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New 3DS Nintendo Direct to Broadcast on 17th April

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

All aboard the hype train

Just when we were starting to wonder, "when's the next Nintendo Direct going to drop?", Nintendo has spread the word that a new 3DS Direct is coming this week on Wednesday 17th April.

It's confirmed that the broadcasts in Europe and North America will run at simultaneous times, and press releases from the regional teams don't go into specifics on who's presenting; perhaps we have a Satoru Iwata-hosted bonanza on the way. There are a good number of upcoming releases that are awaiting firm release dates — such as Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Mario Golf: World Tour — but we're also hoping for some surprises.

So, when's this happening? It's at 3pm UK time, and for those of you in North America that's 7am Pacific Time / 10am Eastern.

As always, we'll provide extensive live coverage and content on all of the broadcast's outcomes here on Nintendo Life, so be sure to come back for the show. Until then, let's speculate wildly on our 3DS hopes and dreams below; maybe one of two of them will turn out to be true.

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bezerker99 said:

Please Nintendo....Animal Crossing: New Leaf XL bundle for NA and EU, pleeeeease!!!!



duality said:

As long as this is not an hour or so (or even longer of service, miiverse and general update stuff. We want release dates damn it; Aus release dates especially if I can get them.

Actually guys what are the chances of this being the long rumoured 3rd party Direct?



SanderEvers said:

My guesses:

1. Pokémon X/Y
2. New 3DS model
3. Miiverse
4. Update that allows the 3DS to play Vita games (JK)
5. 3DS as Wii U controller
6. Some games.



C7_ said:

Hey Nintendo, remember that console that you said Pikmin 3 would come out on last year, yet still doesn't have a release date?

Because I do.



NintyMan said:

I wish this was a Wii U Direct instead, because Game & Wario badly needs a release date for NA, but this is still a Direct regardless, so I welcome this news.

The biggest thing I can see them announce is Miiverse for 3DS. Otherwise, probably release dates or new gameplay footage for summer games like DKCR3D, Mario Golf, and Mario & Luigi.



Geonjaha said:

"Because we love you all so much, and lets be honest the game has been finished for over a year - we're moving the release date of Animal Crossing: New Leaf forward two months because we're awesome."...No? Damn it. >:[

Well I'll watch - but I have little interest in the announced 3DS/Wii U games to date with only a few exceptions. I never cared for Mario + Luigi or Mario Golf so I'm hoping for some new stuff. Oh and because it's me, and this never gets old:

That is all. :3



WebHead said:

I look forward to this. Just wish it was addressing the console that needs to be addressed....

E3 better be 85% Wii U.



Giygas_95 said:

I'm ready, but I'd primarily like to see some Wii U news since the 3DS has gotten so much attention lately.



LittleIrves said:

A Miiverse announcement ("it's available now!") plus Flipnote Studio 3D would be huge-awesome. Hard to see any surprise games coming out of this with Animal Cross, Dream Team, Golf, and DKCR 3D already coming soon.



Wilford111 said:

Ah, I was hoping for a couple new game announcements, but it makes sense that they won't do that since they already have a tremendous line up. I just haven't been buying games lately...



Tasuki said:

@John-San3: Wasn't Link's Awakening a sequel to ALttP?

@Sony_70: Well um yeah the Wii was so last gen. Besides Nintendo themselves said that they are going to stop supporting the Wii last year. I think the last game they did was the Kirby Anniversary Collection.

Can't imagine what else they could talk about besides whats already been mentioned. Can't wait for it though my body is ready.



SammyOfMobius said:

Another 3DS Direct. What about Wii U? The Wii U needs it more. That system has no games out right now and is not selling well and it needs more games. The 3DS is already a good standalone system and doesn't need this because we already know what's coming out for it.
Nonetheless, I'd like to hear announcements for release dates for Mario & Luigi Dream Team, Mario and Donkey Kong Minis on the Move, a new Zelda 3DS-exclusive and a Kirby 3DS-exclusive, as well as new 3DS e-Shop titles and new 3DS Virtual Console releases like Zelda Oracles, Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), Super Mario Bros. 3, Wario Land 3, Kirby's Dream Land 2, and GBA titles.



rjejr said:

Didn't Japan just have a 3DS Direct awhile back that NA/EU didn't? I'm guessing more or less whatever was in that one.

Plus a mention of the Swapnote update.

The 3DS already has Dream Team, Pokemon XY and AC:NL, what more does it need? OK maybe some holiday games, has anything new been announced for holiday 2013 besides Pokemon that I'm forgetting?

@Sony_70 - the Wii isn't forgotten, once a year Iawata puts flowers on it's grave.

Thanks to everyone who mentioned P3, I'm sick of typing about it myself.



Yosher said:

Much as I love the 3DS, the Wii U needs one of these a hundred times more right now. Why doesn't Nintendo see that?



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

Sure I want some 3DS news and release dates, but the 3DS is going along just fine right now. I NEED some Wii U news, as do the rest of the Nintendo fans around the globe. A Pikmin 3 release date in the not so distant future would do wonders for the system itself and the fans.



rjejr said:

Oh yeah, my kids have been bugging me about some old Pokemon games needing to be re-released - red and blue or purple and violet or something. Pre Diamond-Pearl and HeartGold SoulSilver.



SkywardLink98 said:

1. Miiverse 3D and cross platform with Wii U
2. A cross-play 3DS/WiiU Zelda.
3. Pokemon Red & Blue (Or better yet yellow) on VC with local connection.
4. More info on the Oracle games hitting the VC (this one is rather likely)
5. A new, full Metroid Prime game with online multiplayer.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I bet they're going to show Lego City Undercover, among others like Mario & Luigi and Mario Golf.



HeatBombastic said:

@Yosher Nintendo already had a Wii U announcement back in January. They announced a ton of games, I don't think they can announce much more till E3



Svengoolie said:

3DS direct? Are you ****ing serious? It really feels like Nintendo is just dropping all support for Wii U. This is ridiculous.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm looking forward to bananas Or carrots, or Lego Iwata Ooh wait, or Non-Specific Action Figure! Hahaha I'm just looking forward to some laughs, any games that get shown are a bonus, whether I know about them or not



HeatBombastic said:

1. It doesn't have to be 3D if it connects to the Wii U miiverse.
2. How about we just get two separate games instead of paying $100 for both?
3. People would complain about trading and crap.
4. I want.
5. No, Metroid Prime is over, and overrated. I'd prefer a new Metroidvania game on the 3DS, now that would be cool (if Team Ninja doesn't work on it). I'm fine with a Metroid Prime Hunters 2, though, and they might be able to squeeze a fourth Prime out. I just want them to keep it a trilogy, but Hunters kinda already messed it up. A spin-off of a spin-off...



Wilford111 said:

Hearing about the "no love for the U", I think they're just saving everything for E3. They might do the same thing they did for last year, with little to no information about 3DS and just everything about the U.



ZesuBen said:

Guys, for crying out loud, what could they tell us about Wii U that we don't already know? Just release dates for Pikmin 3, and then a bunch of games that aren't nearly as popular in the market. Besides, E3 is right around the corner, and I'm sure Nintendo is saving the big guns for then. That's when they need to sell the Wii U, a system that's hardly selling, to investors. They're going to need a lot of amazing looking software for that.

We'll get there. Enjoy the fact that there's news coming out now. You DO know we're dealing with Nintendo, right? The company who used to make announcements at E3 and Tokyo Game Show and then never again. I'm really just happy about that.

Also, more on topic, if we're allowed to speculate wildly about our hopes and dreams, what's the policy on Megaman Legends 3?



JuleyJules said:

I know they have the 3DS and need to discuss it but it's selling well. What about release dates for the Wii U games we've been waiting on, date of update and news about Miiverse coming to mobile. Wii U really needs more attention here not the 3DS.



mystman12 said:

I'm hoping they will announce a Kirby Air Ride sequel, or Photo Dojo 3D, or WarioWare 3D.I.Y.! (Or just a new WarioWare for 3DS)



HeatBombastic said:

@mystman12 I hope that they make another D.I.Y. game for the 3DS/Wii U. I can spend countless hours just troubleshooting and editing. It'd be cool if they made a downloadable version for the Wii U, like what they did with the Wii, and if they made it possible to make more complex games.



mystman12 said:

I spotted a mistake in the article. It says "maybe one 'of' two of them will turn out to be true." Instead of "maybe one 'or' two of them will turn out to be true."



Wilford111 said:

@ZesuBen That would make my day if they reannounced Megaman Legends 3.
"Hey, guess what! We've actually been working on the game behind the scenes all this time! And it's going to be released next month!"



SirQuincealot said:

@JuleyJules yeah that makes sense stop making things for the console that is selling, genius, wait till cristmas if you want your wii u fix, because i will tell you now that is when nintendo is planning on making there cash,



SirQuincealot said:

@Wilford111 honestly i would really just like a 3d megaman collection, i dont really want to get the eshop versions, cause im pretty sure capcom is going to have something bigger planned for megaman, also is the any word on mega man 9 or 10 on the 3ds?

would a nintendo direct even mention capcom games?



Arcamenel said:

I'm with those who think the real Wii U announcements will be made at E3 considering how Wii U centric their 2012 E3 presentation was. I also doubt what this NIntendo Direct will give us will be anything really major since all the big titles are already known about. If anything, maybe a Miiverse mention but I think since this is just NA and EU, that's not likely. I'm pretty sure they'd give JP that info first if not at the same time as NA and EU.



Yosher said:

@HeatBombastic They're announcing lots of games with these 3DS Directs too though, even if they're just budget downloadable titles. They could at least share a little more info on some of the announced Wii U games.



LittleIrves said:

BREAKING NEWS: Level-5 sale (NA and Europe) of Guild 01 games starting Thursday!! Maiden / Shroud down to $5, Porter down to $3



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Hoping for some genuine surprises, since I personally don't care about the announced games (except for Pokémon X/Y).
I'll cross my fingers for Senran Kagura again.



FernandoMachado said:

Can't wait
I always get in a frenzy on Nintendo Directs! Last month my boss asked me why I was buzzing with happiness with my headphones on! Gotta get a grip, I know!



Sinister said:

What i really want is Miiverse and i would be super happy if they would announce a release date for Bravely Default in Europe.



DualWielding said:

I hope Nintendo announce they are giving up in the Wii U to focus 100% on the one of their consoles that's actually awesome



SkywardLink98 said:

1. When I said 3D I just meant 3DS. Doens't need to be 3D but it would be kind of strange for Nintendo to omit it all together. Even if it's crappy, it's still 3D.
2. No one is making you buy both, but if Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is anything to go by people will but both for the cross-play.
3. People would complain more if it's not there, so it'd be best to just let you do it locally over a virtual "cable". Or put in Yellow, then no one (or me at least) will care because you can get all the pokemon.
4. No arguement there
5. I don't think prime is overrated, and I'd like to see it continue. They left Prime 3 open, with someone tracking Samus, so it's not to crazy to think a sequel is possible. Hunters 2 would be good, but I want some singleplayer with my online. If you don't want it, oh well, but don't ruin it for me, lol.



DRL said:

All I want to be able to do is press the home button while gaming and be able to order a pizza with the simple tap of an icon. Isn't this what we all want? Better access to pizza delivery?! Games come second to pizza.



Beta said:

@All-people-complaing-about-WiiU I don't feel a lack of games tbh. I have played Nintendo Land with my bro for like over a month and now I got MH3U and I think I'm set for a couple of more months, no prob. Seriously, people, you're overreact so much about this, you have a lot of games you can play and try and yet you're complaining about there being no games... Just search for some or get an eShop game or something instead of wasting your time. And not to mention, it's not like all non-Nintendo consoles had perfect launches with hundreds of games, sheesh. Just keep faith in Nintendo, they will deliver eventually, we just need to give them time and they won't disappoint it. Nintendo never let me down, I don't think they will now. Again, patience.



TrickySx4 said:

Holy whiners Batman. Some people are just never happy. If the last bunch of directs were for Wii U then people would complain about the lack of 3DS support. Take a friggan chill pill. The Wii U is not being ignored or forgotten.



Dyltheman said:

While i look forward to this, id prefer a wii u direct. There probably saving all wii u news until e3. If we dont hear about pikmin until then theyll probably announce it to release the following week. It seems the wii u is going through the same thing as the xbox 360 and 3ds.



NintendoPlayer said:

I want an update to Streetpass Mii Plaza more than anything else! Find Mii Three please! I've been wearing the Famicom hat for over a year now!! Also let's make it fifty Streetpasses at once instead of ten!! Oh and Miiverse too please!



WingedSnagret said:

I'm not expecting anything new. Release dates, more info on already revealed games, and Miiverse perhaps, but at this time I'm sure there won't be any surprises again till E3.



AVahne said:

Eh...probably nothing's best to keep your expectations low just in case...



datamonkey said:

I'm sure Nintendo knows that Wii U is in much more need of a Nintendo Direct as well as solid games/release dates etc.

I just think they literally don't have any content anywhere near ready, hence no Wii U ND. Overall they seem well unprepared for the launch of that console which is really weird since they had such a long time from when the Wii died in 2010.

I don't think they were preparing software for Wii U that far back and they clearly should have been.



Exile20 said:

@TrickySx4 I admit I don't envy Nintendo because supporting two systems has to be tough. I am not sure if you own a Wii U but everyone that owns one feels abandoned. We are always hearing news about the 3ds for the last few weeks and the only news we are getting for the Wii U is indie games. April was suppose to be the big Wii U update and we were waiting for a Wii U direct for weeks now.



MrGawain said:

I don't really care about knowing about new Wii U games yet, just when the ones already revealed are coming out. I've completed 42.3% of Lego City so far so I'm guessing I have about 10-14 days of content left before I need something new to fill my time. Maybe they'll be one of those release date lists including a few Wii U games (Pikmin/Game and Wario/101) after the 3DS direct.

Wishful thinking but you have to be optimistic.



Lalivero said:

@Exile20 I don't feel abandoned and I own one. The only reason I haven't used it much lately is because I finally was able to get back into my 3DS with games like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, etc. Before that one direct a while back(that announced Mario Golf and all of that), the 3DS was the one that seemed to be getting thrown around imo.

Like @MrGawain just brought up, we have a good amount of stuff announced for the Wii U; The question is when exactly will things be released? Another reason I haven't been using my Wii U as much is because it seems like you get something announced and then it's left unheard of for who knows how long.



nomeacuerdo said:

Nintendo Network update as "Go on and download it now" and a localisation of Ni no kuni would be pretty awesome.



Rekiotsu said:

Awesome, it's on my 18th birthday. Hopefully they are going to announce something which can be qualified as my birthday present.



DerpSandwich said:

For the last few days I've been eagerly checking game sites constantly, waiting for the news of a new ND. When I finally saw the headline, I was ecstatic.

Then I saw that it was a 3DS ND. We don't need a 3DS ND. The 3DS is doing fine. I can't even describe how mad I am right now. One could argue that Nintendo has never been in a worse state in the public eye and yet they STILL hold out on us.

I need to take a walk or something.



TwilightV said:

I'm guessing at least one of these three topics will come up.
1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
2. Miiverse
3. Oracle Of Ages/Seasons



Marakuto said:

Keeping my expectations low this time, as I could guess that nothing major will be announced but just gameplay footage of upcoming games, dates of releases and e-Shop games too.



Byron-3D said:

i don't have a WiiU but i do have a 3DS so i prefer this to a WiiU direct, roll on Wednesday



CrazyOtto said:

I think the Wii U needs a Direct more than the 3DS does but I'm still looking forward to it. I wonder if Japan will get one as well or if it's just going to be NA and EU.



Rei7 said:

Bravely Default announced? Hell yes!

Disappointed that there is nothing about Wii U, at least there is more 3DS news!



HADAA said:

I bet the Letter Box update is part of the agenda. It just doesn't make sense only the North American 3DS owners got the update.



Dpullam said:

I love watching new Nintendo Directs! I'm eager to see what this one holds for the Nintendo 3DS.



element187 said:

Incredible.. I love my 3DS and everything, but the Wii U is languishing right now. The 3DS is more than fine. Nintendo's full concentration should be on the Wii U for the next 2 years..... and just hire a few third party studios to get your 3DS games made.



123akis said:

hmm looking forward to it, hopefully we will get miiverse on 3ds, and some release dates for games.... also,(not sure if this is allowed on NintendoLife, sorry if it isnt) i would be grateful if people could 'like' my facebook page, its called 'fans of mario' i think you would know what i post, check it out at ... im not begging for likes, i feel that likes should be done natually, surely you know what it means? =)



Beta said:

@SilveRFanTasy MH3U is like enough for over 2 months, so much to do! And yes, but I would prefer if Nintendo started to do what they used to by doing Nintendo Directs for both systems at the same time.



AJWolfTill said:

Surely we can get some Layton V P Wright Localisation goodness?
A sprinkle of bravely default wouldn't go a miss either.
I really hope this covers Wii U as well as that console is in dire need of some good news



JuleyJules said:

Honestly I would be fine with this 3DS Direct if at the end of it they simply announced release dates for Pikmin 3, Wario, Wonderful 101, Wii Fit U and the date of the update and miiverse change to mobile. Waiting until E3 to announce new games we've not heard of and show footage of them is fine by me! Dates that's all we ask for.



zoroarkrules25 said:

Hm, my guesses

the new zelda
pokemon x and y ( please nintendo we need info!)
millverse update rumor confirmation
some info on what else we can expect to see at E3
that rumored kirby's pop out panic game
hopefully info on smash bros development or at least a name or something on it with the 3ds version but save the wii u one for E3.



seronja said:

as allways, i hope it's a new f-zero or metroid =) and news about that zelda title would be fantastic!



SanderEvers said:

They will make a 4DS...

Which doesn't just do 2 screens, 3D but also let's you travel through TIME! YEAH!
(and eat Vita's)



SkywardLink98 said:

Just because the Wii U isn't getting as much support as you wanted (or any support depending on how you view it) doesn't mean they can pull support from the 3DS to fix it. The 3DS may seem stable, but it's still in the wake of a few big releases, and still needs support. Just because one is out of steam doesn't mean you can take coal from one engine and throw it in the other, then neither will get anywhere.



Icefreak45 said:

Best. Week. Ever. Awesome day at school, new ipod this saturday and now new information about my favorite thing in the world by my favorite people to make it... Whats the catch...



timp29 said:

Love some of the speculation above

Nintendo direct is clearly popular with the fans!



NintendoPro64 said:

I starting to think that Nintendo is using these Nintendo Directs to get all the 3DS goodies out of the way so that E3 can just become one big Wii U hype fest!



Neram said:

I was hoping for a Wii U Direct announcing the Spring update, but this is better than nothing. My bet is the Oracle Zelda games will come out on Virtual Console this week. I'd like to see some talk of Miiverse integration for 3DS, though.



Weedy said:

Oh it's a good week to be a 3DS owner living in the UK;
Direct on Weds
Guild01 Discounts on Thurs
Fire Emblem Awakening on Fri



MasterWario said:

I saw Nintendo Direct and was all like "Pikmin 3!", and then I saw it was a 3DS one...needless to say I was disappointed. Oh well, it will still be good to see some new footage of other games (although they aren't nearly as important ).



psuboy172 said:

Alright so excited! Hopefully more word on the last Professor Layton. Also, the eshop should have SNES games.



Sparkticle said:

Those thinking that the Wii U needs this more, they don't! There are TWO months until E3. Why would they reveal all of their games coming for a brand new console in some Nintendo Direct? They want the announcements all around the news, and they want to show it off to a huge audience. That's why they have to provide a HUGE Software effect along with Sony's and Microsoft's hardware. I believe we will just have to wait until E3 until all of the game announcements. Besides, they DID say they had a lot to announce for the Wii U as they had a lot planned. I wouldn't say they lied.



TromaDogg said:

An EU release date for Etrian Odyssey IV please. I'm glad there's been some brilliant games on the 3DS this year (with more to come) but they really need to do a Nintendo Direct focused on the Wii U instead....



Tertis said:

Look on the bright side; if Nintendo isn't giving the Wii U a Nintendo Direct, the Wii U will probably have more time at E3 where it can make more of a splash.



AtomicToaster said:

This is cool but we need some info on when games like Wonderful 101, Windwaker HD and Pikmin are hitting the console because we've got nothing on that front! Wiiu is in a drought and we don't even know when we're getting the launch games! I'm not saying spoil the stuff for E3, I just want to know about the stuff we were already promised!

For 3ds I'd like more entries in 1st party titles that aren't mario related. I get they released all those mario games to boost sales for the 3ds and assure 3rd parties, but I'd like to see a Metroid, Zelda, or Starfox, or even an Fzero! Yes please!

3ds is now doing pretty well so Nintendo can afford to experiment!



Emaan said:

I'd rather it be a Wii U Direct honestly. Can't believe Game & Wario, The Wonderful 101, and Pikmin 3 have been so ignored. I guess I'll look forward to this only for a Bravely Default: Flying Fairy release date.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Well, considering what happened during that Wii U Direct a while ago I think anythings possible so I'm pumped.



PuzzleMaster7 said:

Level 5 made this vague post earlier today, so it looks like they may have something to do with this Nintendo Direct. Perhaps they'll reveal Guild 02 or PL vs AA?



HaNks said:

@Emaan exactly. that the 'q2' wii U games still haven't been dated is crazy. nothing to do with e3 either.



SCAR said:

E3 will be Wii U. You guys need to stop taking the Nintendo Directs for granted. They could just not exist you know.
Wii U owners aren't abandoned, and they aren't dropping support for the system by not announcing things when you think they should. Just be patient for crying out loud. I've heard nothing but complaining no matter what happens with Nintendo since Wii U was announced.
Games will come, things will improve, and E3 will no doubt show what Nintendo is gonna do. My guess is that release dates for the big titles we know will be announced in May for a release before E3.



NintendoPro64 said:

EXACTLY! Honestly, as far as the Wii U goes, all I would really want is some more details and a release date on Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101. I'd rather Nintendo save everything else for E3. That's where they'd get the most attention anyway!



NintendoPro64 said:

Thank you! I swear, I have been hearing all kinds of clowns all over the Internet jittering about how Nintendo is abandoning the Wii U. I have also been seeing fans begging for more info on the Wii U. Look folks, we got to be patient! It's not that Nintendo isn't doing anything. There just holding back to strike at the right moment! A lot of people seem to get the impression that because they haven't announced a whole lot since January, nothing is known but that Direct revealed a ton already. I understand you all want some assurance that Nintendo has some aces right now, but you got have faith and wait! At this point, revealing anything big for the Wii U is just going to undermine their E3 presentation. The reason they are focusing on the 3DS is so they can focus on Wii U later and because the 3DS is made in the shade. We need to stop acting as though if something doesn't have a concrete release date or footage, it won't arrive! Patience is a virtue.



GamerZack87 said:

Well, I'll pick up my white 3DS XL on Thursday, happy as one of those clams in Cheep Cheep Cape. Then I'll jump onto Nintendo Life early the next day to find out that either of these two consoles has been announced:

1. Nintendo 3DS XL Limited Edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf Bundle
2. Nintendo 3DS XL PRO - Now with TWO Circle Pads!

At which point anything could happen!



lanabanana said:

I hope they talk about Animal Crossing : New Leaf & Flipnote Studio 3D...
I doubt it though .



SCAR said:

Actually, I wouldn't mind having a lite System Settings option in the home menu for Wii U. I had to run an errand, and my game was stuck on 1 hour auto power-down. There was no way I was gonna make it back in 1 hour...
As for 3DS Direct, I honestly have no clue what it will be about, so I'm sure it will be something cool anyway.



swordx said:

Nintendo is clearly saving some big Wii U surprises for E3. I can't imagine what they have up their sleeves. They'll get 3000099578677576 insta-sales if they announce a North American Mother Trilogy re-release.



NintendoPro64 said:

I'll take Mother ANYTHING! Hopefully they're doing SOMETHING to get the franchise over hear. They finally got onto to a Virtual Console, so that's a start.



WinterWarm said:


Happy Birthday in advance!

I'm hoping for some FPS for 3DS, it's been soooo busted because I WANT SHOOTERS!

I'm hoping for some Virtual Console releases, I love those classic games for real cheap



shinobi88 said:

What's with all the xcitement for a Nintendo Dudect or whatever it's called?? What'd we get last Dudect? Only THREE AAA retail game reveals, like Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D ? Only THREE major 1st party digital downloads, like March of the Minis 3D? And just a couple release dates for hotly anticipated games, like Animal Crossing 3D? Gimme a break



OdnetninAges said:

Now you guys commenting got me thinking that Miiverse could be a oart of this direct.

I mean, it makes since.



HaastMK7 said:

Why don't you guys assume it might be Miiverse? Not every 3DS Nintendo Direct has to be about games, it could be about applications coming from the e-shop (like Flipnote 3D)




1. Release dates for: mario and luigi dream team, mario golf 3d, the oracles and perhaps the new zelda game (if they announce it).
2. News for pokemon x and y and/or smash 3d
3. Miiverse
4. Upcoming games for the eshop
5. Animal crossing bundle announcement




@shinobi88 If you don't like it, why bother commenting? Just skip it and let everyone else daydream about what they would like in the nintendo direct.



DerpSandwich said:

I'm all for being optimistic, but people who are saying that we just need to wait fir E3 obviously don't remember last year's E3. Remember how we all waited for the big stuff to drop and it just sort of...didn't? And how the Wii U has come and how five months have gone by and it still hasn't? That's why we're worried, and with perfectly good reason.



Boofonater001 said:

The reason they are doing all the Nintendo 3DS stuff now is to point all our excitement to E3 and the Wii U. Just wait and see all the major Wii U titles release dates and names will be released at E3.



Tysamu said:

God.. I hope they give us better pokemon x/y news than what they revealed the other saturday... That was disappointing



AtomicToaster said:

I'm sure wiiu will rock e3 I get the feeling the competition isn't going to have much yet, looks like a lot of ports of current Gen games, and is also going to be expensive where the Wiiu should have a decent lineup of games unless things get delayed and that would be rough!



DarkNinja9 said:

hmm cant rly think of anything for the 3ds right now i mean we been getting tons of stuff and tons more to come what we need is more wii u then anything though

im sure its just release dates and maybe system update ahead but im hoping for some more gameplay vids those are always great



NintendoPro64 said:

Just been to Playeressence, and it looks like a Japanese Direct is coming with both 3DS AND Wii U info. Here's hoping for release dates!



EarthboundBren said:

i think its a good idea to save up wii u info. e3 will kick sony and microsofts ASS! i hope they announce nintendo network id and miiverse for 3ds.



NintendoPro64 said:

Nothing could have been worse than when they censored Mortal Kombat on the SNES or when they released the Virtual Boy. Remember, most of the bad press is exclusive to the Internet and the mass market doesn't really go the Internet. I mean if the Internet DID reflect the mass market, than NSMB2 wouldn't be selling so well.



NintendoPro64 said:

Yeah, its like an editor from IGN (yeah that place) said. When you're a Nintendo fan, you have to own both consoles because Nintendo generally sends the love to one at a time. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we didn't a whole of the 3DS games in the first half of next year.



Lalivero said:

Yeah, I remember when the Wii U finally hit and we started hearing more upcoming stuff about it, everyone was talking about how the 3DS was placed on the back burner and needed new i. Now we are seeing a pick up on 3DS info and everyone is saying the Wii U is on the back burner.

The Wii U has plenty of upcoming games as well, we just have only titles to go on really; What we need is info on release dates, etc.



K964 said:

Anyone complaining about the WiiU drought should go out and buy Injustice! Problem solved!



gonctorn said:

In this direct they are going to show:
Flipnote Studio reference and release date, and the miiverse release date to.
Some promotions about Animal Crossing when the game releases in europe etc..
Some footage about coming games for 3ds(inazuma eleven,mario golf,etc.)
Big Surprise in the end im sure..
And it can be the new zelda games, or a upgrade of some sort of the 3DS or of the old pokemon games(Red and Blue).
Just don't expect information about Pokémon X and Y because it's very soon for the games to release(maybe they il just talk about the mewtwo new form.. but its only that, im sure). They il reveal more details when its near the release date and that is october.

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