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Indie Developer Phil Fish Says Japanese Games 'Suck'

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Clearly hasn't been playing much Nintendo

The Japanese game industry is undoubedly facing challenges, and in the opinion of some is losing its influence as the homeland of gaming: as Keiji Inafune said at the Tokyo Game Show in 2009, for example, 'Japan is over'. That said, a comment made by indie developer Phil Fish at a GDC (Game Developer's Conference) event is causing controversy.

At a Q&A shortly after a screening of Indie Game: The Movie — which follows the trials and tribulations of three prominent small developers, including Fish — there was a question from a Japanese developer seeking opinions on modern Japanese games. A reasonable question, to which the unreasonable response was, 'your games just suck'. After going on to give some justifications for this comment at the event, it seems Fish's views didn't adjust away from the GDC hall: one tweet afterwards said the following.

im sorry japanese guy! i was a bit rough, but your country's games are f****** terrible nowadays.

There has been plenty of ire directed at Fish, and we would suggest that his comments do reflect a level of ignorance and, perhaps, arrogance. While the Japanese games industry may not be at the heights of old, it's still producing some top-class gaming experiences: proof of that can be found in the latest major Wii releases, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story, as well as almost every first-party Nintendo game developed by its internal teams.

Let's hope others don't make unfair and sweeping generalisations about indie developer's attitudes in the same vein as Phil Fish did about the Japanese video game industry.

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Drake said:

He's one to talk, he's taken five years to get one 2D platformer out.



CanisWolfred said:

Maybe he was referring to Japanese indie games? Still incorrect, but closer to the truth.



Tsuchinoko said: I seriously beg to differ. I could ramble on and list something like 20-30 Japanese games that have come out in the past few years that have been amazing, but I'll just write this comment to show my distaste for this mans statements. His bluntness and ignorance don't make for a good combination either in my opinion.



Nintendoftw said:

I completely agree. If you guys actually played video games you would know it too. I admit, there are a lot of great Japanese games, but the majority are just the same rehashed RPGs and garbage like Final Fantasy. Japanese games are absolutely TERRIBLE. I could say that US games are the same rehashed FPS games but then they aren't... If you actually played each other you would notice each one has something different and unique to it's own series. Like Battlefield with vehicles and large maps. Or COD with small maps and perks. Or even Medal Of Honor, which is a classic and although not original still is fun to play. The SAME rpg games coming out every couple of months in Japan is just ridiculous. Chibi anime characters are simply NOT fun to play with anymore. Wth can't Japan make a game as revolutionary as GTA4 with it's amazing physics engine? Or maybe Red Dead Redemption with it's huge map and beautiful storyline? Japanese games are getting generic and even more terrible by the year.



Vincent294 said:

Really? Here's an idea: play Skyward Sword and Super Mario 3D Land. Yeah, I love Call of Duty, Skyrim's supposed to be epic, etc. If you're going to say Japanese games suck, obviously you took the easy way out and were a stereotype; you played Final Fantasy (some number) Part 2. I heard that was terrible, namely the story-line. Look, Skyward Sword, Cave Story, Xenoblade, Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Mario 3D Land, and more are killer. I bet this guy's never played any of them. ...Or he's just trying to trash his competitor's reputation.



shingi_70 said:

Dude's a Jackass look at his twitter. Now i'm on the fence for buying fez. sigh.


Yeah Gott love that Oscar Worthy Gameplay right.

Metal Gear Solid 4
Radient Historia
Binary Domain
No More Heroes
Crimson Dragon
The Layton Games
Phoenix Wright
Ghost Trick
Ivy the Kiwi
Kid Icarus: Uprising
Little Battlers
Ni No Kuni
Inazuma Eleven
Dark/Demon Souls
some Capcom teams
Gravity Daze



Shiryu said:

"Xenoblade Chronicles" is easily one of the best games I have played in my life. Nothing made outside of Japan can even come close.



coolvw93 said:

i wonder when the last time this guy ever played a Nintendo game? he probably hasnt seen any of the videos for xenoblade chronicles. i think japanese games are cool not just because of the game but also the amazing artwork and graphics in the game.



shingi_70 said:


Not really Trashing his comp. Honestly The Japanese Game Development community has been in stagnation for a couple of years now. Mostly due to higher dev costs and what not. While I did just name a few games up top the overall Japanese Industry has to learn to adapt and that's where the handhelds will come in. I mean Igataki and Infuane have been saying it for years along with a few other high profile devs.



Hokori said:

Uhhh hmmm Japanese games dont suck, they are much much muchhhh more creative then most of the crap that gets released and they are actually fun, i think hes just jealous because they dont suck



shingi_70 said:


Yes so much creative that because somehow the Two Current Golden boys of the Japanese Industry Xenoblade and Dark souls are Japanese takes on Western games.

OH so creative.



CerealKiller062 said:

@Nintendoftw We have Valve for the supper great engines, but your a little bit baised yourself. The FPS genre is just one giant rehash, the RPG has different kinds of elements for each game. They both rehash alot, but each has its own appeal. But Japan does not only out put rpgs as America does not only release fps. You being stuck to those two then your opinion is not fully formed as you lack evidence from other genres.



pixelman said:

He's entitled to his opinion, of course, but making this kind of statement right before you're about to release a game is idiotic. Seriously, does this guy have any brains at all?



Samholy said:

nintendo still brings top notch gaming experience, and theyre... japanese. so. yeah, they dont suck. i met a lot of american and european games that mightily sucked too. wherever you are in the world, things suck, things stand out.
just pick the right title for your taste, thats about it.



Nanoline said:

Wow, really?

Sure, not everything they produce is great, but the same could be said of European or American producers. And a lot of those Japanese games (even the bad ones) still end up showing more originality than the hoard of brown and bloom we've had dumped on us in recent years.

Try again, buddy.



The_Fox said:

Who cares what he thinks? I just dread the sh*tstorm likely to follow in the comments.



alLabouTandroiD said:

The only thing i've ever played was two seconds of Urban Champion Superman 64. The sole valid conclusion: All videogames suck.



sketchturner said:

All I can say is I never heard of Fez until this arrogant comment was made. So maybe it's just brilliant advertising by an attention-whore.



Hardy83 said:

Since whether or not Japanese games suck or not is a matter of opinion and taste, NOT fact as the Internet likes to believe opinions and tastes are.
I will give an example of how easy it is to have an opposite opinion.

"im sorry american guy! i was a bit rough, but your country's games are f****** terrible nowadays."

OMG! I stated an opinion! It must be fact and everyone must believe this!

Man humanity and the Internet fails bad sometimes.



Odnetnin said:

"Let's hope others don't make unfair and sweeping generalisations about indie developer's attitudes in the same vein as Phil Fish did about the Japanese video game industry."
Which people immediately started doing as soon as he said this.



retro_player_22 said:

So if Japanese games suck so much then why do we still play them? Last I remember Japanese games are the reason videogames are back from the dead. Also Japanese consoles are the best, they last way longer than American ones and got better supprt, whereas in 2003 everyone was then playing PS2 and Xbox, Japanese plays those as well as systems like the Famicom and Super Famicom with new games still coming out for it as well. Heck even in Japan right now, GBA and PS2 are still selling, over here the market for those things are as good as dead. Japan knows how to value gaming, American don't, they play it once and never touch it ever again.



TheChosen said:

All the indy-developers are arrogant, egoistic jerks who cant get their games out in a time.

There, I can generalize them all just by on this one guy, kind of like how he probably found out that latest Final Fantasy isnt like the precious FF3 on his Super Nintendo.



CaPPa said:

You seem to be pitting rehashed JRPGs against the top FPS. If you looked at the poorer FPS rehashes too then they are no better.

I really wouldn't call GTA4 revolutionary and RDR was just GTA on horses. Now they were good games, but sandbox games are getting pretty generic too.

A lot of my favorite games of this gen have originated from Japan. Games like Skyward Sword, MH3, SMG 1&2, Sakura Wars, Bayonetta, S&P2, NMH 1&2, TvsC, Ninja Gaiden 2, NSMB, LKS, Muramasa, Vanquish, PES and Trauma Center. None of those are generic JRPGs and most of them are more inventive than many western games. So I think that Phil Fish is wrong, there are still great games coming out of Japan if you just know where to look.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Hardy83 The reason this is being reported here, and on a number of other major outlets, is because a professional game developer made a thoroughly rash comment in a formal setting, a room packed with other developers. Naturally when an opinion is communicated in such a way, people call into question why this was done and, also, reflect on the issues raised.

Another member of the panel at that event apparently shared similar views, but didn't address the questioner in an offensive and thoroughly unfair way. His opinion had more balance and, according to reports, a more reasoned argument.

It's good to see that some comments are debating the merits or otherwise of the current Japanese game industry in comparison to Western output, which is part of the point of sharing news like this.



RR529 said:


... I seriously don't know what to say about this. I like Japanese games...



DifferentClass said:

Fish has said in interviews before how much an influence Nintendo games are on Fez. the comment was made with a light tone and while awfully sweeping and untrue it isn't totally without merit. many have commented on stagnation before, including Kenji Inafune.

He's a top guy, and that was a dumb comment. It happens to the best of us.

Fez will likely be awesome, regardless.



ejamer said:

Indie developers: Too cool for the rest of us.

Seriously, why does it seem like every indie developer out there thinks they are the cat's meow? I've played a bunch of highly-acclaimed indie games through the Humble Bundles, along with a few that actually got published on consoles that I own. The one thing they virtually all have in common: I've been left disappointed almost every time. Their only saving grace is being relatively cheap, so expectations are low to begin with.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@Order-Sol(#34): Stop reading my mind please. I was just thinking the same about a Talking Point in which recent Japanese games are pit against recent Western ones. Doing this in a reasonable way could enlighten quite a few here i reckon.

If someone says "you suck" why should i ask him for a reason and not just ignore this guy ?



ThomasBW84 said:

@Order-Sol It is potential Talking Point material for the future, as are many subjects, but those articles are longer and, 95% of the time, planned in advance. It's perfectly fine, in my view, to share issues like this as news articles because it gets people debating. Quite a few comments so far are generally fair and reasonable, on different sides of the argument. I also wrote the concluding paragraph deliberately, as this is obviously an individual's opinion that has caused some controversy, but isn't representative of any broader, general group.

It's an interesting subject, and outbursts like this at events like GDC sometimes act as a good starting gun for debate.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Order-Sol and @battLeToaD - Yep, but Talking Points don't get thrown together in a spare half hour! It's safe to say that this is a topic that may get the feature treatment, but to do it justice takes time and research. It's safe to say it's on my radar though.



Freelance said:

The people here who say they agree that Japanese games suck....what are you doing on a Nintendo-based website?

Anyway, it's very unfair (and unprofessional) to say that an entire regions' worth of games 'suck.' There are good and bad games in every region and lots of rehashes whether they're from Japanese or western developers. It's nothing new. I like games from every region, as long as they're fun to play.



CanisWolfred said:

Yeah, I don't understand why they say Japanese games are stagnant compared the Western games. The only difference between our two groups is that we have a strong indie scene, while the Japanese don't need a big indie scene because the guys with ideas actually get to make retail games.

@ThomasBW84 Okay then, I didn't understand that, and I apologize for the attitude. They still didn't need to delete my comment, though...



bonesy91 said:

oh well, this guy and his little "Indie games" are just a fad. He'll be forgotten soon as will his ignorant comment.

Americans... and I'm one of them... it makes me sad >.>



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'm not even going to waste time responding to Nintendoftw. His comment is a baseless generalization spawned from his own bias. Even his own username contradicts his statement.

Western developers might be raking in more money, but innovation and uniqueness are becoming rare. From the dozen all-too-similar fps's released in the last few years, to the annual Assassin's Creed, to the graphic-centric mediocre, to the shallow indie games whose developers think they're redefining an industry, few Western-produced releases have garnered my attention (not that I'm some high and mighty judge of all things gaming; just my opinion on Western games).

Anyone else notice this annoying group of indie developers who make one or two hits and think they can lecture the leaders of the industry on how to be successful developers? I seem to recall Popcap and whoever made Angry Birds calling out Nintendo before. Plus there was that guy who made Soccer Bashi...

Either way, I plan to stay away from this guy's game.



Undead_terror said:

HEY GUYS apparently mario,zelda,metroid,kirby,final fantasy,mega man,the last story,xenoblade,etc sucks



FonistofCruxis said:

What an ignorant fool. IMO, Japanese games are so much better than Western games and they are much more creative too. You rarely see Japanese series being rehashed year after year with little difference between each title. There are still some great Western games but I don't think there are anywhere near as many great Western games as there are great Japanese games.



JustAnotherUser said:

My first response was: "What an arrogant and ignorant jerk, I don't care what he says"
My second response: "Hahahahahaha... His last name's Fish."



Neko_Ichigofan said:

So according to this guy Japan should make nothing but extremely violent games, sports games, and fps's because those games are da bomb?
Sorry, but I honestly don't like mutalation in my games, I don't like most sports, and I don't want to play nothing, but first person shooters.



theblackdragon said:

my problem with his statement was where and how it was said, not so much what was said. if you're sitting on a panel, clearly in a position of authority, and someone approaches you respectfully with a question, there are better ways of phrasing your unhappiness with whatever was asked than 'your games just suck'. whether anyone agrees or not is beside the point; there's no excuse for that sort of unprompted rudeness and absolute lack of tact.



kkslider5552000 said:

Oh god it's like the most stereotypical elitist indy jerk stereotype.

The irony of course is that like every indy game is just a parody of 8 bit japanese titles.



shingi_70 said:


For a stretch there was a mageman game every year. Same for Final Fantasy Branded stuff. Capcpom also over saturate the fighting game genre. and don't get me started on how many times RE4 has been ported.

And if this wasn't a problem than notable Japanese Devs wouldn't be saying the same things.



Chobi said:

While, i don't agree with Mr.Fish's statement. I'm not going to simply insult the man. He like all of us, is entitled to his own opinion.



AVahne said:

The same could be said about Western games, take another clear look at our market. If you can't see it, then there's something wrong with gamers these days.
Now even if people say things are wrong with either side of the world of gaming, I still say both are doing very great once you get over the criticisms you or others may have.



brandonbwii said:

Coming from a guy who obviously loves one of the most Japan-centric companies out there.

Of course, so many indie devs base their design off of Cave Story (though, unlike this guy, others wouldn't be ashamed to admit it).



warioswoods said:

Um, no. I'd take just the team responsible for say, the Rhythm Heaven franchise over the entirety of FPS devs in the US any day of the week.

In any case, I try not to support idiots, so this one will not go on my buy list.



ejamer said:

Having an opinion is great, but if you choose to voice that opinion in a public forum and end up insulting a huge group of people (not to mention sounding like an elitist jerk) then maybe you should either learn to better qualify and communicate your opinions or just keep quiet.

That said, it's strange to see so many knee-jerk reactions where people are (for the moment) writing off Fez. Makes more sense to separate the art from the artist if you ask me. Judge the game based on merit instead of the opinions of its developer - even if those opinions should have been voiced differently.



MasterGraveheart said:

@Nintendoftw: Not sure if you're just looking to get a rise out of some people, but I feel your opinion is misguided.

In the recent generation...

Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Sonic Colors
No More Heroes
Xenoblade Chronicles
The Last Story
Pandora's Tower
Professor Layton 1 - 6
Okami Den
Metal Gear Solid 4
The Legendary Starfy
Dragon Quest IX
Ninja Gaiden 2
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Pokémon Black & White versions
Cave Story
Mega Man 9 & 10
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Monster Hunter Tri
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
Super Mario 3D Land

And that's just off the top of my head.

End @ talk.

Now, before anyone says "Outside of Nintendo, I mean," let me stop you right there. NINTENDO IS JAPANESE GAMING. They're a Japanese company with deep Japanese roots and rich in Japanese culture. Using a caveat like that only at the ends of trying to prove your point (which it can't as more than HALF the games I listed aren't made by Nintendo, though they MIGHT have been PUBLISHED by them. Big difference) does not help your cause and doesn't make you come across as a legitimate debater on this issue. Nintendo of America doesn't even make any games. Sure, there are American studios who'll develop FOR Nintendo, but you'll notice I didn't mention Metroid Prime or Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Now, I know, they don't have that huge multi-million dollar-looking cinimatics (in most cases) or pristine multiplayer... but in 30 years, I'll wager that ALL of these games are more remembered than any of the multiplayer-centered FPS games short of Team Fortress 2. Why? Well, the difference is as obvious as the Mona Lisa and a child's Lego set. Those games I mentioned? Mona Lisa. Done. Art. Perfect. Lego set? Played with and consistently altered until it's brushed aside. Yes, there'll be memories of it, but memories differ. History with Super Mario Bros. 3? Not quite so much, thus why many more gamers who play it can relate to one another.



koops330 said:

I guess when people know whats better then them they make fun of it. Phil we all know your just insecure about your own games that you take it out on other people.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

Really good games or people who arent good at making them take a long time. He is the second one. AND he has no taste in gaming. I despise him.



FonistofCruxis said:

@shingi_70 That's why I said rarely instead of never. Although, maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration and I should have said mostly instead. Also, in the case of Final fantasy, there may have been periods with a main series entry every year but they at least had more differences than Western series that do this and while there still is at least one entry in the series every year, there's normally a gap between main series entries with some years just being for releases of spin-offs, remakes and ports.



TheMinusWorld said:

Wow, there goes one purchase of this guy's 20 year old pile of crap. Honestlyc what an ignorant, condescending bigot. He's taken 5 years to push out his own game that'll probably be praised simply because it's indie. Oh, and to anyone that claims that western gaming is better: Halo, Cod, Battlefield, BioShock, and Medal of Honor are deviations of the same thing. Especially Battlefield, CoD, and Medal of Honor. Seriously. Western devs are way too cocky for their own good. This also leads me to believe that Fish has never played any Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Star Fox, Kirby, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, or Street Fighter ever. Which is honestly weird since Fez looks like a Japanese inspired or influenced game.



Fang said:

I've noticed that there are quite a few indie games inspired by Metroid. Which is Japanese.



SMW said:

Too bad he feels that way. So many great games that he is missing out on. Well, to each his own. He might not last that long with an attitude like that, though. lol



Punny said:

Let's agree to disagree, okay Mr. Fish? You obviously don't know what you're saying.



RudysaurusRex said:

Hmmm... Pick your poison Fish, death by shotgun or hand grenade? JK But he needs to keep his mouth shut unless he wants to deal with a riot.



shonenjump86 said:

Gonna have to disagree with this Guy. There are many great Japanese and Western games out there IMO.



ThreadShadow said:

I'm gonna try and buy two copies of Fez when it comes out!

His statement was abrupt, rude, and too broad, but I agree with the sentiment. Eastern games are becoming "crud" games. See what I did there? Japanese used to insult games just based on where they were made too!

But anyway, there are still creative eastern devs, but a huge amount for various reasons have fallen into stagnation and fear. I agree with Inafunes statement aswell. For the most part, unless there are huge changes, Japan is over.

The west is not without its troubles through. A lot of western devs seem to suffer from the inability to create anything third-person, and anything without guns. Darkness, blood, gore, boobs, beer, and swears are the order of the day.

Crud eastern games, crud western games. Fortunately, there are a few creative devs on both sides, but as a whole the industry is suffering. It's just that the east is plagued with a few more problems then the west. Like the fear to change, grow, learn, and innovate.

I've begun to feel that devs are just in a circle of hell creating the same game over and over again. Indies are the future of creativity and gaming,..the proof is in all the indies who've been published with great success on consoles/portables. Big companies seek them out. So eventually these guys, whether new, or old company guys gone independant, are the next generation of developers. And most make games with such fresh creativity and such voracity that it mimics the old days of the first generation of devs, and their creativity. There weren't genres and defined pigeon holes to maginalize games into, stopping creativity. And now with indies and certain devs in big companies east/west breaking the molds, gaming could potentially return to what it should be.



shingi_70 said:


You saying them being deviations means you probably haven't played them.

Also The Star Fox was done by a western dev as was the last donkey kong game. Also Metroid and castlevaina.

do your reasech before you talk.



Mandoble said:

Is he talking about japanese style games (manga flavour, jrpg, ...) or about japanese game industry in general? If the former, then at least I would say that these need to be renewed and refreshed urgently.



Flowerlark said:

I think Japanese games are still the best. I've never seen an indie game that could touch Zelda, Pokémon, or Rune Factory.



Ren said:

I only partly agree but it was dumb of him to say that in his position.
It does seem a little like truly fresh ideas are being released as games in larger numbers here than the Japanese developers. Seems like partly from the prevalence of mobile formats here that encourage simpler and more experimental gameplay. Even the best Japanese games of the last few years are pretty rarely all that different from their predescesors. Mario's and Zeldas are great but still short lived and take years to develop. They took a chance with "Other M" and people hated it. But where is the steady flow of odd stuff like Rythm Heaven or even hotel dusk? it's very slow in coming.
other Western developers seem to be churning out new weird stuff now like clockwork. Digital distribution has encouraged that a lot but seems like the japanese devs don't trust it yet and won't scale back the games.
Most of us know that limitations can foster creativity, so it takes a tough downsizing to get at fresh stuff. The trade off is that if you want to make cool massive games they better last longer than skyward sword did (or have some online element).



DraculaX said:

A lot of people are saying that the quality of Japanese games has been decreasing, but I think they still make some of the greatest games out there. Just because most Japanese games don't sell as much as popular Western games (Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, etc.) does not mean their quality has lowered. I just hope Japan doesn't keep all the good games (Monster Hunter Tri, Etrian Odyssey 4) to themselves.



Hokori said:

@Shingi I never said anything about Xenoblade, anyway this guy is stupid because outa my 281 games I own 281 of them are japanese in some way, some more then others but still has at least on japanese creator/director on it



warioswoods said:

Wow. After watching some Fez gameplay, I have even less respect for this fellow. His entire schtick is based on a 2d / 3d hybrid trick with graphics reminiscent of the NES.

Um... ever play Super Paper Mario, Mr. Fish? It's not even the best of its series, but still uses that switching gimmick to create a far more charming game than everything I'm seeing of Fez.

And it did it years ago... so where's the innovation? Is Fish proud of combining a gameplay idea from 5+ years ago with retro graphics from the NES days? How are these elements anything but rip-offs of Japan's work?



FriedSquid said:

I have no idea who this guy is, but I assume he's in no position to say anything of that nature and attitude to anyone, especially when you're trying to make yourself look good in a conference like that.



Radixxs said:

I don't know much about the overall Japanese game industry, but I almost exclusively play Japanese games. I always notice a great quality. Don't know what games this dude is playing.



Adam said:

He is an unproven developer with a lot of unwarranted hype. Couldn't care less.



Pogocoop said:

Wait wait wait....

What kind of name is Phil Fish?
I'm sorry, but his opinions are worth nothing, He is Phil Fish.



grimbldoo said:

@Nintendoftw #5
That's like saying a woman wearing makeup isn't the same woman anymore. You are an extremely biased troll.

@shingi_70 #10
>My smug face when I read that list

@shingi_70 #17
We can still say the same about western games.

@Samholy #22

@battLeToaD #25
You made me lol sir

@Hardy83 #27
The sad truth

@retro_player_22 #29
True, all of the JRPGs and other Japanese games I have a great replay value. I am on My third run of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

@Heavy_Barrel #50
I also lost respect for him. I wonder if he thought about that outcome?

@TrueWiiMaster #51
Pop Cap has had some good games, but not enough to start puffing out their chests. Again, I wonder if he thought about how his comment would negatively affect his game popularity?

@Rukiafan #56
I have the same opinion. I can do without gore and a I like a little bit of puzzle/strategy in my games

@ejamer #66
Regardless if his game is good or not, we don't want to support a jerk.

This guy needs to think more before he talks, kinda ironic for having been pushing his game for five years

Is it too much to ask that a reply automatically put the number of the post and a link back to the post? And that replies are put on new lines instead of before everything that you have written?



theblackdragon said:

@grimbldoo: I've forwarded your suggestions on to Ant — it's in his hands now. i actually never realized we could hit 'reply' more than once for the same comment (i'm so used to 'quote' on the forums reloading the page entirely that I never stopped to consider that the page never actually reloads when you hit 'reply', haha), so thanks for pointing that out to me! :3



MasterGraveheart said:

@theblackdragon: lol, derp, thanks. ^^;

Actually... now I want to remember what I actually deleted. I remember realizing it was American-made and going to delete it... so I wonder what I accidentally deleted instead.



randomlypikachu said:

.-. this comment was insulting, unreasonable, unnecasary (sorry if i spelled that wrong), and shows poor character on fish's part .-.

.-. i bet this comment by him is also gona start a bunch of new bandwagons and now im going to keep seeing videos on youtube of people on the "rant on fish bandwagon" or the "jap games suck bandwagon" or the "top japanese made games bandwagon" the "xenoblade and last story anyone? bandwagon" the "fishy defenders bandwagon" .... probably a bunch more .-. and its all your fault fish if i met you in real life i would attack you with a spoon! does that make sense? it probably doesnt but you know what id do it anyway!



FonistofCruxis said:

I checked his twitter and saw a laughably stupid comment from him which was that "Japanese games are like two Western games duct taped together".



ToxieDogg said:

@ 5 (Nintendoftw) That's one of the funniest troll posts I've ever, it WAS a troll post, right?

As for Phil Fish, he's just pathetically trying to gain attention and exposure, nothing more....move along, nothing to see here. His upcoming game really must suck donkey balls if this is the way he's going about trying to get people interested.



Blink said:

It makes me sad to see such little support for my favorite genre of gaming these days, so here's a shout-out for other indies! Whoohoo!
And while I don't support his opinion, that's what it is: HIS opinion.
People make mistakes.
Fez still looks great.



childofacid said:

When I heard about this I was in complete shock. His comment was completely out of line. Its not just gamers who are annoyed by the comment its other game designers as well. I saw Nic from Nnooo given him a few choice words. This guy is a complete douchebag and its a shame his arrogance will certainly set back his career in the game industry.
FYI he is Canadian not American.



Jono97 said:

I'd just say disrespectful. I prefer nintendo over sony. However, I never say "SONY SUCKS". I wan't to live in a peaceful world where biased opinions never create an argument.



daznsaz said:

he needs to grab the monado and run around the bionis for a rpg ive played in ages and then get stuck into last story.wii is going out with a bang my man



JimLad said:

Sorry I missed the article, just caught the comments...
so did this guy stab a puppy in the face or something?



Dreadjaws said:

I predict had that happened people wouldn't have been so outraged. I'm not defending him, I'm saying that at least had he done that he would have the excuse of being clearly insane. As of now, he only proves to be arrogant, ignorant, disrespectful and plainly stupid, not to mention terrible at PR and marketing.

For instance, even if I've never heard of this guy or his game before, I'm gonna make a point to never purchase this game or any other he makes, unless until he apologizes.

And I mean a REAL apology, not that half-assed "I'm sorry I said you're stupid, but you really are stupid".



RonF said:

He offered no insight or crontructive criticism. He was just rude.

I know his game, Fez, is attracting some good previews but I lost my interest on it. I definitely have better things to do than giving money to people such as Mr. Fish.



alLabouTandroiD said:

@ThomasBW84(#42): Thanks. I didn't mean to say it should have been there yesterday instead of this news since i do understand these take a lot of work. Sorry if it came across as rude. Maybe i even got carried away with the idea of a roundtable crossover between staff members of nintendolife, Push Square and KINECTaku.
I just find it so hard to deal with these guys. In general i think he should be ignored at all costs, maybe even banned from GDC-like events until he really explains his point and / or apologizes. (I think if anything these are meant to be friendly events where you should feel honoured if you're invited able to talk to and be asked by so many legendary and inspiring developers.)

Edit: It's okay you guys made a news article about it though.



BulbasaurusRex said:

If he means "Japanese" as in over-the-top weirdness, I agree.

Otherwise, Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Metroid, Kirby (and most other 1st party Nintendo franchises), and practically every major fighting game franchise beg to differ.



TheGreenSpiny said:

The problem that bothers me about this guy and many of the comments here is the over generalization of "eastern" and "western" games. And yeah, I'll admit to thinking the same way a lot of the time... When I hear "western developers" I think of EA and Activision, both of whom I equate to garbage(poorly made games with lack of innovation, annual sequels, etc. . RPGs and FPS are both guilty of a lack of innovation. I think the industry itself has the problem on all sides of the spectrum. Many times when the "new" and "innovative" games come out it fails to find an audience, sells poorly and is never heard from again.

It's reminds of the comments I often hear about movies and TV shows where people complain about remakes, reboots and sequels. People always ask "Why can't Hollywood come up with something new?" The answer is that they do, you just didn't watch the TV/movie and it was canceled/failed at the box office.

I will say that the majority of the games I like/play are from Nintendo, and most of those games are Japanese developed. There are exceptions to these rules of course, Metroid Prime has been my favorite series of the past decade, and that was western developed. But it's also hard to deny the eastern influence on what has basically always been a Japanese developed game. But the opposite is also true. Mario never struck me as particularly Japanese what with the hero being an italian plumber and all. The same goes for Link or Donkey Kong.

Other series outside of Nintendo also take this approach. There is no denying that Suda 51's works are very Japanese, but he also sports a heavy western pop-culture influence.

Personally I'm of the opinion that most people don't want change/innovation. Look at the reviews for RE: Revelations. How many reviews praised the game for allowing you to run and shoot at the same time/ use dual analog? Do you really want to change RE into generic 3rd person shooter #568? I don't. I like the fact that you can't run and shoot at the same time in RE. To me that makes the game unique/innovative.

@Bulbasaurus Rex: How is Mario or Kirby not full of over the top weirdness? Where would we be without Wario Ware, Phoenix Wright, No More Heroes, and others weirdos from Japan?



WaveGhoul said:

Ya....I rarely play Western games unless it's developed by WayForward.
Anyways! His swift little contraversy stirring comment got him the attention 'and his game' that he definitly wanted. Great way to plug his game as ignorant and idiotic as his comment was!

If Japan stopped making games, i'd drop modern gaming all together. The days when Western titles actually appealed to me was when the NES & SNES were in full force!



NESguy94 said:

I was thinking about buying fez but I have just lost all respect for its creator.



margot said:

very bad words.... of sure. But do not forget than FEZ is also the game of Renaud Bédard who was the sole programmer of this game and did a super big big job! Don't kill FEZ!



Redfield_Lynch said:

One thing is to have an opinion and make it with education and actual arguments, a very diferent thing is to be rude... excuse me but anyone in such an event with the responsability this guy has to say something like that is... i can`t really think of a better word than... stupid? Maybe he thought he was with his friends having a beer...

For me japanese games are still the best,by a long shot, but that`s not to say that everything is ok, but that`s a general problem in the videogame industry, not a japan exclusive!



JSX said:

I still play there games but I agree with this
the days of old were better



grimbldoo said:

@JSX #130
They were, and they had an extremely larger replay value. Nowadays it's hard to find a game (for me) that is not an RPG that has good replay value (unless it's by Nintendo)



MagicEmperor said:

Phil Who? Who the hell is THIS toolbox? Forget you, Someone I Don't Know Fish. You are entitled to your opinion, and I am entitled to never buy products made by you.



RightHemisphereG said:

ThomasBW84 [youtube:I1Fg76c4Zfg] 3:51 Mins in,. While Phil Phish didn't explain his opinion constructively there are others that are, Here's a Vid one!



Tare said:

I sense bias on the internet.

Console wise I agree. Japan does produce some lovely games for the Wii and 3DS and whatnot.

PC wise, I don't think so. Japan is behind on this front for whatever reason. There are way more quality games on PC being made by American and European developers.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@TheDarkness At their cores, main series Mario and Kirby games are pretty traditional platformers (well, most Kirby games). By over-the-top weirdness, I mean how the games are played or how they're designed at the core.



Nightsider said:

@133 i do see how that relates with skyward sword but not traditional zelda games. because skyward sword had new controls

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