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Fri 19th Jun 2009

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NeoRausch commented on Hands-On: Snakebyte 3DS Starter Pack:

Nah thanks, git me the awesome Pull-and-Go Folio (this little takes almost 30 games, an extra stylus, loading cables and has a detachable travel case and it's not bigger than a cd-case) and some hori screen protectors. I'm fine!



NeoRausch commented on Nintendo Responds to 3DS Black Screen Error:

Nothing yet on mine. But it doesn't sound very dangerous.
sure, hard reset in the middle of a game is bad, but if nothing aside will happen i'm cool with it.....till the next update. then it should be cleaned out!



NeoRausch commented on Review: TrackMania (Wii):

Yeeehaaa! Totally buying this!...but...did you just not mention it or is there really no Classic Controller-Support? please tell me you just forgot to type it in!

@Machu: you're still struggeling with your connection?!?! man, it's been months since MH Tri! Anyway, when you are ready and set tell me, we gotta race against each other!