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Fri 10th May 2013

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dap005 commented on Nintendo - Inclusion of Peach in Super Mario 3...:

My opinion of Peach (which wasn't really positive due to me having an irrational hatred towards girly characters when I was a small kid, thank goodness that doesn't exist anymore) was changed when I first saw her stop a fight between sheik and fox, on an exploding battleship, with tea. With tea. That one cutscene from brawl did it all. Also this comic:

Sometimes people like to play as their own gender in games so Peach's inclusion just means more options. Now the story on the other hand...who else think is all going to be a dream where Mario envision everyone to be cats?



dap005 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wii U Lineup Makes C...:

I'm sure Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 will scratch people's creative itch (one's a new entry in a franchise that hasn't had one for ages and the other is a new ip from the bonkers head of Hideki Kamiya) if people actually buy them of course.

There wasn't that many surprises this e3 (mind you the developer directs were a treat though) but at least we don't have to wait a whole year for future announcements ;P. In the meantime I'll need to get my wii fit board out again to horn my yoga skills before playing as the trainer in SSB4



dap005 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

Somehow this article just made me look forward to earthbound even more- if that's possible.

Anyhow on topic, I would love to see Nintendo or one of its partners tackle mature, narrative-rich gaming. Why? Because I know they will never make a game that's filled with gore and vulgar language because those things are not necessary to make a mature thought-provoking game.

Chibi-robo, Fire emblem Awakening and Earthbound intrigues me since they actually deal with the issue of family/other themes (and none of them uses decapitated limbs to get their point across).

Nintendo games usually have a sense of humour lingering to them. Whilst some may find it bizarre but I feel that humour allows characters to feel more human or adds more humanity to a story. In that sense I think Nintendo could really make something special on a narrative front with their company philosophy intact.



dap005 commented on Thomas Was Alone Creator Responds To Nintendo ...:

In Japan there is a popular Let's Play show called GameCentreGX (it's brilliant by the way) that's been around for a decade and has even had Iwata on as a special guest (the video was posted on NL before but it's now taken down unfortunately). It's essentially a series of shows where a comedian plays retro games and complains about how difficult they are. The production company obviously makes money off this or else they won't be able to continue running the show.

I honestly don't think they've obtained the rights to for all the IPs they were displaying on the show. Does that mean Nintendo should start taking revenue from them because Nintendo IPs/games are heavily featured in the episodes? Why should it be different for Youtube LPers? Some of which are actually delivering entertaining content. It's a difficult debate definitely but I thought bring up that comparison was important.