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Tue 7th Aug 2012

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jlenoconel commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

As a gay gamer, I find the idea of censorship in gaming to be totally wrong. I am not sure why Nintendo Life is celebrating this move. We all know who we have to thank for this kind of rubbish happening in games, and her name is Anita Sarkeesian. Considering this game is rated M, there's no reason for it to be censored, AT ALL.



jlenoconel commented on Research Firm's Black Friday Data Shows Wii U ...:

I almost ordered a Wii U this holiday season, but the person who was selling the console on Amazon was way overcharging, so I had my husband cancel the order. We ended up getting an Xbox One instead. I do want a Wii U, and support Nintendo as a company, but the Black Friday deals on the system were more or less non-existent. I chose the Xbox One simply because it had a far better deal, and like other people are mentioning, was only $30 more than what you can get a Wii U for.



jlenoconel commented on Talking Point: 3DS eShop Deserves Big Franchises:

I think the 3DS deserves bigger franchises in general. I don't see why we cant have ports of all the major console games like Resident Evil 6, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken X Street Fighter. If the Game Gear and Game Boy could get Mortal Kombat II when it was a much, MUCH weaker console than the 3DS.

The eshop needs to be improved A LOT for me to actually be happy with it. Not impressed with it so far.