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Sat 9th Jan 2010

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WereBeaver commented on Turn Your Retro Cartridges Into ROMS, Legally:

I can't imagine there would be a huge market for this.. If you still own the games you most likely still own the system too. People have been playing these games on the PC since I was, what, 12? ROMs are abundant, easy and 100% cheaper. Not 100% legal, and we all have our own moral standards in that regard. We're human, not government controlled robots.

I have no problem with the device, if you own game do what you will. It's not like Nintendo and Sega are still producing and selling those systems. Though this would've been more relevant 10 years ago.



WereBeaver commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back:

That's awesome for the 3DS and all (I really wanna get one but lack the resources at the moment...), but as an American Wii owner, one Zelda game isn't enough to hold me over, no matter how brilliant it is. NoA give us some love.



WereBeaver commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

In Japan, Nintendo is releasing a game a month for Wii until Wii U. They're localizing western games like Epic Mickey and 007. These won't be hits in Japan and I can't imagine they expect them to sell a lot. But they're doing for the fan base none the less. I see NO reason why these games shouldn't see a US release.



WereBeaver commented on Operation Rainfall Responds to Nintendo's "Nev...:

And it's bs to say these won't sell the US. Xenoblade is currently the number 2 most wished for Wii game behind Skyward Sword on Amazon, and is currently the number 7 best seller with pre-orders (NSMB Wii is number 6). There's plenty of demand for these games.



WereBeaver commented on Review: Donkey Kong (Game Boy):

Haha I remember playing this when I was little, just thinking that it was the first 4 levels repeated. I just about crapped myself when I realized there were multiple worlds..



WereBeaver commented on Suda51 Keen on Making Game With Nintendo:


Can't take a joke? I'm very familiar with Suda51. He's one of my favorite developers and has made some of the most unique games that I've ever played. Some just happened to contain lots of gore and potty jokes. I'd love to see him collaborate with Nintendo. I didn't think people were so defensive on this site...