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Tue 28th Jul 2009

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bboy1 commented on WiiWare, Fez Developer Does Not Like You At All:

I've had a Wii since launch and the WiiWare service was great when I first got it. It's still a good service that provides some very good games. I did however get a 360 about 6 months ago and once experiencing XBLA after being oblivious to it, I have to admit that WiiWare is behind in a technological and services standpoint. I mainly get games on XBLA these days since it's just more accessible. Haven't touched WiiWare since getting my 360 but I still do browse it now and again to see if there's anything interesting. I do after all have 6000 Wii Points still in my balance from the Ambassador Program + free Virtual console downloads since I got Platinum status so it's not all bad

Of the 14 WiiWare games I've bought though, I''d say only 2 of them I regret buying. Lot of great games like Excitebike, Swords & Soldiers, Onslaught, NyxQuest, FFCC Darklord that I've had a lot of fun with.



bboy1 commented on Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Re...:

I was holding off for the wiiware version since I have like 6000 wii points but if this was to happen then I'd just buy it on Xbox Live or Steam. A game of this size doesn't feel worthy of my shelf space.



bboy1 commented on Review: Resident Evil (GameCube):

@ lockelocke

"the remake didn't really improve anything apart from the visuals"

Sorry but that's nonsense. The atmosphere and level of immersion was improved in the REmake because of the improved graphics and sound. Improved graphics may not mean so much in some games, but in survival horror games, they can have a huge effect on the experience.



bboy1 commented on n-Space Interested in Bringing Geist Back from...:

Geist was a very ambitious game that had a great concept, however, it wasn't pulled off as good as it could have been. There was a lot in the game so it had a lot of potential to do great things. It's just that each area didn't have enough depth to really make the game memorable. E.g. You could take control of soldiers making it a FPS, but it all felt so generic and linear once you got hold of that gun. I'd really like to see this on the 3DS though. If they could remake it and make it more in depth, including character development so that there would actually be some 3rd party characters that would make a name for Nintendo, I'd be really interested.



bboy1 commented on Review: Jett Rocket (WiiWare):

Ok, so I just finished it. Took about 4-5 hours. Overall it was a fun little game that reminds me of the older platformers from the N64 era, in particular Bomberman 64. Some of the mechanics and concepts reminded me of Sonic and Super Mario 64 as well. Graphics are great (obviously the main attraction of this game), the music is nice and the gameplay is varied enough.

There were some annoyances however. The game is pretty straight forward and easy as most people have said but what's frustrating is that you only have 4 hearts at max (start off each level with 3). Dieing means you have to start the level from the beginning and you have to collect all the solar cells again which becomes tedious. The way you die too isn't from challenging tasks but rather from frustrating level design, camera angles and enemies. One of the flying enemies is so fast that when you try to attack him you either miss and fly into the swamp or you collide with him when jumping, losing a heart. The camera can also get really bad as in some cases it either gives you a really bad angle you can't change out of or it all of a sudden forces you into some weird angle that the controller won't let you change unless you physically stop the character. The game froze on me once as well on the snow stage with the conveyor belts, forcing me to unplug my Wii from the wall.

Overall, it's a very good game and accomplishment for a WiiWare title but just expect some annoyances. I'd still recommend it as you don't see many platformers these days so it's a nice change.



bboy1 commented on Be a PAL - Become a Connection Ambassador:

It's funny how people here are saying "I'm happy to help you get your Wii online". C' need to BS one cares about helping...they just want the points for themselves..

That said, I am now officially the 312th person to have helped 20 people.



bboy1 commented on Review: Dead Space: Extraction (Wii):

Wow, what a game. Loved the original Dead Space and they did an awesome job of making DSE fit right in. The storyline is so's what made me go from start to finish.



bboy1 commented on Rage of the Gladiator to Cost 1000 Wii Points:

Wow, I really have to give credit to Ghostfire. It's rare that you see a company that actually wants to cooperate and listen to people. Regardless of how this game turns out, you'll have earned respect, so well done.



bboy1 commented on Review: Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! T...:

This game's been out for ages. Why is it being reviewed now? :S

Well regardless, this is the best game out of the 3. I remember playing EBA first and thinking how awesome it was. After I finished it though I sold it because I couldn't stand the theme and characters of the game. The Americanization of it ruined the experience. They tried to fit a Japanese world into an American world and it just doesn't work. It's like when Miyazaki films get dubbed. It ruins it. Same scenario with EBA. Especially the agents. My much more annoying and lame could they get? They're so bad I cringe.

....until I found out about Ouendan. Ouendan is way better and this 2nd one is even better. Plus the characters aren't annoying! They're actually cool and funny. Music is way better too.



bboy1 commented on Golden Sun DS:

I bought the first Golden Sun just before going to Japan in 2001 so I played most of it in Japan. Not only is it such an awesome game but it reminds me of my trip too which is a plus. Nostalgia at its finest.



bboy1 commented on Nintendo Silence Talking Link:

As soon as I saw Link I felt embarrassed for them. Some games and animes just don't work when it comes to real life interpretations. Zelda is one of them. This looks terrible even if it is a fan made movie. It was never going to work and it never will. It's like making a real life Pokemon movie. Just take a look at that stupid Dragon Ball movie. God, it just makes me cringe. The fact is this movie looks like a trailer for some porno movie with a Zelda theme.

Maybe Nintendo saw it and cringed at how bad it was too. Maybe they thought that even so, some people could mistake it for some serious movie about the franchise and get the wrong idea especially due to some of the things like 'this fall'.



bboy1 commented on Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life:

@ 59. Big A2: Geez calm down dude wth. He's just being friendly. You sound like one of those guys that screams RACIST if you call a black guy black. If anything, you're the pervert for interpreting it the way you did. By playing games with the kid and his family, I'm pretty sure he meant online via wifi...not at the kid's house next to him...



bboy1 commented on Voice of Mario Wanted To Voice Link:

If they were to ever voice link, they should only use the Japanese voice actor (or any other I guess) who does his grunts and what not to speak in Japanese but retain the speech boxes (in different languages) to act as the subtitles. Japanese is the only way to go if you want it to not sound all cheapened up. Though if this was to be the case, I highly doubt it would ever happen. But I'd prefer Link and all the characters to be left silent as that adds to the game's Japanese charm. The last thing I'd want is Link speaking English in an American accent...that would just sound really cheap (no offense).



bboy1 commented on Nintendo Download: Zombies, LIT, Ghost Mansion...:

@ Bass X0

Well it's the same in Australia and I find it really lame that people in the country celebrate it since it's not an Australian has absolutely no meaning here. I mean, I'm sure in the US Halloween is a big thing but in Australia, no one celebrates it. The only ones that do are those in the business selling all the junk in the stores.....that and little kids who come trick or treating with their parents...

It's more of an excuse for little kids to get some free lollies, although many find it intrusive which is why half the people the kids ask don't even give lollies. Plus no one actually decorates their houses or dresses up here..

But anyway, back on topic....I can finally play LiT!



bboy1 commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

Just finished it, and all the play time including retries totaled just over 20 hours. I can't stress enough how good value that is considering a lot of retail games which cost way more last less than 10 hours.

Didn't end up needing any of the DLC. I reckon the hardest part of the game was chapter 3. Once you get the haste clock floor, use it because they're really effective at holding back enemies especially the annoying thieves.

For ranged units, the best strategy I found was to use several haste clocks with lvl 5 goblins in them and for melee enemies use the same floors but with lvl 5 bombs. Have lots of those floors then at the top have some defense floors with 2 ochus and a healer. The goblins and bombs will fend off everyone while the ochus at the top will kill wizards and any illusionists that get through. I barely used minions and behemoths in the later chapters cause they still attack slow in haste clocks. However along with ochus, you'll really need floors of them around chapters 3-4.



bboy1 commented on Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My L...:

Great game for 1000 points. I've clocked around 8 hours and am up to the end of the 3rd chapter. It can get pretty damn hard at times on the bonus missions. I haven't bought any DLC but I managed to beat that 3rd chapter bonus mission (ruins of carpeina) after like 10+ retries. You got to really think strategically. The trick is to use a couple of those slow down floors with magic guys in them (between them put 2 floors of magic guys) and also use healers in the bottom floors with goblins cause the bottom floors get wasted by thieves. And of course always have a couple puppet theatres at the very bottom.

Overall though I'm loving this game. It's great fun and addictive and definitely worth 1000 points!