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United Kingdom

Wed 3rd Jul 2013

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BriBri commented on Review: ATV Quad Kings (DSiWare):

I know I sound like a broken record but thanks again for delivering DSiWare reviews. You're a constant source of great reference points!



BriBri commented on Tomodachi Life is Big on Character, But Modest...:

@gsmaciel The two are very similar but also very different. My favourite part of Tomodachi Life in comparison with Animal Crossing is that if you haven't time to visit your island for a few days/weeks your Miis feed and clothe themselves where-as in AC:NL there are weeds etc everywhere and you may find out a favourite villager has left!



BriBri commented on Nintendo Download: 18th July (Europe):

3DS makes up for it's poor Virtual Console with enough other quality content.

Wii U has no other content (Smurfs don't count) and choose to release NO Virtual Console games?