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Fri 26th Mar 2010

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weirdproq commented on Japanese eBook Service Delayed For Nintendo 3DS:

Would love to read some One Piece manga on my 3DS in the west. I also would like to have some of that Zelda, Mega Man, Kingdom Hearts and Gon manga on there. Also wish there would be Tintin, Asterix and the Smurfs on there if this ever came to the west.



weirdproq commented on SEGA Drops Four Sonic Games from Japanese VC:

Maybe they're going to bring these games to the 3DS Virtual Console. My reasoning for this? These games are being taken off of the Japanese Virtual Console. Now why would they do that? Is it because they're not sell well? No. Is it because most people who would buy these games bought them already and Sega thinks they won't sell more copies? It's maybe a possibility. Is it something to do with the Wii U coming out? I don't know. Is it because Sega remembers that they made a handheld gaming system that could play Genesis games, and a converter for the Game Gear that could play Master System games? Maybe. This last question is my best guess as to why Sega is taking down these games from the Wii's Virtual Console.



weirdproq commented on RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D Hits the Skids:

I hope this game was just put on hold for them to fix up some things. I don't want this game to be cancelled. I love the Roller Coaster Tycoon series. I have all 3 games and their expansion packs, except the ones for the first game aren't working anymore.



weirdproq commented on Take a Trip Down Boom Street on 6th January:

What's with European Wii games and strange names like "Boom Street" and "Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City". I can understand "Boom Street". Maybe it's because of the saying "business is booming". But what's with "Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City".



weirdproq commented on Bugs'N'Balls:

This game is a rip off of a Game Boy game. I remember the game had penguins in it.



weirdproq commented on Nintendo Europe's Official Statement About eSh...:

Still no 3DS Prepaid Cards in Canada. I looked in a best buy and even asked someone but they don't have it. I looked on there Canadian website. I looked on the Canadian websites for Walmart and Amazon. I Couldn't find the card.