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Thu 30th Jun 2011

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wwww commented on Sudoku by Nikoli:

@grumblegrumble I haven't downloaded this but it would appear it's not just 50 puzzles--it's 50 handcrafted puzzles with endless randomly generated puzzles to boot. So it's actually a lot like Sudoku (EA) for DSiWare in the number of puzzles (which is to say, infinite). The premium is for the 50 handcrafted puzzles and 3d and the only question is how well the interface and difficulty work. So overall the price isn't actually TOO out of line... Assuming he game itself is good quality.



wwww commented on Ten Minutes of Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage Inside:

@MiracleBlaze Haha, i'm commuting to work right now so I watched it on my cellphone, whose screen is about half the size of ONE of the 3DS's... Add in the crazy border on the video and I've been watching an animated postage stamp for the past ten minutes.

I've never played a KH game before, can't believe it's ten years I've been putting it off already. Perhaps I'll try this one, though I may get distracted and go play TWEWY instead. Seriously, what was Neku doing there? I know he's dressed for it, but still. And Shiki's cat...

@JarvanZheitk install flash, get a flash blocker. That's what I do. Best of both worlds. :>



wwww commented on Rumour: Two Zelda Titles in Development:


Why on earth would ice be written in katakana, instead of, you know, using the word 氷?

Anyway, that's not really a proper use of を.

In other words, fake. Really fake.



wwww commented on The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary T-Shirt D...:

@bboy2970 It says right at the top of the site that they're officially licensed by Nintendo.

Anyway, the reason there's no 2XL and the reason the shirts are so expensive is because it's a Japanese company. Everyone in Japan is small and everything in Japan is expensive. Also these are hand-printed, so, there's that. :v

Pretty sweet design, though...



wwww commented on Photos of Shigeru Miyamoto Sat in a Real Life ...:

No matter how many times I read "Photos of Shigeru Miyamoto Sat in a Real Life Mario Kart" all I can imagine is that someone took a photo of Miyamoto and then placed it into a kart, though clearly these are photos of Shigeru Miyamoto sitting in a kart. Surely there was a better way to word that!

By the way, I think the karts are oversized so that someone in a Mario mascot costume (which has a huge head) would look proportional sitting in them. Just sayin'.



wwww commented on Review: Come On! Heroes (DSiWare):

Wow, CIRCLE's really been churning out titles lately! Only a month between Castle Conquerer: Revolution, Castle Conquerer: Heroes, and Come On! Heroes, and Castle Conquerer: Against is not far off. Shame this one sounds pretty boring (to me), I quite like the art.



wwww commented on Nintendo Download: 1st December 2011 (Europe):

Interesting that Gnomz is getting a price cut. I guess that reflects well on the developers that they are (assumedly) trying to respond to criticism — all four reviews counted on metacritic for Gnomz noted the price was too steep for the game. Yeah, I even read the Brazilian Portuguese one to check. I wonder how the game would have fared had it started at a lower price point to begin with.



wwww commented on Review: Bridge (DSiWare):

A little amused that these are the exact same character models that were praised by Zach in "Hearts Spades Euchre". Are GameOn and Cosmigo sister companies or something?



wwww commented on Dr. Lautrec Solves the Riddle of the New Trailer:

Actually, this trailer quite disappoints me... previously I'd only watched the one on the 3DS eshop, but now seeing it in HD, I realise that the animation just isn't that good. It's really, really choppy, like they couldn't afford to in-between anything. I mean, look at the hand reaching forward at the end... the movement isn't fluid at all, it's really staggered. Also I'm really unimpressed with the shots of puzzle solving. The 3DS has a nice wide screen, and the best they could do was box it in with pictures of the Prof-- ahem, the Doctor and Sophie? That practice is irritating enough on a television screen, but on a handheld? That's just wasteful.



wwww commented on Mario & Sonic London 2012 Trailer is Suitably ...:

Gosh those shots of Luigi on a horse really freak me out. Doesn't that mean that Yoshi can ride on a horse? But... but Yoshi's a mode of transportation himself! He's got a saddle and everything! MIND BLOWN.



wwww commented on This Zelda Drawing Video Will Help With Your F...:

Handsome eyebrows are essential.

ANYWAY I really want flipnote for the 3DS already. The built-in drawing over photos stuff has shown me that I really don't care for adding "3D" to my drawings, I just wanna flip some notes!



wwww commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:


If the US dollar wasn't so incredibly weak right now I'd be mighty tempted to pick up a Japanese 3DS, but unfortunately 15,000 doesn't mean $150 anymore. Argh! Still, this definitely softens the blow for when I finally break down and realize how empty my gaming life is without imports. :<



wwww commented on There's Nothing Suggestive About This Video At...:

Gosh, not a single flat-chested character? I'm really disappointed. Whatever happened to "variety"?

Anyway, while the gameplay seemed like fun hectic stuff from what I could see, yuck the close up character animations are awful. Either the modeler didn't know how to attach arms properly alongside BOOBS or the animator didn't know how to animate arms properly alongside BOOBS but either way there's something seriously wrong here.



wwww commented on Preview: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword:

I'm really torn on the sprinting... on the one hand, awesome, since I hate being held back by Link's leisurely pace, but on the other hand... I almost consider the HUT! HUT! HAA! to be an essential part of a Zelda soundtrack.

Anyway, is there an option to play left-handed?



wwww commented on SEGA, Aksys and Konami All Use Permanent 3DS S...:

@legochesser Instructions to delete EBA data is in the manual, what are you talking about?

EBA manual pg.11: "Deleting Saved Data"
When you see the screen to the right, press and hold A+B+X+Y+L+R at the same time to delete saved data.

It's also on page 9 of the Ouendan manual ("Concerning the erasure of save data") and page 10 of the Ouendan 2 manual ("Erase data"). Do you guys not read manuals?

edit: ninja'd, oh well. Took me a while to find my Ouendan 2 box.



wwww commented on Nintendo Download: 30th June 2011 (North America):

@dodger I agree, the sales tax is driving me bonkers. Before I bought anything for the first time I carefully looked through all the prices, judging how much I needed to add for the games I wanted and how much money I'd have left for other price points. After my first purchase I realized it was all for naught. All that calculation gone to waste! Now I've got a balance of $8.32, which, frustratingly enough, is NOT enough to buy the $7.99 price point games.