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Male, 36, Canada

I love gaming and reading; this led me to launch - a publisher of awesome, independent comics from around the world. I am a lifelong Nintendo fan - anything else, just ask @luchacomics

Fri 13th December, 2013

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luchacomics commented on Review: StarTropics (Virtual Console / NES):

I know this is a bit late ... but I really hope we get this on the Wii U VC soon. I can't believe that Nintendo hasn't made a significant effort to have parity between Wii and the Wii U Virtual console service.

Even if we don't get Neo Geo and the other cool stuff, there is no excuse not to get NE, SNES, N64, etc.



luchacomics commented on New Screenshots Revealed for Cut the Rope: Tri...:

To everyone complaining about the price - I agree you can get most of the experience for $5 or less on mobile, but let's say you want to buy super powers, you can pay $30 just for unlimited power use - I am sure there are other micro transactions. I imagine that at $30, this is already built into the price. Not saying its a great price, but not a terrible one either if this is the case. Although, it would have been a lot nicer to have it on Wii U and being able to hold the gamepad like a book.



luchacomics commented on Investor Wants Nintendo To Create Mobile Title...:

I think that this guy is onto something - I just don't agree with his example. Imagine that there was an app, related to Mario - either a minigame, or some kind of trivia thing or whatever, that if you played, would unlock something in a retail 3DS/Wii U game (this transaction could be free). It really helps Nintendo to capture the attention of the market that is looking for Nintendo (or knockoffs, of which there are many) on their smart devices. But the ey is to link it back to a console.