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Tue 11th Mar 2008

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Skrubber commented on Research Shows More Consumers are Choosing The...:

Absolutely! This is true in my case as well. At the moment I don't play as much on dedicated gaming systems as i used to. While commuting it's way more convinient for me to just pick and play something on my iPhone. And I get the chance to enjoy some good music at the same time!



Skrubber commented on If You Want Virtual Boy Games on 3DS, Speak Up:

I really hope they do it. It's almost free money. But then again it's Nintendo we're talking about.

I hope that if it ever gets released they add an option to change the red color to whatever color you prefer. Would rather play the games in black & white.



Skrubber commented on Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Re...:

Add some extra Wii exclusive content to justify the higher price point, release it as a budget retail game and put sticker on the box quoting reviews of the 360 version. It will do surprisingly well.

Still going for the pc version though.



Skrubber commented on Fils-Aime: Nintendo's Biggest Current Threat i...:

A lot of fanboyism in here. Of course Apple is a threat. A lot of people don't bother to bring with them a biggame system, including a bunch of game cartridges, in order to game for half on hour on a bus. My iPhone is a small and sleek device with which i can listen to my favorite music and play games on, at the same time. iPhone just happens to be a way more convenient solution for many people. You might enjoy a dedicated gaming system, but a lot of people don't.

Saying that iPhone games only are comparable to flash games is also a load of crap. There are plenty of high quality games on AppStore.

Don't get me wrong though, i own 3 DS systems as well as over 40 games. But simply because iPhone is different and doesn't offer any physical button's doesn't mean it can't be a competent gaming platform.



Skrubber commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

To people believing 3DS will be hacked: 3DS will probably NOT be hacked. At least not within the first years.

For example:

PS3 has not been hacked
PSP firmware has not been hacked since mid-2009
DSi/Xl has not been hacked

You don't seem to know what you are talking about. The vast majority of people pirating do not buy games. Do you honestly believe something else?

Also, pirating on DS is a huge issue, probably the biggest on any console this far. Most DS owners i know pirate their games. Not only that but in some countries e.g. China, there is no market for commercial DS games at all.



Skrubber commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

This game is no different from SNES games. There is no reason for why this game gets a 5/10, when good SNES games recieve much higher scores. The review score CAN NOT vary depending on wether it is sold the Virtual Console section or the WiiWare section. It-makes-no-sense. A game should only be judged on its own merits.



Skrubber commented on These Games Sold Over a Million Copies Last Year:

I understand why so many prefer pirating their DS games, and I know a lot of people who do. It's way more convenient, never having to swap game card and being able to back up the save files on a computer. Once you get used to it, it's very hard to go back. I myself still buy my DS games but I've got ane Acekard2 which I use for emulation, and it's an incredible little device.

@Token Girl I'm not sure I agree with you. It's way harder getting pirated games to run on your Wii than on your DS. Nowdays the only thing you have to do to play pirated DS games is to buy a game card and transfer some games from your computer, and you're ready to go.



Skrubber commented on Cave Story to Cost 1200 Wii Points:

Since I already finnished the PC version it's unlikely I'm going to pay 1200 Wii Points for this. If it was a 1000 I might just have considered it if I had a few points to spare.

Don't believe this price point was a very good decision!



Skrubber commented on DSi XL Gets The Hands-on Video Treatment:

Definetly going to get one of those, since i skipped the first DSi! My only problem is the lack of a white color. Guess I'll go for the wine red version instead...

RedBlueSpot@ What you're saying makes no sense. How'd you think the screen would work with a higher resolution? If the amount of pixels weren't exactely 4 times then amount on a normal DS the scaling would look strange. And if upcomming games would actually utilize the higher resolution, they'd require much more hardware capacity.

Personally I don't mind the bigger pixels, it'll just look sweet in 2d games!



Skrubber commented on Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (WiiWare):

The port may ba cheap, but at core it's the same exact game. Anyone that potentially would like the DS version, would moste likely like the Wii version aswell.

Wouldn't second opinions and user review's/scores be a good idea?



Skrubber commented on Chronos Twins DX:

I remember watching the GoNintendo review of the first game. Seemed to be extremely hard. Mostly I like hard games, but this seems to include too much multitasking, which isn't one of my strong sides. Looking forward to the review, though.



Skrubber commented on Nyko Bringing Wii MotionPlus to Wand+:

Will it even be possible to turn off the Motion Plus functions? Can't seem to find any button for that purpose. I mean, some games require you to remove add-ons, and if there isn't such a function, it would make this controller uncompatible with some Wii games.



Skrubber commented on Square Enix to Publish LIT in Japan:

Still haven't bought it, but i know i will, sooner or later.

I love how S-E is starting to publish great western titles in Japan. For example they released Modern Warfare 2 last week, and it actually did really well!



Skrubber commented on Review: Pole's Big Adventure (WiiWare):

Got it using Homebrew Channel last year. It's a decent little game, well worthy of a 6/10. It's short, not very intresting gameplay wise, but at least kind of unique.

You're not missing out on anything though, seriously.



Skrubber commented on Review: Rayman (DSiWare):

@Panda: Really dissapointed in your way of reviewing this game.

First off, you oviously haven't played this game enough. The following sentence proves this: "It’s not a particularly long affair, a few hours at most (which may be a blessing in disguise considering its jerk deaths) with the option to even skip a few stages via branching paths.".

1. You estimate the games length based on the percentage on your save file after x hours, rather then by playing through the game.
2. You're wrong about the branching paths. You have to play all the levels to get necessary power-ups. This also tells me that you haven't reached the end of any path, thus making it impossible for you to have fought any but the two first bosses!
3. To actually meet the final boss, one has to gather allt the pink blobs on every level. You weren't aware of this either.

Another sentence that made me angry:

"Boss fights suffer because of this, as sometimes it’s impossible to see where they’re coming from, and in at least one boss battle there doesn’t seem to be any way to escape getting hit – a hallmark of horrible game design."

I'm pretty confident you're talking about the boss in the music world and I'm pretty sure you're talking about the attack where he throws bombs at you, that explodes into music notes. I've played this boss and i can assure you, that it won't be easier with a few extra pixels. And it's not impossible to dodge the bombs, you're just no precise enough.

It's embrassing how you blame the screen resolution for your difficulties. Doesn't seem like you've understood it, but the reason for you dying is actually because this is a pretty hard game.



Skrubber commented on Nintendo Download: Rayman, Notebooks, Stress B...:

I hope Rayman is not based on the inferior GBA version, although it feels likely, since it probably would be easier to port. The size limit of DSiWare games shouldn't be a problem anyway, since the original Jaguar version is less then 4mb!



Skrubber commented on Sony Boss: All Your Sales Are Belong To Us, Ni...:

I think it's time for Nintendo to realese Wii Slim, with a sleaker and more appealing design at a 199$ price tag. Due to the cheap hardware it shouldn't be to hard to shrink the size conciderably and still have a high profit.

Afterwards, Nintendo should really start pushing the software. Not only future games, but those games that didn't get enough attention when they first were released. This way, they hopefully could catch quite a few of those, who up till now decided to skip on Nintendo this generation, and further expand the market for serious games on the console.



Skrubber commented on A Little Bit of... Nintendo Touch Golf:

Wasn't this game kinda light on content to begin with? The full boxed game is already out of print and can be found for about the same price as this, so there is no reason for this down scaled realase.

Nintendo, you make me sick.



Skrubber commented on Dragon Master Spell Caster:

C'mon foks, what do you find so interesting about this game, really? I can see noting but a big pile of dog poo.

People tend to joke about Wii:s graphics, comparing them to the N64's. Most of the time that's unjustified, but this time it would actually be a very realistic comparison. Just look att this pic:

Even doubt i've seen a 64 game with this low texture resolution.

And what do you mean by "Panzer Dragoon clone", is it a Lair clone as well? This game rather seems to be focusing on some kind of 1 on 1 dragon fight experience.



Skrubber commented on Review: Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair (MD):

I totally disagree witht the reviewer. While it is a pretty short game, it has high replay value and a good co-op option. Also, it is possible to adjust the difficulty level and the amount of lives, making it a beatable game, even for people like me.



Skrubber commented on Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair:

Hey, this is NOT "virtually identical". In the Mega Drive version there is fewer levels and the options to choose difficulty level, amount of lives and amount of continues, which in my opinion makes this a better game. It also has a bit diffrent graphics.

Compared to other games in its price tag i can't really say its worth its price. However, if you are a big Wonder Boy fan, as me, you should definitely give this a shot. It's especially fun in co-oop.



Skrubber commented on Puyo Puyo 2: Tsuu:

I would say the SNES version, Super Puyo Puyo 2 is better. It has better Backgrounds and in single player you meet every enemy in a decided order and have a short dialogue with them before the match.