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HADAA commented on Animal Crossing Helped This Artist Get Through...:

@Dolphin64 I sincerely hope you were just trolling, but alas you said that wasn't a joke. Cherries have their share of antioxidants and nutrients, true, but food therapy cannot replace necessary medical intervention. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.



HADAA commented on Interview: Nintendo and Nd Cube on Bowser, ami...:

@Yosher When you say "weren't many fans" and "generally" you probably draw from personal experience, and that doesn't necessarily speak for the rest of us. Your question needs to be changed to "WHY did you decide to keep the car mechanism" (deleting the hated part) for neutrality, and hey, that exact question has been asked like you noticed.
>Why do you travel around in a car together?
>In past installments, everyone would move separately through the board. As a result, the actions of the other players often didn't affect you. In Mario Party 10, players move together in a car, so each player's action will affect the others meaning you'll need to keep an eye on the TV screen. This way, everyone's constantly involved, and we keep the flow of the game at a good pace. (<- the answer to your WHY right here)



HADAA commented on Nintendo Points the Way With Another Wii-Relat...:

@Artwark Dr_Lugae and retro_player_22 already explained it perfectly so I won't add on to that, but a future advice for you: NEVER ever ignore a lawsuit against you, no matter how ridiculous their claim seems. If you ignore it or don't show up in court, the judge will have no choice but to award the plaintiff, and whatever their demand takes effect. This is called default judgment.



HADAA commented on Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Poké...:

@Chubblings Like the article mentioned, turn on your PSS and keep inviting leaders (delete them afterwards) as they will give you the number of flags that particular player has collected in the past day (up to 30), so if you're lucky enough you may reach 1000 with under 50 invites.



HADAA commented on Capcom Releases Awesome TGS Trailers for Monst...:

I think the voting mechanics near the end of the AA trailer would have been perfect for the jurist (or juror for a better term) system. I'd expected that in AA:5 but somehow they still kept the initial trial system. Hope it'll happen in AA:6.



HADAA commented on Guide: The Building Blocks Of Success In Poké...:

@Xtremetdifan @WingedSnagret @JQuest
Fortunately those "impossible" Pokemon created by cheat devices in the DS games are blocked by the Poke Transporter, and Nintendo is actively blocking battles and trades with hacked Pokemon in their X/Y server, so things are clean as of now.

You may be able to Poketransfer some hacked Pokemon to X/Y, but Nintendo is keen on blocking them from online trades and battles. Just last month they blocked illegally hacked Sheer Cold Suicune during a scheduled maintenance.



HADAA commented on Video: Here Are Some Reasons to Love Animal Cr...:

Not sure who "forced" you to download it nor why you would willingly allow to be forced, but here's my suggestion: get an AC buddy to play with, and visit the numerous AC trading boards out there. Think of this as a social game, the interaction part enhances your experience by a hundred fold. Need furniture that suits your theme? Ask someone to order for you. Don't like your exterior? Visit someone's Nook's Homes and copy that. Have junk you don't want? Sell it on a trading board. See how these solve your problem? Try it :)



HADAA commented on Video: Ace Attorney 5 Trailer Shows Its Own Br...:

IGIARI!! Why is a high school girl being tried as if she were an adult in court?

@InternetBowser: That's just how the Japanese pronounce it in the entertainment and media industry, be it a movie sequel or a game sequel, numbers are to be read in katakana-English (tsuu, surii, foo, faibu, shikkusu etc.)



HADAA commented on Resident Evil Revelations Demo to Sneak up on ...:

@JSuede: It doesn't work that way. Demo usages are recorded in your system, so even if you re-download again it will still show "Uses remaining: 0" and won't let you play. The only way for your plan to work is to reformat the system memory.



HADAA commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Drawing to the West, For Fr...:

@Five-seveN Serplux means there is a yearly Hatena subscription you can enroll to use the advanced features like color comments and rare stars, but you can still use the basic features for free like you said. I guess maintaining 3DS flipnote is more difficult so they require a monthly fee. Oh well, maybe we can still use it for free during contests or something.



HADAA commented on Bowser Is Officially The Greatest Video Game V...:

Gary Oak, a VILLAIN? Maybe he's a bully, and maaaybe he gets 10 badges out of 8 and makes hilarious internet meme, but he's far from being a villain. Hell, he's currently a prestigious researcher in the anime. And yet TR places #26? What's wrong with these voters?



HADAA commented on Feature: Pokémon's Controversial History:

@Damien McFerran: It's Vaporeon, not Vaporean.

As a side note, did all of you know that B/W 1 and 2 featured gays and cross-dressers, but they were all edited out in the localized versions? I'm talking about the buzz-creating Ferris Wheel, if you play as a boy in B/W1 in summer, you get to ride with a mountain hiker who loves boys. In B/W2 if you play as a boy in summer, you get to ride with a female caretaker who's actually a man. I'm a little sad when these light-hearted scenes get edited out because people keep demonizing these things when they aren't intended that way at all, like that manji and Jynx.



HADAA commented on The Denpa Men are Coming to Your 3DS Next Week:

Let's just say it's akin to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, except that you don't recruit comrades by defeating enemies in the dungeon, instead you capture them face-raider style :P (Denpa=radiowaves)



HADAA commented on Nintendo Download: 20th September 2012 (North ...:

They did say "We're Denpa Men and we live around radio waves" in the demo, so the translation is there. Maybe it's just weird calling them Radiowave Men.
@1takauchiha I live in the West Coast and I got it. There's a banner that just says "Demos" with the Denpa Men graphic and you can't miss it. (The 5th icon to the right of "News") Try again at a later time if you must.



HADAA commented on Planning To Download New Super Mario Bros. 2? ...:

I will stick with cartridges, but I understand the need for someone to download, such as those who don't live near game shops but have internet connection, and just want to play right now without having to wait for mail delivery.



HADAA commented on Catch Pokédex 3D Pro in North America on 8th ...:

@3DSonicPizza Since B/W2 are DSi enhanced games, you cannot play a Japanese B/W2 on your 3DS. TheConsiglio likely bought a Japanese 3DS as well, or something I refuse to talk about here.
@TrueWiiMaster Yes it has to be on, just like in B/W, you need to choose between Streetpass hits and Pokemon tags. But you need to close the lid anyway, so the 3DS pedometer will still work (up to 7 days)



HADAA commented on Demon Training Demo Heads to the Japanese 3DS ...:

@Tsuchinoko Actually "Demon" or "Devil" would work in the sense of someone being as strict as hell, at least in the US. Take "Hell's Kitchen" for example, Gordon Ramsey is described as a demon chef, and it's not necessarily about Necronomicon.

And those shiny glasses. Gotta love 'em reflective glasses of both men.



HADAA commented on Nintendo Direct Channel Arrives on YouTube:

I know Japanese so here's the main gist for everyone - Onitore (Demon Training) is designed to broaden your working memory (short-term memory) capacity while the previous Brian Ages/Trainings put more emphasis on accelerating your working memory process speed. They mentioned it's like the difference between CPU speed and RAM capacity in computers. Brain Age works better on elder people because your working memory speed falls with age, while young adults are more likely to benefit from Onitore because regardless of age, working memory capacity can be expanded. But Brain Age sections do exist in this game.

Research also shows that too much of brain training will lower your brain function, particularly in your social communication skills, so they will only allow you to play 40 minutes per day (5 minutes per 8 sections) in Onitore.

And Iwata did mention this new series of "A Little Bit of Nintendo Direct" will be periodically released.



HADAA commented on New Mario Bros. 2 Footage Hops Over From Japan:

@Thomas By "silver and golden mario" you mean silver Luigi and golden Mario. You can see golden Mario's slightly forward-leaning moment when he runs while the silver one is upright. And it's kind of obvious they're playing as Mario Bros.