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Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Retail

Posted by James Newton

Would you buy it on disc for $20?

The ongoing struggles of Super Meat Boy's WiiWare existence are well-documented, but here's a quick recap.

Originally available on PC, the game was slated to be a WiiWare-exclusive on consoles before announced as heading to Xbox Live Arcade, where it landed several weeks ago. Just the other day Team Meat announced that Super Meat Boy would miss November on WiiWare due to ongoing tussles with the service's restrictive filesize limit. Now the team has taken to Twitter to canvass opinion on the game missing WiiWare all together and going down the traditional retail route.

Being faced with having to butcher the game (meat boy, butcher, geddit?) to squeeze it below 40MB or release a fully-featured version on disc for more money is a tough situation for Team Meat, but it boils down to one question:

if we decided to try to find a publisher & do a boxed version for $20 (with extras) but come out later on the wii, would you hold out?

As we all know, finding a market on store shelves for a Wii game like Super Meat Boy wouldn't be easy, even at the discount price. Then again, a WiiWare release that's missing features and is graphically cut-down wouldn't go down well with the fans.

What would you like to see Team Meat do to bring Super Meat Boy to Wii?

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irken004 said:

I'd be fine with it. Putting it on a disc would allow them to add more stuff than the downloadable version.



NeoRausch said:

sure, gimme the whole steak for a dime! i don't like light-products with cut down nutritions!!



Wesbert said:

Depends on the nature and quality of the extras. If they add enough to warrant the extra cash then it's certainly the preferable option.



WolfRamHeart said:

If I didn't already own it on the Xbox 360, I would totally buy this. I still might, if the extras are really cool.



Faildude said:

To be honest, yes, I'd totally buy it on a disc. However, I somehow doubt enough people will buy the disc version.



Zach said:

I'd prefer to buy it at retail, actually. I like having a physical product, and this way, less content would have to be sacrificed. Not to mention these "extras"! Nice!



Chris720 said:

If they added a lot more into the package, rather than the limited WiiWare version, then yeah I'd be fine with a disc release. Maybe include more playable characters and stages?

@8 I agree, Team Meat will have to get the game out there especially if it'll be at $20, a bargain price for games now a days.

And also, who would they choose their publisher to be?



James said:

@xDemon720x They'd have to pitch it to a series of publishers and agree a distribution deal, then the publisher would set an RRP/SRP which retailers would probably ignore anyway. My main concern would be how this would sell at retailers, where we all know more adult stuff tends not to receive much space in the Wii section.



LuWiiGi said:

Yeah, I'd prefer it as a retail game (as long as it owned the other versions ).



Boonehams said:

It'd be a nice change of pace to see a game where the Wii version gets the more robust package.

I'd buy a disc version of it, assuming that they get some nice extras in there. Good luck to Team Meat in finding a publisher!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Include the level editor that the PC version is getting and maybe a nice cache of extra characters and I'd buy the hell out of that retail version; making the retail version the superior version would be the way to go. And, as Zach said, I love owning physical products (plus, it would mark the first WiiWare game I'm interested in that I'd actually be able to buy!)...



smileisles said:

Yep! I'd totally purchase it on disc. I've been waiting for like FOR-EV-URRRR (Sandlot reference) for this a few months longer with extras for 20 bucks sounds like a great deal. Count me in!



Incognito_D said:

It's heart warming to see how committed they are to bringing the game to Wii, by whatever means it takes. Other developers would have just given up I think.



CanisWolfred said:

I guess it would be worth the $20, but personally, I'm just gonna get a downloadable version. Actually, I shoulda bought it on XBLA 2 days ago, but I figured the deal they were having would extend into November. Oh well.



LordJumpMad said:

Will this Disc have all the Add-ons or it just so it can play with the Wii....

Wasn't this a Wii only game First, just like NBA Jam.



CanisWolfred said:

It was a Wiiware-only game first until they put it on XBLA. I'm glad someone's actually aggressively promoting their service, hint-hint



odd69 said:

I would buy it in support of team meat. I was getting it regardless.Id rather a retail version anyway



wes008 said:

Yesssssssssssss! Just as long as it isn't long in coming out. If it's slated later than Jan 2011, then I'll just get it on Steam.



rwq said:

I have no problems with the price, but I want everything to be wiiware. And the art-style also makes me think of wiiware rather than a retail game. Honestly i play my VC/wiiware stuff a LOT more than i play anything else just because it's already in there, ready to go. I can't say i care for a lot of extras.. Bring it to wiiware .. please?!



Linkstrikesback said:

If it means they don't need to waste more time trying to cut stuff out and thereby making the game not worth buying in the first place, then I say they go for it!



2-D said:

As long as it happens sooner rather than later. The longer I have to wait, the more likely I am to give in and buy it on Steam.

Still, if they can give us a more complete game on disc, go for it. I'd rather have a disc anyway. Give us some of the extras (dlc/level editor/leaderboards) and you're good to go.

Good luck, Team Meat!



juanduran1 said:

I would actually purchase the disc to support team meat as well. i'd rather pay 20 bucks for the whole thing than getting a cut down version.



edhe said:

Hell to the Yes!

Just don't forget about us in Europe (PLEASE!!!)



Objection said:

I'd rather see it on disc for that price than to trim it ridiculously down to meet size requirements.



Raylax said:

I'd buy it as a budget retail title. In fact, I'd actually rather have the retail full version than a Wiiware cropped version.



DrCruse said:

I'd prefer a disc release even if it was the stripped down version. I despise being forced to download good games instead of being able to buy a hard copy!



MeloMan said:

Same here (that's probably been said 1000 times already), I'd settle for a $20 disc, allowing the game to maintain it's original integrity, and possibly add more. I mean, if the true game will be cut down and delayed anyway, we might as well wait for the WHOLE enchilada. Go NL, cast our votes to the developers!



pikku said:

definitely. I would hope that it has all of the DLC from the other wversions, though
especially Commander Video >:3



SuperMarioFan96 said:

I only read the first 6 words of the title at first and nearly had a heart attack, lol.

Anyway, if it means we get as much content as the XBLA version (and possibly some extras?!) then I would greatly perfer retail $20 full version over download $15 gimped version.



3Daniel said:

I'd definately purchase a ds version for the sheer portability factor. I'd hold out to see what extras are in store for a wii disc version. And i'd skip the cut down wiiware version altogether.



brandonbwii said:

If it means more content then the XBLA version, then I'd gladly buy SMB retail. Heck if it were $10 higher I'd still buy it. I need a concrete answer sooner than later though, as I'm still tempted to get it on XBLA.



V8_Ninja said:

...So the game will be going from 100-something-MBs to over 2GBs? I'm sorry, this doesn't compute. AT ALL.



Token_Girl said:

If we're waiting anyways until at least March, being a 3DSWare launch title could be an option. If you can play games directly off an SD card like they're promising, there shouldn't be file size restrictions...or at least much more generous ones.



MegaAdam said:

I'd buy it as a retail release or WiiWare. I loved the flash versions and don't have a 360.



FonistofCruxis said:

It doesn't seem like the sort of game I'd buy in retail but if they can't fit it onto wiiware then I guess I'll have to. Why do nintendo have to have such stupid size limits?
@tokengirl I like that idea, I'd much rather buy it on 3dsware than on a wii disc.



thaantman said:

If the disc version on wii is more robust than the xbla version it would be worth it, add a couple extra modes, maybe toss in multiplayer. Only other alternative would be to break up the game and sell it in pieces. Either way I would like to see a demo on the shop channel



accc said:

The XBLA version is already only 90 MB, how hard can it be to get it down to 40? Especially considering that the XBLA version has more content than the Wii version and its assets are higher quality.



Pod said:

I condone it! I'd buy the retail version, yes I would. I'd pay couble the price to have it on physical disc. Sue me.



liammiller18 said:

I would absolutely wait for it, especially if it contained extras not included in the 360 version.

A quick request, however; In-game achievements are nice.



Popyman said:

YES. And if they added Gish too I'd pay the full $50 for that disc of awesome.



jbrodack said:

Kind of odd that this was planned and hyped as a wiiware exclusive originally and now not even sure if it will be on the service. Obviously stopped thinking about the wiiware version once microsoft signed them on.

Still, if they have a wii retail with extras and the full feature suite of the other versions it would be worth buying for $20. If they slap the already cut down (no online or level editor) wiiware version on a disk then no thanks.



TheChosen said:

Sliced, dized Wiiware version - Eh, I dunno....
Full game, all stuff and extras in a physical copy - Bring it! I actually prefer physical copies any given day. Give it a cartoony cover, and moms will buy it too thinking its something like Ninjabread Man.



Streakk said:

Because of its high quality, and being rated so highly from the Xbox Live version, I would be willing to pay $20 for a disc rather than play a half-a$$ version for download.



SwerdMurd said:

@Team Meat - this isn't exactly the most representative of samples as I'm sure you know...

That said, I'd buy it. I prefer disc-based since I can take it to a friend's house--assuming all content from the downloadable versions on other consoles is there, I can't see it being a problem. Including the level editor/some sharing mechanic via WFC would be an amazing way to guarantee my purchase as well...although that might be a pain given Nintendo's online shortcomings...



axelay80 said:

I want the full version, so I'd purchase a disc as well. I just hope they don't decide to can the Wii version altogether!



hulklol123456789 said:

If it is soo good, why not? Maybe on the DS better, but yeah, why not?

Oh I also will like to see a multiplayer, why not ?



Odnetnin said:

Humiliating that the Wii version has to go on a disc to have as much content while the XBLA version easily fits in a download, but I'd rather buy it retail if it has extras anyway.



nothankyou said:

Why not have 1 Wiiware release, but with pay & play (DLC) so you can get the full game in two parts or more?



Birdman said:

If they can find a publisher, yes. My Wii isn't hooked up to the internet, so for I'd pay $20 for it.



brainofj said:

I was all set to buy this in two weeks. Knowing that, to get it on WiiWare they'll have to decimate it to fit, yes, put it on disc. Those who intended on buying it on WiiWare will buy it on disc. And it may pick up a few extra buyers that way.



Pupil_of_Life said:

I agree with the majority here on Nintendo Life; give me retail, content, full quality, low price, and anything else you got!



Yadoking said:

Extra goodies and the full game with all it was meant to be? Yeah, I'd buy the disc.



SandMan said:

... Could we have it as a downloadable with most of the rest of the game coming from free DLC?



Byg_Juce said:

Please, please, PLEASE release Super Meat Boy in all of its glory! Retail would be ideal! I could pop it right in with my collection on my bookshelf! It would go right between Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz That would be excellent!



imapterodactyl said:

I wouldn't hesitate to buy it on disc, especially with extras.

Also, there's a little misinfo in your article: "Originally available on PC, the game was slated to be a WiiWare-exclusive on consoles before announced as heading to Xbox Live Arcade"

The old free flash-based Meat Boy was indeed on PC (which really can't compare with this new version at all), but as far as I know, SUPER Meat Boy is only available for 360, with an upcoming PC release.

But yeah, once again, I'd buy it on disc in a heartbeat.



chris3116 said:

If the game has extras and all the features of XBLA, I would not hesitate to buy the disc.



Sabrewing said:

The "extras" wouldn't stay extra for long. DLC exists on other consoles for a reason, after all.



Ravage said:

I will probably just buy it on Steam. I also doubt there will be many who will buy it at retail.



Philip_J_Reed said:

I honestly can't imagine this turning a profit at retail. No offense to the game intended, because it's worth $20 easily...I just don't see it winning over consumers to the point that the price of producing the physical media is worth it.



Maggots said:

i would buy 10 of them and give them to my closest friends if they were on disc format.... <3



BulbasaurusRex said:

I still wouldn't buy it, but this looks like their best option. If it was a game I was interested in that was in the same situation, I'd much prefer a budget disc release over a cut back WiiWare release.



Warioware said:

Would Nintendo object to them doing some sort of disc-on-demand thing? Like having it available through mail order or a website? Might cut down some production / distribution costs and I suspect most of the interest in this is online anyway rather than through people browsing in stores. But yes I think I would buy this on disc.



zeeroid said:

That would actually be amazing. For $20 I would absolutely buy it. Retail titles always have a certain winning charm for me.



Gamesake said:

I wasn't planning on downloading it anyway but $20 is a perfectly acceptable price for a WiiWare disc release.



TheSovietChairman said:

Yep, I'd buy it on disc!

I definitely wouldn't, though, if it came out as a Wiiware release that was heavily cut down...



PSICOffee said:

At first I thought not if its more expensive than on the PS360 on PC, but extra features would be nice so I wouldn't mind. I don't think the package would end up being exclusive though, as is the usual case with games released on other consoles.



fixjuxa said:

I'd prefer to pay $20 for a retail game than less for a watered down downloadable version. Bring on the retail game, I say!



y2josh said:

I've bought it on XBOX Live already, but would rebuy it if it were released on disc



Corbs said:

I think retail might be the best bet given how much would have to be cut from the WiiWare version. But I'll reiterate my hope that the game might be moved over to the 3DS. 3D Super Meat Boy on the go is just too tempting.



JakobG said:

Oh, and I'd so get it.
Not only would it have all the features, thus being the superior version of all the ports, but also do I prefer a physical copy over a digital download.



Omega said:

I'm only slightly interested in this game. The graphics look pretty simple and constantly hearing that the game is damn hard doesn't convince me either.

If they would release it as WiiWare I would probably buy it for 1000 Points. Maybe. At least if there are no better games on WiiWare, I still don't have. But no way I'd buy it as retail. Sorry.



coyote37 said:

I'm amazed so many people are so pro-retail. There's no way I'd buy this as a boxed product, additional features or not. This type of game just seems like a really good fit for wiiware, and anyway, I far prefer the convenience of downloadable games for this kind of risk taking concept. I'm way more likely to take a punt on something unusual if it's only a few button clicks away. No way if I'd actually have to go shopping for it.

How about splitting it into two 'episodes', ala Sonic 4? (another wiiware game I love that I probably wouldn't have bothered with at retail)



booker_steve said:

I agree with coyote37, would much prefer on Wiiware than retail. If it does go down the retail route I think it will have to be the Steam version for me.



Cubeman said:

Retail sounds good to me as long as it offers more than a WiiWare version would do.
Nevertheless it doubt that they would sell it for only 15 € (which equalls 20 $). It think it would probably the same as with Worms. Less than 30 but more than 20. But, if the reviews are good enough, I would still buy it.



Aviator said:

It would be a smart move if Team Meat pushed SMB onto a retail disc. As it would give them more exposure than WW, but I think that people who buy SMB on WW know what they are looking for.



argus said:

It was supposed to come out this month on Wiiware, and they are just now trying to deal with the size issue? How did they not plan for this in the first place? How embarrassing.

There is no way I would pay $20 for this on a retail disc. I'd rather skip it and buy 2-3 Wiiware games for that price.



Aviator said:

It was originally meant to be half the size it is, but they just added on and on. So for their efforts, credit must be given where credit is due, but Nintendo needs to improve their attitude to online services.



GeminiSaint said:

This game just doesn't look like retail material. It won't get a sale from me if it goes retail, sorry.



MrDanger88 said:

I've played the Arcade version for probably 20+ hours. Best $10 I've spent on a downloadable title in a while. Nintendo really needs to lift the filesize limit. They just hurt themselves, although I think that they know WiiWare sucks anyway.



MyIGNLoginIsBetter said:

At first my feelings were hurt over the gradual slide from "Wii-exclusive, we're catering to the needs of the Nintendo fanbase" to "Maaaybe we can make it?," but I guess I could fork over $8-10 more for a full-bodied experience. I prefer WiiWare releases because the format needs support and I like having DLed games ready to play, but this isn't so bad.

Now gimme that sweet instruction manual and collector's stickers to slap all over my Trapper Keeper.



Skrubber said:

Add some extra Wii exclusive content to justify the higher price point, release it as a budget retail game and put sticker on the box quoting reviews of the 360 version. It will do surprisingly well.

Still going for the pc version though.



Weskerb said:

I'd prefer a smaller version for 1000 points. I wouldn't buy a retail version. Or just bring it PSN, then I'd be happy.



RantingThespian said:

I'd prefer it on Disc. It would save space on my Wii, and I would get all the goodies that the game should have.



Starwolf_UK said:

@accc. you serious about it being 90MB? This just screams Team Meat trying to go for a retail release as they feel the audience has already bought in XBLA (as everyone whose online buys from there, people like myself with an actual interest in the Wii Shop but no Xbox360 don't exist) and are going for a new audience, which seems rather clever (except when it comes to Europe and it ends up costing 3 times as much as the WiiWare release...see also; World of Goo and the negative reactions to that retail release...even with a whole extra world planned).

But the "wah wah it won't fit" is just laziniess if you ask me. I thought Wiiware was the lead platform? Also if World of Goo and And Yet It Moves managed to fit in the limits (IIRC both of these are around the 200MB mark on the PC) and Machinarium (sp?) which is larger than those is also gunning for it, what is their problem?



Rerun said:

I personally like retail releases over downloaded versions. I like holding the disc and reading the manual. Everything's virtual. It bother's me a bit. The other day, my heart skipped a bit when my Wii got an error message. First thing that I thought of was all my WiiWare and VC titles.



Collision_Cat said:

I'm with Drake - usually I buy console versions of games as my PC is not very powerful at all, but I reckon this game will run fine on it and will be much better than a cut-down WiiWare release. If it gets a retail release with extras though, it might end up slightly better than on the PC!



handsomegamer said:

I have got it on my xbox360, it's nothing special, spend your money on epic yarn or donkey kong instead.



Token_Girl said:

The big problem with it going retail is that $20 is generally where games start going into the "bargain bin" and not on store shelves. Lower prices are good, but this could bite them. The people who know about the game will buy it, but it's going to be buried under Petz and Babiez and other various shovelware often ending in z. People who don't know about the game will probably lump it in with them mentally.

You probably will get some kids in the like 8-14 range who only have enough money for the bargain bin finding this gem who's families' Wiis aren't hooked up to the internet (with a well written description on the back, I know my broke kid self would be happy to have found this gem). However, I'm not sure if those sales would justify the extra cost of going onto a disc.

Note: Please do not make the game more expensive to stay out of the bargain bin. I'll look for it. Promise!



millarrp said:

if it means having the full experince without having to give up options, definately



Crunc said:

I tried the demo on the 360 and got annoying frustrated just in the demo. Needless to say, I won't be buying it on any platform! The funny thing is I liked Mega Man 10 a lot, though admittedly only on easy mode. The normal mode is way to hard. I wish SMB had an easy mode. Oh well.



dhowerter said:

Hmm, btw how much was this going to cost if it DID come out on WiiWare?

The funny thing is it SOUNDS like the retail release would cost you more, until you realize that if it came out as a WiiWare title, the price would likely never go down and of course, if it came out as a retail release ($20), it will go down (quickly

So theoretically, in terms of price you might be able to pick up the retail release (with extras! for say $10 / cheaper than the WiiWare version (say a month or 2 after release).

On the other hand, it would be nice just to go download it and not worry about scratches on the disc / disc maintenance



NintendoFanatic98 said:

I choose disc, because it will probably have more levels and characters as well as maybe even improved graphics. Who knows?



Connors said:

Well, the Wii is already notorious for not having as many good games, or having crappy versions of games that are better on any other system, so I would totally go for the disk version. I don't want to miss out on anything dangit!!!



Omenapoika said:

At first I was like damn and meh. But then I got the thought of having the super meat boy on a disc instead of taking it's fair 1/6 or 1/5 of Wii's internal memory. AND having some sweet extras to boost it's consumer value to the already kind hearted 20 currency counters.

I'd definately go in for the kill!
(+having it on a disc would make it seem like Wii is the "actual" platform for the game ;3)



Timwario said:

I was holding off on buying this, so I might get this over the xbox version if it has more content. That and I'd like to not play it with an analogue stick or a crappy d-pad on the xbox controller. The sideways Wiiremote would be perfect for this game!



bboy1 said:

I was holding off for the wiiware version since I have like 6000 wii points but if this was to happen then I'd just buy it on Xbox Live or Steam. A game of this size doesn't feel worthy of my shelf space.



dungeonboss said:

Only if there are boobies. Gratuitous violence needs some added sex to sway my wallet.

Okay. I'm done. Back to my cave.



StarDust4Ever said:

Quote Nintendolife: "Then again, a WiiWare release that's missing features and is graphically cut-down wouldn't go down well with the fans."

Try telling that to Nintendo with Mario All-Stars. They are basically releasing an SNES ROM on a 4.7 Gbyte disc for US $29.99 instead of an $8 Virtual Console Download. If you're going to do the retail route, at least bundle it together with Super Mario World and Mario 64, with an option to use New Mario Bros and Galaxy style graphics. Nintendo = Lazy! Despite this gripe, plus the fact I own a superior version of this game on SNES (All Stars + Super Mario World) I am still buying it, and would definitely buy Super Meat Boy on retail for $19.99

If Meat Boy do release on disc, then I hope to gracious Nintendo don't censor the blood effects (Mortal Kombat, anyone?), even if it means bumping up the ratings. That is the best part

@dungeonboss: Only if they make em big and bouncy, too
Shouldn't be much of an issue. Anyone remember partner Flurrie from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door?

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