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Sun 8th August, 2010

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AG_Awesome commented on Renegade Kid Releases Early Gameplay Footage O...:

I would 100% buy this on Vita. I'd also buy an HD remake of dementium 1 and/or 2 on the vita. But I just can't invest money in something that may not happen. Sorry to the devs but they have a guaranteed customer when/if anything comes out. Can't wait for Moon 3ds



AG_Awesome commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Wii U eSho...:

A great concept with TERRIBLE implementation. The thing that was great about Metroid is that as you progress you get new items to use so that backtracking made sense. This game just has arbitrary maps and pick ups filled with bland environments and terrible trial and error back tracking. 4/10 from me. Worst Kirby Ever



AG_Awesome commented on Game Boy Advance Titles To Hit Wii U Virtual C...:

It's real "cute" how they are doing the whole not supporting the 3ds VC.

Seems like in their mind the few million people who own that system somehow wouldnt buy any of these games (here's a hint Nintendo, they would, youre blowing millions in sales)



AG_Awesome commented on Rumour: Could This Contra III Image Mean That ...:

If I had a choice between buying SNES and GBA classics on the 3ds VC instead of alternate methods to play them I would always choose purchasing them. Key word in that statement is CHOICE

I hope nintendo remembers that kind of thing...



AG_Awesome commented on Video: Asgard Looks Pretty Epic In Lego Marvel...:

My favorite game series is the lego games. I've bought em all since the beginning, INCLUDING all the handheld versions. I really wish they would do the vita one the same as the consoles though. And did I hear him right that its coming to ps4 and not 3?



AG_Awesome commented on Review: LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins...:

They really should have dropped their DS engine they've been using for years. TTFusion makes all of the lego handheld games and they've been recycling for years. The 3ds is powerful and is at least if not more powerful than the PSP. THAT system handled TWO grand theft auto games. How could a simple engine like the Lego series uses fumble it?



AG_Awesome commented on No Circle Pad Pro In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moo...:

Choice is key word. Make two options available, or even update the 3ds firmware so that people with the CPP can remap button presses to it. Let us get some use out of the thing. At least using l and r triggers on it would be nice.



AG_Awesome commented on Developer Interview: Renegade Kid Tells Us Mor...:

I think to ease the wait time (a whole year?!) they should rerelease the first two Demetium games and Moon on the Eshop with increased resolution, new control options, and maybe a gameplay update for the first Demetium to make it more like 2.



AG_Awesome commented on Android-based Ouya Console Will Have NES and S...:

If Nintendo wanted my money they'd offer this stuff themselves. I don't pirate and I won't ever pirate, but I have no problem with people that do. Maybe Nintendo will see the success of the retro industry and start revamping their VC on the 3ds, wii, and wii u.



AG_Awesome commented on Renegade Kid Reveals Upcoming 3DS eShop FPS - ...:

I'm astonished not one person mentioned that this is only the outside levels. Obviously the indoor environments will be different looking.

Dementium 2 is the best handheld FPS I've ever played (and I played almost all the GBA, ds, and even two vita FPS games). I hope this sells well and they being more to us, including remasters of Demetium 1 and 2 (though 1 needs a lot of work, 2 will begone as is)




AG_Awesome commented on Review: ATV Wild Ride 3D (3DS eShop):

I'm more interested in their next FPS. If a racing game is not a kart racer then it needs to play like rush 2049 for me to be interested. Best stunt design vet and im so sad the game has never been duplicated. All well

Renegade should up the res of moon and dementium 2 and re release those as eshop titles (or even fix some of the short comings/issues with 1 and do it too). Can't hurt or cost much and I'd love to use the CPP with them.



AG_Awesome commented on Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans:

As a ps3 and 360 owner Nintendo should have done more to encourage people that already owned the third party games to rebuy them. Namely collections:

Darksiders should have been 1 & 2
Batman should have been asylum and city
COD could have been both black ops together
And most important mass effect should have been the trilogy.

Here's my mentality. Wii only owners would have had a chance to play games they never did on the 360/ps3. People like myself would have had a reason to switch over completely instead of just getting a more expensive version of a game I could already get cheaper on another system.



AG_Awesome commented on Super Smash Bros. Needs A 'Change of Direction':

I can't believe what I'm reading. If people want a major fighting game go buy street fighter or tekken or mortal kombat. Smash bros appeal to me is the roster and the simple moves. I don't want some bs combo system that requires fifty inputs to do a punch!!