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Thu 25th Mar 2010

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wes008 commented on Telltale Bringing Back to the Future Wii to Re...:

@SuperLink Like all of Telltale's other games, it's an episodic point-and-click adventure (think Heavy Rain with a mouse cursor). Telltale's Back to the Future puts a twist on the ending of the first movie: Instead of Doc coming back from the future in the end, he winds up trapped in the past and Marty needs to save him.



wes008 commented on Games Do More Damage Than Passive Smoking, say...:

Second hand smoke doesn't cause lung cancer (unless you were already on your way to developing it), so the effects of violent video games could be anywhere from very minimal to severe be more precise doctor! I honestly think they do in terms of behavior and I.Q. scores, but not to a damaging or unhealthy degree.



wes008 commented on Proof that Inazuma Eleven Really Is Out in the UK:

@Fuzzy Camelot's done that to a ton of sports before. Just never Soccer, err I mean Football. I really want to try this game out. Perhaps I should get an import in before I get my region-locked 3DS (there better be a hack to unlock it)



wes008 commented on Man Steals Game Boy from Casket at Funeral, Tu...:

Wow. How sad
@komicturtle92 I have a GB light Man, the days before backlight screens.
@Capt N I'm a Christian too. However, I'm not totally opposed to putting someone's belongings in their casket. So long as it's not the belief that they will carry those items on to Heaven (or H**l, or Purgatory). Putting things in the coffin can be a good reminder of that person's life.



wes008 commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword is Half Finished, says Mi...:

I think summer is a better time to expect it in. When dev teams usually say a game is "more than half" way done, they generally mean that they have the engine down, and some character models. In Skyward Swords case, they also have the motion mechanics down. From what we've seen at E3, they also have Link's model, some weapons, and a few enemies. Now they'll be plopping an overworld and dungeons in, and adding events to the game's code.

@The Man From Tallahassee When they said in 2009 that the game existed, they probably just meant that they had the plans for it.



wes008 commented on Sega Creates an Animal Crossing to Promote Son...:

I had a hedgehog for a pet. They're the sweetest things you could imagine. I'm glad Sega is doing this. Only two "plot holes." 1. Couldn't the hedgehogs cross at other places? and 2. How is this supposed to promote Sonic Colors?



wes008 commented on Games Basement Nabs Exclusive PDP Wii Headsets...:

Out in the US already? May pick it up for MH3 and Black Ops as long as it's compatible with all WiiSpeak games. If not, I just think the price will be to steep as most likely only a few games will support it.