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Wed 27th Feb 2013

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Sparkticle commented on Nintendo Direct Luigi Special Announced For Japan:

Everyone here...I said it before and I'll say it again.
We will see NO major updates on the Wii U UNTIL E3. It's a new console, why would they reveal all their games now and spoil E3 for everyone? They have to make it shocking, they were announcing titles simultaneously with the PS4 announcement, they will probably announce a couple of titles with the Xbox reveal. But most titles are going towards E3. That's the way it should be and it's the way it always was with Nintendo.



Sparkticle commented on New 3DS Nintendo Direct to Broadcast on 17th A...:

Those thinking that the Wii U needs this more, they don't! There are TWO months until E3. Why would they reveal all of their games coming for a brand new console in some Nintendo Direct? They want the announcements all around the news, and they want to show it off to a huge audience. That's why they have to provide a HUGE Software effect along with Sony's and Microsoft's hardware. I believe we will just have to wait until E3 until all of the game announcements. Besides, they DID say they had a lot to announce for the Wii U as they had a lot planned. I wouldn't say they lied.



Sparkticle commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

@sketchturner I agree, I don't see any innovation and originality. Until this moment we were amazed by how RPGs and other game genres evolved... from black and white 8-bit games to HD high spec titles...The game industry is being taken over by First Person Shooters which are the most over-rated, milked bull**** that makes too much money. They steal ideas even from competitors, and it's the same ideas over and over.

In my honest opinion, I don't think the Wii U will lose at all. Nintendo has plenty of money to support developers, and last time I checked, there was a LOT of third party support that people are asking for. The fact that we didn't have a lot of EA support was because of the past idiocy made by the EA president. (I really hope everything changes now). Capcom supports us, Namco Bandai supports us, Square Enix supports us, and a LOT of other developers! This is not to mention all the indie developers and the first party developers. There is no way that the Wii U's library won't be rich. I'm quite happy we're not getting Dead Island, for example. It's my most hated PC game. The Wii was poor in its library because Nintendo depended on its successful sales, now everything is different. They are now dedicating their support to developers to make games for the Wii U. I predict that the third party library will be as rich if not richer than that of the PS4's. Add that to the first parties and indie games we have, there you go. We won this generation.



Sparkticle commented on Saints Row 4 is Skipping Wii U:

This is understandable considering the fact that THQ is low on budget at the moment. Also, it's good to see that they didn't just exclude the Wii U for some stupid reason, they excluded all the next gen consoles. This doesn't mean that Saint's Row 5 Will not be on the Wii U. (If THQ will release by then). It's a matter of time.



Sparkticle commented on Crytek: Crysis 3 Was "Very Close To Launching"...:

@LordJumpMad A Horrible attempt to praise the PS4 on a Nintendo website perhaps? This console is ABSOLUTELY not failing stated the fact that there were only two Nintendo releases so far. I'm amazed how people like you can literally be only amazed by Graphics. Grow up, the PS4 games look like today's PC games, and if you think that the Wii U apparently has bad graphics, well then you have really high and stupid expectations. The Wii U didn't actually demonstrate any of the console's capabilities. I buy a PC for graphic showcase and I buy a console for the Games and game play. If you are here to praise a console that has absolutely nothing that I, or even a Sony fan I know would be excited about, you're obviously delusive and are in the wrong place.
P.S. Games on Wii U look better than PS3 games, the Wii U's REAL Graphics haven't been shown yet. 1080p and higher detail than the PS3 isn't good enough for you? Jeez. By the way, have you ever heard about the Wii U using PC Textures in Need for Speed and still having smoothed out gameplay in HD? Yeah, 5-6 years late for the gen right there.



Sparkticle commented on LinkedIn Profile Reveals Ubisoft Montpellier H...:

@Gamer83 Wow, then you must not be familiar at ALL with Nintendo and/or Ubisoft.......... Ubisoft makes giant waves of third party games for Nitendo consoles..........Ubisoft right now is the main third party developer for Nintendo consoles, and Ubisoft definitely loves Nintendo.



Sparkticle commented on Cliff Bleszinski Sees A Future Where Nintendo ...:

Well, what can I say. I believe, like the hundreds of other people, that this is a biased opinion. It looks as if this guy doesn't even have a legitimate reason.
Nintendo has been in gaming business for a REALLY long time. The poor start of the Wii U was only so because they grinded the 3DS development to make it sell better and guess what — it worked! Now, they are actually developing as much as they can for the Wii U and as they already said, they still haven't announced a lot of titles in development.
We all know VERY clearly, that Nintendo, as it steps out of the Hardware business, will step out of their Software business too as they won't develop any games for other consoles by any chance because of how much copying and how much hateful comments were directed at Nintendo by rival developers. Now, using common sense, we can actually see that that will probably never happen as a big company like Nintendo can not simply disappear. SEGA didn't disappear, and they weren't even close to being as big as Nintendo now!
Look at Ubisoft: These people have been with Nintendo for so long and they make so much profit off the products they give to Nintendo's consoles. It's weird how other game developers can't see this, and they can't follow the example.
Also, some developers amaze me by saying that the Wii U will do poorly before hand only because all that they release onto the Wii U at the moment is already released ports or shovelware. Why would they think it would sell well? Who would think that Avengers; a port from a KINECT game would sell well? I bet Watch Dogs will be a blast, and hopefully because of exactly how good it will perform and how good it will sell, developers will come to senses and release more titles for the Wii U.
I think these types of 'developer speeches from heart' need to stop as they obviously aren't getting good feedback.
By the way, does anyone else see the ABSOLUTELY identical thing happening with the Wii U and the PS4 and the 3DS and Vita?
3DS/Wii U: Released before Sony's consoles.
Sony announces ultra-powerful Vita and PS4
Vita and PS4 come out without reasonable prices
Sony fans obtain Vita, Sony fans are disappointed.
Nintendo starts wrapping around Vita with their awesome releases for the 3DS and many then decide to buy the 3DS.
3DS also was thought to be a DS with 3D just like the Wii U was thought to be a Wii controller.
3DS = Wins
Vita = Loses
Deja Vu Anyone?