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Mon 11th Aug 2008

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ASDFGHJKL commented on EA Totally Confident in Wii U Online Functions:

Yay for vagueness! I really am curious to how the online interface of the Wii U will turn out to be. Unfortunately, all I know for now is that it is customizable in some way from the developers point of view and Ninty is getting some help from 3rd parties to create it.

@Bmagwood: You may not be aware, but "First" posts are very much discouraged in this site (and so are jokes encompassing Corbs and the number seven, for that matter) and it might be useful to keep this in mind for future reference .

Here is a link for more info:



ASDFGHJKL commented on Pachter Thinks Nintendo has Superior First-Par...:

Definitely. Nintendo consoles are slowly turning into investments you would make if you focus almost entirely on the excellent First-Party titles. Now if they could get all the 3rd parties on-board as well, then I might as well reach some sort of Nirvana



ASDFGHJKL commented on Uncharted Studio: "Wii U is Full of Holes, Not...:

Umm, he bashed Nintendo? I might just not be following you guys, but I'm sure I read a quote in which he explains how the idea was cool and that there will be some amazing games on it. Honestly, he seemed pretty reasonable. Of course, I doubt the PS3 Vita combination to go very far just due to the price and the fact that a developer can not count on the every player owning a Vita.

But seriously, what were people expecting? Naughty Dog to announce they were leaving Sony to develop the Wii U as they thought it would be the console to end all consoles?



ASDFGHJKL commented on EA Founder Criticises Nintendo's "Feudal Dark ...:

Does that mean that mediocre, non-compelling Digital Chocolate games will not come to Nintendo consoles? I can only pray to the holy lawn for this hope.

In all seriousness, I do not like this guy. The 3DO was a hilarious attempt, for one. Then he sits there complaining about EA pushing the employees too hard, and starts Digital Chocolate to fix that. And I promise you this company has absolutely no potential to become the next Popcap.



ASDFGHJKL commented on The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwa...:

Reminds me of when Iwata stopped by the house the other day. He laid down on a couch and talked/cried about this situation. He seemed devastated. I took notes on it while I listened. He asked me if I had any FPSs, I said yes. He asked me where, I said on my Mac's hardrive. He got up with tears drifting slowly down his cheek, and picked up my Mac. He yelled out a loud roar and ripped my Mac in half with his bare hands. I recommended a psychiatrist. He recommended I did all my computer-related work on a Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I said I already had it. He then took me to a Gamestop at gunpoint and forced me to buy another copy. I then recommended a psychiatrist yet again. Lets just say it went downhill from there and I now own many more copies of Nintendo games than anyone should ever witness.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Fils-Aime: "Wii U Welcomes Publishers' Online ...:

Ok, he literally gave us no information on what Nintendo will be doing to the online infrastructure. They basically just said "We want third parties to do whatever they want," which has been said many times before.

I always find it hilarious when Reggie gives his "Executive Interviews" where he tries to give us information in a way that ends up not being relevant or informative. Gotta love the Reggienator



ASDFGHJKL commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

Last time I heard, Nintendo was doing well enough. I dont see why they should have to pursue the making happy of 3rd parties. Nintendo is in an extremely difficult position atm. It has to compete against huge technology companies who can afford to invest much larger sums of cash into their business and not worry as much about profit. Granted, they have great popularity and great software quality. Honestly, the only reason for me to own Nintendo hardware is for Nintendo software. If 3rd parties dont think the Wii is selling their games enough, they honestly shouldnt expect Nintendo to fix their problems. They have their own struggles to deal with.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

Not to mention the app store is beginning to see a very increased support for large full sized games. Both conses offer gta chinatown wars (one of the highest rated ds games) but is offered more affordably and conviniently on the app store. Not to mention the idevices have surpassed the ds in popularity. If ninty doesnt act, they are going to get hit hard one day.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Review: Zenonia (DSiWare):

I would NOT call it a Zelda ripoff. Zelda is not really an RPG more than it is a good action-adventure games. I couldn't get into it. Maybe Il redownload it on my iPod and give it another try....I do agree, the 13 year old-like writing of the script is irritating.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows New Mode...:

While they may be good ideas, I still question the effectiveness due to this to work effectively, there must be a large amount of people on arcade standby at all times. Same thing with StreetPass, is there really going to be people carrying around their 3DS's everywhere?



ASDFGHJKL commented on Resident Evil: Revelations Uses a Version of C...:

Capcom already announced that they will probably not be releasing launch games. But still, Im ecstatic to have a full powered highly supported Nintendo console in my pocket. The DS doesnt do it for me anymore and I cant sit down with my Wii as much as I used to. Im looking forward to Street Fighter more though (As long as it isnt a beefed up iPhone port)



ASDFGHJKL commented on Movemodo is Officially Open for Business!:


im not dishing out money I dont need to, especially when I already have a good enough wii, but good for you.

by the way, I expect some amazing 3DS coverage. And also, since were dishing out sites, when is our idevice site coming?



ASDFGHJKL commented on Nintendo and THQ Teamed Up on uDraw GameTablet:

I would probably rather get myself a tablet for my Mac instead for some more serious art making. But I could see how it would be fun to use the Wii. Ive always wanted a tablet, but one for my Mac seems like the better option since I dont need "family friendly" art lessons.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Features: Bizarre Emails Sent to Nintendo Life:

Im amazed at the amount of idiots populating this world. Its bad enough that they think your Nintendo, but now they think that a random email sent to some 17 year old intern will make a difference in company policy.

Dear Nintendolife: Will you please name yourself NintendoGabe for a day?



ASDFGHJKL commented on Sakamoto says Metroid: Other M is a "Perfect M...:

I can see why. Prime was good, but a bit slow and vague. There are times where you are completely lost especially after not playing for a while. The story should help you keep track of objectives and speedy samus should be nice.



ASDFGHJKL commented on High Court Outlaws Flash Carts in UK:

I highly doubt the US will outlaw it. Its like a gun, sure a lot of people use it illegally. But thats not the only use for it. You can do something illegal with any object, that doesnt mean the object itself is illegal.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Exclusive Mecho Wars WiiWare Screenshots:

I was thinking of getting it on my iPod Touch, but I haven't heard many good things from friends who have played it. It doesnt look interesting enough for a purchase. I do like the art though. I just wish something more unique and intriguing is made with it as far as gameplay goes. An RPG with an interesting battle system or something.



ASDFGHJKL commented on New Metroid: Other M Footage Looks Intense:

Looks awesome....The combat to me is my least favorite part of Metroid Prime, and here it seems to be much simpler. Looks to be an awesome exploration game.

1 hour of cutscenes isnt too bad. I really dont mind cutscenes.



ASDFGHJKL commented on Glory Be! Pachter Actually Has Something Nice ...:

Im the press. I have an absolutely huge website for Nintendo only news. And I still didnt get invited. Maybe I should put the site on the internet instead of this word document...maybe that would help. Anything to go to E3.