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There's Nothing Suggestive About This Video At All

Posted by James Newton

It's quite normal

Have you heard of Senran Kagura? It's a new 3DS game from Japanese developer Marvelous, best-known for its Harvest Moon games of course. It's going for a slightly different market than the super-family friendly farming series with its newest title, though.

The hack-and-slash game was announced back in April, but now we have a new Japanese trailer for the game and it appears quite normal. You play one of several well-equipped combatants and must take down as many opponents as possible, with combos, alternate costumes and all that good stuff. Sounds harmless, right?

Watch the video below until at least the 2:00 mark and you'll see what we're talking about.

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J-Forest-Esq said:

I can't help but find this sort of thing a little creepy
On a side note: "well-equipped combatants"? Hmm...



TheBaconator said:

Seems normal for a Japanese game. There has to be quite a few games there that feature underage school girls, fighting demons, with constant up skirts and huge hooters by now.



Sylverstone said:

I say we get a campaign to localize this for the States!

Operation Boobfall!

Well, I wish it was localized but unless the massive amount of weeaboos out there actually show interest (which they won't, but maybe will - because of the allure of the female anatomy, especially breasts in the third dimension), then we'll get somewhere. Until then, we watch from a distance.



FonistofCruxis said:

This game looks pretty good, it seems unlikely that it will get a western release but it would be good if it did even if it would be kind of embarassing buying this game. Also, something that was revealed about this game a while ago is that your characters' clothes get ripped off as they incur damage.



Blaze said:

And DOA was banned for apparently having pornography content? Then WTF is the future for this!



NeoRausch said:

smexy. but serious i'm getting a cool Streets of Rage-Vibe here. but how could i ever explain that to my girlfriend! ;P



AVahne said:

Already watched this on andriasang, still don't understand why the 3DS is region-locked.



she_gamer said:

Um, wow, that... I don't... ok, suddenly I don't feel like having sushi for lunch anymore...



Hardy83 said:

Nintendo isn't publishing this game. Marvelous Entertainment is aren't they?

Also I really doubt we'll see this come to NA, mainly because this is a too Japanese game, and people would flip out.
Having those girls ripped in half with their guts spewing everywhere. That's okay. Bouncing boobs? That's not America buddy!



Lordy said:

I don't see what the big deal is. I've seen (and probably played) worse.



Marioman64 said:

is te 3ds region locked? daigasso band brothers dx works fine on the 3ds for me, but maybe thats because its a ds game and not 3ds
as for the video, it reminds me of Infinite Stratos and Freezing, you say the game is normal with sarcasm but this is actually very normal for Japanese culture. Also those in game cutscenes are amazing, I want this game for those :3




OMG please be localised. I would buy this game so hard! Looks totally awesome! (not just cuz of the boobs....ok maybe just because of the boobs)



TheGreenSpiny said:

@26 lol, that's totally true. One of the things I hate about America.

Why do I feel like a creepy pedophile after watching this video?



Crystalking18 said:

I shall now buy the game on it's release date. But at night. By myself. With my face covered. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (runs away after buying it)



JimmyWhale said:

Tales Of... meets Love Plus?

Wonder what that CD is... I'll ask the weeaboos when they import it




Yawn, I'm tired of all these realistic games coming out. This resembles my daily life too closely. When I play a game, I want to escape to a new world.



bonesy91 said:

this is like the pervy child of the "Tales series" and "Maramusa"... Is this even legal? lol



wanderlustwarrior said:

Bizarre Jelly! FIVE!

Oh, and for anyone saying "Japan", and "creepy" and stuff, 90% of all the world's porn is produced in Los Angeles. Just saying.

(Granted, 8 percent is probably Tokyo)



MasterGraveheart said:

Busty school girls in scantly clad alternate costumes in a decent-looking hack-n-slash. I'll buy it. =P

Though, I don't know how this is news-worthy.

...wait, this is 3DS?! AWESOME! :3



NassaDane said:

Even without the Fan Service this lookes to be a pretty cool beat'em up. It looks like each character is very different from the other. I really hope it does get localized because I want a diverse good brawler on the go. That would be great. It just looks fun to play.



Samholy said:

oh my, im not sure i wanna play this in the bus with an erect... i mean with the sound on. yeah, thats what i meant.



Ren said:

whoa, really? Funny how much it resembles the video in No more Heros 2.



GARF13LD said:

I wish this would get a EU release but that is just never gonna happen, which sucks because massive norks aside it looks a decent game.



wwww said:

Gosh, not a single flat-chested character? I'm really disappointed. Whatever happened to "variety"?

Anyway, while the gameplay seemed like fun hectic stuff from what I could see, yuck the close up character animations are awful. Either the modeler didn't know how to attach arms properly alongside BOOBS or the animator didn't know how to animate arms properly alongside BOOBS but either way there's something seriously wrong here.



Gameday said:

killer combo , ultra... ultra... Yea there's alot to see here... lol but the gameplay looks pretty koo so id play 4sho.



Noire said:

Ah, to be a pervy lesbian Japanese schoolgirl with money to burn. Sadly I'll never get my hands on these beauties. This beauty. Of a game. And definitely not the boobs.



Chris720 said:

"fully equipped combatants" Oh ho ho ho! Big, juicy and in 3D... the 3DS can't get any perverted now can it? SEEMS IT CAN!!

Now I feel like a horny perverted pedophile... thank you Nintendo Life!



ReifuTD said:

I like the hacka slash bit. But what's the point of dress up then all the girls have the same boobs.



Bassman_Q said:

Looks like another crappy fan service game. And even if it wasn't fan service, I still wouldn't buy it cuz I'm getting tired of all these anime-esque games coming out these days, unless it has a gripping story like Final Fantasy.



kurtasbestos said:

Sometimes I really hate Japan.

"Having those girls ripped in half with their guts spewing everywhere. That's okay. Bouncing boobs? That's not America buddy!"

So true. Sometimes I really don't miss America.



Supremeist said:

This game looks fun, btw this is normal for Japanese games. It's not that big of a deal, unless the rating isn't atleast T.



1080ike said:

As much as every hormonal male in the world would like it too, this isn't coming out of Japan. The rest of the world likes to say that they're not horny perverts, while secretly having their own porn stashes hidden somewhere. For that, I respect the Japanese. They're not afraid to admit that they're real men, who live to create fanservice for other real men.



Roachant said:

I thought this was some kind of joke at first but... It ain't. When I realized it was real I watched it again and lol so hard, man you just have to love the Japanese for doing crazy stuff like this...



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

if it comes out in the rest of the world, it will be banned in sweeden (was that where DOA:D was banned?). I loved the random tiger suit amongst the bikinis, awesome. Shame there is no way this is coming out of japan.



Sh00kst3r said:

"Breast physics?" Am I the only one that remembers that old GameInformer article on Dead or Alive (The beach one)? Hehheh... Tan lines...

Also, check out what I found:
"Takaki began thinking solidly about the project around April of last year. Within 30 seconds of deciding to make a 3DS game, he realized that what people want to see in 3D is breasts."



StarDust4Ever said:

Well after having browsed some screenshots on various websites on the internet with my 3DS browser (MPO 3D picture support is awesome), I must admit, b00bs do look wayy better in 3D!

Bring on more smexy hot Japanime games. But why do they all have to be fighters? A nice sultry 3D platformer/ adventure would be nice, too...



JimLad said:

Thankfully real life Japan isn't like this, otherwise there'd be a whole lot more people in prison.



Darel18 said:

The gameplay looks really good btw O_O

If it comes with a multiplayer, I'll buy it!



JakobG said:

Weeaboos making a game featuring underaged girls without knowing how female endowments work.
Nothing new here.



MeloMan said:

seems pretty typical Japanese to me... maybe it's age but it doesn't faze me, lol.



Tare said:

I think the reason for it being limited for sale in Japan is due to the fact that these guys developed Harvest Moon.
That's like the equivalent of Disney making a porn movie, it'd be a bust.



Henmii said:

"You play one of several well-equipped combatants and must take down as many opponents as possible, with combos, alternate costumes and all that good stuff. Sounds harmless, right?"

Well-equipped doesn't sound harmless to me (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)!



Dyl_73 said:

Ha ha ha. That's hilarious. The game looks a bit crap but the video is funny.



Milkman-123 said:

i cant watch the video because my computer doesnt support adobe, but by the comments, it sounds like a super violent porno game, starring teenage girls XD



pariah164 said:

As a female, and as I gamer, I would buy this game day one if it came out here. Boobs, no boobs, doesn't matter. All I see are cute costumes and curbstomp battles. Really, that's all I need.

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