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Wed 14th Oct 2009

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TheSovietChairman commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

I enjoyed the gameplay, but I was offended by the story, and the depiction of Samus. I felt that a more sensitive and realistic interpretation of our Samus Aran would have been better (although I doubt that affected sales) but it was hardly plausible given that Team Ninja was involved.



TheSovietChairman commented on Review: Disney Guilty Party (Wii):

Hmmm... I agree. That threw me.

No matter how much a game targets non-traditional players, many of my friends on principle would never consider that a game could possibly do that with any credibility. Sad.

I was showing my sis (a Fine Arts student) some fantastic level design, and she actually refused to look at it, saying she could never be interested. I find it rare that a non-gamer would consider playing something, just because it's been designed with them as a target audience.




TheSovietChairman commented on New Metroid: Other M Footage Looks Intense:

Really, people? It looks great to me. Mind you, I spent over 400 hours on Ninja Gaiden Black. I like the look of the combat style. The solitary angst of the previous games was fantastic, but I'm ready for some colourful action.



TheSovietChairman commented on Cave Story Confirmed for Australia:

Yay for Cave Story! Actually, McD's Australia allows you to do most things, such as ordering a double pounder (that's 8 x 1/4 pounder's worth of patties).

Although they should drop that archaic 24 chicken nugget limit... Although for most McD stores, it's purely theoretical.

Go grab a triple cheese burger, everyone!