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New Nintendo Direct Coming August 7th, Focus Is "Previously Announced" Wii U And 3DS Software

Posted by Damien McFerran

Takes place at 3pm UK / 4pm CEST / 7am PT

Nintendo has confirmed that a new Nintendo Direct broadcast will be taking place tomorrow. According to an email sent out in the last half hour, the Direct will offer details on "previously announced" titles for the Wii U and 3DS games consoles.

The broadcast will air at 3pm UK time / 4pm CEST / 7am PT.

You can view the confirmation tweets below.

Could this be the Nintendo Direct which gives The Wonderful 101 the exposure it deserves prior to its impending launch? Be sure to post your predictions below.

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kevinaa said:

Don't they know by know the Nintendo Direct is only for hardcore Nintendo people or people that have a wiiu. its not bringing in new people.



Humphries90 said:

Bit disappointing it's all previously announced stuff, but it'll be interesting none the less. Smash Bros date would be nice. Oh and those pesky Sega 3D Classics.



Geonjaha said:

Well I guess there's no hope for any communication on the Virtual Console or Account based purchasing fronts then.



ricklongo said:

I was wondering while I drove to work today, "isn't it about time for a new Direct?"

Slight bummer that it's only about previously announced stuff, but come to think of it, there's lots and lots I want to see in that camp. An animal buddies reveal for DKC:TF would make it a very happy day indeed.



zoroarkrules25 said:

I hope a newcomer for smash bros is revealed. I wonder if we will see miyamoto's new ip. It's funny because i work up saying there hasn't been a ND since E3 and here it is.



CrazyOtto said:

I think it's mostly going to be about Wonderful 101, Pokemon X and Y, Wind Waker HD, and some eShop games. Then in September around TGS they'll do one on Miiverse 3DS, November and December games, and 2014 games.

EDIT: I'm just guessing BTW



snoox said:

How do u know its focus is on "previously announced" games? Still leaves room for a few surprises tho, & our Wii Us need sum good megaton surprises!



Ichiban said:

Its to announce that Mario 3D World, Sonic Lost World, DKC Tropical Freeze, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U, & Wii Party U have been pushed back until 2014 for futher development and polish.
"Thank you for your patience"



HandheldGuru97 said:

While the focus will be on previously announced I wouldn't be surprised to see something new, but we shall see.....



BriBri said:

Am I missing something or does it not say previously announced anywhere, only on titles to be released in 2013?



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Wonderful 101, maybe a few other titles like Yarn Yoshi, and info on the Wii U update next month. That's my guess!



Hunter-D said:

@Humphries90 Nintendo Direct is used to announce/provide details for upcoming games only.

Hopefully it should be good, I want more info on Super Mario 3D World.



DePapier said:

That's not the W101 Direct, I'm sure of it. And if they mix it with this Direct I won't be happy: this game needs full exposure.

But I hope they'll announce ORCHESTRAL SOUNDTRACKS FOR WIND WAKER HD!!!!!!!!!

But that's just me dreaming.



Fortified said:


Oh and Miiverse whatever.



Prof_Clayton said:

See, focus mainly on previously announced games, not entirely. I can smell Flipnote 3D, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3 mini-coverage, Dream Team, hopefully Smash Bros, and maybe that Mario Golf game on 3DS.



Peach64 said:

I think it's good they're telling everyone it's about already announced games so we don't have crazy expectations again. Would love to see more about W101.



Dpullam said:

Regardless of the content that this new Nintendo Direct contains, I always enjoy watching these videos. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.



siavm said:

@kevinaa and what is wrong with that. They can do commericals and tv appearences or give a gaming site a scoop if they want a lot of people watching it. This is a cheap way to spread a message they control on a semi monthly basis. The game sites post if it is anything good and of course gamers will talk of forums and social media if the message is big enough. And it is weird to hate on them for giving messages like this on this monthly basis.



WebHead said:

I am hoping for a story trailer for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and for the release of an eShop demo for The Wonderful 101. And though it says previously announced games, remember Nintendo has a surprise at the end about 90% of the time.



ultraraichu said:

One of the things I love about nintendo direct is how most of them are annouced a day before. It's so unexpected and yet gives enough time to prepare and/or get hyped up.



cornishlee said:

Much as I'd like to see unannounced games (who wouldn't) I'm not sure there's anything left for Nintendo to announce - all my eggs are in the third party basket. That said, I'll tune in for more W101 details and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a Wii Fit U release date, finally.



BigDaddysPizza said:

I hope they formally announce Ace Attorney Dual Destinies.
I would like to see more on the upcoming Wii U games. They need to convince me to buy one.



Yoshi3DS said:

news about mario golf, pokemon, mario party, yoshi's island, mario kart 8 and a new game reveal would be perfect, seems unlikely though



Xilef said:

Funny, i was talking to my brother today and said "shouldn't there be a new ND soon?".

Who knows, they might surprise us with something new. Woulnd't be the first time.



swordx said:

Maybe we'll get some Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem news, along with news on Yarn Yoshi and X.



Samurai_Goroh said:

I want to see more about DK, Wind Waker and Super Mario 3D World. Oh, and N64 on the VC, please! I don't expect too much about 2014 games like X, Super Smash Brothers or Yoshi, though that would be sweet.



darkfenrir said:

hopefully they are saying that Fantasy Life: Link! will be localized, I don't care if it's 2014, I'll love it!



Nintenjoe64 said:

I want tomorrow's ND to be telling me I'm getting a free game every month for a year because of how bad the release schedule has been and how much more my Wii U will have cost compared to people buying right now.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Yeah, I don't see Zelda U reveal happening. I feel like they'll start discussing it once Wind Waker HD releases. Heck, I'd bet that you get to see the first glimpse of the next Zelda by completing Wind Waker HD! Now that'd be something!



NintyMan said:

I'm perfectly fine with more details from previous announced games, as there's still plenty to learn. A Smash Bros. newcomer or returning veteran revealed, more info on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and Mario Party 3DS is what I would like to see. I would also like to see if Mario Golf: World Tour is releasing this year or not because of the recent confusion over the release date.



King47 said:

I'm keeping my expectations low so I don't get disappointed.
I hope at least there is some x info, or some SMTxFE.



dknintendo said:

they always announce at least 1 new game
I think they will announce one for the 3ds and wii u



Jayvir said:

Release date for X please!

Or drop the bomb and say something about acquiring Atlus and then bring up SMT x FE!!



AVahne said:

Just old stuff huh? Well, maybe they'll show what the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs will look like and info on the Fall update.



element187 said:

Wonderful 101 Direct confirmed!

I can't wait. If its even half as fun as Pikmin 3 is we will all be in for a treat... I'll probably download this digitally as well (All Nintendo Published software will be downloaded, 3rd party is all boxed retail)



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! I do love me a good Nintendo direct. Though I thought they would've advertised it as mostly about the W101 if it was about that. I hope it still gets the viewing time it deserves. I'm certainly glad they forewarned it being entirely about already announced games, that way those who always complain about them not showing off new games won't be able to complain So excited!!



bizcuthammer said:

I'm expecting new footage forLink Between Worlds, W101, Wind Waker, DKCTF and Mario 3D World, along with release dates for the ones that dont have them yet. I dont expect a new game unless its an eshop title or something.



hYdeks said:

I bet they will give some love to the Wonderful 101 game (which is easily day one purchase for me) and finally tell us the release dates on alot of the E3 game they showed that are coming out this year.



8thGenConsoles said:

@kevinaa The point of Nintendo Direct is to keep us updated on everything about Nintendo. They aren't trying to get new people with these Nintendo Directs. You're an example of how Nintendo is often misunderstood.



Nabbit101 said:

So more Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, X and Yarn Yoshi? They said it was PREVIOUSLY announced games and 2 of them seem almost forgotten



Megumi said:

Here's hoping it Smash Bros related, also info on that secret code thing in Pikmin 3.



AlexSora89 said:

Smash Bros.! I just hope the 2014 release date refers to the first quarter of the year. I've been waiting for a handheld SSB title long enough already!



The_Ninja said:

More info about SSB4 and maybe a newcomer, and more info and a release date of miiverse 3DS.



Warruz said:

What i personally wish to hear:

1- Games we know nothing more then being announced (yarn yoshi, Fire emblem cross over)

2-Games that we know something about by showing a bit more (Bayonetta and X)

3- Gamecube VC yay or nay?



The_Ninja said:

I also hope there will be more N64 remakes on 3DS,or they could just put them on 3DS VC. would be awesome.



element187 said:

@kevinaa its attempting to build hype.... if people see other people raving about an exclusive title it raises awareness even for the people who do not own a Wii U/3DS.

This is why the Wii U not getting very many multiplats is a good thing. Nintendo just needs to concentrate on getting as many exclusives as possible, whether it is 1st, 2nd or 3rd party... the more deals Nintendo can reel in with Atlus, SEGA, Platinum Games, Capcom, the better.



element187 said:

@Azooooz Nintendo has the most spoiled and self entitled fans of any company out there... Whatever happened to just enjoying the company for who they are instead of what you want them to be? Nintendo is going to talk about already announced titles, how will that be disappointing?



element187 said:

@Nabbit101 previously announced probably means titles that are gearing up for release soon, Wonderful 101, Windwaker HD, and Donkey Kong... and some Pokemon on handhelds.

I thought that was pretty straight forward, but Nintendo fans love to intentionally set themselves up for disappointment...



NinGamer said:

I want to know more about the Fire Emblem crossover, DK Tropical Freeze, and Smash. I guess I'll have to wake up early to watch it. . .



Azooooz said:

@element187 First, I am a gamer before a fan of Nintendo. And second, I am not spoiled. To be honest, I have heard enough negative news about Nintendo. Hopefully things will turn positive for Nintendo.



rjejr said:

10 AM Eastern FYI.

Things we need and should get:
WW HD release date
SM3DW release date
Wii U Fit U release date
Wii U Party U release date
W101 footage
Pokemon Rumble U toys

Things they need to sell the WiiU:
Deluxe price drop to $299
Change out Nintendo Land for - well any other game they make

Probably won't get:
Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. release dates b/c they are so far out they have no idea when they'll be ready



SphericalCrusher said:

Awesome! I'm expecting a release date for Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, among more info/dates on Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. Aside from this, Zelda Link Between Worlds info, of course among other games (Wonderful 101, etc). Can't wait!



letsplay said:

Mr Iwata did mention about unannounced Wii U games. Maybe he will tell us during the Nintendo Direct Broadcast.



Captain_Toad said:

Well that was pretty surprising. Since that last nintendo direct was how long ago? A week or two?
Anyway I wonder what games they'll be covering. You know It's been a while since we've last seen yarn yoshi....



KingDunsparce said:

Smash bros character announcement (veteran or newcomer)?
I would love a Mother 3 localization announcement but that probably won't happen .



Blue_Yoshi said:

Preordered Wonderful 101 yesterday when I picked up Pikmin 3, I'm so stoked! #mybodyisready



Gamercake said:

Eventhough they said "previously announced", I hope they can fit in 1 new announcement, hopefully Miyamoto's new franchise which he's working on!



kereke12 said:

I hope Mr.Iwata talks about on how Nintendo is slacking, and on how they plain to fix the problem. Because I need answers, I think we all need answers on why Nintendo is slacking, and I hope they give us details on why they delayed Flipnote 3D. One more thing I hope they talk about "Miiverse" for 3DS.....but that's unlikely. But my main reason is I want answers on why they are slacking.



F4LLEND4RK said:

How about new games? All the Nintendo Directs recently have all been about additional information about previously announced titles.



LittleIrves said:

I'm surprised not more of you are expecting/suspecting a..... Price Drop?
"All these games are rad and coming out, etc.
OH YEAH one more thing: You can buy a Wii U Deluxe in white or black for $299."
Two years ago this month it happened with 3DS. Perhaps it's the first big push to get Train Wii U out of the station?



cmk8 said:

This should be useful to remind me what is coming out, because I struggled to name more than about 2 Wii U titles for this year last time I thought about it.
Hope it focusses on stuff out in the next few months, Smash Bros will be good but I'm more interested in imminent games.



Hunter-D said:

@Humphries90 I know, which is why I said that in my initial post

"Nintendo Direct is used to announce/provide details for upcoming games only."



Barbiegurl777 said:


That'll be the only way how I'd even consider picking up mario party - 3ds mainly because I'm the only one in my house that play's video games. So if it has wifi I'd love to play the game because like playing with other people don't mind if online or not. If no wifi though it's a no go on buying that game mainly the other reason I've tried earlier mario party games & they seem better suited to play with other people not solo game. We'll see in nintendo direct tomorrow.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Barbiegurl777 said:

On another note hopefully they give a date for miiverse - 3ds & tomodachi collection - 3ds to come over to the US & UK. Would love to play both before I get my wii u. Plus they said in last nintendo direct they were going to try to have more japanese 3DS titles come to US & UK. Want to see Tomodachi Collection - 3DS Over here in US & UK.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



PuzzleMaster7 said:

I'm not expecting too many big suprises like in previous Nintendo Directs, but it should be informative, nonetheless. Mainly, the majority of the stream will probably be focused on Pokemon X and Y, The Wonderful 101, TLOZ:ALBW, DK:TF, and possibly an announcement for Miiverse on the 3DS.



Rin-go said:

It actually will be about titles that will be released this year. Which doesn't mean it won't have surprises, but you shouldn't count on it.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Nice! I won't get home from work until around 11 or noon CT, but I'll definitely be watching this when I get home.



XFsWorld said:

They should bring Mario Party 3DS to the Direct. I bet you people forgot about that. o.o

Also Mario Golf 3DS should receive a release date



RedRocBoy said:

Would be so dope if we got Dreamcast on the Virtual Console. I would freak the hell out.



banacheck said:

previously announced games for 2013 & spring 2014, i still have Gamescon & TGS to go as well yesssss.



IxnayontheCK said:

It'll go like this, "hope you're all enjoying Pikmin. Just reminding you all that WiiU DOES have a few games coming out soon. Also, 3DS will have several more games too. All of which you already know about. Please be patient. Goodbye"



DESS-M-8 said:

I hope it's a "you remember those release dates for Mariokart and smash bros? Well it was a rouse and they are downloadable from the end of this Nintendo direct!!"



DESS-M-8 said:

@RedRocBoy Saturn well before Dreamcast. Te Dreamcast catalogue was dire. Whereas somebody saying yes you can now download panzer dragoon saga, burning rangers, radiant silver gun, sega rally '95 and guardian heroes, I would snap their hand off. all I want to see off the Dreamcast is shenmue 1 & 2 and continued to completion.



JaxonH said:

It's going to primarily feature The Wonderful 101, but will also dedicate a chunk of time to the physical release of NSLU and the digital exclusive Pokémon Rumble U, since they're releasing in just a few weeks. We'll also get a release date for Windwaker HD, a possible mention of Sonic Lost World, and POSSIBLY a release date for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Wii Party U and Wii Fit U, but I don't think anything past November will get a release date, like Mario 3D World.

As for 3DS, expect Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to get a mention, and a good slice of time will go to Pokémon X/Y. We'll also get some more info on Zelda A Link Between Worlds, and if Mario Golf is now a 2013 release as stated in a previous transcript, expect news on this game as well. We should also get a release date for Mario Party 3DS.



JaxonH said:


Please elaborate. What do you mean "Nintendo is slacking". I really don't think they're just sitting back at a desk sipping a margarita- they're hard at work getting as many games out as possible. When a game is delayed, or when a game that you want to play now isn't available, it doesn't mean they're slacking. It's just how business works. Trust me, Nintendo wants to make money, and you can bet they're putting in overtime right now to get as much done as they possibly can.



TomJ said:

Mario & Luigi : Dream Team coming out 8/11, we get it. Give us Virtual console updates, please.



ianmage1 said:

Reggie in smash bros. That's all I want. "Because when there's a body, there must be a place where it can be ready."



UltraUmbreon said:

I hope they talk about "Miiverse" for 3DS. Or maybe even a little more about the new smash. I might even prefer Sonic Lost World too, anything is fine for me.



Mr_G said:

They did say they were going to have a nintendo direct focusing on wonderful 101 so this must be it



Beta said:

I think one of those would be that Art Academy thingy. You're asking why and need proof? Well, Nintendo's own site said it will release on August 7th. And when is the ND? August 7th. And when does the eShop update in Europe? Around 4-5PM (even in other days besides Thursday). And when is the ND? 4PM. Besides, it's not the first time they just go and "show trailer insert eShop game/app here is available right now on the eShop" as a surprise as no one expects it. Oh, btw, you won't find the whole August 7th thingy because they instantly removed it and put TBD again. Of course, it's just speculation on my part, feel free to correct anything wrong I said.

My other guesses would be:
1) The Wonderful 101
2) Flipnote Memo
3) Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
4) Maybe the October/September Wii U update
5) Rumble U
6) Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies
7) Sonic Lost World



Holly said:

I think it said something about games that are releasing this year, so I don't think we'll get much on Smash Bros. But I've been following The Wonderful 101 very closely and would love content on it. Also, it would be cool to get details for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and Pokemon X and Y.



Emaan said:

I'd love to see more about all the Wii U games coming up. Possible news on Pokemon X and Y would be great as well



retro_player_22 said:

Hopefully they'll talk more about these games too. Ever since they were announced, it seems that all we know of them is that they are in the works or released only in Japan.

  • Dragon Quest X (Wii U)
  • Dragon Quest VII (3DS)
  • Dragon Quest Monsters 1 remake (3DS)
  • Dragon Quest Monsters 2 remake (3DS)
  • Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Wii U)
  • Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)
  • The Legend of Zelda HD (Wii U)
  • Monolith Soft's X (Wii U)

Also since this ND is only Wii U and 3DS news and not the Wii, anything on Rodea the Sky Soldier and the Fatal Frame 2 remake will probably not gonna happen.



SMW said:

DONKEY KONG! Finally reveal who the other playable character is? Funky, Lanky, Cranky (lol), or even Kiddy? A little tease about K Rool would make my year. I know vikings and all that, but who said K Rool couldn't be a viking now? Hes always changing his look and name anyway. (Or were those all DIFFERENT K Rools?)

Also give me something new about Wii Fit. I can't be the only one anticipating the December release! (Its so far away!!)



Cevan said:

I'm really hoping we get a new trailer for Super Mario 3D World, and more info on Yarn Yoshi.



Caius said:

Pretty much Nintendo is gonna talk about all the titles again that we already know. They are gonna talk about new details about the games but most importantly the release dates for Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, Donkey Kong tropical freeze, Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U and a link between worlds. Also they might talk about the Art Academy and Flipnote 3D studio since everyone is waiting patiently for that. One more thing... maybe we can hear more about the Summer System update like what are the features are to be added and stuff. Anyway this is my prediction.



Relias said:

Iwata walks up.. good news.. we have been working day and night on the games we have previously announced and they are all coming this year.. X will be out next week... We hope your bodies are ready.. for a New Smash Bros.. the week before Christmas... but don't worry.. as far as Next year goes.. we are working on F-Zero, Custom Robo, Star Fox, and a New Pokemon game that works like Skylanders... and Disney Infinity... for Wii U... feel free to pinch yourself now.. we'll give you time... LOL.. I doubt it would be anything close to that.. but I would love to see a lot of peoples faces if it was..



Yoshis_VGM said:

Good, something to look forward to tomorrow when I come home from school. I was hoping that maybe they'd pop the cap on some of these mysterious "yet to be announced" Wii U titles, but this is good too. I want to know more about some of the E3 games, especially the ones that are coming out sooner, such as Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze, and Mario 3D World.



R_Champ said:


I think they don't want to steal wind in WW HD's sails. They hinted they could've revealed something at E3 about Zelda Wii U, but didn't. It's just like how this Direct is coming out RIGHT after Pikmin 3 is finally released in all regions as to not undercut hype for that game.

Personally, I want to see more on Wonderful 101, WW HD (is hard mode a rumor or not?) and SMT X FE (Probably won't until we know who snagged Atlus). "X" would also be awesome, but I'm not counting on it after the insanely epic trailer we already got at E3 and the fact that it's still pretty far off.



NIN10DOXD said:

They actually could announce the Zelda for Wii u as they have hinted it, but its unlikely. Who knows.



smashbrolink said:

Maybe they'll give new Smash details and some actual release months for some of the big titles we already know about.
That'd make the Direct a success in my book.



Senate_Guard said:

Maybe they'll reveal another newcomer for Smash Bros.? Also I really want to see a cutscene from Sonic Lost World; all the news of it having edgier language and Eggman potentially going back to being more competent as a villain, are making me die of suspense.



QuickSilver88 said:

We are so lucky to get these directs.....who else is doing anything like this? Not Sony or MS or EA oe Ubi or Activision or one. Those that say this is only for Nintendo hardcore or owners are silly. These NDs get broken down and spread all over the web at places like IGN and YouTube. Peronsally I am hoping for anything in the way of footage on SMTxFE but doubt with Altus' status we will get that. I hope they give some love to 3rd party as Ubi has big releases with Splinter Cell and Rayman coming up and they should give an ND announce of CoD Ghosts. Also a release date for Dues EX would be nice as that has been on y he coming soon part od eShop for months. I am not sure if I care if we get more X, Mk8, Mario 3D, Dk footage as we got a good dose ofmthose with the E3 demos. What would be nice is the announcement of some free demos of the upcoming games like W101 and Zelda WW. I mean they had these demos at E3 and Best Buy why not give them to us for download.



Hale-Bopp said:

I just want to hear Reggie or Iwata say that "Flipnote Studio 3D is now available for download in the Nintendo 3DS eShop" and I will be satisfied. The wait is killing me.



drumsandperc92 said:

hoping for a surprise announcement of another 2013 game but i sort of doubt it.
what i want to see more of is Super Smash Wii U, and in what ways will it be different/an upgrade worthwhile to previous entries? Maybe some news on gameplay modes (SP) and more characters.
Also want to see more of Super Mario 3D World.
I was extremely disappointed by the announcement, I was hoping for a game in the same vein as SM64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1&2, not the hybrid 3d/2d sort of isometric gameplay of 3D Land. So I want to see more of it, and why it's a must-have title, because right now, although you can always count on Mario games being good, it's not a system seller for me.



rjejr said:

I really hope they don't spend a lot of time on X and Y, those games already have had mass media coverage for half a year and they are guaranteed to sell. My kids already have the $5 GC pre-orders at Target. How many Wii U games have even had those Target pre-order cards?

I'm not opposed to 1 slide w/ the release date, but they really need to focus on the Wii U. X and Y and Zelda and Dream Team will sell just fine w/o taking up a lot of ND time.

They can't sell many Wii U games w/o selling some more of the consoles first.

3DS - 32 million
Wii U - 3 million



DarkNinja9 said:

im hoping for more yarn yoshi,bayonetta2, X and the update that was suppose to happen maybe just maybe a hint or surprise game



Ichiban said:

A nice surprise would be that Eternal Darkness is coming to the VC, given the recent rumour about it and all......
Wishful thinking? Maybe lol



WinterWarm said:

Nice surprise.

I think they'll tell more about Smash Bros., maybe the inclusion of Chrom?! Also, probably Pokemon X and Y, Mario Kart 8, X( Monolith Soft), Arkham, Super Mario World, among others.

I also like watching Nintendo Direct's, they always let me know which game'll take my money. Lol.

But seriously, this Direct looks to be very promising. Hope they clarify some things about future titles.



DualWielding said:

Ace Attorney Dual Destinies release date please, I know its not published by Nintendo but it did get a Nintendo direct in Japan, A



cornishlee said:

When did the 'S' get inserted into 'CEST' and what does it stand for, anyone know? I always thought it was just CET - Central European Time - and I've been travelling and working across Europe for 13 years now.



BossBattles said:

the way i look at it, if you don't buy The Wonderful 101, you're not really into videogames all THAT much. it is pure gaming, which we need more of....



Mario-Man-Child said:

Id like if Nintendo announced F zero U, Metroid U and what the heck Waverace U
I don't know how you can say that about a game that no one has ever played! it is not being produced by Nintendo so where your getting this confidence it will be fantastic is beyond me. I'm into games and I won't be rushing out to buy, it in fact it's not doing anything for me at all.



MAB said:

I would rather play a fresh game like W101 over having high hopes for games that are 2 - 3 years away... I can happily report there will be no sign of a game that has a First Person perspective with a gun protruding from the bottom right corner of the screen



LeVideoGamer said:

If they talk about TLoZ: A Link Between Worlds, Yarn Yoshi, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Pokemon X & Y, The Wonderful 101, X and Super Smash Bros., then I'll be happy.



wasf said:

an "ok" direct for me this time , nothing to expect in particular...maybe news about yatagarasu (nicalis hinted somethin days ago) and a shockin' before xmas release of Bayonetta (1) with revamped controls... ok im dreaming! XD



CliffordB said:

Obviously be nice to hear a bit more about upcoming games (Bayonetta 2, MK8, Yarn Yoshi etc.) but I'd be just as excited hearing more about what's coming up in the next console update.

Be nice to know if Nintendo have any intention of putting some much needed effort into the Wii U VC, where are the GameCube games? and still not even had any N64 games yet, ridiculous IMO.



ItsPeeps said:

I really want them to announce the Pokémon 3DS XL for North America! I'm ready to upgrade!



WindWakerLink said:

@MrMario02 "Dude. Since PST is 7am, then EST will be at 10AM. U can go view it at"

But seriously...I had NO IDEA there was a direct until just 6 minutes through viewing the articles here on NL. This is kinda exciting right? I mean I want to be excited but I don't want to get my hopes up. Keeping my excitement to a minimum to minimize the illusions in my head at the moment. XD



Yoshis_VGM said:

This Direct was rather...uneventful. When Nintendo said "more info on previously announced Wii U/3DS titles," I thought they meant the huge titles announcedÔĽŅ at E3 that we hardly know anything about. I'm hoping for the next Direct will be better.

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