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Fri 28th Aug 2009

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coyote37 commented on Feature: The Best Games on GameCube and Wii:

The only games I'd boot off the list are the ones I haven't played, so I'm not sure where it would go, but the mighty Xenoblade Chronicles has more than earned it's place on my own Wii best of!

I'd also give honourable mention to No More Heroes, Silent Hill and Zack & Wiki, but only Xenoblade would be a dead cert for top ten!



coyote37 commented on Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Re...:

I'm amazed so many people are so pro-retail. There's no way I'd buy this as a boxed product, additional features or not. This type of game just seems like a really good fit for wiiware, and anyway, I far prefer the convenience of downloadable games for this kind of risk taking concept. I'm way more likely to take a punt on something unusual if it's only a few button clicks away. No way if I'd actually have to go shopping for it.

How about splitting it into two 'episodes', ala Sonic 4? (another wiiware game I love that I probably wouldn't have bothered with at retail)



coyote37 commented on SpotPass is Essentially WiiConnect24 for 3DS:

I want to see more details of that charging stand. At the moment I'm pretty wary of it as I spend a lot of time playing my DS while it's plugged into the mains. Does this mean I have to stop playing and wait for it to charge up even if I'm near a plug socket when the batteries run down?



coyote37 commented on See Plenty of New 3DS Games in Motion Right Here:

All looks great, but I'm disappointed not to see any really new ideas yet. Remember the wackiness of Warioware Touched, Nintendogs, Brian Training etc with the DS launch? I guess the games in this video are easy for us to grasp because they're all familiar brands/concepts, but I'd also like to see some evidence of the good old fashioned Nintendo creativity and madness. Some original IP please!



coyote37 commented on Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam:

Pathetic. Without online multiplayer this game is pretty much pointless for me, as I'm no longer in a lifestyle that let's me play local multiplayer at all (ie: all my gamer friends live in other parts of the country). Is it 2010 or 1990?



coyote37 commented on Get a Feel for Okamiden with New Screenshots a...:

Chibi is so cute! Definitely looking forward to this, although the timing might see it overshadowed by the 3DS I think.

Also, that's the first time I've seen the logo- so it's 'Oh' 'kah' 'mi'- Den, right? These things matter to me. I was mortified when I found out I'd been pronouncing Katamari Damacy (shi) wrong for months.



coyote37 commented on Angry Birds Making Their Nest on WiiWare:

It's a great game, with some of the best sound design I've ever heard (literally every sound is hilarious), but the price point is the thing that matters here. This costs a pound/dollar or two on the iPhone. For 200 points, I won't argue, but let's face it, it's going to be more isn't it?



coyote37 commented on Review: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun R...:

"We found the hardest level of the game to be the first, one of the largest battles, into which you are dropped with very little instruction and no opportunity to practice before getting shot at."

Sounds like an accurate simulation of the US pilots' experiences in 1941!

This has been at the top of my purchase list since I heard about it, but for 700 points? How could I say no?



coyote37 commented on First Look: Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red S...:

Looks good, but a bit TOTALLY AWESOME for a game about real battles. Such is with all war games though I suppose.

Also Pearl Harbour was a bit one sided and Guadalcanal wasn't really an aerial battle to be included in an aerial combat game. Wake Island or Midway would make sense I suppose.

Cell shaded intro and the bullet casings are pretty cool.