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Boonehams commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

And Token Girl basically closes down the discussion... but that's not gonna stop me from saying my two cents!

I'm of the mind that if the story was told well, this controversy wouldn't exist. Feel free to blame it on things getting lost in translation or that the storytellers made some big, amateurish mistakes (dropping seemingly important plot threads, characters acting out of character for plotting purposes, melodramatic over-monologuing, etc.), but everything mentioned in the previously linked article (89. Ski Deuce) sums up EXACTLY how I felt watching the story unfold.

One final thing that I just have to say: There is NOTHING you could say that could convince me that Samus would turn "little-girl scared" at the sight of Ridley. Prior to 'Other M' in the 'Metroid' timeline, she single-handedly defeated Ridley 4 times and had a total of about 7 different violent confrontations with him. Even under the worst conditions, she was always able to escape. What could possibly scare her about him at this point?

Okay, imagine that your parents were killed by some monster and then, when you're older, you are given the chance at vengeance and you kill it... on 4 separate occasions. Despite how fearsome the monster is, you know that you are capable of taking it out (or at the very least, holding your own until you can escape) because you've done it before several times. Now, how would you feel if you ran into it again? If you said "scared to the point that I can't move," you might be insane.



Boonehams commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey (Wii):

@38. Bulbasaurus Rex: I personally think it's better. At least in Epic Mickey when there's some platform-y bits with linear paths, the camera will pick a fixed angle, á la Super Mario Galaxy. The free-roaming areas can sometimes be awkward, but if you've played N64-era adventure and platforming games, you'll definitely be able tolerate it.



Boonehams commented on Warren Spector Defends Mickey's Maligned Camer...:

I didn't find the camera bad enough to detract from the overall game. I thought the story and exploration were engrossing enough to not be bothered. And to be honest, the camera in this game no worse than many of the well-regarded 3D platformers from the N64 era.



Boonehams commented on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Blocked Marvel vs Capcom ...:

By Svensson's reasoning, the Wii should be getting 'Street Fighter X Tekken' as an exclusive... but it's not. Also, by extrapolation, shouldn't the Wii be getting 'Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition' as an exclusive to make up for not having a Street Fighter game on the console?

That said, it's nice to see the Wii get some love in the form of a decent, well-made exclusive, regardless of specific content. I'm more of a Marvel fan than Tatsunok-who?, but the gameplay of TvC is great and more than makes up for lack of immediately recognizable characters.



Boonehams commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

I owned the original game for the NES and liked it. I got the old-school Gameboy simply to play Metroid II -- no other reason. And yes, I was one of the people who originally poo-poo'd the idea of making Metroid a First-Person shooter, but ended up loving Prime. So much so, that I bought the whole trilogy... twice; first individually and then the collection disc for Wii.

That all said, I was a bit dismayed seeing footage of Other M and hearing about the sans-nunchuk controls, but thought, "Well, I'm sure it'll work out in the end. After all, I was critical of Prime before its release and ended up loving that game." I decided to wait for the reviews to make up my mind, but was disappointed to see the mixed reception it got. I eventually dismissed it as just some reviewers being overly critical and trying to crap on Nintendo. (Game Informer and G4? Devout Nintendo haters, all.)

I finally got my chance to make up my own mind by playing the game for half-an-hour at a Gamestop kiosk... and walked away frustrated and confused. 3D movement using a D-pad? Getting shot at by off-screen enemies? Having to flip the remote for first-person segments and NOT being able to move? Other M was just so cumbersome and awkward and, quite frankly, backwards when it came to game design that I couldn't believe what I had played. "Well," I thought, "perhaps the story will save it. If the plot and cinematics are engaging and well-done, I'd be willing to live with the controls."

Oh, good Lord, I wished its story was good. I watched a video of the Movie Mode and I couldn't take it. The story was so overwrought and expository that I just shut it off halfway through. Nevermind the characterization of Samus (which I also didn't like) -- the story was boring and told poorly. (This is a visual medium. SHOW, DON'T TELL.)

If the next Metroid game will be made by the same people, then count me out.

EDIT: And in case you couldn't tell from my story, I never bought Other M, but I didn't do so out of blind faith in reviews.



Boonehams commented on Mario Sports Mix Gets a Little Square Enix Boost:

Every source I've looked at has said that the game featured Dragon Quest characters, yet there aren't any shown. My hypothesis: That ??? isn't the random selection, but a as-of-yet-unrevealed Dragon Quest character. Sports/fighting games that have a random selection option usually reserve that spot for dead last when reading left-to-right; in this case, it would be the completely empty slot to the right of the Mii.



Boonehams commented on Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Re...:

It'd be a nice change of pace to see a game where the Wii version gets the more robust package.

I'd buy a disc version of it, assuming that they get some nice extras in there. Good luck to Team Meat in finding a publisher!



Boonehams commented on NBA Jam Man Disappointed by Gamers' Negative A...:

Lack of maturity and almost complete anonymity make a deadly combination. Anyone who has dealt with headset-enabled group online play on XBLA/PSN/PC or cruised the message boards for multi-platform gaming sites can see exactly what Trey Smith's talking about.

That said, if he's complaining about the ire he and EA Sports have received over this NBA Jam fiasco, he needs to realize that it's not without merit. Gamers, especially Wii-owners, were flat-out lied to over this game. I explained the entire story as objectively as possible to my girlfriend, who isn't well-versed with video game culture, and even she said that the game-makers deserve whatever hate they've gotten.

EA Sports dropped the ball (no pun intended) and turned NBA Jam into a big PR mistake. Trey Smith should just nut-up and accept the negative criticism on this one.

EDIT: Modified my post to be more to The Fox's liking. Also, MasterGraveheart speaks the truth, albeit a tad angrier than how I'd phrase it.



Boonehams commented on New Trailer for NBA Jam Remix Modes is Nothing...:

Yeah, it actually turned out WORSE than I thought for Wii owners, what with it coming out sooner than expected and standalone, no less. NBA Jam on the Wii is going to tank... HARD. And EA will have no one to blame but themselves for the poor sales on the Wii, but watch: They'll still pull out the ol' chestnut of, "No one buys 3rd party titles on Wii! It's Dead Space: Extraction all over again! Baaaaw!"



Boonehams commented on New Trailer for NBA Jam Remix Modes is Nothing...:

@32: The official word from EA (emphasis by me):
"NBA Jam is only available with the purchase NBA Elite 11. There are no plans to sell it as a standalone product on the X360 or PS3 at this time."
At this time? You know what that means -- they're going to do it, but only after they've tested the waters with this whole NBA Elite thing. PS360 is getting the FULL game soon, I guarantee it.

@34: The "buy and return" policy can still work on shrewd gamers. Even selling it back used, they'll only spend around $15, maybe $20, for it. For some people, like the exact demographic this game is going for -- gamers who grew up on Jam 17 years ago, but now have a family and no longer live near any of their friends -- $15 and the hassle is worth it just to play NBA Jam online.

But none of that will matter when they release it for $15 on PSN/XBLA in less than a year, which they will.



Boonehams commented on Interview: Brian Provinciano - Retro City Rampage:

I think he went with $15 since that's usually the standard going price set for new PSN and XBLA downloadable games... and he has said that he's working on putting the game onto other platforms. Besides, $15 isn't very much at all for the amount of content you get. Think about it this way: It's only $3 more than Sin & Punishment.

Regardless, I'm sooooooooo getting this for WiiWare day one.



Boonehams commented on New Trailer for NBA Jam Remix Modes is Nothing...:

My prediction: Due to fan backlash of EA Sport's mismanagement of the franchise, NBA Jam for the Wii will do worse than expected, while NBA Elite 11 (which contains the download code for the HD version of NBA Jam) will do better than expected. Unbeknownst to the heads at EA, a large percentage of the people purchasing NBA Elite 11 are doing so for the NBA Jam download code and then immediately selling/returning the game back. Seeing the high amount of downloads for the PS360 version of Jam prompts EA Sports to release the FULL version (including Online AND Remix modes) to PSN/XBLA around third quarter of 2011 for $15, a fraction of the price that Wii owners paid.

Search your feelings... you all know this is going to happen.



Boonehams commented on Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam:

@75. Iz2010: Essentially, yes. PS360 doesn't have Remix Mode, but Wii doesn't have online. I know EA has been trying to do damage control by saying, "Well, Remix Mode is, like, 20 hours of gameplay, so the Wii version is the definitive blah, blah." But do you know what makes for endless gameplay, EA? An online mode.

I think seed (#69) has the right idea. I was going to skip Hoopworld for NBA Jam, but it now looks to be the better choice, if for no other reason than price alone.



Boonehams commented on Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam:

Charting this game's progress from announcement to release is an excellent blueprint in how to completely shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to releasing a game. Good going, EA.

This game went from pre-order to wait-unti-bargain-bin (or download on PSN/XBLA) pretty quick.



Boonehams commented on New Sonic Wisp Power-Ups Help Sonic Hover and ...:

Please, someone, explain to me how Sonic getting special powers in this game is a travesty and a potential mark of a bad game, yet him getting the elementally-based shields that gave him different abilities in Sonic 3 was good.

Also explain how having a Sonic game aimed at children is a bad idea when the times that they made Sonic "edgy" and "adult" we got Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic kissing a human girl.



Boonehams commented on High Voltage Employees Get Layoff Shock:

@y2josh: As it happens in the industry (and in most industries, actually), sometimes people stay at a company for long enough that they price themselves out -- raises, etc. Sometimes you have to cull the herd to bring in some new blood... who will accept less money. It happens, and it's an unfortunate, sad truth.



Boonehams commented on Review: Toribash (WiiWare):

I played (keyword: played, not bought) this game without even knowing that a PC/Mac version existed. After trying to do a single move, I almost completely gave up solely from the controls. Playing it, I literally said out loud, "Why in the crap can't I use the IR pointer? It doesn't make sense not to." I kept screwing up and selecting the wrong joints because I had to basically cycle through the whole body before I got what I wanted and it took so long to do anything. It was so user unintuitive that it frustrated me beyond belief.

I'm a patient man, but after playing this version and learning there's a free, legal version for Mac/PC that uses a mouse, this game's a no-buy for me. A shame, too -- I was willing to pay for it.



Boonehams commented on Review: Hoopworld (WiiWare):


It looks like a fun game. Hearing the gripes, however, make me wish that demos were available. It could make or break my decision as to whether I'd buy it or not.



Boonehams commented on Rabbids Travel in Time Details Step Out of the...:

@HiroshiYamauchi: The exact opposite for me. My girlfriend and I still play Rabbids Go Home, but not the Party Games.

But seriously, how many freaking party games are there on the Wii now? Are people honestly still not sick of them yet? Okay, to each their own, but c'mon.... There's been THREE Rabbids-based party games already. The idea of the time-traveling sounded like they were going to do another adventure game, especially after already taking the step forward and actually making one. So yeah, hearing that they went backwards in development and made ANOTHER party game gave my hopes up. Not only that, but only 20 mini-games? Ugh.

Honestly, there's nothing good in this announcement to me. Count me out.



Boonehams commented on Capcom Not Ruling Out Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on Wii:

I seem to remember Capcom saying something very similar about Resident Evil 5... and Street Fighter 4. [looks at watch] Third time's the charm...?

Then again, due to the outcry from fans, we all got Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom outside of Japan. (Not only that, but it was a superior version with more characters and better balance.) Maybe we should try yelling at Capcom again for MVC3.



Boonehams commented on E3 2010: This Kirby Advert Looks Familiar:

Not to be an attention whore or nothing, but I mentioned this back in the comment thread for the original announcement. Still, I could watch the commercial and the game's trailer over and over again.



Boonehams commented on E3 2010: Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Revealed:

Agreed. But I've never been much into mini-game collections. They're okay if you're used to having game parties and whatnot, but when I'm by myself, I prefer a more structured, goal-oriented game. I hope that we don't go back after taking a step forward.



Boonehams commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

Jungle Beat was a great game, but was too short. I know some here say it was gimmicky with the Bongo Drum peripheral, but if you play the New Play Control version, it doesn't feel gimmicky at all. It's a great, fun game... that could have stood to be longer.

Donkey Kong 64 was a good game, but suffered for the exact opposite reason. There was so much fetch-questing and item collecting and characters that it got to be too large for its own good and was borderline boring because of it. Crystal coconuts, golden bananas, several character-specific items, Boss Keys and so on....

If Retro really is making a proper DK game and can find a way to combine the best elements of both of those games, I'd be a happy camper.



Boonehams commented on First Sonic Colours Details Emerge:

I think Winslow there has the right idea -- keep your expectations low. The screens look good and it sounds like there's potential, but they've gotten us before.

That said, we may be rounding a corner here. Sonic Unleashed's day levels definitely showed promise in that the developers had an idea on how to make something decent. With Sonic & All-Stars Racing being better than expected and Sonic 4 on the way, things actually might be looking up for the Sonic brand. And with THAT said, I defer to what I first wrote.



Boonehams commented on First Details of de Blob: The Underground Reve...:

@Colinhall: I think the game they were talking about is Sonic Colors. It fits the bill with what they were talking about: takes place in space, they have exclusive details and the game stars an icon among gaming mascots (which is debatable given his more recent games).

Things the 'de Blob' sequel needs to do to get me interested:
1) Shorter levels and/or save points.
2) A jump button.
3) More variety in mission types.
4) More variety in enemies/hazards.
If those are fulfilled, count me in as first in line.