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Wed 11th January, 2012

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Fang commented on Review: Liberation Maiden (3DS eShop):

I thought it was an odd choice of controls, I was hoping for something more like Kid Icarus: Uprising in terms of controls. Is a tad bit expensive considering there are only a mere 5 levels, also repetitive, but I didn't mind the repetitiveness much because it is a fun game.



Fang commented on Feature: Nostalgia vs. Eternal Darkness:

Love this game, I especially like Paul Luther's chapter (funny ending). I agree with whoever said Retro should make a sequel. After Silicon Knight's recent failures, they're probably not up to making a sequel and would ruin Eternal Darkness' reputation.



Fang commented on Talking Point: The Good and Bad Sides of Moder...:

Best idea yet:
What if Nintendo don't moderate it?! If children are using the internet, their parents (should) already know what kinda stuff goes on over voice chat. So they can either disable that function or just let them off in the real world!



Fang commented on Preview: Wii U Hands-On:

I'm not too keen on the motion control part, it might have worked (key word there: might) for the Wii but the Wii U gamepad is significantly bigger and more expensive than the Wiimote. I can see alot of people accidentally breaking the Wii U gamepad playing Wii U sports ('cause we know there'll be one)



Fang commented on This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS:

I have Columns on my Mega Drive/Genesis, when I first played it I was like "wow this game is awesome!". I kept on playing for another 10 mins and then never picked it up again. Dr Mario is better



Fang commented on Feature: Zelda and Link's Romance in Skyward S...:

Samus and the infant Metroid. It wasn't a romantic, Valentine's Day kind of love (that would have been weird), but still. I just wanted to point that out. Other than that, the only love relationship I can think of that someone else hasn't already mentioned is Pete, Pelly and Phyllis' love triangle from Animal Crossing.



Fang commented on Talking Point: The Resident Evil: Mercenaries ...:

Serious question: How do I register a name for Mercenaries? Whenever I play online my name is just several lines like this;------Some other people have the same thing as me but most people actually have a name.