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Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Titles With Game-Altering In-App Purchases

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher"

Please understand, Nintendo isn't keen on bringing its library of games to mobile right now — company president Satoru Iwata has been pretty firm on that point. However, Nintendo is an organisation which has shareholders, and that means it constantly faces pressure from these parties to make as much cash as possible — and to many investors, Iwata is ignoring the potential goldmine that is mobile and tablet gaming.

Seth Fischer — manager of a hedge fund that owns shares in Nintendo — is one of those people. He's penned a letter to the Nintendo president which outlines what he feels the Japanese company should do, and the Wall Street Journal has had a peek at it:

We believe Nintendo can create very profitable games based on in-game revenue models with the right development team.

The same people who spent hours playing Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and Legend of Zelda as children are now a demographic whose engagement on the smartphone is valued by the market at well over $100 billion.

Possibly the most eye-opening quote is the one which suggests that Fischer doesn't play games all that much:

Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher.

While Nintendo isn't against embracing new ways of earning cash — Steel Diver: Sub Wars and Rusty's Real Deal Baseball are proof of that — it is taking these steps on its own platforms, and not on smartphones and tablets — which is what investors like Fischer want to see.

Fischer's comments are on shaky ground — we'd like to think that no Nintendo gamer worth their salt would ever want to pay to gain an advantage in a game — but Iwata will certainly be feeling pressure from other investors to expand Nintendo's business into other sectors. What are your thoughts on this topic? Let us know with a comment.


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PokeTune said:

As stupidd as the people who run Nintendo are, I don't think they're THAT stupid to do something like this.



KeeperBvK said:

@Raylax lol, nice one ^^

But in all honesty, this sounds like the most horrible idea. IAPs are terrible most of the time, but thinking of such a microtranscation is just painful.



Kirk said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher"

This is EXACTLY why I NEVER want to see complete and utter c***s like this EVER have a say in the running of a company like Nintendo.

Nintendo has in the last couple of generations created enough disappointed and frustrated once huge fans as it is imo, speaking from personal experience, and this would ultimately just make people like me hate the company.

There's some potential in taking advantage of the mobile space and there's some genuinely good ways Nintendo could go about it but this is just the ENTIRELY wrong way to do it.

Guys like this need to just f**k off and wriggle back into the dirt.



Mk_II said:

Once Nintendo starts to take advice from hedge fund managers they are truly doomed. Thankfully that will never happen.



SpookyMeths said:

Is this guy Dr. Evil?

"We will assume that people want to play Mario with touch input, and are perfectly willing to actually pay for the ability to jump higher. I value this market at... ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS."




Osyrhia said:

I don't understand why anyone would suggest stuff like that, its silly and shows the huge problem that plagues the mobile games industry. I'm still surprised they want Nintendo to go Mobile by putting stuff on Android or iOS though. Okay my 3DS is really rubbish at multitasking but its the better option for games considering I find gamepad accessories with tablets bothersome and pointless.



ledreppe said:

I like smart phone games, when they're Angry Birds and the like. But shoe horning everything into them and adding in app purchases to "make Mario jump higher" is just despicable. I would never pay £1 to 'cheat' like that, it's just pure greed. As soon as Nintendo goes down that path of thinking it will be the end. Mario is just fine on Nintendo platforms, if you want to play Mario and Zelda etc, then BUY A BLOODY NINTENDO SYSTEM YOU CHEAP SKATES.



howser73 said:

I,m 40 played games for a loooooooong time and I hate playing any game on smartphone iPad that Need a virtual pad. There is profit and Great games to be found in that market, games designed around Touch screen only, im not against nintendo going into that market I can even forsee a crossover with games coming to both smartphone and nintendo platforms The smartphone game beving a free to play titel with no purchase but used as advertisment to by the nintendo system



Fazermint said:

I'm really looking forward to when the smartphone/tablet fad dies out. Of course, for that to happen, something even worse has to come around.



FireHorsePrime said:

I HATE playing games on my smartphone! I have some well rated titles too and as much as I tried, the touch screen does not work! I also rarely get in-game upgrades because of one bad experience. N.O.V.A. was one such purchase, and when I bought the unlock for the game, it never registered. I contacted the developer's customer support line and they said to uninstall and re-install, but I still got stuck in the same area and couldn't move forward. Still, the touch screen is not accurate enough for any action game, at least not for most of us with big hands or fat fingers. Fast reflexes require accurate and responsive controls and touch screens are not capable of it. Additionally I would feel that MY investment in Nintendo was diminished if I started seeing people play games like Super Mario 64 or Luigi's Mansion on their smartphones. Let them have Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds, the fact that so many great games are ONLY available on Nintendo hardware adds to their value. Additionally, the popularity of the 3DS is proof that people would rather have a dedicated portable gaming machine. I'm glad I can play Zelda or Metroid on my 3DS, not only because they look fantastic, but I can get calls and texts on my phone without interrupting my game. Sure there's money to be made for everything popular, but it doesn't necessarily make it right. Need I remind anyone what fossil fuels are doing this planet? Ultimately I think Nintendo needs to stay out of the mobile arena because it's for losers who are bored while riding on the train or the bus, not for serious gamers who take value in their game collections, their hardware or the legacy that the likes of Nintendo has created for us all. Tablets are a little closer to quality, but still the controls are an issue, and for a device intended for reading books and balancing your checkbook, playing Nintendo games on it would feel like eating Kobe steak on a paper plate.



edhe said:

People like this would sooner see a company go under as long as they can wring enough money out of the bloated corpse before moving on to the next host.

The same thing happened with Runescape - a game I used to love. Yes, the motions were set in place as early as 2005, but nowadays, the game is run by money men. You have the opportunity to pay for items you would normally have earned through your own hard work with real world money - every aspect of the game is geared towards prising more money from your wallet.

And now Square Enix have announced a new "free to play" iOS (we'll see how that goes!) iteration of Secret of Mana.

The games industry is going to crash so hard. It has to be inevitable if this is the only way (paying to make Mario jump higher, for example) to make enough profit.



DreamOn said:

99¢ to make items actually come out of the ? Blocks
99¢ to make the run button work
Just squeeze all the pennies from those mobile gaming suckers, Iwata-San. Forget this "game experience" crap, make us rich again!



Buduski said:

Please let the smartphone/tablet "gaming" fad DIE ALREADY! I hate playing those stupid 5 min time killers, sorry to all who enjoy gaming on those devices but Its really not my cup of tea, I take my 3DS XL almost every where, even to work, just so I can play during my break.



Undead_terror said:

1. I wouldn't say that would work at all!, now sure there might be some people who don't know about the game so they would buy it but lots of people who wanted to play old games got emulators on their phone, there are free emulators and good paid emulators that can play a variety of games under $5
2. people might want to support Nintendo by buying the game....but microtransactions is a no go or shouldn't need to be.



AJ_Lethal said:

Somebody must have been living under a rock during the Dungeon Keeper fiasco.

Mr. Fischer: screw off and die, please.



Nintenjoe64 said:

The mobile app obsession with tricking children into in-game purchases will definitely be its downfall. I had a rule to delete anything that was pay2win on my phone and it means I no longer play anything on my phone. £0.99 for a Granary in the easiest Civ game I've ever played was the final straw.



Serdadu said:

Gaming experience on a 3DS is way better than on any phone, but the truth is there is more people buying smartphones than game consoles. So, maybe the investors think games for Android or iOS will bring them more profit.
I just hope Nintendo don't start making games that have in-game purchases like most F2P games in my country, most of them are very bad. Sorry for bad English.



Trikeboy said:

Nintendo games belong on Nintendo systems. I have been a Nintendo fan since 1993 and if they were to do something like this, I would give up on the company. Playing a real game on a smart phone is incredibly hard because of limited controls and no tactile buttons. I downloaded that blatant rip off called Mole Kart and it had none of the tight controls from Mario Kart. They aren't gaming devices, they are phones. Games can be found on PC and consoles.



antipop621 said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher"
If this were to happen, I'd lose my faith in all things. But, I'm currently suffering through Champion's Road in 3D World and I've died so many times, that at this point I think I would be tempted to pay to have Mario re-spawn after a fall just so I could beat it.



FX102A said:

Would anyone be offended if I said that after reading that 99 cent = higher jumping quote I had a small desire to replace his spinal column with a pick axe?

There's seeking out new business and there's selling your morals, dignity and soul in order to scam people to the maximum extent.



element187 said:

@HyperSonicEXE how about a full economic collapse on a bigger scale than 2008? Because that is on its way. That should knock Wall Street back a few pegs as well.



Captain_Gonru said:

This article could have been titled "This is why Captain Gonru sometimes hates people". Those who "grew up on Mario" aren't the ones paying for mobile apps, dummy. We're the old curmudgeons who cling to our familiar controllers, and don't want to pay extra for our games. I know literally zero people in the mid-30s and up range (y'know, those old enoigh to habe played NES games when they were new?) who go crazy for in app purchases, or even flock to the latest smartphones games with anything more than idle curiosity.
Another example of having more money than brains.



Listerofsmeg86 said:

Why doesn't nintendo just make their own smartphone? Touch screen, buttons and analogue stick, eshop for all the games! Makes everyone happy! Think about it nintendo!



SanderEvers said:

It's not that easy. If they'd make a smartphone it needs to be able to compete with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. Which it never will.

And I hear you think. "Use android". Which has the same problem. Since that world is dictated by Google, Samsung and LG.
(Using WP isn't smart as MS is one of Nintendo's biggest competitors and Apple doesn't license other companies to make iOS phones)

In the smartphone business Nintendo will be the underdog.

I LOVE Nintendo with all my heart, but they need to stay out of the smartphone business at all costs.



SkywardLink98 said:

I don't see a problem when it's things like "$2.99 for World 9". Making Mario jump higher is out of the question though.



allav866 said:

I'm sorry but 99¢ to make Mario jump higher? They could charge a penny, and I'd still laugh at people who bought it.



Monkeh said:

So.. why is this newsworthy? Unless this a major shareholder, I don't see how the opinion of one shareholder matters, especially one this terrible.



allav866 said:

@SkywardLink98 Pretty much this. It would be interesting to see Nintendo make new levels for the original Super Mario Bros., and that price for 4 all new levels would be reasonable. I would pay 99¢ to play as Luigi if he retained his Lost Levels physics, but I think NES Remix 2 is doing that with Super Luigi Bros.



Romeo said:

the whole gaming community is making fun of fischer at this point, even sony and microsoft fans
quite funny, actually.. he just had to be drunk/high when writing this

personally.. i hope Nintendo stays as far away from mobile gaming (smartphone, tablet etc.) as humanly possible... i prefer quality gaming.. i have no need for all this 99cent crap

and i think we won't be seeing ANY nintendo games for smartphones in the near future...
in march they'll release Pokemon Battle Trozei (Pokemon Link Battle in EU), a game which would be absolutely perfect for smartphones..
if they won't even consider releasing such a game on smartphones.. i don't see them embracing mobile gaming anytime soon, which is a good thing!

unless they decide to release the mobile version a few weeks/months after the 3DS version.. it would literally be the perfect game for smartphones, but i hope they won't do it!



Kaze_Memaryu said:

This entire idea is just as shallow as many practices in mobile gaming. They rely on stupid people to buy stupid extensions for stupid games.
And what this oh-so-great investor completely fails to realize is that mobile games are not a controllable market, and that these numbers refer to ALL in-app purchases (which are not only found in games).
The sheer thought that this monkey considers himself an expert and his idea a good strategy makes me cringe. A LOT!

@Monkeh Unfortunately, he is (kinda). He's the manager of a shareholder fund, which is quite the influential position. But that only reinforces the fact that he doesn't know jack about the mobile OR gaming business at all.



B3ND3R said:

What the actual heck? There's no way Nintendo would go that direction! Nintendo titles only feel right on Nintendo platforms... I guess they forget that the 3ds IS "mobile gaming"...



Listerofsmeg86 said:

I understand what you're saying, but should nintendo not have made the wii u because they have to compete with sony and Microsoft? No! If the calls are for nintendo to release games on smartphones but they don't want to licence out their ip to other companies then surely the logical thing to do is make their own with all the nintendo magic?



B3ND3R said:

@PokeTune I wouldn't be calling them "stupid"... They've been in the business twice as long as you've been alive kid... Also, considering you fling the two words "Nintendo fanboys" around in a lot of your postings, that doesn't really fare well for your side of things in the intelligence department...



Captain_Toad said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher." ........ This comment right here says it all.



AG_Awesome said:

It's not like they're releasing VC games on the WiiU or 3ds anymore. Wouldn't hurt to release the same garbage they've given us but for the smart phone audiences. Let them enjoy a classic like Urban Champion... LMAO



Sean_Aaron said:

Investors should shut the hell up and stop thinking that because they buy stock for others they know how to run a business.



fortius54 said:

I understand Nintendo's position on why they do not want to go mobile. I for one don't want to play a traditional Mario game with virtual buttons. In the end, I think it would do more harm than good. The idea of having a loyal customer pay for a guy to go a little higher is utterly ridiculous. It should be enough to lose that idiot his job.

I can also however see why these investors are wanting to see mobile Nintendo happen. There is a lot of money in it, and it is not going away anytime soon. If Nintendo were to choose to do this, the experience would need to be unique to the mobile experience much like Sonic Dash. I think the Wii Play or the Wii Party type games would work. They are short mini experiences that really aren't worth more than a couple of bucks. So I say, if they do go mobile, they need to completely separate those games from their current library of games.



Stark_Nebula said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher."
I wish people that weren't game designers - heck, how aren't familiar with game design - could just leave it be. Breaking a game's balance by slapping on some new gimmick to make money is ignorant. I hate investors; they don't even have knowledge of what they're even investing in. They simply look at the $ sign.



Ralek85 said:

I don't see the issue with Nintendo providing gaming experience that a tailor made to are smartphone/touch screen environment that all these devices share. Maybe a joint venture with Apple would be more their style providing a more unified hardware as well as software basis for their develoment efforts. What they should NOT do in ANY case is trade on their name and franchises and provide shovelware possibly even tainted with unbearable micro-transactions. Maybe, and that is a big mabye, in the very short term, this would create some profit, but ultimately it would hurt their reputation and their band badly and at that costly. Nintendo should be smart about this, but the thing that bugs me is that clearly Iwata lacks the kind of insight into this area that would be necessary to pull something like this succesfully. Sadly this is not the only area were is expertise seems to be falling short significantly =( The way I say it under current managment Nintendo would only manage to alienate their loyal customer base, esp. in regards to handhelds. So as things stand they should steer clear.
Maybe Iwata realizes his own limited skillset and is honest enough about it to himself ^^ That would deserve at least some credit ... I guess.



unrandomsam said:

@Ralek85 They have the insight to have not done anything in that area yet. (Hopefully they never will other than maybe VC with their own controller).



sevex said:

Cellphone gamers don't even know who Nintendo is. Heck, most Wii owners probably don't know who they are. Nintendo can't just jump over to mobile and start making tons of money. Unless they hit the jackpot with the next Mad Birds or Candy Crap Story they'll be just another of the many developers having mediocre success in that market.



unrandomsam said:

@sevex They won't. They already have an established brand. Square Enix / Sega / Konami / Capcom / Square Enix are doing well on mobile. (As can be seen by the fact that they are keeping putting stuff on it as opposed to putting stuff on the 3DS or Vita). Only Sega supports physical controls though. (Cannot matter to the others whether the games can be played properly or not).



FriedSquid said:

I've never been too opposed to Nintendo bringing at least a little something to mobile markets, but a suggestion like that is idiotic and degrading.



Dolphin64 said:

@B3ND3R "Also, considering you fling the two words "Nintendo fanboys" around in a lot of your postings, that doesn't really fare well for your side of things in the intelligence department... "




Artwark said:

I'm pretty sure that if Nintendo ever wanted or decided to port games on Smartphones, the industy will be a jeopardy.

Think about it. Microsoft will probably sell off the Xbox brand, Sony would be the one who will be leading and then Nintendo will end up like Sega making quick money. Sony then will have no reason to be in the gaming biz because they are already in a big crisis so they'll end the Playstation Brand and then games will be dull with no charm, no point in playing and competition will be even more brutal because there are millions of games on the Smartphone devices.



luchacomics said:

I think that this guy is onto something - I just don't agree with his example. Imagine that there was an app, related to Mario - either a minigame, or some kind of trivia thing or whatever, that if you played, would unlock something in a retail 3DS/Wii U game (this transaction could be free). It really helps Nintendo to capture the attention of the market that is looking for Nintendo (or knockoffs, of which there are many) on their smart devices. But the ey is to link it back to a console.



jakysnakydx said:

Without seeming fanboyish, Iwata's statements at the last investor relations that they have a development crew to make 'small, interesting experiences' on smartphones is EXACTLY what I want. I want little time wasters that are free and stupid to take up 5 minutes of my day waiting between class or for the doctor, mvd, etc. Nintendo themes on all of these? Seriously, though, tempe run, candy crush, drawsomething, jetpack joyride... all of these would just seem fresh again if we had a nice Nintendo theme to them, getting us excited to come home and play some REAL video games.



unrandomsam said:

@memoryman3 If we get a Wii U with all the hardware built into the Gamepad I would be fine with that. (Presuming the stuff to run on a tablet supported a real controller).



luchacomics said:

@memoryman3 - well that is why I would not have full games on smartphones - I really think Nintendo benefits from controlling their hardware the same way Apple does, and I like having buttons and Dpads and stuff



Ralek85 said:

@unrandomsam I am happy about it too, but not due to the fact that i oppose it on principle but because they would have made a mess of it as things stand. Before anything can be done in regards to smartphone certain realities have to be recognized and confronted with due dilligence, part of it is the shrinking market for dedicated mobile gaming devices (just a fact I love my 3DS to death), the pricing structure and consumer mentality on smartphones. Also of course the change in interface and hardware power to name just a few.
It would be a real challenge to provide the same level of quality and ingenuity on the limited interface of a smartphone without providing content that is constituting a direct competition to inhouse products like the 3DS and its successor. With that being said, I believe this would require nothing short of a giant leap for Nintendo, a leap that the current managment is neither willing to risk nor able to see through with any degree of confidence. With doesn't to s*** to solve the revenue issues Ninty'S facing today and in the long run. What matters is the games, the hardware is secondary. The introduction of microphones, gyrocontrols, dual-screen, parallax 3D and so on and so forth had little value for the gameplay itself, on the other hand the lack of physical buttons had a huge impact on smartphones and this is when hardware becomes relevant. All in all quite the conundrum.



unrandomsam said:

@Ralek85 Buttons are not a problem any more. Sega supports them on both iOS and Android. (And you can use the 360 pad with Windows RT). Most of the time the rest seem to choose not to for whatever reason but that isn't the choice of Google or Apple.



EdwardCORE said:

I really don't see that as a bad move (on Nintendo ever doing mobile games and apps; the "$0,99 for a jump" is just plain stupid, though), specially considering we are talking Japan here. Mobile gaming took over Japan and have an all different structure which is very well received by gamers over there. What you have to understand is that the videogame industry as a whole is a dinosaur. We are attached to systems that are 5-6 years behind smartphones and tablets, and we barely got into a new generation of consoles and we are already behind in technology. I think western gamers tend to be too conservative about games and consoles, but people has to move this thinking forward once for all. Not that we should move all into mobile altogether, but systems has to be renewed faster, not every year like phones, but in a 2-3 year cycle and be directly backwards compatible, as we have today on a iPhone or iPad, or like a PC, for example, where people with older and newer devices can play the same game within the performance of their systems. That way, if you buy tomb raider or batman on a console today, you will undoubtedly play it on the new system. We have to develop a mentality towards this model, which is a successful model elsewhere, why not with videogames? So, I hardly doubt that Nintendo would hurt itself by doing games for a mobile market, it would only to be dedicated games and apps, different from those they offer on 3DS and Wii U or any future system they come up with. Gaming and gamers has to evolve, simple as that. And Nintendo can be a heck of a good start to change it for good.



Phle said:

I just don't get why people think Nintendo should move on to smartphones... Really, it's just a dumb idea. They should rather think through their next handheld console release. Get better internet and web browser, maybe 4G. They need to reach tablet buyers. If they could make people consider their handheld as an option for a tablet, it would be a win for Nintendo.



Turbo857 said:

This shareholder is a classic suit moron and I'm so glad he's not a majority shareholder. The only time Nintendo "needs" to make and sell mobile phone tailored games is when they no longer feel they can succeed at selling hardware. And that day's not coming for awhile if ever.

.99 cents for Mario to jump higher is a terrible, idiotic suggestion and this moron should be banned from meetings and have his function reduced to shutting the f$$$ up and only receiving quarterly/yearly financial statements

Sega tried this already with Sonic Dash on iOs which has in-app purchases and I'm sure that any income ever received from that game pales in comparison to any Sonic game offered for more $$ currently available on Xbox Live, PSN network or Nintendo eShop.

Any mobile phone marketing strategy implemented by Nintendo should be to advertise their software on their own hardware and they are already aware of this.



Ralek85 said:

@unrandomsam Playing the numbers game I'd say little else matters except Android and iOS, so there is that. There has been some change lately in terms of "control"-options hardwarewise. I haven't tried it myself but from what I hear these devices a quite a bit clunky and also expensive, also the building quality has been critized on occasion. But in more general terms, I don't see many people buying into these devices since they mess up the formfactor of for e.g. my iphone pretty bad, so bad that it'S not really viable anymore to carry them in a pocket. Personally I'm not used to carrying my handhelds in my pocket anyways, but my iPhone ? There have too be some damn good games on it before I shell out the money for a controller-addon and before I'm putting it in a extra bag.



LztheQuack said:

I know I said I wasn't against mobile gaming earlier, but this is certainly an exception.



CanisWolfred said:

On the one hand, he's an investor, so it's kind of understandable that he would be thinking with his wallet, but still, it's that line of thinking - the idea of Nickle and diming people without even thinking about the end user, the focus on making a quick buck without thinking about the consequences of those actions - is going to bring down society someday. People simply can't be selfish forever.



Action51 said:

@Phle wrote:
"I just don't get why people think Nintendo should move on to smartphones... "

Several reasons, (all of them bad)

  • Nintendoom: People want Nintendo to they repeat these phrases that video games media drill into their heads, like "Nintendo should make smart phone games" or "Nintendo needs to go third party".
  • Everyone is a market analyst: Everyone pretends to understand the market, but few actually do...especially the actual analysts who are frequently more wrong then right.
  • casuals/blue ocean: This one is partly Nintendo's fault. The great success of the Wii and the DS proved to others they there is a market for this stuff...only problem is that Nintendo was unable to walk that fine line between being cheap, and easily accessible for the mass market and still appeal to the core demographic of teenage boys looking for violent fantasy fulfillment.
  • impatience and over-reaction: The video game industry has gotten pretty bloated and hyper competitive. We are seeing many of the big "triple A" studios falling apart (Irrational games the latest) because these games are getting so expensive, that only the mega-hits are able to sustain their developers and publishers from installment to installment. - So what's this got to do with impatience? Well, these trends, like all others will end...and Nintendo has a long history of surviving and beating out better funded, more aggressive competition. They simply don't need to ruin the legacy of Nintendo with shameless microtransaction-hell mobile games.


Mainer82 said:

What an awful idea. I hate where gaming is going. I'm starting to grow tired of it as of late and only really play very very few series now (DK, Zelda, Mario).



unrandomsam said:

@Action51 I just want premium quality hardware Nintendo doesn't want to make it. (Maybe they could let Panasonic do it. Same software but just nice quality.)



DarkKirby said:

Every stock owner SHOULD want Nintendo make smartphone games. Every gamer or someone interested in the long term success of Nintendo should be against it. Nintendo's stock would SKYROCKET, at least temporarily, if they announced they were making smartphone games, and as a stock owner, that's the time to sell.

As someone who grew up on video games, I can't even play typically popular smartphone games because of how idiotically simple most of them are. I demand more sustenance from my games.



AVahne said:

In other words, this guy doesn't understand quality game design at all. His comments sound like insults to me.



J-Manix98 said:

Really? Really?? I'm sorry but If anyone found out I was paying even IN GAME coins to make Mario jump higher, I'd be teased to no end. Much less real money!



J-Manix98 said:


You literally took exactly what has been stewing in my head for months, and said out loud for everyone to hear. Thank you sir!



Dr_Corndog said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher."

That is literally the worst thing I can think of to put in a Nintendo game. Well, next to random tripping.



AlexSora89 said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents to make Mario jump a little higher"
[pukes all of his internal organs]



Chris720 said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents to make Mario jump a little higher"

I umm... yeah... I just... right... what do you say to this?



Einherjar said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents to make Mario jump a little higher"
How about pay 5$ / € and get the full game, no questions asked.
How about just making a game and not a pay2play puzzle ?

And why in everything that is holy is everyone almost BEGING nintendo to come to their beloved phones ? I thought nintendo was this kids company that only makes one game over and over ? Why is the demand so high then ?
Could it be that ths generation simply doesnt know what exclusive titles are anymore ?
Please watch the profanity — TBD



ecco6t9 said:

Oy, Considering that Nintendo is the only one of the big three with a solid future.

Nintendo knows it will struggle with the Wii U but the 3DS will help ease that pain.

Sony seems to be held up entirely by Sony Computer Entertainment at the moment.

Microsoft seems to not even know if they want to keep the Xbox Division open, closed, or sell it.



vattodev said:

Please explain why posting an image with ILEGAL ACTS is a fun way of describing this whole "Nintendo should go mobile" move? Using an emulator to play zelda on a mobile phone is still piracy, no matter what people think, and you guys should not encourage that. Next time, try using a 3DS instead, because that's the legal option.



BlackStar9000 said:

@fortius54 you and me, I feel like you understand exactly what nintendo needs to do to properly enter the smartphone sector without losing the quality or the value of its own IPs or hardware, a endless runner mario game for example, one built like Mario galaxy while he is flying in space, another one like 3D world, similar to Sonic Dash, with power classic power ups while constantly moving forward, and one built like classic 2D 8bit mario, sidescrolling endlessly similar to the chase stages in NSMBU, again with power ups from the games.



Haxonberik said:

This guy is a total derpydupiddummy...

Let's refrain from using that word as it's offensive in some areas -Lz



PikminWorld said:

I think the way Nintendo should handle their mobile strategy is to make tiny games with or without their main IPs used, probably shouldn't use your IPs and make up new ones just to make it a little interesting but if Nintendo could create a killer app that was 100% free and that got a ton of advertising Nintendo could make $50,000 a day like the creator of Flappy Bird or more off something that barely costed them much money. Of course it shouldn't be mediocre nor should it have micro-transactions like, " Oh you died, wait five hours or pay $2 for instant lives!" that's definitely a bad idea. I'm sure people would still pay but, I feel that it's dirty and annoying, so it should be 100% profits off of ads. Though you guys are being way too harsh to that investor, first off I doubt Nintendo would listen and second even if you disagree with him you don't need to tell him to die and use other vulgar words. I don't agree either but telling him to die is crossing the line. By the way I'm not all for Nintendo doing mobile games either, they're best on Nintendo's hardware but they could assign a team that's not really working on major IPs to make mobile games if they do decide on that way so then you don't have to feel like Nintendo actually made them. Just my opinions though.



fortius54 said:

@BlackStar9000 I like those ideas. One, they will be exposing the characters to a new medium. Two, it opens up a new stream of income without cannibalizing the games these characters were built on. They could look at some of the old Game & Watch titles, update the graphics, and put them all on iOS or tablets. A second party could do any of this, and they wouldn't have to tie up any of their manpower.

There is a lot they can do, but in the end, these are their properties. The will ultimately do what they want. I will except it either way. I love my Wii U. I understand that there is not an over abundance of quality third party titles, but the first party stuff is spot on. There has been enough of that coupled with Infinity and Skylanders to keep my children and myself entertained. It also seems to be picking up plenty of steam from the Indie side.



Tiberius30 said:

The cancerous mass that is smartphone "gamimg" crap again?! How about NO! You want to play Nintendo stuff/games, buy a 3DS or a Wii U or stick to your cancer apps Cheapskates... Ugh.



Giggity55 said:

Lol, this is exactly what you DONT do. Just imagine, someone intends on buying a 3ds JUST FOR the virtual gaming. But OOHHHHHH if you get the games on the iphone instead, you can pay twice as much but you can JUMP HIGHER!!!!! What a gold mine that would be, ripping off people while still losing money. Leave the in-app purchases to Capcom and Ubisoft's, just focus on your present consoles for now.



Superryanworld said:

I don't see a problem with releasing nintendo games on smart phones.Capcom,square Enix,Namco,are aware that android&ios are viable platforms at this point.What's the hurt if you could make money on super mario land 2 on 3ds virtual console and mobile phones?If said person was never considering a 3ds who says they wouldn't buy it on their smart phone? Just a thought.



CasuallyDressed said:

"Just think of paying 99 cents just to get Mario to jump a little higher"

Ohhhhh my word. I actually refuse to believe that ANYONE thinks this is a healthy, positive direction for the industry. That literally sounds like the worst idea I've ever heard.



Superryanworld said:

@NodesforNoids No, everything you said made sense.I don't see nintendo going third party,yet you seem to think I want to see the company crash& burn.It wouldn't be the end of the world if a company realeased its software on another platform,as Ive purchased sonic 1 on three different system's. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a profit.Why do you think Metalgearsolid didnt stay exclusive with the ps brand? I own wii,wii u,ps3,and 360,and i plan to get a Ps4 soon.Ive loved my wiiu&3ds,but with the lack of third party support that seems to extend to the digital deparment as well....things need to improve.I know a few people that would purchase Nintendo games on their smart phone in a second,and never consider a Nintendo system.I would buy mario land on my i phone as well.Its just my thoughts on the matter,and a biased point of view that shouldn't bother you.we're all are here because we love Nintendo.



Superryanworld said:

@CasuallyDressed Micro transactions and some dlc is a crime and not healthy for the industry.I don't see how putting some classic games on smartphones would hurt nintendo's console line.Anyone who's a Nintendo faithful wouldn't ignore the 3ds or wii u just because a few old games are on their phone.I believe that Nintendo would make a massive profit from such a move,and it wouldn't be the end for the company they wouldn't have to go third party.I don't know why people think this idea is strait up blasfimous IMO.



LetsGoRetro said:

Alright, NLIFE

Look at my comment history and you'll see me constantly defending you guys and putting down/making fun of people who accuse this website of spreading doom&gloom, reporting on the wrong things, etc. Even that one analyst that hates Nintendo is very famous now so I understand why what he says is reported.

But is this honestly necessary? Posting an article you know is going to enrage the fanbase that was said by a nobody? What's next? "Guy I walked by on the street yesterday might have said 'Nintendo should do only mobile games'"?

There's really a limit as to what should be reported. We don't care what every single person in the world's opinion is.



StarDust4Ever said:

Terrible idea. Better yet, why not build a "free" Mario 3 port using crappy touch screen, but instead of Toad houses with random items you've got an item shop where you pay real world currency to add items to your inventory. A 3 pack of leafs, flowers, or a 5 pack of mushrooms cost 99c. Want rarer items like Haamer, Tanooki, and Frog suit? Those will cost a premium 99c a piece! Stuck? P-Wings are $1.99, Clouds $2.99. Need a warp whistle? Be prepred to cough up a whopping $5 for that one, baby!



Hyperstar96 said:

An analyst who knows nothing about video games wants Nintendo to incorporate mobile features into their games.

In other news, the sky is blue.



Luffymcduck said:

He's joking right?
... right?
Pay to win, that's a great future for videogames, the one I won't be part of.

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