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Sat 11th Oct 2008

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ReifuTD commented on Talking Point: StreetPass - Is Silent Communic...:

Well like I said I went to the mall and got three new hits heres their stats

first off theres me with 4 tags and 4 people

A dude named Sleepy who I think works that the used music and game shop
79 Tags
20 People

40 Tags
16 People

sofie (Who I think is the Best Buy's store Demo)
2 Tags
3 People

I should make this it's own topic because with all the complaining of peopel not getting hits two of the 3 people I've met seems to have a good amount of hits for a sytem that's only for a few weeks.



ReifuTD commented on Talking Point: StreetPass - Is Silent Communic...:


Yeah, I do that, I use a girl Mii because she's my Good Luck charm. one my Wii I've done Mii's of my favorite characters. I like to play games with a Mii I named after a Rabbit girl I call Tejina. The name means magic/Art of Slight of Hand. That and her being a rabbit just seems like a good character to use when playing a video game.



ReifuTD commented on Talking Point: StreetPass - Is Silent Communic...:

I got my first Streetpass yesterday and I had my 3DS for three weeks. But I didn't take it to work unless I have plans on going where else after work. I took it dow with me at the used game shop and got a hit there.

His profile says that he met 19 people and streetpassed them 73 times. So theres people around.

I am planning to go to the mall today and see what happens.



ReifuTD commented on Another Zelda Remake for 3DS?:

Not a bad idea, As far as I know does A Link to the Past have a drect squrel? Maybe add a new chapter to the game like a A Link to the Future? then I'll buy.

I would buy any of the Megaman games with 3D add on the spot



ReifuTD commented on Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!:

You guys said you wanted questions about 3DS

I want to know since they are useing SD card. If there be any photoshop programs. Like if I want to give one of my 2D photos a 3D look. It would be nice to take a drawing and play with the 3D effects.

Second question would be any plans for comics or manga that use the 3D effects for the 3DS? I remeber there was some thing for manga on the Wii and other devices let you download comics and manga. It would be strange if the 3DS doesn't



ReifuTD commented on Brand New NES Platformer Released:

lol, funnt to see if they get the idea to do this with Megaman 9 & 10, It not hard to find new mechains that NES and SNES games so it could make a lot of money.

For collectors sake of couse,



ReifuTD commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

well, I would have giving ir a 5 too,that most because it feels like they didn't care porting then game. if they tryed better I would have giving it a 6 or 7

Did anyone else notic that if you point you wiimote stight up when you are in the item menu you can skip whole sections at a time? They put that in the game but they can't make better use of the pointer WTF?



ReifuTD commented on Cave Story Development Update:

You know a really good thing they said they will take requests for DLC that mean we might get DLC comming out for months or years?



ReifuTD commented on Review: Mahjong (WiiWare):

It would be nice to see that poker type mahjong one the wiiware, because this isn't real mahjong and I always wanted to try the real game.



ReifuTD commented on Why Capcom Chose To Do Another RE: Chronicles ...:

Wow, it really seem Rail Shooters are comming back. I'm not shock they are doing really good on the Wii. It's like it was made for those kind of games. Now I think we need a few more good Point and Clicks. I think those kind of games should do well on the Wii as well.



ReifuTD commented on New Nintendo Channel Videos:

They been saying Cave Story almost out for a long time now. Will since it's going to have DLC with it. I'm going to bet for the top of the month.



ReifuTD commented on Review: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Wii...:

Well I was expecting the game main game to cost 1500 points. I was shocked when I seen it for 800 but consereding they gave us half of the story and all it's still about 1500. But becaus the second part is an adds to the story and not buying the game it's self. I hope part two ends up being longer. Too bad I have to wait three months to play it.



ReifuTD commented on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:

I reached the end of Rydia's story in 6hrs but I like the level grind neednessly. I haven't played the Rydia's story's extra dungeon yet. I bet the main story dungeon but Rydia's looks like it could be funner.