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Thu 5th Jan 2012

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Nanoline commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

And this is why I haven't bought a WiiU yet.

Give Nintendo a while to get the kinks and inane bull figured out. Lord knows the 3DS had plenty of issues of this sort and I got burned on that. Ambassador program was nice, but somehow I don't see the same thing forthcoming for WiiU.



Nanoline commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Lives On In Fan-Made Browse...:

To all the people hammering on with variations of the phrase "let it die":

It already is dead. We know that. Now get the hell off of our backs and stop treating the Legends fans like little kids to be dismissed because we feel like occasionally doing something to tribute the games that we enjoyed. Nobody is saying you had to enjoy them. But let us enjoy them without the fear of getting ragged on.

Look at this comment list. One group makes a FANGAME, and you start piling all over them and degrading them for it. It's like reading a /v/ thread on 4chan.



Nanoline commented on The Last Story Was Almost Left Untold In North...:

Well, here's hoping this goes towards assisting Megaman Leg-


Well, here's hoping this goes towards assisting Senran Kagu-


Well, here's hoping this goes towards assisting Project X Zo-

Oh for the love of... Japan, give us the damn games.



Nanoline commented on Nintendo Now Involved With Twilight Symphony:

@AyatollaofRock The problem is that they wanted the $18,000 BEFORE licensing.That all came together almost a year and a half ago. Then we went six months without an update, and the next one was "hey guys, we're still working on it, nothing to report".

Now, take the $50 price tag. Multiply that by the amount sold - 2000 (500 were given away to Kickstarter supporters). That's $100,000.


Now remind yourself that when this project began, ZREO implicitly told us that the entire thing was going to be a non-profit venture.

Bullllllll. Three years this project was dragged out, and now a grand total of $118,000 has been raised from fans for a non-profit project. And somehow I really, really doubt that Nintendo is demanding $50 for each CD sold, so that money is going somewhere else. And it's a short list of who it could be.

I just find it appalling, again, that fans can produce a work on par with this for free in a year, while ZREO takes three years and $118,000 to do the same damn job. That is ridiculous.

And for anyone saying "well ZREO had a real orchestra/choir", actually no, if you look at their FAQ, only part of it was an orchestra and choir - they used considerable sampled bits too, which by the way are free to get ahold of. This, and fan projects have used choirs and orchestras too without demanding a truckload of cash.

I took back my own donation from them when I saw what was going on, and judging by the comments I've seen on forums and message boards in the last few months, I'm not the only one. Maybe some consider this ZREO's defining project, but all I see is a site that was once a BASTION of quality fan music turning into a corporate shill to line their own pockets.



Nanoline commented on Nintendo Now Involved With Twilight Symphony:


I would have been excited a few years back. I was a big fan of ZREO back then. But nearly three years of no music just killed my excitement. Fan-made projects done by OCRemix with just as many songs and just as much required input have been put together MUCH faster and with plenty of polish - just look at Harmony of a Hunter for an example of that, or the Final Fantasy VI soundtrack OCRemix just finished.

It stuns me that fans can do all this for free in a reasonable amount of time, but people who DEMANDED $18,000 not only take forever to do it, but then want huge sums of money on top of that, even before Nintendo got involved.



Nanoline commented on Interview: The Team Behind Paper Mario: Sticke...:

I was so incredibly disappointed by this game. It just doesn't feel like a Paper Mario game at ALL. Even the Wii game managed to get SOME of that with the overworld areas, this game just doesn't give me anything at all. I thought that after SPM's dismal and base-breaking aftermath, Nintendo would return to form (I was especially excited about the Chain Chomp partner).

Clearly I was wrong.

Long live New Paper Mario Bros. Damn you Miyamoto.



Nanoline commented on Review: Pokédex 3D Pro (3DS eShop):

Come on Nintendo, how on earth could you be that stupid to charge that much for this? I could buy the average Pokemon game (as in full game) used for that much money.




Nanoline commented on Pokémon Reorchestrated: Kanto Symphony Releas...:

The music sounds great, but this is a pretty blatant shattering of Nintendo and GameFreak's trademark and copyright for the purpose of personal profit.

Get it while you can folks, something tells me Nintendo is going to yank this.



Nanoline commented on Feature: The New Dimensions of Pokémon:

@WiiLovePeace What I want to see is a new Pokemon Snap 2 for the WiiU, and an enhanced port of the original N64 game on 3DS that uses the gyroscope like Ocarina of Time did so we can optionally turn the 3DS to turn around and find stuff in the old game.



Nanoline commented on Bookstore Dream In Final Chapter of DSiWare Ap...:

If it's made well and gets a few good reviews (hopefully NintendoLife will review it) I'll be interested. It looks like a scaled down mix of The Sims and decorating secret bases from some of the older Pokemon games.

With that said, this had better not have an $8 price tag. That's a lot to ask for such a centralized setup.



Nanoline commented on Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Japanese Box Art...:

At first from the thumbnail I thought she had harpy legs/feet, before I enlargened it and saw the stockings.

Still, she's pretty cute. Not that we'll probably see her on the western box art; if it ever gets localized, you can bet we'll get something entirely different and wholly generic.



Nanoline commented on The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia is Coming...:

@theblackdragon In case someone else hasn't already said it - the book already released in Japan some time ago, and the timeline within is indeed official since the book is written and compiled by Nintendo themselves, Shiggy included.

Moreover, the timeline actually ends up making sense, which is nice. And it makes Link to the Past so much more awesome because it cleans up OoT's mess.



Nanoline commented on Warner Bros. Gets the Party Started With Game ...:


For the love of pete Nintendo. Would you stop letting every developer and their grandmother flood your systems with this much crap? SNES, N64, and Gamecube never had this problem, so why the hell have you let it go on Wii and now apparently WiiU?



Nanoline commented on Atlus Launches Code of Princess Site, Confirms...:

Anyone else notice how when Solance shows up, there's a shine-bar added in to hide her breasts?

Looks like we'll be seeing the same censorship that Neptunia got fried with on this deal...if that bleeds into the game it'll be a deal breaker for me, I get tired of North American censors treating us like children when Japan can handle it just fine without complaint.



Nanoline commented on Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS):

My problem with this is that it's the exact same game as the last two, and all they've added is stuff that never should have been removed in the first place (like FLYING of all things). All the focus on coins without involving Wario in any way, shape, or form doesn't help much, especially since all you get for 1,000,000 is a title screen that no one besides you will see.

I'll quote the article: "...the rest of the game is disarmingly similar to its prequel, New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. The world structure remains the same (we’re still waiting forlornly for the branching pathways witnessed in Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3), as do many of the enemies and power-ups." It's the exact same freaking game, hell it even has the hated WAH WAHs out in twice as much force.

If I hadn't ever played a New Super Mario Bros game I might be interested. But I've played the last two and between this and the WiiU one that looks to be even more of the same non-innovative nonsense, I'm tired to death of NSMB. It's not New anymore.



Nanoline commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. 2:

@TheSolarKnight I'm aware of that. The problem is that they've now "paid tribute" to that for four straight games with no variation from the dodge-dodge-instant-win method.

No swinging Bowser around by his tail, no smacking his head with Mechakoopas, nothing. There's a reason that they only did the "step on axe to win" method for one game, at least stateside, and SMB2 Japan didn't do so hot because people were bored of it after just two games.



Nanoline commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. 2:


You climb a tower, dodge attacks, never actually do any attacking, and hit a switch to instantly win.

Comparing this to NSMBWii does not help the case of these games basically being the exact same game (levels, music, graphics, and all) with one minor tweak if that each - NSMB is itself, Wii adds multiplayer (which should have been there from the start), 2 adds flying (which should have been there from the start since it was in SMB3/World), WiiU adds...more multiplayer...

And Nintendo is wondering why they're in a rut lately. Maybe if they'd stop releasing the exact same game over and over...they've even done it within single games in a way, Skyward Sword's sales were a lot lower than planned and the biggest complaint was that you basically played through the same three areas three times over. At least with SS we only got charged once to do it, they're hitting you guys up for $40-$50 a pop and you'll willingly pour the money into their pockets like water.



Nanoline commented on First Impressions: New Super Mario Bros. 2:

Has anyone else seen the video of the final castle and boss fight for this game yet?

You literally never hit Bowser. You run and dodge for 5 minutes and then step on a switch, except that it's on a very slow auto-scroll vertical stage instead of at least giving you something to do like Super Mario 3D Land did. As for "new final castle music", it's the same WAH WAH in every other spot (and yes it actually has WAHs all through it).

What happened to the days of actually attacking Bowser or whatever the final boss is? You had to do it in World, World 2, 64, in Sunshine, in Galaxy, now it's just step on a switch and they instantly die, for FIVE games in a row (NSMB, NSMB Wii, SM3DL, NSMB2, and no doubt NSMB WiiU)! There's a reason they retired that method after the FIRST FREAKING GAME (not counting Japan's SMB2, which ended up not received well anyways due to basically being a harder romhack before they knew what romhacks would be).



Nanoline commented on Club Nintendo's Gold and Platinum Prizes Have ...:


You have a catalog with much better products than we do, between the soundtracks, the hats, the frisbees, the ringtones, and other little gizmos. Europe apparently either has smarter people in charge or just a lot better funding than Nintendo of America has.



Nanoline commented on Club Nintendo's Gold and Platinum Prizes Have ...:

So, this is what I sent to Nintendo:

You had better be kidding us. POSTERS?!

I mean, we knew America was getting the short end of the stick last year when we got pins that cost 3 cents apiece to make, but PAPER POSTERS?

It's bad enough that the American prize selection is so much worse than Europe and Japan (we don't get soundtracks, controllers, several games, polo shirts, ringtones, hats, scarves, watches, not even Nintendo Point cards!), but now Japan gets an exclusive pillow in addition to ALL of that, and we get prizes that I could print off Google Images for NOTHING.

You had better fix this nonsense right now, because we are NOT happy. Those of us that hit Platinum did so out of a pretty strong devotion to Nintendo, and we are NOT amused by this kind of nonsense.

And yes, I mad. And I'm far from the only one.



Nanoline commented on Shantae eShop Release Gets Closer:

@MeWario Yeah, for some reason this works for both downloads and taxes.

Every been irritated that you have enough on your 3DS money-wise for something, but not the tax? Just switch the home state to somewhere without a sales tax. Works like a charm.



Nanoline commented on Reaction: What Happened to EA and Nintendo's U...:

Keep in mind that the EA of a year ago and the EA of now are two very different beasts. Last year, they hadn't turned out a series of questionable-quality Bioware studios games. Last year, they hadn't won the Worst Company in America award. Last year, their profits and stock weren't deep in the .

This year, all of that is going on. EA may have pulled back from Nintendo slightly as a result, trying to keep focus on hardcore gamers where they can make more money. Of course, they'd make money on Nintendo too, but if they could plan that out clearly enough most of the aforementioned issues wouldn't have happened.



Nanoline commented on E3 2012: Nintendo's 3DS Software Showcase Live:

Nintendo as a whole was incredibly disappointing this year. Was not sold on WiiU by far; the tech is impressive, but we learned nothing that we didn't already know, and saw nothing we hadn't already seen on stage. Except NintendoLand, and some of us would like to un-see that.

3DS was, somehow, more disappointing just because we were only told about things that we already knew, and then some things we knew about were left off entirely: Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem anyone?



Nanoline commented on Some Club Nintendo Coin Values Will Change on ...:

...It's not enough that Nintendo of America's prizes are absolute mango (Euros get all those soundtracks and trinkets and Japan...gets everything awesome, we get stickers and bookmarks), now it's harder to get coins for all that papaya. Great.



Nanoline commented on Feature: Why EA and Nintendo's Partnership Is ...:

You were doing well right up until you talked about Bioware doing Zelda or Paper Mario. Abso-f*cking-lutely not. NO.

EA has had a bad habit lately of using up other bought companies and spitting them out. Bioware is on it's way out - DA2 had issues, ME3 definitely had issues, and I shouldn't have to say anything about the state of The Old Republic.

Keep these people the hell away from my Zelda and Paper Mario. And any other Nintendo IP.



Nanoline commented on Talking Point: Should Zelda Go Episodic?:

Whatever you're smoking, keep it the hell away from me and farther away from Nintendo. Dear lord.

Shorter Zelda games I have no issue with, look at Link to the Past and Minish Cap, those remain a lot of fun with plenty of side quests and extras padding them out.

I would NOT want an episodic game. No. That kind of locked in storyline would stunt the entire thing. Look what it did to Half-Life.



Nanoline commented on LEGO Zelda Concept Nets 10,000 Supporters:

I've been kind of irritated that this particular Zelda entry on Cuusoo has been getting all the attention and the better one has been largely ignored:

This guy made full sets of Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle's throne room, the Temple of Light, the Temple of Time (with opening door of time), the Bottom of the Well with an entire fold-out dungeon and Lens of Time, the Water Temple from Twilight Princess, the Morpheelum boss from said temple, Link vs Dark Link, and a rather large number of creatures and items, including making the actual custom molds for them in real life.

Yet all the attention has gone to this other one that really just isn't as detailed or nearly as good, and I worry that that's going to make Lego shoot it down. And once Lego shoots down one Zelda line, they'll NEVER allow another one, which will doom this other project.



Nanoline commented on Miyamoto Keen On New Zelda Based on Link to th...:

Either way I'd be very happy, just so long as it's not another Four Swords entry. Link to the Past 3D is my preference, because it's still my favorite game ever (grew up watching older brothers play it and reading the rather awesome history-book-like players guide, before finally playing myself), but a new 2D Zelda in the same vein as it would be great. And NO STYLUS ON TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL.



Nanoline commented on Indie Developer Phil Fish Says Japanese Games ...:

Wow, really?

Sure, not everything they produce is great, but the same could be said of European or American producers. And a lot of those Japanese games (even the bad ones) still end up showing more originality than the hoard of brown and bloom we've had dumped on us in recent years.

Try again, buddy.



Nanoline commented on Can You Complete Super Mario Bros. In Under Fi...:

@KeeperBvK: Nope, no TAS. AndrewG also did this run at Awesome Games Done Quick 2012, a charity speedrun marathon that was streamed in early January by Speed Demos Archive that raised $150,000 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation over five days. He also did a Blindfolded run of the game, and actually made it all the way to world 4-1 before Game-Overing (albeit with warp-pipes).

If you'd like to see that run, or any of the others from the marathon, all of them were recorded and can be downloaded here:

From the main website, you can also view past marathon videos (they've had five thus far counting AGDQ2012), and also the main Speedrun listings which has the rest of AndyG's runs (he also holds the records on Super Mario Bros 2, Excitebike, Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Marble Madness, and a few other games), as well as excellent runs by many other speedrunners.



Nanoline commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (3DS Virtua...:

I made an account just for this review response - did the reviewer even play the same game that I did? Because he has multiple "facts" about the game entirely wrong.

A. Yes, you CAN switch between maps, use the L and R buttons on the level map screen - it's even labeled right on the map screen that you can do this!
B. This game doesn't take place in Dream Land. It takes place in an alternate Mirror World, which is why you run into an alternate Meta Knight and an alternate Kirby, plus similar-but-different forms of several bosses from previous Kirby games. This is also why there are multiple paths, and with that said the collection aspect is entirely optional anyways and not a part of the main game path.
C. While the AI comments may be justified, the WHINING about the cell phone is just pointless nitpicking of the highest order, and complain about the return-to-home convenience function when the only one causing that problem is your own twitchy fingers is just plain idiotic. Moreover, you need to HOLD DOWN that button in order to make it work, so it's not even something you could have done by momentary accident.

Is Kirby & The Amazing Mirror the best game we could have gotten? Personally I would have preferred Nightmare in Dreamland. But to give it a 6/10 for these listed reasons when every one of them comes from the reviewer either being uninformed, lazy in the use of his eyeballs, or unwilling to memorize simple controls is just plain wrong.