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Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes Commercial Sense

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nintendo plays it safe, like everyone else

E3 presentations can be strange occasions, often prompting exaggerated reactions — either delight or dismay — immediately after the event, before a following hangover of acceptance and anticipation for the games on the way. That's the general sense within the Nintendo Life team the day after Nintendo's E3 Direct, an acceptance that the lineup given to us may not have satisfied a desire for hype-tastic surprises but, nevertheless, dishes up games that are likely to be a delight to play.

One potential issue for dedicated Nintendo fans that tuned in was that, in hindsight, Nintendo's decision to tell us in advance to expect Super Mario 3D World — though we didn't know what form it would take — Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. perhaps dented their impact. Taken in isolation and without prior knowledge, it can be argued that a less-informed gamer looking on would have been excited and impressed, as each trailer featured extensive and fun gameplay footage, without an excessive over-abundance of pointless CGI sequences.

And then we had the surprise, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, a fabulous-looking 2D platformer that takes the successful Wii title, applies HD textures on an already gorgeous graphics engine and introduces new gameplay features along with sweeping camera angles. Fans of Donkey Kong Country Returns should also be pleased that Retro Studios is driving the project; yet this is another example where the initial online reaction among Nintendo die-hards — including the Nintendo Life team in its live reaction video — was of disappointment that a DK sequel was the Retro Studios reveal, as months of hype had led to hopes of a grand large-scale project beyond 2D platforming. Perhaps that's also in the works, as the company has expanded a great deal of late.

Much debate around these reveals, in particular the stylistic choice of Super Mario 3D World and the confirmation of Donkey Kong's return, contributed towards much negative commentary and accusations that Nintendo is perhaps running short of fresh, creative ideas. Yet with a night now having passed since the announcements, assessment of these titles shouldn't be made over how much "wow" factor they have for dedicated Nintendo veterans, but how commercially sound those choices are. It's perhaps worth considering that the Wii U is moving into a similar period to 3DS at the close of 2011 — the system has started poorly, by Nintendo's high standards, and software 'bankers' are needed not to satisfy the dedicated fans who already own the hardware, but to entice the wider public.

The priority, therefore — whether we like it or not — is to attract new console owners. The new Donkey Kong will have greater commercial clout from Retro than a new IP or another Metroid, and Satoru Iwata's reference to Super Mario 3D World as a continuation of a new 3D series style tellingly follows on from the familiar and commercially successful Super Mario 3D Land on 3DS; Nintendo couldn't simply produce yet another 2D Mario for this Holiday. It's also telling that a big-selling point emphasized in the footage was the inclusion of four-player co-op, so we can expect Holiday commercials of smiling families running and jumping through bright, fun and colourful worlds. Admittedly, on that logic, the absence of Mario Kart 8 this Holiday is surely down to development speed, as that would likely have been a sure-fire system seller.

When you add the arrival by the end of the year of Wii Party U and Wii Fit U, there's plenty of content to target the mainstream market and convince those consumers that the Wii U can be the entertainment of choice in the Festive season.

So we didn't have the epic Retro project, there were no surprises on increasingly mothballed franchises such as Star Fox and F-Zero, yet Nintendo knew its targets. Many of us in the Nintendo Life team and, we suspect, in the wider community, may say that the relatively short broadcast didn't blow our socks off, but there's little doubt that most will pick up those games revealed and, in all likelihood, they'll be immensely fun.

Accusations of a lack of risk taking and creativity in Nintendo's E3 offerings are justifiable, yet like with the 3DS Nintendo will only stretch itself to more varied franchises and experiences once the Wii U gains traction in the marketplace. It should also be pointed out that, yet again, this is an E3 where innovation and risk taking is relatively low across the board. In the increasingly strained and worried gaming console industry, we've seen a slew of racing games and FPS titles on PS4 and Xbox One, with the occasional glimpse of a fresh idea; adding social integration and increasing the grunt of online connectivity is questionable in terms of creativity, as you're ultimately still just driving very fast or aiming for headshots in many of the titles revealed.

Nintendo, in that respect, is still standing apart from its rivals, offering game styles and experiences that others simply aren't trying to replicate. These titles may not be unique or mind-blowing to dedicated Nintendo gamers, yet they're likely to still satisfy itches when they arrive later in the year or early 2014. From some perspectives outside of the committed group, however, Nintendo's lineup for Wii U from August onwards is full of diverse and potentially fantastic gaming experiences. Some of us have seen it all before and will nevertheless enjoy the latest iterations and tweaks of creativity, but for those less experienced current and potential Wii U gamers these titles perhaps represent creativity and innovation to a greater degree than we may give credit.

Nintendo's played it safe, commercially. Yet that makes business sense, which is something we should support. Like with the 3DS in late 2011, Nintendo needs to get consoles off the shelves, and is delivering franchises proven to have the best chance of achieving that goal. Greater innovation and bolder projects have to wait, and will only be possible once Nintendo's established a greater base of Wii U owners.

Mind blowing innovation in this year's Wii U games? Absolutely not. High quality titles with good odds of commercial success? Absolutely.

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Cruznbaby85 said:

There is nothing wrong with this lineup. Anyone who has a problem with this lineup can go buy a ps4 and xbox one paper weight and keep there negative comments to themselves.



FuseBlues said:

The only problem from my end seemed to be the amount of time we saw "Coming 2014". Otherwise, all worked for me.



bouncer0304 said:

So it was a safe e3 but at least there was something for everyone, not just shooters and racers. I enjoyed what i saw duing the presentation. This time next year developers will come crawling back, like the 3ds. Have faith and we shall be rewarded!



ricklongo said:

I still think a new first-party IP alongside the big guns could be a big boost to sales, as people would undoubtedly get curious. Still, I can't help but agree with this article.

And for what its worth, I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan and the DKC reveal was my favorite part of the Direct. The SSB Mega Man introduction (especially given that mind-blowing trailer intro) was a close second, though.



Kosmo said:

Nintendo told us they were bringing out the bug guns and they did. Of course we know what games they had in store for us, but it won't make them less enjoyable. The trailers were still full of surprises, and there was plenty of them. The Smash Bros trailer was just awesome!
Right now, the WIi U needs solid games, that's what's coming, and that's what we've been asking for. Except for Zelda Wii U, and a hypothetical Metroid or Star Fox, we've got exactly what we wanted, no?



ThePirateCaptain said:

This is the point i've been trying to convey amidst all the disappointed people. The games Nintendo revealed may be safe, and there weren't a lot of surprises, but they'll sell well. As much as people wanted a sanbox style Mario game, 3D World will probably sell better overall and it should provide a nice push during the holiday season.



Mr_G said:

Another donkey country game, another 3d mario land game, another mario kart game, another mario party game! yeah those are great game and i will love them but come on we had these games in the last year already we want something more exciting and new this was a disappointment on many levels



DualWielding said:

I totally disagree the lineup doesn't make sense from the commercial point of view of attracting new commercial owners, Super Mario 3D World, the new Donkey Kong Country, Sonic Lost World and the announced but omitted from E3 are games that basically appeal to the same type of people that like New Super Mario Bros..... those who bought the Wii U for it will enjoy these new games and buy them...... but those titles won't change anyone opinion of the Wii U....... this comes from someone who loves 2D platformers I'm interested in all those games, but they are not enough to make me want to buy a Wii U and were not the games the Wii U needed to change its fortunes...



MeddlingIdiot said:

To be honest I'll probably have trouble fitting in all the games coming out on Wii U before next year, so I really don't really see a problem with the lineup. Sure, a proper 3D Mario would of been nice but I'm sure it's already in the works, and Super Mario 3D World still looks great anyway.



Mahe said:

The lineup doesn't make commercial sense. It's just a bunch of Mario rehashes, and it won't sell as many consoles as Nintendo needs it to. They're losing customers with their lacklustre effort.

Wii Fit U and Wii Party U needed to be here already. Their delays are hurting the Wii U badly.



Auracle said:

This is why I love Nintendo. They offer fun, innovative games that everyone can enjoy and that the others just don't. Sure, this particular batch of games isn't anything mind blowing, but they look pretty darn fun. Not only that, but success for these titles means that riskier, bolder titles can become reality later on. So essentially, I can support the likes of a future Metroid/Starfox/etc. and still have a blast in the process. It's a win-win situation if you asked me.



Philip_J_Reed said:

If only they had announced some mandatory camera attachment that was always on, and a requirement that the WiiU phone home regularly so its parents don't worry.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@ferthepoet @Mahe Both of you have never checked the sales data then. The New series and 3D Land have both sold several times the copies of their more "unique" counterparts.

If you think they are going to "lose" sales I suspect you haven't gotten past the arrogance of your opinion and haven't checked the data. Most of the people on this site that bother to post on a regular basis are obviously not the target (especially considering how small this demographic is).



KodaSmooss said:

@ferthepoet The main problem with Wii U's launch was more on the marketing aspect. If you got plenty of TV advertisements during the end of the year for these games, maybe along with an official 50€ price drop, it will surely sell better. There has been too much confusion around Wii U since its launch. It's time to make it clear with better advertisement and new games for everyone.



erv said:

They showed great stuff. I'm a happy dude.

Oh and hardly any attention to pikmin, but it's such a great release coming soon - can't wait!



MeddlingIdiot said:

To anyone feeling down about the lineup, I recommend watching the developer interviews on the Wii U's eShop. They've changed what I originally felt about some of these titles for the better.



Aviator said:

"Nintendo, in that respect, is still standing apart from its rivals, offering game styles and experiences that others simply aren't trying to replicate."

This is correct. But the way I see it, it's because other developers aren't trying to recreate it that it seems so pedestrian.

We know Nintendo can make these games will sell. The problem is that other developers are finding new ways to sell games ( look at Last of Us) that they don't need to replicate games that are replicating games.



Peach64 said:

I was disappointed but not angry. I know the games will be good, and they will help move consoles. I just hope that Nintendo don't forget about us traditional fans.



Brian1010 said:

I've not understood the criticism over what they showed yesterday, frankly. Everything looked fantastic, imo, and my only disappointment stemmed from having to wait for them all. Plus, we know other games are the meantime, they're trying to drive adoption by the masses. A new Metroid would've been cool, but that won't sell as well, or have as much mainstream appeal, as these other titles. Sometimes I think we believe we're representative of the average consumer, but we're not...Nintendo's job is to push out software that appeals to both, and frankly their lineup does so much more than the plethora of shooters and racers everyone else unveiled.



Royalblues said:

Going to skip MK8 unless it is really good. I was underwhelmed by 7. Everything else looks okay to solid.



Mahemoth said:

Me very happy indeed! The lineup is shaping up real good. My wallet will bleed!



Mahemoth said:

Me very happy indeed! The lineup is shaping up real good. My wallet will bleed!



KAHN said:

so i guess making games that we've already played is "playing it safe"



GamecubeMan said:

Every first party game revealed caught my attention positvely; except 3D World. It just seems lazy. I miss the old 3D Mario formula that they abandoned and havent used since Sunshine. I rather have 8 giant and non-linear levels to explore than 8 worlds of linear, "get to the flag pole to complete the level! Other than that Nintendo has done a fantastic job this year. >:[



Darknyht said:

I am not looking for edgy games or high tech graphics, but fun games I can play to unwind or with my children. Nintendo's presentation showed that is what they are going to do, so I am satisfied.



DualWielding said:


I know New Super Mario and 3D Land are more popular than other 3D Marios, I personally prefer them as well.... but from a commercial point of view, they need games that can attract new gamers to the console instead of games that will sell to present Wii U owners but don't attract new ones..... Like if someone wasn't interested in the Wii U because of New Super Mario Bros, adding 3D Land and Donkey Kong Country will not do anything to change their minds......



DiSTANToblivion said:

Thank you. Thank you so much for this article, it's something I really needed to read and puts a smile on my face. After the initial reaction died down for me and I watched the developer interviews and trailers again I was pumped. The release date for Mario Kartwas baffling though, that was a shock. Why is no one talking about Monolith Softs game either???



BJQ1972 said:

You can't expect a big game from all of Nintendo's franchises every year, but many people do and they are the ones who are always disappointed after an E3. I thought the games look great and I know that they will be working on their other franchises for the future. One thing that is disappointing is the lack of 3rd party support.



Kirk said:

Wii U has some really solid looking first party games for sure but I really do think it needs much more and far better third party support if it's destined to be anything more than a Nintendo fanboy haven.



-KwB- said:

Eeeh correction NL .. it blew our socks waaaaaaay far .. :s That is what happens when the hopes are too high .. -_-



DESS-M-8 said:

theres Watchdogs, batman origins, call of duty ghosts, splinter cell black list, pikmin 3, wind waker HD, assassins creed IV, rayman legends, Donkey Kong Country and Wonderful 101 all coming in the next 6 months. How is that not enough quality?

the 3-4 months after that we have Monolith's X, MarioKart, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros., with Bayonetta 2 fitting in somewhere in that lineup.

they may say 2014 but 2014 is only 6 months away and that is a list of 15, count them 15!! quality titles over the next 8 months. Can you afford to buy all the ones out of that list that you want to play? I know I can't.

There is still Zelda Wii U which will be shown this year, more that likely at GameCon in Germany in August. If you're only interested in the BIG hitter titles then you'd be a fool to think you'll see them in the first 18-24 months of a consoles release.

Once PS4 has got it's userbase and is delivering unique big exclusive titles then is when Nintendo will roll out the cannons. It doesn't make financial sense to spend all your ammo before a fight has begun.

Xbox won't be a worry as if it even registers 1 sale. something is wrong with the world hahaha



Daz-brum said:

Wow what a line up, if only a new zelda was sown but hey my time will be taken up with Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong plus all the other tripple A titles.



MegaWatts said:

I was left underwhelmed and disappointed by the presentation. Don't get me wrong, I imagine I'm still going to enjoy these games when they come out, but I think there's just as strong — if not stronger — an argument for Nintendo NOT playing it safe.

When Nintendo released the Wii with Wii Sports back in 2006, everyone thought they were nuts. But, it was this bold move that scored them an insane amount of sales and essentially revitalised their business. It was innovative, different and truly Nintendo.

Nintendo keeps pushing out the PR line that it's the GamePad which sets the system apart from the rest, and I certainly agree with that. So why the heck aren't they using it? None of these games help to set the Wii U apart from its competitors, with the only exception being that they're Nintendo-produced games. Where are all the crazy sorts of ideas like Nintendo had with Wii Sports and Wii Fit that make exceptional use of the GamePad's unique features?

Yes, Nintendo stands to make a lot of money from pumping out more Mario, DK, Mario Kart and Smash Bros., but it's really not doing its system any favour at the moment. I'm glad the games are coming, but if Nintendo had also incorporated some riskier, more unique games into its line-up which actually used the GamePad in any sort of meaningful way, I think there'd be a lot more buzz about it right now. Games like Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 helped the 3DS, but let's not forget that they were both aided by a tremendous system price cut, too.



WingedSnagret said:

Basically, this is the 3DS all over again. The Wii U needs the safe, but well selling, games first to build up the ownership base, THEN they can start coming out with more niche titles like Metroid and such.

Besides, there is nothing wrong with this line up anyway, just another case of people not seeing exactly what they wanted.



Wanderhope said:

Great article and points. That is what struck me yesterday, the "wow, this is the exact same Mario-Mario Kart 1-2 punch that 3DS got 2 years ago!" As a father with three kids and someone who sold games during the Wii years, I can tell you that the Sonic and Donkey Kong games sold like hotcakes to families. So did Wii Party/Fit. Perhaps even more so than Mario and Mario Kart. This is the perfect lineup to get mainstream families buying Wii Us. I literally watched Nintendo's E3 trailers with my kids last night for like an hour ... it was all stuff that we could all enjoy.



NintyMan said:

Like many, I also thought Nintendo had a huge 3D Mario game and Metroid Prime 4 in store, but Super Mario 3D World still looks like a lot of fun and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze has me pumped. They're playing it safe, but there's still going to be some very good games. I was impressed by all of Nintendo's game reveals yesterday.

Those that are disappointed just need to remember how the 3DS went about. It also played it safe in its first year in the holiday season, and once the safe, but good games got it going, it started getting bigger and bolder games. That's exactly what's going to happen to Wii U.



james_squared said:

I think the lineup is good and it's pretty well what was expected. I think Super Mario 3D Land with its co-op play makes more sense than producing another mostly single player experience of a Mario Galaxy type game.

The only real disappointment is that some titles are having their launch dates set further back. But if this makes for a better game, then I think it'll be worth the wait. Plus, spreading out the Nintendo produced titles over a longer period should lead to less of the drought that we saw early this year. Perhaps in this world of instant gratification we are expecting too much here. Quality takes time.

As for innovation, I must agree that Nintendo seems to be playing it safe at the moment and I would like to see them show more of what the GamePad can really do rather than just being a smaller version of what I can see on the big teevee. Maybe Game & Wario will be a big surprise here?



GearsOfWarU said:

I wad absolutely stoked by the Nintendo Direct a previous Xbox 360 owner All of these Nintendo Games look Great... I can't wait for Super Mario 3D World... Reminds me alot of a mix of Super Mario Bros 2 & Mario 64 games I grew up on and hold dearly to my heart... Mario Kart 8 looks fantastic, & since I never owned a Wii the New Donky Kong Country looks like an absolute Blast ... Super Smash Bros 4 ... What can I say been looking forward to joining this series for years... Blows Nee Crappy Killer Instinct out of the Water... Like many I would love a new Metroid, Kid Icarus & Luigi Mansion game for Wii U ... Hopefully Next Year but this Fall is Packed with Grade A Games the other to consoles just lack ... They have tons of shooters witch I have grown tired of ( mainly what I've played the past decade on Xbox & 360 Halo, Gears & COD) ... Still got plenty 3rd party great games like Sonic Lost World , Rayman Legends, AC4 Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins & COD Ghost... Not to mention the 2 absolute Gems from Platinum Games ... Wonderful 101 & Bayonetta 2..can't wait to get my hands on them.... All in all thank you Nintendo for bringing fun and excitement Back to Gaming... I feel great about my purchase of a Wii U and am happy to pass on Xbox One



AyeHaley said:

3D world is a proper Mario guys...
Lots of new stuff in that game and 4P! How awesome is that. Anyway it looks next gen to me.



gojiguy said:

It's a great lineup, it's just sad Nintendo isn't taking chances anymore. They're sticking to the "big 3" (Zelda, Pokemon and Mario) with the occasional Donkey Kong or Kirby.

What about Star Fox? What about F-Zero? 1080? WaveRace? These games have been left in the dust for so long that a new one in the series would practically be considered a new IP.



Mr_Vengeance said:

Oh please love off with all this "Holiday" bullrainbows - its called Christmas.

profanity if against NL rules. keep using it and you'll get temp-banned. it's easy to avoid: stop using profanity. K8sMum



Madmanonfire said:

Nintendo did great with their Nintendo direct. I know that every first party title shown will be high quality and I plan on picking almost all of them as close to release day as I can. There's nothing wrong with having a great number of surefire hardhitters and there are enough new experiences in each title to set them apart from past games.



ILikeRead said:

@bouncer0304 whats funny is that theres alot of shooters and racers out, almost too many. is there anybody that plays something other than that?



BXXL said:

I understand the point of the article, but i still feel this line-up will only attract the usual Nintendo fans and the people who want some "family fun", and won't attract the mainstream audience the way Wii did, or won't attract the "core" gamers due to a lack of action/adventures, rpg's and more "modern", mature themed games...

My overall impression is "ok, great games", but is also "ok, here we go... again": there's no real surprises here, the same franchises do come back, many platformers, as usual, and Nintendo doesn't fill the holes with some third parties collaborations and/or exclusives, or new IP's, or new "epic" stuff, so yeah, even a Nintendo fan like me may not be totally convinced... which means there's a problem, somewhere: maybe in me, of course, but maybe not...



RIC616 said:

Barely anyone in this thread mentions Bayonetta or X. When you just list the first party exclusives, yeah it does seem safe, but those two titles and Wonderful 101 add some balance to the exclusive lineup, backed up with some other good third party offerings. If you want your epic exclusive look at X.

The only problem was the lack of anything unfamiliar. If X and Bayonetta hadn't already been announced then the line up shown would have absolutely blown the competition out of the water.

Have to say though Mario Kart has me excited, going all F-Zero. Now if they can get rid of the blue shells I'll be ecstatic.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@DiSTANToblivion I'm certainly excited for X! It's my most anticipated title for the Wii U, but I love JRPG's. I don't know how many people are into them, really. The Japanese definitely like them more than Americans and Europeans, for the most part.

I was initially disappointed, probably due to the horrible stream freezing every 3 seconds and lagging, but after watching the Nintendo Direct again in 720p and watching the developer interviews I am really happy with what they are doing. Sure, I would have loved and I want a Star Fox or Metroid or StarTropics or new IP from Retro, but Tropical Freeze looks really good. I've never played Bayonetta but that is looking really cool. And originally I wasn't all about The Wonderful 101, but the more I see the more I want that.



Jamester0722 said:

To me, after watching the Nintendo Direct a second time and watching the Developer Diaries, I feel Nintendo has a great showing. For the rest of the year we have Game&Wario soon, Pikmin 3 in August, Wonderful 101 in September, Wind Waker HD in Octoner, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and WiiFitU in November, and Mario 3D World in December. That sounds like a decent line up to me, and that doesn't include eShop titles or what's announced for 2014 (Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros.) The only thing missing is 3rd party support to fill in the gaps.



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@RIC616 I have to pretty much agree with all of that comment. Who knows, they could do a Nintendo Direct in a few weeks just as they did last year that has some great new information on unannounced upcoming games as well. I really don't think Nintendo likes E3 because there is so much gaming news that comes from it. They would rather save the big announcements, like Zelda U, for a time when they can get the entire spotlight to themselves.



Haywired said:

"Nintendo plays it safe, like everyone else".

Well, this is what I try and tell people who are convinced that Nintendo is on some noble, unrelenting quest for innovation and the fallacy that making sequels for the sake of making sequels rather than because of any mind-blowing new ideas is something that only "other companies do" whereas Nintendo "always innovates". Nintendo is a business like any other and puts commercial interest miles before innovation, as it always has done and as it should do. Hence why every Pokemon/Mario Kart/New Super Mario Bros/Mario Party/Animal Crossing, etc. are incredibly similar and don't evolve/innovate much, because they sell like that.



Dogpigfish said:

I totally agree with them 'playing it safe'. It would have been nice to get something revolutionary, but maybe not until next year.



banacheck said:

There are some games i'm looking forwards too for the Wii U like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Pikmin 3etc, but for thing like RPG's & MMO's PS4 is where it's at, not just shooters & driving games lol.

but i'm very happy to see another Donkey Kong Country game, now i just want the others on VC Nintendo.



BXXL said:

@ RIC616

Bayonetta, Wonderful 101 and X were awesome, and the higlights of this year line-up (or future 2014 line-up, for two of them), but the problem is: is that enough to convince the non-Nintendo usual fans?

And i'm afraid 3 games won't be enough: add an epic new Zelda or Metroid, plus two other great rpgs and a handful of action/adventure or strategy games, and THEN, most gamers could have seen the Wii U as a must, and the perfect "second console" alongside PS4, by example...

But 3 games like these, 18 months after launch, and the near total absence of third parties support give most gamers not such a great impression... and i still don't understand why Nintendo hasn't used a small part of all the billions in the bank to anticipate this gen, and be there in full power... i just can't understand, as even their internal studios had a hard time to produce enough quality games for their new console...



piperrobbie said:

I'm happy with the line up Nintendo brought, with each month basically being taken by a great game to keep me occupied till the next month, it seems like next year will be here before we know it. That said and everything I'm still hoping that Nintendo will do a surprise announcement before the end of E3, even if it's just a feature coming to the Wii U.



Peach64 said:

I don't think it was unreasonable to expect some big, traditional games from them at this time, not at all. In the last two and a half years, the only big, hardcore title we've had from Nintendo was Skyward Sword.

Super Mario 3D World will be good, but it's closer to the New Super Mario series than Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy. It's a quick, cheap game to attract the casual market, not the traditional gamers that have been on board since the NES, SNES, 64 or Cube. Donkey Kong Country will be good, but again, it's quick, cheap and it lacks ambition. I don't have a problem with Nintendo doing this, as the Wii U is in a bad way, and they need good games fast, but at the same time, people should be well within their rights to be disappointed, and should be able to express that without being called a troll. This is not Nintendo at it's best.

If it had been a proper 3D Mario, I'd have been picking up a Wii U this Christmas, but now I'm feeling more like I will pick up these games eventually, but it's nothing I need right now. I can happily wait for a price drop, if not a couple of price drops.



taffy said:

For me the most exciting part of the direct Was "X". The Direct was a disappointment in the sense that I wasn't surprised by anything, do any of you remember back in 2009 when they finished with a trailer for Other M - That's what they needed.

A sequel to a game which was released 3 years ago (and re-released a few weeks ago) is not that much of a WOW. To be honest I think it would have been better if they didn't announce "X" way back and announced it now but I guess hindsight is a beautiful thing.



3Daniel said:

I feel mario 3d world and dk tropical breeze should have been 3ds titles seeing as regardless of the dynamic camera in dk its still a "flat" image and 3d world's viewpoint is better served in stereoscopic 3d. No metroid is a bummer and most hardcore, hate the term, titles are hitting in 2014. Smash. Bayonetta 2. I LOVED THE DIRECT



Wolfgabe said:

I think article hit the nail on the head given by the large amounts of racing and shooting games we saw from Sony and Microsoft. Everyone played it safe this year



3Daniel said:

VIDEO but pretty much every major title from the last direct got pushed back on Wii U to focus on casual titles. Only problem is Nintendo wanted the "core" gamer and marketed it that way from the get go. Hope core gamers like wii party and wii fit. I enjoy the latter not the former. The Wii U is crowded with minigame collections already. Also wit



3Daniel said:

Link between worlds.not requiring 3d for puzzles and hd version should simultaneously release for wii u.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Yeah I was a little disappointed at first but it does make sense. Go with the franchises that will push systems then release the Metroids, F-Zero's, Starfox's etc...they gotta get more systems sold & if this is what it takes so be it.



Aqueous said:

I liked what I saw, I think maybe ending on Smash Bros. over the e3 floor would have been a better ending. Still I'm thinking most of those titles will enter my collection.



mr_sean said:

Disappointed that there weren't a lot of surprises but when looking back at the list of games coming out there's a lot of good stuff in store. Pity about the 2014 release dates though; Mario kart always sells systems



cdude said:

A lot of your guys' anti anyone thats unsatisfied attitude really sucks. People have a right to expect a lot more from nintendo a year into a new console cycle that costs as much as the wiiu does.

Nintendo has done nothing but drop the ball since before this thing came out and the evidence of that is not only in the sales performance of the device, but also in the fact that nothing major is coming out until 2014.

Theyve straightup lied about almost everything and not shared any information otherwise. And, instead of developing games that actually have a chance of turning this thing around, theyre doubling devtime on wario minigames and pretending that people really want another wii party.

The people that own this stupid thing now have right to be upset and shouldnt be told to shut up and just "buy a ps4." We dont want a ps4, we want nintendo games that werent thrown together in 6 months or direct copies of stuff we just got finished playing.

Sure, it's still nintendo stuff, and of course im gonna buy it cuz i have a wiiu, but lets not pretend that what they actually announced can hold a candle to the stuff people really wanted. I'm getting sonic, luigi, mario, wario, dk, smash and kart. Of course we all wanted them eventually, but not now.

Metroid, kid icarus, starfox, and fzero would have set the wiiu on fire.



Squiggle55 said:

It's funny, I have no doubt that the games they showed will be great. I will buy most of the first party ones. But Donkey Kong was the only surprise and I had my hopes up for BIG surprises. From that perspective the show was disappointing, but, like I said, the games we already knew about are of course going to be good.



CowLaunch said:

Most, if not all the games revealed, could be achieved, or could have been achieved on 3DS, Wii, or even GameCube.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Peach64 Except the problem is that people aren't looking at it from a logical perspective. Sure you can feel free to state your disappointment, however to say they failed and that it wasn't a good business decision is asinine at best.



DiSTANToblivion said:

@Prof_Elvin_Gadd My thoughts exactly. The second viewing really helped, as did listening to the interviews. X looks amazing, hopefully continuing and improving the scale and presentation of Xenoblade. My brother loves JRPGs and was addicted to that game.



GN004Nadleeh said:

what ever happened to the pack in game? they need to make some donkey kong or Mario 3d world bundles but keep the $299 price. now lets see some rpgs please




They are safely digging themselves deeper in the ground. They proved the the gaming community that they were indeed right in excluding Wii U from the next-gen. At least people are still talking about Xbox One. But Nintendo is not even mentioned anymore.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@ferthepoet The console sales for Nintendo ALWAYS jump straight up when a more casual Mario game shows up. This trend is revealed with Wii, 3DS and I'm pretty sure when the sales for the Christmas period shows up this trend will continue for the Wii U.

As much as everyone "thinks" that innovative games will skyrocket sales it is generally NOT the case. The more innovative games out there will ALWAYS sell less consoles than say the more popular series like Call of Duty or Battlefield. I seriously don't see Mirror's Edge 2 for example selling as many consoles as say the next Call of Duty game. At the end of the day, it's the mainstream market that makes up the most console/hardware purchases not the "hardcore" group (they tend to make up more of the overall software purchases).

They're not going to have any trouble with their hardware purchases, I guarantee it. Overall software on the other hand, remains to be seen. Quite frankly, everyone on this site, as I pointed out earlier on, is not really in a position to make comments on how well Nintendo will do, unless they have some kind of business background or substantial proof (both is preferable on such a highly charged topic).

Best quote I've seen on this topic remains this for very good reason, cause it's quite fitting towards the Nintendo fan base:

"Nintendo is also in a terrible position at E3, for a roughly similar reason: Everyone who loves Nintendo think they know what’s best for Nintendo, and they get frustrated very easily. If Nintendo does something radically new and different and weird — motion gaming with the Wii, the tablet control of the Wii U — people complain that Nintendo is violating its legacy of great old-school gameplay. If Nintendo shrugs and says, fine, here’s a brand-new Mario game or a brand-new Zelda sequel, people complain that Nintendo is resting on its laurels and violating its legacy of pushing the boundaries of gameplay."

At the end of the day, you can't satisfy everyone especially when you're in Nintendo's position. Best to go with the bigger slice of the market in that case.



QuickSilver88 said:

I was initially very disappointed but all the hype about a new 3D Mario, and Retro killer title as well as a crappy 240p feed were all factors. After watching the direct again on my WiiU and the dev clips I was less disappointed...Still....i have legit complaints. First, Gamepad is supposed to be what sets U apart from the others and they did very little to highlight it. Second and other have said this but DKC and Mario3d could be done on 3DS or Wii so do little to change perceptions of WiiU as weak hardware. Third, nothing new or surprising was announced in the way of 3rd party relationships.....just announcing one big title coming like COD or GTA would have really helped the perception that Nintendo is struggling with 3rd party relations. X, MK8, and B2, and SSB all looked pretty sweet but its wait until 2014. Also given the name recognition and universal success why not a new WiiU sports using both gamepad and Wiimotes? We already have Nintendoland, and Wario coming, and we need another party game this year? And why not make it a MarioParty game if U are going to make one? I hope this article is right and 2013 titles do drive sales, but I have my doubts. I think their best hope is a $300 pro bundle that packs in the highly anticipated Disney Infinity....that would sell systems to kids and families and the game is highly DLC and collectable driven so Disney and Nintendo could afford to give the core game away as a pack in. I honestly think Iwata needs to go back to developing and Nintendo needs new, more aggressive leadership. Sadly I think Nintendo is having an identity crisis and is wasting all their great IPs.......I am sure I will buy W101, DKC, and Zelda WW this year......the rest we will have to see how they review. The second half of the year does look much better but at $400 the PS4 is looking very strong....Nintendo would be in huge trouble if M$ wasn't so busy killing themselves and angering gamers.



Legromancer said:

i'm sorry, but this games won't sell consoles. That is the problem at the moment. Everyone who wants a Wii U for Nintendo games already has one.
With all this talk about ,,we here at Nintendo are all about innovation'' isn't it funny that there weren't any new concepts or ideas in this direct?
I am pretty sure Nintendo will loose the battle this Christmas. They already try to forget about the unique Gamepad. It baffles me that anybody can be okay with this Direct. There was nothing shown by Nintendo that is only possible on the Wii U and not on the Wii or 3DS (W101 is Platinum). Where they bankrupt of new ideas? And Retro is making a 2D Sidescroller. Their big secret project they were working on for the past 3 years. Which was pulled in the last minute before the press conference 2012. Because it wasn't ready...yeah. Don't believe this for a second. Why isn't there any of their Sci-Fi franchises? The whole lineup doesn't look really varied.
I'm sorry, but i am deeply dissappointed by Nintendo. I really like Platformers but this is overkill.



Williaint said:

Starting this summer, there will be some great games out there, and not having all the games at once would be, theoretically, good for third parties. Investing in more than one game a month isn't that great a plan — Unless you have a lot of money.
I'm looking forward to Super Mario 3D World! It takes from my favourite Super Mario Games "World, 2, and 64". The Characters look a lot like they are from Super Mario World!

A "proper 3D Mario"? How would you describe that? A single Player game? Able to rotate the camera? Huh... It looks like you can do that in Super Mario 3D World!

Actually, more innovative games don't usually sell more.

What you just said is just 'schlock'; it's untrue garbage that many 'analysts' are spewing out.

Like Reggie said: "It only matters how YOU feel when YOU play the Game!"



ILikeRead said:

I can't tell anyone what to think, but i am satisfied with what was shown on direct. People talk about the stuff we know that was gonna be shown-shown and yet dont say anything about the other consoles and what they predicted to be shown-shown and say that those games arent just the same old poopiedoopiedoodledoos. Constant shooters, racers, minimal rpg, no real indie support, just all around same with two major companies who have multiple things going on other than game consoles and nintendo sits in the back and watches it slowly collapsing. So, other than microsoft having its software on phones too, i'm waiting to see if sony does the same thing. dont get me wrong with ps cause i'll get it, but not til they drop the price.........sound familiar with people talking about nintendo dropping the price? I guess if you wanted more news about xbox or ps how about heading over to ign cause theres no nintendo love there. People seem to forget what they grew up with, unless what they mean by 'next gen' is kids from 10 to 18. And whats funny too, anyone of any age can pick up a ps controller or a xbox controller and sit for two to three hours a day in a week a beat one of those games, but cant even pick up an nes controller and beat zelda or final fantasy in two weeks, or just give up after one hour.



hYdeks said:

Nintendo is playing it safe, but in another way are bringing what Nintendo fans want. 3rd Party developers need to get it together and realize graphics aren't everything. There is some great 3rd party games, but it still needs to be alot better, and UbiSoft is truly a big time backstabber right now.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Williaint I think you misread my comment. I said they "sell less" than mainstream games.

here's the original section: "As much as everyone "thinks" that innovative games will skyrocket sales it is generally NOT the case. The more innovative games out there will ALWAYS sell less consoles than say the more popular series like Call of Duty or Battlefield."

Though perhaps I should work on where I emphasize my points.



bigskidboy said:

some of the comments i am reading make me feel that allot of you have blinkers on and can only see the word Nintendo in front of you and everything else around you does not matter very sad



MJKOP said:

My only concern is that 2014 is when these guaranteed system sellers will hit. I have a mild concern by then it might be too late, but I don't believe it. I can understand that the Retro project, which had gained near magical, mythical status, was seen as a disappointment when it turned out be 'only' DK... but I absolutely loved DKCR on Wii, loved it & I know I wasn't the only person! It WILL be fantastic, as will Mario & Mario Kart. Galaxy1&2 are my two favourite games of recent years, but I know for sure if Nintendo announced Galaxy3 there still woulda been crying. 3D World looks just like they're describing it, the best bits of all the 3D Mario titles. When these games actually hit, it will be all good



Megumi said:

Like I said countless times, I was hoping Retro would be working on a different IP...but they're not. Guess what? Sequels happen, 3D Land and DKCR sold its obvious why they made sequels. I highly doubt the "3D" games will become the new "New" games. lol
Also, Retro did say they were tired of Metroid for now, and Team Ninja said they wouldn't mind working on another one.

So yeah, Nintendo didn't have any surprise of a new IP or whatever...but they're still going to be awesome games.



moroboshi said:

It's telling that Nintendo chose to show only established franchises. Does that mean they have nothing new in development internally? If they're relying on third parties to deliver new experiences, then their rapidly dwindling pool of support must be causing many sleepless nights.

To my eyes Sony are the clear favourite to win the next generation. They have the best hardware, they're not forcing motion control on people, the price is high but just about low enough to still sell, and the line-up of games looks to be a good mix between mega budget and indie. If only they had shown The Last Guardian...



Captain_Toad said:

Yeah there were some couple of select games which i wish should've came up from that presentation but overall it was a pretty decent offering (if not a couple of surprises that have me like squealing ahem release date of smash bros and megaman cough.) The only wish that i have for this system is that more 3rd parties'll be jumping in and this thing will get some heavy advertising.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I probably shouldn't feel Schadenfreude but come Christmas season, something tells me it's going to be unavoidable when the sales numbers are posted.



MasterGraveheart said:

Nothing surprising, but nothing wrong... except for the character announcements for Smash Brothers. THOSE were surprising (even if we could have expected Mega Man). Nintendo has my money again this Christmas.



DreamOn said:

Nintendo @ E3: 8/10. 1 point for MK8 coming in 2014 and 1 point for Retro not revealing Star Fox.

Still missing details for Mario Golf >:[

Year of Luigi rolls on! And I feel there's a few surprises left yet!



HaNks said:

some great content for sure, but good enough turn things around this holiday season? i'd point to a lack of Mario Kart as a reason to be concerned, probably the strongest candidate for a system seller if there was one.

i have little doubt the 3DS will deliver on all fronts, but the wii U is in big trouble. good chance iwata will be out if its still performing way below expectations next april.



JebbyDeringer said:

I think Nintendo is being fiscally smart. These games are all easy to make and will easily make money. In fact you could even say it's obvious where they are saving money. Sony & Microsoft are playing it safe with game franchises but they are still inherently risky since the development costs are sky high.



alLabouTandroiD said:

This Direct was really good for the already established Nintendo fanbase imo. With a price cut long enough before One and PS4 launch i can see a lot of the more traditional Wii and 3DS owners getting a Wii U. Maybe then they should show more games that are coming afterwards to keep the expected better momentum going.

Personally i only got a Wii U when i could have it for the bargain price i was willing to pay. And the original price point is a huge part of Ninty's problems right now imo.
350 bucks for the black model to me meant they have to be going for more than their usual (mostly family-friendly) approach since it's just too expensive for a console that mainly has the usual Nintendo stuff on it (see 3DS's price cut).
This Direct was imo the last real chance to appeal to a more hardcore audience before they get a PS4 and probably nothing else as long as it's getting support. A well done cinematic Metroid, a fantastic Star Fox or a great online F-Zero could have appealed to these people imo. And maybe they'd even have shown third parties that Nintendo really means to bring a different audience in.
I think everybody should know what to expect from Wii U now.



Draken18 said:

Great line up, might be playing it a bit safe, but these games will sell and will be great games for the Wii U. It's also great that we have atleast one if not more major first party release from August on, not to mention all the third party/indie games coming out.



Kirk said:


Yes but based on your list, outside of the small handful of admittedly great looking first party games there's apparently a very small list of multi-plat titles, with only two third party exclusive, coming to Wii U between now and however far into 2014.

Although, arguably, even those two exclusive titles could be considered kinda second party anyway and therefor there would be a absolutely zero exclusive third party titles coming to Wii U in the foreseeable future based on your list.

Also, let's be honest here, the chances of some of those 2014 titles coming later rather than sooner is also quite high too.

Just being realistic here.

If you go and have a look at the literally tens of third party titles coming to the other consoles, and a few of them are exclusives too, as well as all the first party titles coming to those machines then it makes the Wii U lineup look pretty weak by comparison...unless all you really need or want is Nintendo's first party games.

How is that going to convince anyone other than Nintendo fanboys that this console is worth buying (and let's be hones here; this console really needs to sell many more units if it's going to be the success we'd all like it to be and receive the third party support we'd all like it to receive)...?

Just like I said.



XFsWorld said:

The reason why some were disappointed is because we already knew what was coming.

But I'm not, this years was better than last years.



TooManyToasters said:

I really don't care about the small selection shown this year. Bayonetta and Project X both look really good in ways that actually push the Wii U's graphical limits, while Smash Bros. and both Mario titles perfect upon their already-polished predecessors.

DKC Tropical Breeze though? They just kind of added in Dixie and a new enemy (Vikings).



Tony_342 said:

Excellent article. I admit that despite the games looking fantastic, I was somewhat disappointed after the Nintendo E3 Direct video. But after letting it all sink in, I am more excited now than disappointed. Nintendo has an amazing lineup of software for the second half of this year and early next year.

Complaining about how we're getting "just another Mario game," or "just another Donkey Kong game," is a bit silly. These are the games that you should expect to see this early in a system's lifespan. The big software that sells systems is naturally what you should expect to come out in the first year or so. Anyone expecting something more innovative or original, those titles generally won't come until the second or third year and beyond. This is the same with pretty much any system, and rightfully so. Make something that will have broad appeal to start with, then you can move on to doing something a bit more risky. It's just good business sense.



JebbyDeringer said:

"But I'm not, this years was better than last years."

Sucking less doesn't mean it's good though. Last year was a write off as was the year before as far as Nintendo home console goes.



rmeyer said:

I thought the only good games on other consoles are Titanfall and Destiny which I would have to choose between the ps4 and Xbox one. Ill probably stick with Nintendo until late 2014 when some decent twin (Microsoft and Sony) games come out.



DerpSandwich said:

I can't disagree more. These games are "safe," but I don't think they're good from a business standpoint because they're not amazing enough to justify a purchase. Sure, there are kids that will only get a Wii U when there are a bunch of kid-friendly games on the system or whatever, but ask anyone who's been waiting on a Wii U if they think these new games are worth it and I don't think their answer is going to be yes. Are these games going to be fun? Yes. But the Wii U already has fun games. What it needs are games that really wow us and utilize the power of the system. These games just don't. I'd personally like to play these games, but probably when I can get them from a bargain bin. They're just not $60 games.

We were all hoping that Wii U sales would increase by this holiday season, but with this lineup I honestly don't think it will happen.



rjejr said:

@ferthepoet - Agreed. Some games get bought by everyone who already owns the system, some games - Mario Kart and SSB - get people to buy systems.
@FuseBlues - Agreed, hard to sell WiiU in 2013 w/ the promise of 2014 games. Pikimn 3 was promised in the launch window and we're still waiting.



Araknie said:

What's this an IGN article?
None of these games are similar to their predecessors, you really don't mention any of the new stuff done in every game or one as example.

Really then why dedicate 2 minutes on X if they wanted to play it safe. Mechas are almost hated in America if they are not Transformers so really i don't see that.
Bayonetta 2 is M rated or 18+ rated game and show part of the of Bayonetta getting naked it's not playing it safe.

Adding Villager from Animal Crossing and Fit Trainer in Super Smash Bros. it's not playing it safe.

Also you take in account E3 only considering the conference but Nintendo did a shorter conference to, and doing it now, show new trailers at the Nintendo booth, like the Fit Trainer i mentioned earlier, with a lot of new trailers, a Nintendo Developers Direct and different gameplay trailers like the Bayonetta 2 trailer of 3 minutes that's on youtube.
Like all the people now are going on Nintendo's youtube and there is a lot more to see.

The least viewed E3 2013 Nintendo video is on more than 10.000 views and the Nintendo Direct was watched by half a milion people after one day.

Really don't say shiz against the Ninty fanbase.



Mizzah_Tee said:

I agree with this article 100%
This is a smart business move Nintendo, and trust me guys, most of the games you are expecting are coming.



rjejr said:

For those who keep saying 3DS did great when Mario nd Mario Kart 7 came out, don't forget the 25% price cut from $249 to $179.
If WiiU consles go down to $229 basic and $279 premum they would probably sell well also.



LunaticPandora said:

do i look like i care about "commercial sense?" because i don't. release something in summer or autumn for once instead of reserving everything for "xmas sales"



dap005 said:

I'm sure Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 will scratch people's creative itch (one's a new entry in a franchise that hasn't had one for ages and the other is a new ip from the bonkers head of Hideki Kamiya) if people actually buy them of course.

There wasn't that many surprises this e3 (mind you the developer directs were a treat though) but at least we don't have to wait a whole year for future announcements ;P. In the meantime I'll need to get my wii fit board out again to horn my yoga skills before playing as the trainer in SSB4



Ichiban said:

A great time to be a Wii U in 2014.....PS4 for me this year. Sorry nintendo, you just didnt bring it.



Gamer83 said:

I get why Nintendo went the route it did, just like every other company but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed by Super Mario 3D World. I was set to buy a Wii U not long after PS4 because I wanted to play the next 3D Mario platformer after seeing what is basically Super Mario 3D Land HD, I'm not nearly as interested. Mario Kart 8, DKC and Smash will be great but they're not as high my list as some other franchises. The Wii U will still do excellent at retail this holiday season but I was a little letdown by this show. I expect playing it safe from other companies, not Nintendo.



Slapshot said:

I absolutely disagree with this sentiment. E3 has shown that Nintendo is practically own its own to sell this console, with third party support falling beyond low. Nintendo played it safe with New Super Mario Bros. U and it didn't sell the console. Why would playing is safe with Super Mario 3D World be any different?

The fact that Super Mario 3D Land is largely a multiplayer title, shows just how out of touch Nintendo has been with the Wii U, because tablets are not commonly seen as something used for local multiplayer experiences by the mainstream audience. Nintendo fans have always looked to Mario's 3D outings for a large and robust single player experience - something that the Wii U is in dire need of - and this simply isn't it.

The Wii U absolutely needs ground breaking first party titles, not "safe" games. How anyone can think that Nintendo playing "safe" with a severely struggling system is a commercially smart move for Nintendo to make is beyond me. Sony has been playing it "safe" with the Vita - it is failing on the market!

Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8, however, both look absolutely incredible and I've no doubt that both of these titles will move units off of store shelves. The only issue with these, is that Super Smash Bros. will be available on the 3DS, which is how I'll be purchasing it - I would have bought a Wii U just for SSB, had it not been developed for the 3DS.

I was dead-set on buying a Wii U before E3 later this year, but after seeing what Sony is doing/providing with the PS4, I preordered the upcoming console within mere minutes of Sony's conference ending.



R_Champ said:


Haha, I wouldn't be so harsh as to call the systems "paper weights", but I completely agree. ANYONE who isn't interested in at least one game from this amazing list of reveals is on the wrong system and needs to jump on board with the FPS bandwagon before it's too late. X, Smash, and Bayonetta alone provide a spectrum that most gamers should be able to enjoy.



Intrepid said:

It could have been better, but for what they did do, it was great. I most likely will get most of them, and I look forward to the time where there are enough WiiU owners to justify the releases we were expecting this year. In the meantime, we have:

Pikmin 3
Wonderful 101
Game and Wario
Yarn Yoshi
Mario 3D World
DK Tropical Freeze
Zelda Wind Waker HD
New Super Luigi U
Smash Bros.
Mario Kart 8
Sonic Lost Worlds
Mario & Sonic
Zelda A Link Between Worlds
M&L Dream Team
Pokemon X&Y
Project X
Bayonetta 2
Rayman Legends
Ace Attorney 5

How anyone can complain after all that is just amazing.



MeWario said:

I think that Nintendo has made all the right moves. The only thing stopping the Wii U from killing it this Christmas is that Mariokart is coming in 2014.



Henmii said:

"Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes Commercial Sense"

We have yet to see! Hopefully Super Mario 3D world will sell some systems (Mario 3D land was pretty popular), but releasing DKC tropical freeze so short after DKC returns 3D could be a huge misstake! We have seen it with New super Mario bros Wii u! It came to soon after New super Mario bros 2! Thus it didn't sell much Wii u's!



Doma said:

IMO, in-order to spark interest they'll be needing something MUCH more noteworthy than the same old, safe, processed junk. The people who are excited by that line-up most likely already own the system or planned to.

All these rehashes combined with them being (rightfully) ditched by third-parties, has fully convinced me to not buy a WiiU and go with PS4 instead.



BXXL said:


What people like you and Cruznbaby85 are writtting is so close-minded that it makes me feel bad to be a Nintendo fan, and a daily follower of NL...

If you read carefully the arguments made by many in this TALKING POINT, you'd realize they have some points, and that there's no use in such kiddy remarks... cos you know, X and Bayonetta are only two games, and even if they're really great, it won't be enough to give most gamers the need to buy a Wii U...

And on the other consoles, it's not all about stupid and boring shooters, either: there are many action/adventure (missing on Wii U), many rpgs (missing on Wii U), many strategy games (missing on Wii U), many survival horrors (missing on Wii U), many good sci-fi shooters (missing on Wii U), etc, etc...

So It's not really wise to ask some long-time Nintendo fans to jump board, when it's actually Nintendo who should be "on board", and give us way more choices and diversity in a time where gaming has way more choices and diversity than ever before...

I'd like to add that i don't understand how some Nintendo fans just can't be more critical of Nintendo... not on the artistic side of things, but on the business side of things: Nintendo made BILLIONS and BILLIONS of profits thanks to DS and Wii, thanks to YOUR money, MY money, and the money of all the others...

And how has that money been invested? Did they release a console powerful enough to make multiplats a normal, automatic thing? No... Did they invest in creating more 1st party studios to be able to release more games and cover a wider range of games, on both the 3DS and Wii U? No... Did they buy very talented studios to expand their 2nd parties lineup? No... Did they create some deals with some of the most talented 3rd parties out there, to get more exclusive games? No...

The main problem with Nintendo is that they think their old business model (small teams, very big profits) can live forever without any change. But as actual games take more time to be made, especially if you want to make creative stuff and good looking stuff at the same time, the 2000-3000 game creators they have won't be able to create ALL the games needed for a really "WOW" lineup on both the 3DS and Wii U...

As Reggie just repeated today, they rely heavily on their 1st party titles to build a userbase, but if those are not enough to build a userbase beyond the usual Nintendo fans? Who's to blame? The gamers, or Nintendo? Just think of it, cos thats why i'm talkin' about in this TALKING POINT...



cdawg said:

They went for the titles that they know make them money so I understand that part. I also like their strategy of being the cost effective console at the sake of graphics power.

That being said, Nintendo needs a radical change because I dont see myself or others buying this console for the games. Gen by gen I find it Im less interested in their games and spending more and more in other consoles. Perhaps Ive just fallen out of the demographic they want to go for. Weve come a long way since the super nintendo days no doubt.



GraveLordXD said:

@Erica_Hartmann I thought it was ok but for a metroid game it fell short, I did see some potential in it though and if team ninja does develop the next one I hope they step up their game big time
I say this because metroid holds a special place in my heart and the series was pretty much flawless before other m even the first one is one of my favorites
And I think it makes me even more upset because I see what it could have been



gavn64 said:

The lineup was fine but the one part that i just cant except is the new mario game it looks very good but not 3D mario great there wont be a buoy base level in this game i can tell that from just looking at it i really hope it is just a stop-gap for the "REAL" 3D mario in two years time _ and if it is i will except this for what it is but it just isnt 3D mario guys we all surely see this right?



gavn64 said:

Oh and before i forget, what in the world is up with the whole RETRO situation last year reggie said "i wanted to show retro's new game but they wouldn let me" up until that point RETRO had gone dark for two whole years, are you telling me it took them 3 years to get this 2D game thats running on a wii engine up and running to respectable levels they had better be making there real game deep in there H.Q or i will be furious

p.s i have no problem with DK just kinda think MONSTER GAMES could have made this sequel.



TheAdza said:

I liked what a saw. Totally agree that it was a let down that Retro's game was DKCTF. However that game looks amazing and will be a day 1 purchase for me. As will most of the other titles on show here. I just wish all these games were coming this year. Then the Wii U would really be something to be reckoned with.



Backwardsonapig said:

These games all look great and I can't wait to play them. Sure I would have loved a new metroid or a SMG3, but the games announced will sell. The WiiU needs sales, and these games should get them (better than games like star fox, and metroid would. Trust me, I would love either.) Once the WiiU is picking up the pace, the more risky projects can start. The "unoriginal cash grab" games will get the money needed, SO that they can take more risks with a new IP or an IP revival. At least thats my take on things.



Gamer83 said:


I think the main reason New Super Mario Bros. U didn't push consoles is because it was released relatively close to NSMB 2 and the Wii U is a higher priced product than Nintendo has put out there in a while and they advertised it terribly. This year all they need to do is drop to $300, advertise the heck out Mario 3D World and it'll be fine. I don't like Nintendo playing it safe either but this is the way to go. Sony is doing the same thing, pretty much every company is. Of the 'big 3' only MS is taking a risk and it's not even risking it with games it's taking the risks with ridiculous anti-consumer policies that hopefully backfire. Game wise, I can't think of a single company right now that's really pushing the envelope and that will play into Nintendo's hands because it has the price advantage in a terrible economy. Like yourself I've got the PS4 pre-ordered and while I plan to eventually buy a Wii U I'm really not sure if I'll do so in the next year or not. But we can't pretend this situation is really that dire for Nintendo when its competition is doing the exact same thing.



Korudo13 said:

When I heard rumors of a multiplayer 3D Super Mario game, I thought,
"What if it was a blend of Mario 64 and Galaxy, and you could have a
second player that uses Asymmetrical Gameplay?" One person as Mario
on the TV with a Wii U Pro controller (preferably bundled with the
game), the other as Luigi on the Gamepad. They could work together
and have independent cameras, being able to have the true 3D Mario
experience...but with a friend. THAT would have gotten me excited for
a 3D Mario that could only be on Wii U, not Super Mario 3D Land 2.
Seriously Nintendo, no one else is going to take advantage of Wii U
capabilities unless you do it first.

Not to mention, I was really hoping Retro studios would have done
ANYTHING ELSE. I'm stoked for DKC: TF, but come's uninspired
and not the right time for this (DKC:R was just ported to 3DS). How
about a new Star Fox? How about a new IP? (Ravenblade?) Though I'm
glad it's not another Metroid, they did 3 of those in a row. F-Zero
wouldn't work either since Mario Kart 8 is coming out next year.
Hopefully their next project won't be a fresh new idea.



bunnyking said:

I'm so happy that I have my Wii U, the games look fantastic. I am also super stoked that yesterday I pre-ordered a PS4.




NorthLightSuplx said:

Traded in my Vita in order to purchase some these Wii U games. MarioKart should have really came out before Christmas this year. It will all work out though. August-December is strong. If they will release one game each month that is steady enough for me. no need to release 15 games in one month. Who has the time and money? I am now exclusively nintendo for the first time since 1996. 3Ds and Wii u is more than enough to keep me busy and poor.



Dark_Link said:

My first post on this site although I read the articles here all the time. I thought Nintendo's list of games were good enough, safe but good. When I first saw the new Super Mario 3D World I was like disappointed but after letting it set in a little it's actually growing on me and looks like it will a lot of fun as Mario games usually are. They might have released this really fast to increase sales for the Wii U to buy them some time to make an Epic Mario. Donkey Kong looks great but I was disappointed with that because I was expecting something that was not a 2D platform game. If they were working on two games and that was one of them than great. I know everyone is mentioning Nintendo's first party games which are impressive but they also have Sonic Lost World coming out, Rayman and a few others from Ubisoft and call of duty will be on the console. this is all this year so Nintendo has some great stuff coming out. They need to do what they need to do make platinum games a developer for just them, because they give Nintendo a different type of game that they need.



Tra_Venous said:

Based on the 1st party titles they're releasing this year, they're playing it safe, as it's a sure-sale (and I'm happy no matter - loved Mario 3D Land and DKCR, I'll be buying a Wii Fit title for the first time, as well as my first Pikmin title. Along with all the Ubisoft offerings - save for Just Dance 4 - as well as and Deus Ex, I'm gonna be busy for the rest of the year, and most likely I'll be buying more than just all that)

...and this isn't even including digital content. Speaking of which, Nintendo has been in contact with over a thousand indie developers since GDC - this will probably be the best chance to get IPs unique to Nintendo consoles, so support the indies.

This is a very smart strategy for the remainder of the year - video gamings three best selling franchises are all representing - the real hardware sellers. Next year, there will be a flood of games.



Twilight_Crow said:

I think I understand what they are doing, and why many gamers here don't like it, but I don't know much about business so I will just wish Nintendo good luck, and I hope this business model works as they expect. The games coming did not surprise, but that won't stop me from getting most of them when I can.



BlackStar9000 said:

@Cruznbaby85 one problem is the multiplayer in super mario 3d land isnt online, and i need it to be, i travel a lot as a soldier and want to play games that are appropriate for my kids online, but Nintendo is failing me in that aspect.



P-Gamer-C said:

u cant play it safe when ps4 and cablebox1 comes in with all these better next gen games nintendo just is not the same they rely only on nostalgia so u have to play the WAITING GAME for another YEAR



scrubbyscum999 said:

@P-Gamer-C Chill out bro. It's been the same story since N64. Nobody is forcing you to buy this thing. If you buy a PS4, heck even the Xboxone, I don't care and neither will anyone else. Sheesh.

So, um, yeah, all about that money. I like the lineup and satisfied. I can't speak for anyone else and that is not my concern. I'm happy, and that's what matters to me.



Gamer1030 said:

The new Mario looks terrible, Nintendo needs to take a break from the plumber, he's seriously become a ridiculous cash cow.

Luckily, the New Smash Bros makes up for everything, and Sonic Lost World should be darn good too.



JulioSince1990 said:

@Peach64 Exactly. I am so tired of these 'New' Super Mario Worlds and the like. I was so dissapointed when the new 3D mario was revealed to be a lazy recycle of 3D Land with some added extras and gimmicks. Why is it that the 'New' 2D marios all continue to be inferior to Super Mario World? why are they so easy, short, simple with way less power ups, less variety, no yoshis no secrets and no epicness? Why is Super Mario 64 still unmatched when it comes to 3D Marios? Nintendo has the tech, the time and experience to make something that surpasses Mario 64 yet they give use an expanded 3D Land? no triple jumps? no old power ups? no stars? no light exploration? no huge, epic, varied levels? no moderate difficulty? AND with restricted camera angles that, like 3D Land do not make it a true 3D? Nintendo seems to be happy enough producing the bare mininmum to sell games but they do not try to WOW their fans nor IMMPROVE on the older perfections. I'm sure 3D world will be fun but being entertained enough is not enough anymore, nintendo needs to give us something epic thats exceeds past titles in everyway NOT give us fun, easy, simple experiences that are inferior to past offerings!!!



JulioSince1990 said:

SAME with Donkey Kong.... ANOTHER 2D donkey kong? Make a DK 64 Sequel already!!! I know making a game like that takes much more time and effort, but I will refuse to keep supporting Nintendo's lazyness! ALSO, make a POKEMON STADIUM 3 this time!!! How is it that the GCN and Wii Pokemon games were infeior to the 64 ones?? My, even the 64 games had exclusive more complex growls, nintento just recycled the gameboy ones for the later ones!!!!!!!!! >



Ristar42 said:

I'm still not sold on the Wii U, it's still a lot of money to invest in and I'm not sold on the games at the moment. The Xbox One isn’t even an option for me with its restrictions on what I can do with my personal property, so as next gen goes, I'll be waiting to see how the Wii U develops and PS4 pan out...



JulioSince1990 said:

@Ristar42 I want to still believe in Nintendo but they keep on letting me down... it's been this way for years now since the wii. Gaming hasnt been the same for me since the GCN days when they still had some of their old ways

The Wii U, although underpowered has a real chance to shine this gen but if Nintendo keeps being lazy they will never regain their hardcore fans with newer, but inferior releases that are fun, but more limited, simple and non-groundbreaking like their past releases!



AtomicToaster said:

I feel the same way and i'm excited for what's coming. 3d Land was great and this looks like a cool sequel! I don't ever play with friends but the kids will and families will love it. Wish it was online for us that don't have kids and are older and don't really want to invite full grown adults over to play the marios!



AtomicToaster said:

I thought Ps4 dropped the mega bomb with the no used game drm announcement and price but Wiiu had more games to show off and they looked unique to everyone else's content. So Sony i was glad they weren't pulling a Microsoft but Nintendo had way more games i wanted to play.



Gamer83 said:


We've had our disagreements but you are spot on when it comes to Nintendo relying mostly on nostalgia these days. The company took a fair amount of risks with Wii and while some flopped others were massive successes. The thing is, as long as nostalgia trips sell they'll keep getting made. Super Mario 3D World will sell a ton and send Wii Us flying off the shelves. I do wish Nintendo had gone a different route with it though.



bouncer0304 said:

@ILikeHead bar Mario kart, i don't play shooters or other racing games. They just bore me senseless sorry. Give me a good Zelda or Okami anyday over battlefield. If people enjoy that it's fair enough, but as long as i can play what i want i'm happy



P-Gamer-C said:

@Gamer83 I think nintendo is fresh out of ideas i grew out of that mindset at 15 they really need new managment they are a shell of there former self like square



Ristar42 said:

@JulioSince1990 Yes, I don’t mind the 'power' issue of the Wii U at all, but I'm just not that interested in most of these games, as they seem over-familiar in scope and design, or just not my thing.
I decided rather than buying a Wii U and complaining, I'd wait out and see how the system developed. If I'm buying a next gen system, it will be Wii U or PS4, but at the moment I'm happy with Wii, 3DS and PS3.



Gamer83 said:


I'm not sure it's management as much as just needing some younger developers to bring a fresh, interesting perspective to some older franchises. Or better, make new IPs, but sadly not many companies make new IPs these dyas.



That_Guy_from_Faxana said:

"Nintendo's played it safe, commercially. Yet that makes business sense, which is something we should support. "

I wonder. This lineup looks like games for people who already own the WiiU. Nothing here seems set to wow new consumers. Nintendo can´t rely on everybody buying another Wii Fit, the general public has moved on.



doctor_doak said:

I think the line-up for the rest of the year is pretty good, if somewhat safe---if you already own a wii u. Looking at games like Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, DK: Tropical Freeze, Sonic Lost World, Rayman: Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker, etc.. makes me wish I was a kid again. They look great, and taken collectively are sure to get the wii u off the deck. I think it's a mistake releasing 3D Mario in December though. Ideally, I think Nintendo should announce a price drop in Q4 & bundle in 3D Mario before the Black Friday sales. Currently the pricepoint is far too close to the PS4...

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