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Zelda veteran and Adventurer.

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I'm 29, male, into anime, manga, and video games[obviously]. I also own a PS3, but my Nintendo stuff is my big mainstay. Just call me Smash or Link, if that's easier for you.^_^

Sun 24th Feb 2013

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smashbrolink commented on Gallery: There's Loads Of Awesome Linkle Fan A...:

Know what I like best about her?
She's got a character, a background.
She was originally designed as a sister figure to Link.

The fact that she's not a stupid gender swap makes her much more interesting and appealing as a character, and I can't wait to play as her in HWL.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

That's just it; it's not making Link "better greater and more inclusive than ever" to completely transform him into someone he is not.

You think that's the case, but it would be just as disrespectful as gender-swapping Zelda for the sake of getting rid of the damsel in distress.

If you want Link to change, then encourage Nintendo to deepen his characterization like they did in Skyward Sword.
Show him laughing, crying, getting angry, growing emotionally.

Changing him into a woman for the sake of pandering to gender equality doesn't show respect to Link or the world he is a part of, and in particular it ignores the chance that Zelda and other female characters should be given to have a turn in the lime-light.

I'm not being aggressive for the sake of putting you down; I'm being aggressive because I'm sick and tired of gender politicians trying to screw up a series that would benefit from those kinds of politics leaving it alone and never coming back.

Link is just fine as he is.

If we really want to be inclusive of both genders in a Zelda game, the way to do that is NOT to go out of our way to let players gender-swap a traditionally and CANONICALLY male character.
The way to do that, is to let separate defined characters, which do NOT remove their opposite sex counterparts from the equation of their stories when selected by the player, have a turn at saving the world.

Linkle, Zelda, Malon, Midna, Lana, and so many other LoZ characters are available to revisit in later Zelda games in some shape or form, on top of new ladies that we haven't been introduced to yet.
Ignoring them for the sake of taking Male Link out of the story, to pander to extreme feministic ideals of gender equality, would do nothing more than insult the series, and [most of] its long-time fans who have been waiting to see an already-established female or a new female get her own shot at adventuring.

Gender-swapping Link is lazy and insulting, and if I seem irate to you, it's not because I'm ticked at you personally.
It's because I'm done being nice with people that have issues with the Spirit of the Hero staying the male that the lore has designed him to be time and time again.

Free Zelda, or another female who deserves a chance.
Don't delete Link for the sake of letting a gender-swap of him take his place.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:


I'm not dissecting or warping anything: Link has been regarded as the "spirit of the HERO" in multiple Zelda lore stories.
And in case you don't know BASIC ENGLISH, a HERO, denotes a MALE, and a HEROINE, denotes a FEMALE.

If anyone's acting like any sort of wank here, it's you for wanting to screw with lore when there are BETTER OPTIONS.

And yes, it IS pandering.
NEGATIVE pandering, to a bunch of DA fantards with female Link fantasies.
Maybe you don't understand this, but it doesn't matter if you do or not; completely replacing a male lead that has formed his own characterization and who has deep ties to the lore, with an androgynous DOLL that can freely be either sex, is NOT RESPECTFUL TO THE SERIES.

It's downright selfish to ask Link to become a woman when we've GOT women that deserve some lime-light.

This is not Mass Effect.

We need to quit pretending it is, and give an ACTUAL woman her shot, rather than a lazy gender swap.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@jibaycay Actually, you're completely wrong.

In the Hyrule Warriors art collection book, Linkle is described as "a sister figure to Link."
In other words, there's a perfectly valid explanation as to why she looks like Link; by her own back-story, she was intended as a sibling.
And many siblings look similar to one-another, hence here as well.

She is NOT Link, nor was she ever intended to be.

And this is a GOOD thing, because that gives her her own lore, her own story, and makes her an exciting new prospect separate from Link that we might have a chance to play as in other games going forward, if Nintendo allows it.

As I've said in the past two posts; a gender-swapped Link is too lazy to be respectful to fans, and too nonsensical to be respectful to series lore.

We need Zelda, or Linkle, or a new female to play as.
We need to LEAVE! LINK! ALONE!
He's not just a name or an empty avatar anymore.
That was back when there wasn't enough power in the tech of consoles to do expression of character well enough for Link to have any.
Link is an icon, now. He's his own man.
NOT a blank slate that makes sense to gender-swap to please people who preach "equality" without giving Zelda or other female options their fair shot.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@MaverickHunterX They take it literally because the lore proves it is MEANT literally.
His spirit is as much a male as Link's body ends up being time and time again.
That's not a coincidence; that's because he's a HERO, not a HEROINE.
We have these terms for good reasons; to denote roles.

There is no reason to change Link into a heroine.
It's lazy and insulting to established lore, on top of being a far worse choice than giving Zelda her own chance to shine through a playable second story path campaign, or Linkle, or literally any newcomer woman with her own personality and background would be.

If you actually respect the series, you don't ask for a lazy gender-swap to pander to SJW standards of needing a female to play as in literally everything popular.
Leave Link's in-game fate out of the hands of the people who write those stupid fan-tard gender-swapped comic fanfiction fantasies.
Give us a real woman. Not a gender-swapped failure.

Well said.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

No, it's the other way around; it's childish to mess with series lore to please SJW's, and it's even more childish to deny that that's exactly what it would be pandering to.

You don't need a female Link.
You have Linkle.
You have Zelda.
You have the option for a whole new female lead.

But messing with Link by gender-swapping him, screws with the lore, which as a fan pisses me, and most of the Zelda fanbase, off.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that a Female Link would no longer be the Hero.
It would be a denial of lore, and an affront to fans.
If you want a female protagonist, ask to play as Zelda or Linkle, or as a new character made for the game.
That doesn't affect you in any negative way and still shows respect to the lore of the series, and to Link as a character.
If anything, the idea of a gender swapped Link should come across as lazy and offensively pandering, compared to an original and unique woman with her own back story and life to explore and enjoy.

Women are not heroes.
Women are heroines.
Link is not a heroine.
He is a Hero, as denoted by his spirit being the spirit of the HERO.
This is not Mass Effect, where your character is easily made as some androgynous new-body that everyone just calls by their last name, and Link is not what Aonuma intended him to be anymore.
He's grown beyond being just a link between player and game, and has become an icon, a character unto himself.

Turning Link into a woman would be just as insultingly lazy as leaving everyone else alone, but gender-swapping Zelda for the sake of men that want the damsel-in-distress gone.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@LUIGITORNADO "Besides childishness"
So it's childish to respect series lore?
I disagree.

We don't need to replace Link with a gender swap.
We have Zelda, Impa, various other female characters, and now Linkle to play as.
There's no reason, none whatsoever, to kill off the persona that Link has become just to appeal to the SJW's that want to see him junk-less and busty.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@MarinoKadame "Spirit of the HERO" denotes that his spirit is gender-locked to male.
Female heroes are called Heroines.

Also, he has always reincarnated as a man.

These are not coincidences; Link is a male and should remain as such.
If people want to play as a woman in a Zelda game, it should be as Zelda, Linkle once she's got her own fleshed out back-story, or a new female lead.

We should not be replacing Link with a gender-swapped Link for the sake of the ludicrous idea that we need a woman to play as, when there are other options that don't mess with series lore.



smashbrolink commented on Editorial: Linkle May be a Clunky Introduction...:

@Ralizah That doesn't match up to the series lore, though.

Link, against Aonuma's own wishes, has transcended his base intentions and has become more than just the "link between player and game".
Link is an icon, the vessel of the Spirit of the Hero [not the Heroine], who rises up against evil alongside Princess Zelda time and time again.
Their genders are set via their very spirits in this series.

Zelda and Link should remain as the genders they are.

Being given a new heroine to play as, though, ala Linkle, is not a bad thing.
And if the next Zelda allows us to experience a difference by choosing to play as Linkle, while Link, as an NPC, stays behind in whatever village we start in, that would be perfectly fine, too.

My point is, we shouldn't mess with lore-tied gender roles for the sake of diversity, especially when there are equally great alternative options to explore, that would do a lot less to tick off long-time fans of the series that respect the lore to the utmost.XD

If there's an issue of her not being "the heroine by blood" or anything, then just make Link and Linkle siblings in the next Zelda.
Boom; instantly the series has a second hero in the bloodline to rely upon, for the sake of the ladies that want to play as a lady.
Heck, give Zelda a brother, aka, a prince, as well at some point, for the ladies to save.

Just leave Link and Zelda alone.
That's all fans really want, in the end.XD



smashbrolink commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

@Yorumi Sex in the sims consists of roughly tumbling and giggling under the sheets.
It's so playful and silly that it can't be justified as something getting a larger rating.
Other than that, Ralizah covered the point I was about to make; the severity of ratings does fluctuate by region, and the ESRB/PEGI/Whatever-Japan-has all have different standards decided by human beings, not machines.
Looking at a tiny little kid avatar dressed in their underwear in a game like the sims, to someone from a ratings board, isn't going to feel the same as looking at a close-up shot of an obviously young and very highly detailed young woman, as a slider inflates and deflates their breasts.

I wouldn't be against it if they included the feature back in, but I can see why taking it out would possibly level the rating between regions.

@ JaxonH; Leaving the game alone probably wouldn't have been an issue if not for the rating system between regions.
And I understand that not all of you are complaining about this because of inequality, but there are some out there that are.
And whether it's for equality's sake or just for keeping the game "as it was", I still believe that the people canceling their pre-orders over this are over-reacting in the most ludicrous of ways.

This isn't unreasonable to the point that the game deserves to be boycotted like this.
Nor was Fatal Frame, a game where the original outfits in the Japanese version weren't any more necessary there than they would have been out here in the states.
It's a horror game, not a tits show.
The only reason they were left in over in Japan is because fan service of that sort is a popular and widely accepted thing in Japan these days.XD

And as to my original point, about things eventually becoming overbloated; it acts as a gateway.
Give in once too often and people take it for as many miles as they can get away with, justifying it with terms like "anti-censorship" and "equality for all".
There's a chance that it wouldn't happen, but a bigger chance that it would.
Because even if most of us here wouldn't campaign for more changes, there would be someone who would.
That's just how little faith I have in humanity.



smashbrolink commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:


Then make a "pecks slider" one of the issues that people are complaining about.
Not doing so doesn't paint a picture of equality.

If you can't see where I'm going with this, then let me spell it out; eventually, if all we do is complain about minor little details that are either removed or never added to begin with, for the sake of appealing to either the sexes or the censorship hounds, eventually it will get to the point where the game is bloated with unimportant features, and delayed because of it.
And the sad part is that the complaints wouldn't end; if they started suddenly caving to all the requests for things people want in the game, there would be no end to it, and it would eventually end up cascading into the artists compromising their own vision of the game for the sake of pleasing fans.
Because you KNOW they would eventually start demanding that "Our avatar should be able to fall in love with "name of side character", because romance is important to us and it's censorship to not include something so important in the story!", or something equally idiotic, like options on skells to denote them as either male or female.

This was done for the sake of keeping the game from getting different ratings per region, because PEGI doesn't always agree with ESRB and M rated games are more difficult to sell to a wider audience scope when kids can't get access to them without parental consent.[anyone calling that a "pro censorship argument" is a damned retard, plain and simple]

It was a business decision.
Not a pro-censorship or anti-woman action, just as deciding not to include pecks/junk sliders was not a move against men.



smashbrolink commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

@Yorumi I would like to do that, too.
But I can't make one that perfectly reflects me without a "junk" slider.
And I'm not letting that hold me back from saying "fine. Okay. I don't need it to make an avatar that reflects me as closely as possible."

It's the same thing for women; if, as I hope, the ladies in here don't see their chest size as a major part of who they are, then the option of adjusting them being missing shouldn't affect their want of the game, nor their ability to create an avatar that reflects them as closely as possible outside of sexual characteristics.


I don't know why you would protest it for men.
It's just as inconsequential a feature, in my eyes, as the bust slider is.
It doesn't hold people back from making an extremely close approximation of themselves in the avatar creator.
Its removal is so minor an issue that it doesn't deserve this much negative attention.
It's literally a risk to sales over nothing important.



smashbrolink commented on You Can't Alter The Chest Size Of Female Chara...:

@ikki5 If you're going to call one slider sexualization, then you have to do the same for both or neither.
You can't have the concept of over-sexualization, with a slider designed to enlarge or shrink what amounts to features designed by nature to attract the opposite sex, suddenly apply ONLY to women, because that in and of itself is sexist.

The "no junk slider" argument is a valid one. And if people can't change the bulge size on male avatars, yet don't complain about that, then those same people shouldn't be giving complaint about no bust slider.

And in any case, the "no bust slider" and "no junk slider" issues are irrelevant to the quality of the game as a whole, and shouldn't be taking up this much article space.
The game will be great without them, and skipping the game over this indignation is basically cutting one's nose off to spite their face.



smashbrolink commented on Talking Point: The Latest Nintendo Direct Was ...:

I felt that it was a very good direct compared to E3's presentation.
The people who thought this was "the worst ever" are over-dramatizing it.XD

I spent a good three HOURS on Youtube after that Direct and I still haven't reached the end of the list of "Cloud reveal reaction" videos.XD



smashbrolink commented on Nintendo Shares Level Out After $4 Billion Dro...:

@russellohh Let's be honest; after one of the investors suggested that Nintendo should put Super Mario Bros on phones, then charge people money to make Mario jump higher, it's OBVIOUS that these investors are not gamers and do not understand the market Nintendo is trying to sell to.

They just see "Oooo, big IP, let's MONETIZE it and sell it to casuals on phones! $_$" and proceed to whine when they don't get what they want.



smashbrolink commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@Fee See, that's the thing; in the first playthrough, the stats and looks coincide no matter how much you wish otherwise, so you'll be playing through the game while trying on a whole bunch of different armor sets.

By the time players have finished it once, 99% of them WILL have found something better to wear than these "censored" costumes.
Whether you believe me or not, there's so many armors, and thus possible combinations, in this game that I'm guaranteed to be right on this.

99% of the players won't even miss the alternates that were changed.
Everyone will find something they like.
That's what matters.

And if you really want to see how much people are losing their minds over this issue, then look outside of this site, too.
People are making a WAY bigger deal out of this than they EVER did with TLOU in EU.



smashbrolink commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@Fee Here's the thing, Fee: I said what I said with full knowledge of that end-game extra.

By the end of the first playthrough, most players will have found a cosmetic option they like more than the two costumes that were changed.

Therefore, I DO know what I'm talking about, and my point still stands.

And as to the Bay 2 example, not lame; if Nintendo was really as old-fashioned as people are claiming they are, then even just THAT amount of skin would have led to a full body cover-up rather than telling them to remove bits.
People are exaggerating how intent Nintendo is on censorship.
These costumes aren't even changed that heavily; they're just normal clothes now instead of beach wear. Yet everyone is losing their damned minds, and while everyone is blaming Nintendo for being this censor-hungry entity, they all conveniently forget that Sony had the EU version of TLOU censored.



smashbrolink commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@MrRight Oh jeeze, STOP IT.

This isn't some abhorrent game-ruining case of censorship that changes anything major to the point where the game can't be enjoyed.

People are getting offended over this for entirely stupid reasons; there's no way in hell that changing two costumes to be less revealing in this game is going to lead to some sort of 10X worse case of censorship happening, like Nintendo going right back to 90's faux pas like complete blood and language censorship.
We're past that crap; If you need proof of it, then all you need to do is look at how Nintendo handled the Link costume in Bayonetta 2: She was originally going to have an undershirt to cover her cleavage, but Nintendo surprised Platinum by telling them it didn't suit her personality to be that reserved, and recommended that Platinum leave the undershirt out of the equation.

it's not going to turn into a bigger issue, and it's just two measly little costumes that MOST PROBABLY WON'T EVEN WEAR FOR MORE THAN A FEW LEVELS BEFORE FINDING SOMETHING BETTER ANYWAYS.

Anyone trying to condemn this game and convince others they shouldn't buy it over some sort of fear of it setting a standard for even bigger things to get changed, is just being a paranoid SJW.
It's WRONG to try and convince others that this game doesn't deserve sales over a couple of measly costume changes, which is EXACTLY what is happening when someone struts around trying to convince everyone that Nintendo's somehow this symbol of the corruption of freedom and 100% pro-censorship due to these costumes being altered to show even SLIGHTLY less skin.

Nintendo's made quite a few stupid mistakes in the past, but this isn't even to the scale of the LIGHTEST of their mistakes, let alone the heavier ones.
It's literally a non-issue that is being blown up into a big issue.

Anyone condemning the game for these costume changes, needs to quit trying to hold this game back to satisfy their sense of SJW morals against any form of change they perceive as censorship; it's a fantastic game that deserves to be given the recommendations it needs to break out of that "niche game" stigma that so many ignorant jerks have stuck it with based off of the first game's status alone.

That won't be the case so long as anyone out there is using costumes as an excuse to protest against giving the game the chance it deserves!



smashbrolink commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@NintendoFan64 It would matter if it were an actual little girl, but it's not.
It's a fictional character.

But, again I re-state, the costumes being changed isn't any more of a good reason to skip the game than keeping them the same would have been.

Anyone skipping this game over a few costumes, regardless of what they look like, and using said costumes as a reason to give a wholly negative judgement of the game, is an idiotic SJW, and likely not much of a Nintendo fan to start with.

There should be no reason to get overly-offended over these costumes, be they the changed stateside versions or the Japanese versions.



smashbrolink commented on Talking Point: Five Key Challenges Nintendo Fa...:


If you honestly think that Xenoblade X is still just a niche game despite the popularity of JRPG's and all of the great things going into it, then you don't know what you're talking about.

That's a AAA title that DESERVES to sell millions.
Even if it were on a different console, it would STILL deserve to sell millions.
JRPG's are making a resurgence right now, and this is one of the best ones of the entire year.



smashbrolink commented on Talking Point: Five Key Challenges Nintendo Fa...:


Thank you.

See, people just LOVE to try and lay 100% of the blame of third parties not selling well with Nintendo on Nintendo, without taking into account that many if not most of these third parties wouldn't even make full-featured PORTS for them unless Nintendo greased their palms.

Money-hatting shouldn't be a needed concession for the sake of getting third parties to do their damned jobs right.
It's not Nintendo's job to make third party ports in a way that maximizes sales potential.
That's on third parties.

And when you release multiplats that don't even have proper optimization and lack tons of the content available everywhere else, for games that run fine on LAST GEN CONSOLES like the PS3?
Well, that's when you lose all right to be defended by anyone other than the boot-licking suck-ups who feel the hardware is the big reason why the ports were bad.



smashbrolink commented on Talking Point: Five Key Challenges Nintendo Fa...:


See, here's where a bit of hypocrisy comes in.
Everyone knows and criticizes Nintendo for not bringing in AAA third parties.

That's not undeserved.[though it's debatable whether AAA's did more harm than good to the Wii U by releasing nothing but old ports unless Nintendo greased their palms, but I digress...]

However, a lot of these same people who criticize Nintendo for this, are also the same type of gamer who praise both Sony and Microsoft for being a good home for indies, while simultaneously ignoring that Nintendo is just as good as them at being an indie home lately, especially with games like Shovel Knight and Shantae gaining such renown thanks to Nintendo's support.

The point I'm trying to make is that a lot of the people complaining about what Nintendo lacks, are the type that care ONLY about what Nintendo lacks, and not what it OFFERS, which makes their opinion on whether or not Nintendo's systems are worthwhile iffy, at best.



smashbrolink commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

While I agree that Nintendo's representation of the Wii U, from opening year of first party games to ongoing advertisement, was pretty crappy, at the same time, you know as well as I do that NO amount of sales success would have made those third party ports sell on Wii U.
And if by "many third party games came out without problems", you mean " a very small minority" then you would be correct.
Of them, I'd say POSSIBLY Need for Speed and Deus Ex, but even they were late ports.
Go ahead and try naming a third party port on Wii U, and I guarantee you that in 99% of examples, I will be able to point out to you why not only Nintendo fans, but also third party game lovers, were convinced, by those very third party games themselves, to avoid third party multiplats on the Wii U, and how they could have avoided the issue and made profits off of the Wii U instead, like Platinum did with Bay 2, like Capcom did with MH3U, and like indies have most recently been doing thanks to the first ever console humble bundle.

Oh, and do not call my complaints petty, especially after all the support I showed to third party multiplats during the first year and a half of the Wii U's life.
Yeah, I'm ticked.
And as a paying customer who is used to seeing these third parties do so much better with their games, even on last gen consoles like PS3, I have every right to be.
Especially when dealing with an apologist ( not you) who claims that third party's treatment of Nintendo's fans was "exactly the same", when anyone with any lick of sense knows that it was NOT.



smashbrolink commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@Quorthon I'm sorry, WHAT?!
"When you want to blame the Wii U's ills on "launching with last-gen ports," you now need to explain why the XBO and PS4 sold, despite launching in exactly the same way."?!

Okay, you know what?
They did NOT launch in the exact same way.
Ports of games like COD Ghosts, Sniper Elite V2, and plenty of others on Wii U, DID NOT GET THEIR FULL RANGE OF CONTENT WHEN THE SYSTEM COULD EASILY HAVE SUPPORTED IT, which DEVALUED them so badly that it caused the system's launch IRREPARABLE HARM.

Don't you even DARE try to claim there was equal treatment between the three system launches from third parties.



smashbrolink commented on Video: Watch Us Crack Some Skulls In The 3DS S...:

I'm so glad that I stuck with Link as my main.
Him being one of the playable character in the demo is going to mean I'll be able to practice for real, instead of settling for practicing using a character I don't plan on maining while I wait for the full game.



smashbrolink commented on Hyrule Warriors Update to Bring New Game Mode:

@Mega719 if that were true, then Nintendo wouldn't have gone from distancing themselves from mature titles, to fully funding games like Bayonetta 2 and Devils Third, not to mention saying yes to using DLC in more of their first party games.
Nintendo changes their minds on things quite often.



smashbrolink commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:


@GunstarHero234 " I keep stating this on the W_D page instead of having one console get a secondary system jesus what's so hard about that"

"Uhhh different financial situations? Some of us would like to enjoy an all in one console experience. Shocker concept, I know."

I managed to keep saving up while under threat of becoming homeless.
You don't get much more dire than that.
If I can do it, anyone can. Being cheap and wanting everything on one system is not a good excuse to wish death-by-dropping-out-of-consoles on Nintendo.
Man up, save up, then get the games on the systems they were meant to be played on.



smashbrolink commented on Award Winning Short Film Shows the Power of Ze...:

I'm going to make the effort to ensure that my own future children never have to use gaming as an escape from me and my future wife.
If anything, I'll make sure that gaming becomes a family thing for everyone to enjoy together regardless of what we're playing.



smashbrolink commented on A Third-Party "Secret Developer" Gives an Insi...:

@King47 It's also third-party-developers' faults for not taking the time needed to understand the system.
It's got enough power to create great exclusive games, they just don't want to try it because it doesn't work the way the other systems do.
They actually have to learn a new system, heaven forbid right?