Love it, hate it, WiiWare divides opinions even among the most ardent Wii fans. Its polarising effect goes much farther though, splitting developers down the middle like a samurai sword through a ripe watermelon. Falling on the juicy — if bitter — side is Phil Fish, developer of Xbox Live Arcade title Fez.

Fish told Destructoid about the possibility of Fez coming to WiiWare. His turn of phrase is sure to delight at dinner parties.

Right now we're only concentrating on XBLA, which makes the most sense for us at the time. PC and PSN would also make a lot of sense, but in my opinion, WiiWare just wouldn't be worth our time and effort. It's a dismal system that I don't want to deal with neither as a customer, nor a developer. No demos? F*** off.

According to Destructoid, Fish is aware that the service offers demos, though it's less clear why he chose to disregard them in such a linguistically colourful fashion. Share your theories in the comments section below.