that based on the reviews from the 2 sites and the comments posted, I see more people are willing to play the game here while more will shun it on IGN. The power of reviews.



moomoo said:

@catamaran IGN's own scoring system indicates otherwise. 5 out of 10 means mediocre, according to them. Bad is a 3 for them. Thus, they say it just isn't very good. Not horrid.
And I'm pretty sure I said I really disliked the demo. A lot.



DaemonSword said:

@moomoo To me, Colin really is a delusional fanboy, or just wanted to stir sh*t on his page for the hits and laughs. I started with the first Castlevania on the NES too, and still loved the demo and want this game. The series needed to evolve, too bad for Colin's inner child that the Belmont whip can't kill enemies in one hit anymore.



timp29 said:

Perhaps we should go back to review systems where scores are given for different categories: music, gameplay, graphics, controls, story for example. I know some other reviews do it this way, but scores that are broken down like this really force games to be judged on their merits and reduce the impact of personal opinion.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Holy god. I know long-standing franchises that have reboots/sequels/prequels always have major backlash but I guess I wasn't expecting it to be this bad.

The IGN review, if you can even call it that, isn't even worth addressing. That some people are even being swayed by that clown is kind of sad actually.

I played the demo, read several reviews and formed my own opinion. Like someone else mentioned the numerical scores should be removed altogether. I've come to enjoy many games that were panned by so-called experts and there fanboy rants disguised as reviews.



FluttershyGuy said:

Was already on the fence about it, and am more so after mixed reviews. So, I'm going to try the demo, and judge for myself.

One question I have (and I don't think it's much of a spoiler, but you can mark it as such if you feel like it): Is there any familiar Castlevania music from the early entries? I was sure hoping, especially, for "Simon's Theme", being that SB is in this (though a Simon Belmont from a different universe than the one we long-time gamers know).



DreamOn said:

Just played half the game. 8 is a fair score. I don't care what anyone says, it's a castlevania game alright.

You start out as Simon, u get a leather whip and right away start decimating puny zombies at the door step of draculas castle. Later you upgrade to a chain whip. What is not castlevania here? Those DS ones are the impostors.

Castlevania is your whip vs dracula and his baddies. That's it, like I said above. And I personally like the combo combat and don't let my tastes for classicvania whipping interrupt enjoying some more modern whip action. And why not have different modern whip gameplay to have a different kind of experience? And if that's allowed then I think the devs did a good job despite people brains saying bad controls for a castlevania, there's other opinions that say its fun and i confirm they're right too.



gazamataz said:

@moomoo you did say unimpressed.Because i thought it was good i saw what i wanted to see.I still disagree with you.But i'm sorry for nagging you man.



Urbanhispanic said:

You know what? They needed to breathe new air into this franchise. I LOVED the NES games. I played SC4 on the SNES to death. Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood were excellent titles. The GBA and DS games also were fun to play. Unless Konami does "remakes" ala Castlevania Adventure Rebirth, they needed to CHANGE the formula somewhat because the "Metroidvania" titles were starting to get boring. I had doubts about MoF, even before I tried the demo. I like the demo and now I am considering buying the game.

Some of us love Castlevania games but also wanted to see if Konami can shake it up a bit. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion (IGN however is a weak, former shadow of what it USED to be and are just as suspect as Gamespot.)
If you didn't like how MoF turned out, then that's how you feel. But I give props to Konami and Mercury Stream for trying something new and as always, I will look forward to future Castlevania titles.



ArcanaXVI said:

The demo felt lacklustre to me ... but perhaps I'll give it a shot if it gets a price drop.




@Urbanhispanic My thoughts exactly, I really agree with you in everything you posted, I really loved the demo and I am buying the physical copy; also the metroidvania style was dying off already, konami needed something fresh to rejuvenate the series asap. IGN and gamespot are bullpoopiedoodledingdongs, unless it is a fps they are reviewing, everything else is a waste of time.




@Pixelroy F-ck yeah, that's castlevania awright!!!!, leather whip transforming to chain whip, a secondary weapon, and that's it. Good luck completing the game with that.



thatoneguy4419 said:

Wow, a lot of you guys don't seem to really like the game.... I thought it was great though. It's certainly not like the traditional Castlevania games, but I think it works rather well. With all the past games having all the same elements such as exploration, the games seem kinda repetitive to me, and I personally think that this a fresh new step forward in the series.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I enjoyed the demo, which surprised me since I didn't like the original LoS game. But the only Metroidvania I liked was SOTN, so maybe that taints my tastes to prefer that classic games more which is what the demo reminded me more of being closer to.

I might give this a go sooner or later, but I want a new Contra game in the meantime. hint hint Konami



DRL said:

Superb review, Damien! Once I burn through some of my ever-growing backlog, I intend to pick this one up. I enjoyed the demo far more than I thought I would.



AtomicToaster said:

I bought it..... and I like it! I've played the standard castlevania symphony of the night formula so many darn times that it WAS getting a bit tired. Not that I wouldn't go back to that style as well. This was a nice change of pace and I think with a few more instalments they'll probably perfect this formula as well. Only gripe is framerate but it's a pretty looking game nonetheless.



KnightRider666 said:

I just completed the demo. Here are my thoughts:

PROS: Amazing graphics(especially in 3D), nice soundtrack, very challenging(took me 2-3 hrs just to get through the demo), cool combos and learned moves to unlock, awesome boss battles.

CONS: Soundtrack pays zero homage to any classic titles in the series(I was really hoping it would in some way), it feels TOO much like a God of War/Prince of Persia clone, and not enough like a classic Castlevania title.

Conclusion: Now keep in mind I haven't played the full version of this game yet, just the demo. In the end I still dig this title, and I'm going to pick it up when I find it pre-owned at GameStop just to be safe; but I hope this doesn't mark the end of Castlevania games with the classic formula most of us fell in love with growing up...

UPDATE: I just found a used copy at a Gamestop less than an hour from me! How awesome is that? I will update my post once I put some considerable time into it... Another game without an instruction booklet??? Damn, the guy at Gamestop told me he heard all the retail games for the 3DS that have eshop demos won't include instruction booklets anymore. I'm seriously bummed about this!



KnightRider666 said:

@LDXD: Actually, now that I really think about it; I feel SOTN holds the crown. I believe this game is where the series reached it's prime. The DS games were very close, but not as good. I love the first Castlevania on the NES, always have. I love the soundtrack from Simon's Quest, but the game kinda sucks. I never really played the Dracula's Curse very much, I will have to give it a closer look.



Sam_Loser2 said:

So this sounds more like the original game (which I still want to play) and good in all the ways Egoraptor's Sequalitis pointed out. Wallet, why do you have to be empty?



CharbroiledEwok said:

If you're NOT familiar with the rebooted storyline (as I wasn't), just watch the collection of cutscenes on YouTube. I'm hoping there's enough interest that Wii U owners will someday get the first and second games...



sweetiepiejonus said:

I know a lot of people gripe about Gamestop, but I love that I can sometimes cash in on some bonehead who trades in a new release and gives me a discount.

And Simon's Quest would be the best Castlevania if it were remade. I've been hoping for years it will happen. The majority of remakes are called unnecessary (primarily by hipsters but they aren't real people), but that's not true. Bionic Commando is a recent example of an old terribly designed game benefiting exponentially from a remake.



eleven59 said:

it's not that reviewers give different scores on different opinions, its that in this case IGN and NL are sooo drastically different, it leads to confusion. i had to check again bc i thought i rem IGN giving it a 2... for example, its easy when every review on rotten tomatoes says 20.. bc then most likely it IS a 20... its those 50-60 ratings that generally mean worth watching at least once, or the all 90's that mean must watch.. unless its an artsy flick... then its hype

so here my friends is where my friend math comes to the rescue: in the name of averages- 4.7+8= 12.7 divided by the 2 scores= 6.35

we actually have a 6.35 game here folks...

and knowing is half the battle



DaemonSword said:

Why do people keep comparing this to a Sony game? I'm playing a Castlevania game made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, not DOG of POOH, sellouts. lol!



Noend said:

Are there a lot of timed sections. Like in the demo where u throw a switch and have to race to the door?

I loved the look and combat of the demo but I'm not interested in that type of gameplay in a game like this so will be holding off until I can find out.

Lot of comments so if anyone replies tag me please.



Henmii said:

"As much as it will pain Castlevania fans to admit, the series was in a pretty bad state"

I totally disagree! The sidescrollers found on the DS and GBA are considered to be pretty good by the fans! Maybe they weren't commercial succeses, but the same can be said of the last few Zelda's!

However, with Lord of shadows they wanted to deliver a more western-like Castlevania! It reeks of God of war! I don't say that's a bad thing, but I can see why the Castlevania fans are pissed!

Personally, I only played Rondo of blood, the Wiiware title and Castlevania 4. Especially Rondo and the Wiiware title are great! And while this 3DS title may just be there to spark interest for Lord of shadows 2, I still might buy it! I liked the demo!



Smug43 said:

I enjoyed the demo.. it had a mix of shinobi for 3ds and a scaled back castlevania.. almost like the snes version but with waaay better combat.. I'm looking forward to this!



DaemonSword said:

@Henmii but not all Castlevania fans are pissed, and like you wrote, if the last few were commercially successful, Konami probably wouldn't of changed things, to play like so many other games



gundam00 said:

Oh man! I am loving this game so much!! I never got into the Castlevania series beyond the NES days. I got the demo, expecting to be disappointed like I was with Monster Hunter 3, but to my surprise I was enamored with the game - so much, that upon completing the demo, I immediately bought the retail game on eShop and cannot put the game down!

The retail game is actually way better than the demo! The demo was extremely difficult, whereas the retail game eases you into the difficulty at a gentler pace.

My only complaints are the cut-scene animations and the map. The cut-scene animations aren't drawn very well and the art style is in complete contrast to the gameplay's art style. The cut-scenes are more like Viewtiful Joe — heavy scribbly outlines, whereas the gameplay graphics are beautifully polished 3D graphics. The map is helpful and is based on the 2D side-scrolling schematic, but using it as a place of reference, it is full of WTF-ery. And don't get me started on the Voice Acting — it's hopelessly awful

Everything else is phenomenal!! One of the best parts of the game is the Auto-Save. The game Saves your progress so frequently, it masters the requirements of playing games on the go. Another aspect I like, which some hardcore gamers may not like, is the boss fights are sectioned out so that if you die, you re-enter the battle at the last section. Each boss fight has 4-5 sections, so if you die during section 3 of 5, you re-enter the battle at section 3. Now you can see how this would annoy the hardcore "gameover" gamers who complain about Mario not having gameovers anymore, when actually this caters to portable playing. I don't have time for video games which make you start all over because I pick-up-and-play more often with the 3DS, than sit for hours like I would for a console game.

Also, the music is beautiful!! Do not use the DS speakers, you have to wear headphones to take advantage of the gorgeous orchestral soundtrack. You WILL notice a difference!!

I agree with Damon's excellent review full-heartily and rate the game 8/10 as well.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Not that Konami didn't have a say in what the final product would be, I'd say it's more Mercury Steam/Kojima changing stuff than anything else.

And I feel that a true Castlevania fan will enjoy the reboot unless they just despise Rygar clones. I know the minds of radical fanboys just aren't wired properly so they tend to just hate everything. So they really don't even need to be acknowledged.




@eleven59 I completely disagree with you, you're just fusing goku with yamcha, and that is hideous to say the least; ign and gamespot rant about everything in a game: BAD CONTROLS, BAD GRAPHICS, BAD MUSIC, ETC ETC ETC ETC. and while I admit that nothing is 100% perfect, those guys just see the negative way of everything; I totally buy a game depending on the opinion of nintendolife, because instead of just focusing on the negatives, in every review, they clarify my doubts about a game's control, music, etc. I feel better informed about a game in both strong and weak points.



AtomicToaster said:

I laughed at people saying it's not "Castlevania", still felt like a Castlevania game to me! It ain't like the old school games but I can play the old school games, haha! I wonder if the industry is going to be more accepting of change. Back in the day something like Zelda II was a total freak out because it was a totally different direction and there had only been one Zelda game prior. These days we have a million games in a franchise like Zelda and Zelda II really stands out as it's own thing and it's totally fine. Same with MGS II, quite different for it's time and freaked people out but we've also had a ton of Metal Gear games since. I just wonder if the industry can stop freaking out at change knowing we're still going to get new titles and these series will continue to evolve and it's no big deal! I'm sure there will still be oldschool castlevania in the future!

The "It's not Symphony of the Night" fanboy reaction is just silly. I've played "Symphony of the Night" in one iteration or another (meaning that formula) like a million times now! This is the first time I threw in a Castlevania game on a portable and got something I didn't expect.

Also, they had years to perfect the formula of Metroidvania, this style of game is something brand new, I'm sure if they make sequels they'll be even better than this one!



AceTrainerBean said:

Very good review this is my first castlevania so that probably effects my opinion but I really like this game it is so much fun it has fantastic action/platforming and looks amazing especially in 3D. I think that IGN were way off base and are acting like those Pokemon fans who just can't accept anything after the 1st gen purely out of ignorance. Anyway I feel you should get the demo or buy the game and judge it for yourself because I love it and it is a great addition to the 3DS.



FonistofCruxis said:

Great review overall but you could have elaborated on the replayability. Am I the only one who doesn't think the graphics are some of the best on the 3DS? It looks like the graphics help to make make it atmospheric in game but when you see the character models up close in the cutscenes, they look rather plasticy to me, kind of like action figures. Simon's head almost looks like it could be part of a lego figure to me.



KnightRider666 said:

UPDATE: I've played several hours of the game now and I have to say I'm impressed as a whole. Definitely an 8 out of 10 at least.



GN0LAUM said:

I really enjoyed this game and I thank Damien for his carefully considered review. The text may not have led me to conclude that the game deserves an 8 (I would say it tops out around a 7), but as has been recently pointed out in a feature by Nintendolife: scores are a little archaic and indefensible at times. I enjoyed the game very much over all. In actuality, I like it better than the console LoS.



GN0LAUM said:

"The IGN review, if you can even call it that, isn't even worth addressing. That some people are even being swayed by that clown is kind of sad actually."

I couldn't agree more. I have been struggling with the idea of Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller as dependable journalists for the past 6 months. I used to really enjoy their podcast BEYOND on IGN for it's energy and exuberance, but recently it has just been a bit of a slog to get through. Greg's ZombiU review wasn't necessarily unfair, but I feel it lacked any kind of vision or insight; Colin's Mirror of Fate review just cemented the notion that he has strong biases attached to almost everything he addresses, and that many of these biases just make him a bit intolerable to me.



odd69 said:

When can i get a traditional sotn castelvania?? why ruin something thats already awesome



cheetahman91 said:

Really hate how they've westernized this series. Was hoping for a SOTN style game for the 3DS. Guess I'll just look for one of the DS games.



Foot77 said:

I played the demo, I loved the second boss fight, it was epic, the 3D was stellar, this looks like a solid 3DS game, but I still wish they had ported Black Ops 2 to 3DS, like they did 4 games to the DS.



Bones00 said:

I finished it 100% on normal. I thought the best part of the game was the story followed by the gameplay. The exploration for the collectibles was nice but there's really no replayability. Unless you miss a collectible or want to play the game on a higher difficulty, the game is done once you've beat it.



sweetiepiejonus said:

I've pretty much done the exact same thing. I don't know what the deal is but I just don't remember anytime in my younger years when I couldn't trust the people I relied on getting honest information.

Now I have to do a freaking background check and stalk them to see if they are just trying to impress everyone because they are like totally hardcore.

Traditional? Symphony of the Night was as drastic of a change as it gets from previous titles. If Konami had the same ideals as you we would have never received Symphony of the Night in the first place.



Tina93 said:

Honestly? I miss the 2D Castlevania. Since the PS2, Castlevania doesn't feel like Castlevania. I despise Lord of Shadows, and this new one. The real fans want something traditional, not this Prince of Persia - God of War ripoff. I have more fun playing Aria of Sorrow then the newer titles.



Pachterkid said:

I really don’t understand where all the mixed word of mouth is coming from for this game. I played it to 100% completion and had a blast with it. Just because it’s not the same thing as all of the NES/SNES/GBA/DS games in the series does not mean it’s a bad game. The game tells an interesting story and the combat system is excellent.



marakassi said:

I think I'm going to buy this game. I just played the demo and gameplay feels OK. Graphics are cool, 3D effect is well used, and the 2D action game is what I need. I haven't play other Castlevania games in a decade, so I think now is the time.



Urbanhispanic said:


Yes you should. Dracula's curse was HARD as hell, LONG as hell (about 17 + stages) but awesome! Let me know when you play it as I still have my coveted cartridge in its original NES cardboard box.



Gregor said:

@FOURSIDE_BOY no they do worse, much worse. They have very mainstream consumerist tastes and as such love games like call of duty but won't hesitate to find flaws in other games. Some of their reviews are just flat out wrong. They gave Metroid Prime Hunters a GOOD review. Terrible game btw dont get it. And are the kind to complain about one thing and the graphics over and over. They are terrible reviews who probably smoke weed as they type.



JSuede said:

@Fusion14 Haha "baby hands" I do have small hands, but probably not small enough to cause an issue. My Wii U Gamepad fits nicely, so it should be okay.

Now they just need to stop with the crappy colors and give NA more than 3 options. Japan has like....30. Grr



JSuede said:

@Fusion14 Nope, haha. The only version of that I played was on The Orange Box....and that version was just not good.

Not much of a PC PC can't handle the original Fable for crying out loud.

I use it mostly for music though so it doesn't need a ton of power with what I use. Oh well



DarkCoolEdge said:

Now it's official. Mirror of Fate is my favorite Castlevania and (without haven't finished or played RE: Revelations, Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem) my favorite 3DS game.

It's fun and it is really beautiful. With the 3D at max is wonderful to look it.

Buy it!



Sun said:

I am quite surprised of this game getting so drastically different reviews. I did not like the demo and I have read the 'Metroidvania' style is missing in this entry so I guess that is the reason it got bad reviews. But I still wonder what makes it so good for other people, is it just nostalgia? Just asking as I just played the demo. 72% average on to say something.



SonicTheBluBlur said:

@JSuede The 3DS XL is just a big rip-off! Sure, the screen is bigger, but the resolution is the same and you can get a battery that lasts even longer than the XL's for the regular 3DS. So just save money by just buying the original and a better battery for it from Amazon.



smashbrolink said:

I wasn't sold on Lords of Shadow.
I owned the game but gladly traded it in soon after beating it.
If I wanted God of War, I'd have played God of War; I expect more than that out of my Castlevania titles.
An emphasis on exploration, platforming, and item collection is what sold me on the series in the first place, and replacing the majority of that with just deeper combat doesn't feel like a positive trade-off, so I'll likely be saving my money for the next Metroid-vania style entry in the acclaimed series.



SonicTheBluBlur said:

@HawkeyeWii IGN'S reviews are poop! I stopped listening to them when I found their review for Shadow the Hedgehog. Before that game, they were BEGGING for a game where the player's decisions determined what happened in the story, but they shot that feature to hell, saying "Why can't the game stick with one story" and they HATED the guns (which I think made the game more awesome than if they weren't there) They also don't seem to understand that YOU DON'T NEED THE GUNS TO PLAY! Let that be a message to IGN lovers. GAME NEWS IS THE ONLY THING THEY ARE GOOD FOR!

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