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Wed 27th Apr 2011

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jayjay99 commented on Sonic Generations 3DS Rumours Gain Speed:

@18... sonic is awesome!!! and realy it shouldnt matters wat his friends or how his voice is?? he's a freaking cartoon hedge hog thats really fast!,video games would be so boring if the designers or producers had no good imagination**



jayjay99 commented on Wii Price Cut Could Bring About the £99 Wii:

uhh...u guys r really actin cheap! yeah its cool in all'but do yall not realize how pathetic we nintendo fans are? look at the ps3's price 300$ ...and the xbox 360 around 200-close to 300$//and then we pop up with a wii thats 99.99? is nintendo realy telling us the quality of the wii? :/ lol my friend is a sony fan and he told me''that "the wii must realy suck if its only 99.99'compared to all the other systems :/..ofcourse i punched him cus im a nintendo fan;) but after dat i thought about it..



jayjay99 commented on Crush 3D:

i hope dis has sumtin to do with crushing tired of these kitty games : =