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Male, 16, Sweden

Tue 2nd Apr 2013

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kaptenSwe commented on Nintendo Confirms That Miiverse on 3DS Won't A...:

These pedophoils could meet person everywhere, facebook, msn, twitter and much more!!! And in the real life. This thing wouldn't stop it!! And now we doesn't have anything to communicate with our friends!!! Ooo, wait. I forgot the friendlist where you could write a letter, on ONE word!
I love Nintendo but this, this is shame!!!!!!!



kaptenSwe commented on Nintendo UK Wants To Know Why You Love Your 3DS:

It's really awesome!!!! so good!!! maybe because of all things I could do with it, but I want one more game to 3ds! Super mario 3d land 2! I't should be a little bit like ps3:s 'little big planet'. You now, create own levels, long main story, upload your own levels and so on! That would be awesome!!! Everyone shoyld buy it!



kaptenSwe commented on LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval's Journey Begins ...:

Love lego games... but I think that this one is bad. If someone should buy a lego game, buy lego city undercover. It's probably the best 3ds lego game EVER. The producer has worked really hard with lego city undercover. Lego legends of Chima feels a little bit like a 'fast-produced' game. I think that the producer of the game doing this very fast.
Someone who think the same?

Sorry for my bad English... I'm from Sweden.



kaptenSwe commented on Tomodachi Collection: New Life Detailed in Lat...:

Should the Nintendo direct also come to europe?? Want a new nintendo direct about lego city undercover!! One more question, is it someone who now if it should come a youtube app or miiverse to 3ds?? please answer...

Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Sweden



kaptenSwe commented on Luigi's Mansion 2 Spooks Its Way Into UK Top Ten:

hmm... Should I buy lego city undercover the chase begins or Luigi's mansion 2...I no that Luigi's mansion 2 is good but if the chase begins is good like the wiiu version, I will buy it to my 3ds.

Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Sweden.