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Thu 4th Nov 2010

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RightHemisphereG commented on Review: Pilotwings 64 (Nintendo 64):

Great review, 1996 I rented is game along with Mario and the console for great deal. We were young and 3d controles had a different learn curve to them.
The memories of that game and the need to get farther along then had before caused me to buy this game in 2009. No looking back right?



RightHemisphereG commented on Your View: The Issues of Collecting and Owning...:

@Skywardlink98 You have hit the make that is what I'd prefer and like my download games to be handled on nintendo system's. With the WiiU and the Nintendo Network Id's being successful. Nintendo has there large install-base connected to the internet like they wanted. should let those with "N-net Id's" to link there games library to there Id's so that we can accesses are games and play them on the Nintendo while also being able to share are progrese by with save file accesses, that can be saved on the Net-work as well by Id's holder.
I would like to see that the right minded people at Nintendo how are offering-up these ideas as-well start being used, players are ready and will use this.



RightHemisphereG commented on Review: ATV Wild Ride 3D (3DS eShop):

Thanks for the detailed review the clipping is something I am glad to know about before downloading aswell as the controls although I will just experiment to find the "sweat spot" ~ no problem I have-been doing that since I waz 15. :~`}



RightHemisphereG commented on Review: Unchained Blades (3DS eShop):

@advance_melee Grinding is like, culling & hunting at the same time. The end resulting in increasing your EXP, gathering keys, weapons, food, armour, specialty items, & add new members to your parties while progressing through the Story(This being a General description of grinding for, many types of RPG's).
advance_melee at the time of reading this, How has your experience of playing the game been? A positive one I hope. How many hour in are you, now? Do you think you are going to complete it? THX in advance(Ha Ha, theres a pun) I have a couple games to finish first. but i was looking for my next RPG and i wanted it to be turn-based. Then I found this review...



RightHemisphereG commented on ATV Wild Ride 3D Skidding Into 3DS eShop March...:

nice Nice its ds cousin ran at 60 fps. With its on-line multi player $8 price point what paint have you been sniffing to be downing the polygon count or saying the "graphic are so dam ugly",,,People in gearhead terms, this game is a sleeper, a real beast with balls. a muscle car not a showroom/trailerqueen car.
To:Jools W. & All of the team,, Thanks for making this happen!!



RightHemisphereG commented on Review: Beetle Adventure Racing! (Nintendo 64):

My Favourite racers in the 90' were VR racer, Sega Rally Yaa, The Midway Rush games were best played in the Arcades at least thats what I found with the ports I played on consoles. The PC is were I was playing Racers when this game was on shelfs.
~Excitebike 64!!



RightHemisphereG commented on Pandora's Tower Finally Heading To North America:

Some time ago, I signed the O.R. petition and it was for an improved release and localization of said games. With the good work done in Lunar, The Last Story If any one altes got the rights, then I'd expect nothing to adjusted from the EU release.
-I excited for news from Xseed, I just got the need to play Sky Crawlers now. :~) later.



RightHemisphereG commented on Sacrilegium:

I really hope no one in the Publishing gets get cold feet on this one. I am looking forward for this game please make the sound fit the atmosphere.



RightHemisphereG commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Not Have "Unwho...:

Nintendo Knows what there doing when it comes to gamesoftwear there defiantly following the right wrool book.
There problem has always been with memory libations and in resent Gen's the OS not a nuf applications(Channels) that will let us create add, shear content in the OS (The big point) then to add that content to our games. Where's Mario Paint, Mario Artist. series. A lot that can stem form the small RAM and internal memory. that can not achieve this.



RightHemisphereG commented on The Wii U Is Region Locked, Of Course:

Theres alot of great possibilities with the hard wear and the game developers they have on board, Right? It's the OS and these brodd restrictions with how there handling these licences() and how we can access are games bot & payed fore. Weather its disk or download there should be a Log in account systems for those user/gamers to have access to purchased software from Home console to portable so that the software is registered to you and your account not excluding wich regioned it originated from.



RightHemisphereG commented on Disney Epic Mickey 2 is Built For Wii:

This go's to show that the LoZSS won't be the Wii's "AAA" sown song Mind You there still is the rain-fall trilogy, DQ-X and this could just have been an other drop the bucket of Games with, great malti path game concepts with laxt game play (that the Wii has accumulated to name a few Endles Ocean series,Trauma series,Animal Crossing, & fishing Resort) I'em looking forward to Ski Dive on Wii. Aswel as Retro city Rampage &, Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII Just being scored on there lasting appeal alone these already released games are 9's and from previews wright up the latter games sound just as well.
Great job to the team at Junction Point and your partners on get this to Wii. with all the changes made, I am looking forward to playing it seeing how it differs from the prevues story.



RightHemisphereG commented on Rumour: New App Store in Development for Wii U:

-Leap Frog games, a touch pad, mic & speakers + on-line to interact with family that are out of town, don't skip on this idea.
-Paint & music apps (as in Mario Paint,& Mario Artist).
-A new "Nintendo channel" that's powered with by Nintendo Power columnist's artificial's & interviews.



RightHemisphereG commented on Renegade Kid Wants Your Mutant Mudds Questions:

Is Nintendo Teaming Up with EA or Steam for on-line Gaming? :~')

  • No, no just having fun.
    1.1) Is there going to be a control setting that can change up the button layout? 1.2) Ether, preset or manual settings setup? Thanks Jool looking forward to this & wild ride 3d.


RightHemisphereG commented on Fishing Resort:

This game is @ amazon. Game play is on Gamespot/Video section check it out
This is a sims stile game at hart. At its hart defiantly a Sega sole with lots to do + a 2hour learning curve that makes it easy to introduce to kids +7up. If any one in your family is into fish or the Ocean You need to play this or the Endless Ocean series.
-Wi-Fi gives you On-line leader boards + more.



RightHemisphereG commented on Mario Tennis:

I totally agree with pixelman I'am a fan Camelot's Mario games But the visuals haven't improved since the GameCube, I would hope that any New Mario Game's would look as good as SSB,Brawl have a large roster, WiFi,& be able to take screen shots for bragging rights.



RightHemisphereG commented on First Impressions: Fishing Resort:

Thank's XSEED (Prope)have been physicked about this game since Prope did an artical in NPower a few month back. Like #6.cyrus_zuo I love fish as does a lot of my ext. family this is a lock X-mas for a gift & will be a pre-order now. $20 wow!
What will the WiFi support give us in game? & Is there Wiimote+ ?



RightHemisphereG commented on Go Vacation:

It filled the gap between Diddy Kong Racing/Mario KartWii & Sports Resort,The multiplayer is the games strong point, controls are not broken just far to simple N twitchy. tip:"tilt with nunchk alone, followed by the remote when needed for the sharper turns, keeping Wiimote upright during play makes it better to pull off your tricks". Got it on sale $20 it's been great fun for bargain. 7+



RightHemisphereG commented on Let Shigeru Miyamoto Take You Through Skyward ...:

Shigeru Miyamoto say's there are over 100 minutes of animation I just hope you can play them back wile tide in with the in gameplay as a bonus after completing the story. As seen in Other M.The Movie. It helped to tell the story better, at least almost all of it.
I would hope to see that feature in this game. A specially with how Cinematic it is to be told.



RightHemisphereG commented on Centipede: Infestation:

I would love to play a Chop Lifter game with tilt controls and some of the visual care they put into the Centipede(screenshot #2), looks like some of the game modes would be Ace's.
@NintendoLife has any one played a Demo of the centipede Games. Do the enemies close onto you to fast? Does the sound affects & music great is this worth the buy? Preview/Review?



RightHemisphereG commented on Fortune Street:

There are a lot of Buy's for me this season (at lest a dozen on Nintendo's systems) if it's $40.US I can added to my preorders.



RightHemisphereG commented on Planet Crashers:

The developer of the game shows a few thing off about the the game in his blog (day 4)July21. He discribess it as a Light-RPG



RightHemisphereG commented on Review: 3D Pixel Racing (WiiWare):

read the comments and looking forward to getting this. just in the middle of a move right-now and will be recommending the demo.
@countdown thanks for the comments, tips, and insights to future projects. P.S. you should add your Email or web-address to your NL profile.



RightHemisphereG commented on 3D Classics: Urban Champion:

#1. I hole heartrendingly agree. Joy Meka Fight is a NES (Famicom) classic, it needs a release. Almost as badly as the Mother Series. Check out this channel guy's,



RightHemisphereG commented on 3DS Getting a Piece of Rayman Origins Too:

Krieky i will probably be trying them bother out, if they add side quests or ways of playing the two in tangent, I will buy them both. The music, visuals and sounds F/X's are AAA, now if them make the 3DS game to be not just a port alone, yet an extension(Eula: Animal crossing-DS to Wii,). Awesome. Hope You read Ubisoft



RightHemisphereG commented on Mario Sports Mix:

Iem renting it when comes out. I may buy it for multi player dodgeball N hockey, other wise Iem waiting till big N makes a golf, marioGolf, or track n field.



RightHemisphereG commented on Pikmin 3:

Pikmin 2 is brilliant NOA bring New Play Control! P2 to NA
P3, if it doesn't sell 400K in NA by Oct, hu



RightHemisphereG commented on Review: Faxanadu (Virtual Console / NES):

I have the manual for this game. 1 of the few NES games booklets that you need to read over&over, tons of carters,enameas, items & power ups.
-Second only to Zelda. Awesome games: an action/RPG Play It!
I might down load N playthought for the added save feature alone. Hope for its seaquel -Legacy of the Wizard