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jbrodack commented on Review: Horizon Riders (WiiWare):

I tried the demo and wanted to like it but was not impressed. If the challenge relies on an awkward control scheme then the challenge is not implemented right. Also, couldn't you have used one balance board and one controller to be used for 2 player coop?

Having to twist the controller was annoying and having to fight with the controls seemed to mask that the shooting action was mediocre and not nearly as good and well refined as sin and punishment. It's never a good idea to leave out an easy to control option.

Still, might not be bad for those with a balance board wanting something different.



jbrodack commented on Feature: Castlevania - The Terrifying Ten:

Should have allowed non nintendo systems. Would still have been mostly nintendo games.

My biggest problem with the list is the omission of simon's quest. It might be because its the first castlevania I played but I still love that game though it's usually considered the black sheep of the original series. Great music and original setup with action and exploration. Only downfall was nonsensical clues and less impressive bosses.



jbrodack commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

I supported the wii for a while and saw it as a big innovation but this just seems thrown together. The fact that there will only be support for one controller just confirms that. If they thought it through they might have designed a smaller cheaper screen that integrates into the controller better not this tablet design they have now. They didn't go as far as they could have with motionplus games and they are falling behind in motion technology especially with kinect out.

They are expecting to lure hardcore gamers with the wii u but have only shown gimmicks so far and not detailed plans of a superior online network which is very much needed. They can still make the system good if they sort out all the details and put out great games but for now it looks like it will struggle to find an audience.



jbrodack commented on Following Wii U Unveiling, Nintendo Shares Dro...:

Well they are stressing how cool the controller is.... yet there is only support for one controller. It seems like they didn't really think the whole thing through. Yeah, you can use wii controllers but then the other players don't get the new experience they have been hyping.

Also, the controller is just too big. Maybe if they made it smaller it could be able to have at least one more controller. This seems kind of like a cool evolution of the vmu on the dreamcast but having support for only one and having it that size just seems like a half baked idea.



jbrodack commented on High Voltage Responds Badly to Scathing Condui...:

Hah this is pretty funny. Amazon reviews done for personal reasons is nothing new though and isn't too big a deal.

Also, I liked the first conduit and the sequel looks pretty good. Something I'd get at a lower price.

I don't trust joystiq's reviews one bit as they are the site who also unreasonably bashed the new splatterhouse. Apparently if something isn't a huge big budget production from one of the biggest companies they think a game is the worst ever.



jbrodack commented on Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Sequel Unlikely to Hit th...:

I liked tatunoko vs capcom but I'm in no rush to see a sequel. There is only so much excitement and willingness to buy I can have over similar fighting games. Over saturation was one of the reasons fighting games were in a decline for a while.

The next home nintendo console or another console makes sense as most have shifted away from wii development anyway.



jbrodack commented on First Impressions: FAST - Racing League:

Can't compare to wipeout hd which is one of the reasons I got a ps3 but still looks like it will be a good game on its own. I like the water on one of the tracks, the flipping on one part of the video, the 4 player split screen, and some of the long jumps. Those guys do do work on wiiware and this is one wiiware that easily looks like retail quality.



jbrodack commented on Redbox Game Rentals Go Nationwide in June:

Great news. Their selection might be better now since before was pretty much a test. Redbox is all over the US so this should be good for most people. Might not be the best for people who want to rent games for long periods or rent tons of games but is great for those that just want to try out an occasional game and don't want to spend much money.



jbrodack commented on Reggie: We're Not Interested in "Garage Develo...:

Nintendo does need much better quality control especially on their download services. However, singling out hobbyist developers isn't the way to do it. They should be seeking out these developers and making exclusive deals with them and reject companies with money who release shovelware to make a quick buck.

However, allowing hobbyists would require more work in reviewing which games should be released so its much easier for them to just say no to anyone without an official company behind them.



jbrodack commented on Reggie: We're Not Interested in "Garage Develo...:

There are a lot of crap games released on nintendo consoles so when they make statements like this or how their games are so much better than anything on IOS or android it seems very hypocritical.

The only reason cave story got released is because it was released by nicalis and not pixel himself. I think nintendo should allow hobbyists to release games for nintendo systems as long as they are of high quality. Games like everyday shooter on PSN were done by one person and sony has even released experimental demoscene stuff like linger in shadows. As long as you effectively filter all the crap out it shouldn't matter where your games come from.



jbrodack commented on Who Dares to Release We Dare in the UK? Not Ub...:

The idea for the game is pretty good and a potential money maker though it seems like they should have made the actual content of the game more adult so it fits more.
Still, an uproar over the rating not matching the advertising is just dumb. Something can be aimed at an adult audience and receive a 12+ rating. It just means that there is nothing objectionable to someone under 12 not that 12 year olds should play the game and act on its suggestive content.

Whats even worse is that the uproar is over what looks like a poorly done game.



jbrodack commented on High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for...:

This is actually good news as I thought this would be completely cancelled. The fact that its coming out for steam, ps3, and xbox is good to hear. I'm thinking more and more people are getting either ps3 or xbox in addition to a wii. Plus since this is on pc nobody should have to miss out on this.



jbrodack commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

I'd like to bring up that a legitimate reason that dsiware and even playstation minis are more expensive than app store games is that games on consoles have to be esrb (or whatever rating you have in your country) rated which costs money to do.



jbrodack commented on Reggie Defends High Download, Retail Price Point:

I'm not a fan of apple products but I do think they have a better online application store than nintendo who really doesn't know what they are doing with digital products and online in general.

Also, its not like nintendo has kept strict quality control over what appears on wiiware or dsiware. While I agree that a mentality that games are supposed to only be a dollar or two could be bad for the industry its good to let the developers charge what they think a game is worth and if it doesn't sell at that price be able to reduce the price when they want. Nintendo needs to give more control over pricing so that cheaply made quick games can be bought cheap and games that are full retail worthy experiences can be bought for more.



jbrodack commented on Behold This Boppin' BIT.TRIP FLUX Trailer:

I like beat a lot and its a cool idea to finish the series in the style in started. However, this will be the first bit.trip game I don't buy soon after its release. Largely because I still haven't beaten any bit.trip games. It didn't matter before since each game was so different. Since this is a sequel a game I didn't finish I'll wait til I'm able to finish beat to try this one.



jbrodack commented on Sega Lets Loose with New Conduit 2 Screens and...:

The ASE basketball game type sounds more like bombing run from unreal tournament 2004 to me than the halo gametype.

Anyway its definitely nice that there is a variety of gametypes as too often fps games just ship with standard deathmatch and cft gametypes.

I still don't see why people hate so much on the first conduit. I liked it better than call of duty or the many games that went for its gameplay style.

Anyway this looks good.



jbrodack commented on Nintendo Download: 28th January 2011 (Europe):

With Lit the graphics are a bit unpolished at times but the gameplay is great and really original. Well designed rooms and a cool horror atmosphere combine really well. I'd consider it one of wiiware's hidden gems so everyone in europe should really try the demo even if you don't like puzzle games or horror.



jbrodack commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:

I've largely lost interest in any good new wii titles coming out which is why I'm glad I'm going to get a ps3 which seems to have lots of great new releases to look forward too. Almost anything interesting for wii is getting canned or delayed though there are still games I've wanted to get for both wii and wiiware that I never got around to.

This ins't a big deal for me since I got meat boy on steam on a nice under $4 sale. Playing it with my ps2 controller hooked up to a usb adapter and works great. I feel for those of you who can't play this on pc.



jbrodack commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

A review of a retro re-release is different from a new release. With a retro release on a modern console you have to review the package overall. This is like if atari released a compilation of only 4 atari 2600 games on a wii disc. The games might be good but its a waste of space and just not enough for modern times. If this was a VC release they could just review the game quality but as a full fledged disc release that is already starting to sell for higher online there should be more than a VC release on disc. The package makes it looks like a collection or special version but its just what was on the super nintendo. The way nintendo has been advertising this they make it sound like a new compilation though its not.

They could have included SOMETHING else on the disc or updated the game somehow to make it a treat for the fans instead of a cheap money grab. Other companies have done better with retro releases and even nintendo has done better like with metroid prime trilogy. If they were going to be this lazy with the release they should have just put it on the VC. It shouldn't have messed with sales of the nes versions as I'm sure there are those who would prefer the original nes versions over the snes remixed versions included here.

The funny part of this whole thing is that this was a cool retro compilation done right at its time of release on the snes and a nice tribute to the nes games. Instead of a lazy port it changed the graphics and menus to make it easier to play. So you would think a port of an old retro compilation would be updated so many years after its original release, but thats not the case.

If this was an 800 point VC release it would deserve a high score. But as a disc release its just a missed opportunity. They should have redone more old mario games with wii quality graphics or released this at an under $20 price.



jbrodack commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

Obviously super mario all stars is a great game and would have scored well as a virtual console release but as a retail disc its a rip off which is the reason for the lower score.

This disc is just a Super Cash Grab rather than a real anniversary collection. They could have easily filled the disc with more content but they don't care and know they can get away with it from people who are happy with anything they put out.

This is not a four game collection its just one snes game that happened to have versions of four games in it. If this were a VC release it would have been $8 but they were able to get more off a disc release. This literally is a VC release on disc as there is nothing extra over what an actual VC release would have.

If you want this as a collector's item or this is your only way of playing super mario all stars then thats fine but otherwise you can't argue that this is a lazy release and not a very good value.



jbrodack commented on EA: Nintendo Needs to Drop Wii Price, Help Thi...:

Nintendo needs more motionplus games. The regular wii remote now seems outdated. There's not that many motionplus games out there and pretty much around the same of move and kinect games already.

At least nintendo finally got around to wiiware demos. Really need to revamp online system though probably won't happen til next console.



jbrodack commented on No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20...:

Its selling well for what it is and how little effort nintendo put into it. If there were more mario games on the disc, maybe bonus minigames, interviews, galleries, and such then it would be worth and and be worth selling more.

I'm guessing they didn't put additional mario games in there to avoid hurting VC sales. Still, there was so much more they could have done to celebrate mario's history than this. The soundtrack and booklet are nice but mario fans deserve more than a fancy VC release on disc.



jbrodack commented on Review: Mix Superstar (WiiWare):

Is this quicker and easier than computer based trackers like acid? I've used those before but haven't used them in a while. This is definitely cheaper but if you can't use your own loops might not want it. I like to make my own synth lines and drum loops and such. Still really cool that there is a cheap fairly easy to music editor like this that any of the many wii owners can use.



jbrodack commented on Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Re...:

Kind of odd that this was planned and hyped as a wiiware exclusive originally and now not even sure if it will be on the service. Obviously stopped thinking about the wiiware version once microsoft signed them on.

Still, if they have a wii retail with extras and the full feature suite of the other versions it would be worth buying for $20. If they slap the already cut down (no online or level editor) wiiware version on a disk then no thanks.



jbrodack commented on Broken Rules Feels Let Down by Nintendo's Onli...:

The wii shop interface wasn't too bad when there were fewer games but now with a lot of games it can be hard to get to the good ones. It needs to be redesigned so that its easier to browse through the whole library of games.



jbrodack commented on Features: NES Homebrew Is Where The Heart Is:

Great article. I hove homebrew gaming and its cool to see it getting featured here. Wasn't even sure if retro city rampage's origins would be looked at here so this article was a very pleasant surprise.

Atari has some great homebrew too.



jbrodack commented on Netflix Channel Now Available From Wii Shop:

I think netflix had some kind of deal with microsoft to keep service as an app only for xbox for a while and require discs for others. Now ps3 and wii have locally store netflix. Nice that netflix is now updated with new features like search and subtitles/audio tracks.



jbrodack commented on Review: Wii Party (Wii):

This has looked too similar to mario party for me to be interested. I know there are other modes but still its like a sequel to mario party with new modes and no mario. Maybe if this was cheaper but not gonna spend $50 on another party game. Nintendo really needs to try something different.



jbrodack commented on Hands On: PlayOn:

The subscription fee is a turn off. I'd rather use free methods to watch computer content on my tv. I guess this has its uses but not nearly worth it for me.



jbrodack commented on Serious Metroid: Other M Bug Requires Total Re...:

I don't know how they would fix this considering they have no real patching system in place. Though I do think one of the firmware updates did fix a bug in wii sports resort where the video kept playing showing how to use motion plus.



jbrodack commented on First Impressions: BIT.TRIP FATE:

With the hit box that small its looking like this should be fairly manageable. Then again I've thought that about each new bit.trip game before they crushed my soul and laughed at me for attempting to beat them.



jbrodack commented on Step to the Beat of the Lilt Line Website:

Looks cool and been waiting to see the wii version in action. Been following since the original announcement of this and since then really got to like 16bit and dubstep more. Reminds me how wipeout xl got me into future sound of london and techno more. I can definitely see this kind of music being divisive though.



jbrodack commented on Updated Cave Story Remixed Soundtrack Released:

@theblackdragon sorry, don't know how I read that wrong. You did get me there though 5 might be meant as a joke. Still, the main idea of my post was that the general negative reactions here are more from the main game remaining unpatched and the fact that to people who paid for the game its just not good enough.

Had this been released after a patch fixing the music and such or if those problems weren't there in the first place there would be much more acclaim and positive reaction for this free release.



jbrodack commented on Updated Cave Story Remixed Soundtrack Released:

People aren't complaining about something that's free, they are just still upset that the game hasn't been patched yet after having been out a while. I know the system nintendo has in place isn't the best for having patches but it has been done before and its something this game could really use.



jbrodack commented on Brand New Frobot Director's Cut Video:

The video was a funny idea but the voices could have been done better. Sounds like they just asked random friends or people around the office to do it. The binary part was funny though.

The game does look well made though and I like the theme.



jbrodack commented on Ivy the Kiwi?:

You guys weren't kidding when you said it was a simple question. Nice contest though.



jbrodack commented on NES-Style DJ Hero is Bleeping Cool:

@Blaketoberfest homebrew developers still make unofficial games for a lot of old systems including the atari 2600 and the more obscure vectrex. Playing homebrew games is one of the only legal uses of emulators.

I'm not sure if I'd care to play this but I do like the idea of 8bit mashups and the song in the vid is pretty cool.



jbrodack commented on NES-Style DJ Hero is Bleeping Cool:

This might not be out yet or use actual NES hardware but dpad hero is out and is for an actual nes. They have instructions on how to play it on your pc on their site.