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Thu 28th Oct 2010

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TheChosen commented on Western Journalist Looking To Chart The Untold...:

Ugh. I recommend not to. I've been around with this guy and he's a pompous donkeyhole. Thinks too much of his writings and interviews and he's more interested in fighting and exposing backstage and corporate politics and poop like that rather than the actual games. He disappeared from the forum where I usually go after wanting one forum regular dead during a argument about Steam (No joke).



TheChosen commented on Ultra-Rare Tengen Tetris Prototype Up For Auction:

I feel highly skeptic at this, but then again I do so everytime a "rare prototype of an already established game" pops up (See Zelda "prototype" we had last year). Reading all the info though it seems legit though.

The fact that it says "Licensed by Nintendo" does stand out for me, since at this point they were pretty much done with Nintendo and making unlicensed carts. I've been trying to come up with a reason why it would have that.



TheChosen commented on Ex-Rare Staffer: Exodus Wouldn't Have Happened...:

I dunno. Around the time Playstation hit the scene several employees left Rare and formed their own studio, because they weren't happy with Rare's decision to work with Nintendo exclusively. Considering how Gamecube and Wii went, I could see that happen again if they werent bought out.



TheChosen commented on Live: Wii U Preview:

Sheesh. This is starting to remind me of Microsofts last E3. At least there's less SPORTS SPORTS KINECT SPORTS.



TheChosen commented on Satoru Iwata: Miiverse is About More Than Comp...:

Nintendo isnt the only one. Valve is also taking a huge step towards more social gaming by revamping their community section on Steam. It kind of reminds me of Facebook now and its really well made. If Nintendo's approach is anything like it, its something I can live with.



TheChosen commented on Rare Final Fantasy II NES Cartridge Hits eBay:

Now this one I can actually believe to be legit. As was said, I know this prototype is not only possible, but has been seen before already.

I'd stick with the GBA one though. Good luck to all the collectors out there.



TheChosen commented on Feature: Our Favourite Super Mario Games:

"When Nintendo decided that The Lost Levels was too difficult for Western gamers"

Why do people still insist that this happened because it was too difficult? It doesn't make sense. If it were true, Zelda 2 might have not happened and instead we would have gotten a re-skin of Tōjin Makyō-den Heracles no Eikō (the first Glory of Heracles game). No other company seemed to have such mindset either, considering the systems reputation of having plenty of really hard games.

What does make sense is that Lost Levels is pretty much identical to the first Super Mario game, with exception to level design, some graphical changes and poison mushrooms.