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Tue 9th Jun 2009

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Pupil_of_Life commented on Rumour: Next Smash Bros. Could Be Called 'Univ...:

Sounds great, but it doesn't flow well with the naming conventions of past titles in the series, since Universe isn't really a fighting term. Besides, I had a better title in mind long before this announcement; Super Smash Bros. Ultimatum.



Pupil_of_Life commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

The only games I got on Nintendo consoles this year were Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for Wii and Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure. I've been seeing more transparent green cases this year...

On the other hand, my sister got a Harvest Moon game for DS, Glory of Heracles (that was accidentally tagged to me not her), and Disney Epic Mickey (which was on both my and her wish lists).



Pupil_of_Life commented on And Yet It Moves Competition Winners:

Well, I didn't expect that I would win at this contest! Congratulations to the other nine winners as well (including that Objection_Blaster guy that everybody keeps talking about).



Pupil_of_Life commented on Pokémon Black and White Starters are Disappoi...:

I don't care much for the fire pig (or its happy face that reminds me of that dumb emoticon that smiles while it looks away that nearly everyone on the internet likes for some reason) and I don't like the otter, it looks too much like a clown (by the way I rolled my eyes on Gavin Rozee's stupid comment when he said that the seashell on its stomach looked like genitals). I do kind of like the grass starter, but I agree with people when they say it looks like a snooty Treecko rip-off.

And thumbs down to Mr. Newton for this article. Regardless on whether or not I agree with him, I don't like that he used this article to voice his opinion on the new starters, especially the title. Please leave your opinions in the comments like everyone else!



Pupil_of_Life commented on US Pokémasters: Preorder Now, Get Ho-Oh or Lu...:

Why would I want to spent five extra dollars pre-ordering a game for a motionless figurine when I can wait until release day, go to my local Wal-Mart, and buy the game with the included accessory and the figurine and maybe some other bonus gifts at no extra charge? When Platinum was released in the United States, they had a bonus pack at Wal-Mart that contained the then-pre-orderable Giratina figurine that was promoted in commercials and got a free DS Lite case that could hold three extra DS cards, all at no additional cost.

Also, Platinum had a soft release a day before the official release at Nintendo World in New York. Not only did Nintendo heavily promote the game there with demos and a bunch of carnival-like games, the bonus pack for the game during that event had the Giratina figurine and the DS case with a special changing cover on it, also at no extra charge.

Too long, I didn't read it: The figurines are not worth the pre-order. Wait a bit and you'll be rewarded better.



Pupil_of_Life commented on Join the Official Nintendo Life Facebook Group!:

I'm with Ezekiel on this one. I'm not a Facebook or Twitter user, I do not like these sites at all, and Nintendo Life having either one has no influence on my decision whatsoever. All I can say is good for them Facebook fans on this site.



Pupil_of_Life commented on Wii "Most Reliable Console of This Generation":

Every video game console I've ever owned never failed on me (all Nintendo plus one Sega Genesis/Mega Drive), and I had my Genesis, first Nintendo 64 and first Super Nintendo sold just to get more games for my GameCube back then. However, I did accidentally broke off the lock on my GBA's battery cover though so I have to tape the cover back on every time I switch batteries and I had my first scratch on my DS Lite's touch screen, though its not damaging enough to mess it up a bit. I also had my fair share of buying unreliable N64 controllers as well with pre-broken analog sticks.



Pupil_of_Life commented on Game Boy 20th Anniversary Special:

Ah, the good ol' Game Boy. Too bad that my first Game Boy (a hand-me-down) had very few games. The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (the only one of my original Game Boy collection that's still with me), Killer Instinct, and a third game which I forgot the name of but I believe it had Tetris-like gameplay with a twist. I'm a big Pokémon fan as well (just don't ask me about the weak animé), but I've never had any of the first six main games in the series. O_o



Pupil_of_Life commented on First Impressions: Melee! Pokemon Scramble:

Could it be? A good Ambrella game? I usually think of Ambrella as being one of the thorns in Pokémon's side, but this is a good sign that they could actually help Pokémon for once.

Yeah, I like the Third Generation's Pokémon a lot, too. While I like Pokémon like Roserade, Froslass, and Gallade, it's sad that their pre-evolutions from Hoenn (especially Gallade's mate, Gardevoir) aren't going to join in on the action.



Pupil_of_Life commented on Competitions: Follow nintendolife on Twitter:

I'm sick of all these Twitter competitions that keep popping up all over the Internet. I missed out on a competition for the (yet-to-be-released) Zune HD because I needed to join the site hosting the contest and Twitter. No way I'm joining both that site and Twitter for that and this competition isn't going to change my mind. Can't we have a good, old-fashioned e-mail competition?



Pupil_of_Life commented on Reggie Wants Your Dream Nintendo Franchise/Dev...:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimatum A Super Smash Bros. game with almost every significantly notable video game character ever made, containing nearly everything made and notable in the video game industry in the form of Trophies, Stickers, Stages, Masterpieces, and more. Made by over twenty of the world's greatest video game developers working alongside Nintendo and HAL Laboratory, SSBU will be the ultimate video game and it will come out when it's done.



Pupil_of_Life commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:

I love playing this game; I have the original for the Nintendo 64 and the Collector's Edition disc for the GameCube. Unfortunately though, I can only play the GameCube version (which has crashed on me before) since I do not have the Expansion Pak needed for Majora's Mask's cartridge. But then again, I like the GameCube's controller better for comfort, control, and a definitely much better analog stick than the N64's loosey goosey stick.



Pupil_of_Life commented on The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition:

This is what the Zelda fans should get instead of four separate Virtual Console games. However, they just might want to make sure they have a second Memory Card in hand for backing up Majora's Mask, especially if they have another Zelda fan in the family.